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Porter "Pan Am Games" Dash Q400 Landing + takeoff at Quebec City (YQB)

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Sorry for the shaking it was very Windy.... (Gust up to 26 kts) not easy to film with these winds. Airline : Porter Airlines Registration : C-GKQE Aircraft : Bombardier DHC-8-402 Q400 From / to : Toronto City Billy Bishop (YTZ) Airport : Quebec City (YQB) Runway : RWY 24 Arrival Time :12:57 Departure Time : 13:57 Date : April 12 2015
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Text Comments (27)
Michel Despres (3 years ago)
un autre beau vidéo
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
+Michel Despres Merci Michel :D
Toronto Plane Spotter (3 years ago)
Oh, man!!! I like this livery! Great to see something like this on a windy day! Can't wait for the games!!! Liked :)
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
+Toronto Planespotting Thanks mate! :D
Norges Spottingchannel (3 years ago)
Nice one! Liked!
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
+Norges Spottingchannel Thanks :)
Nice catch!
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
+Boeingspotter1 - Canadian Aviation Thanks Matt :)
TheHDAviation (3 years ago)
Nice catch with the special livery, always great to see the Q400. Nice video!
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
Thank you! :)
EDDH Hamburg (3 years ago)
Very nice video! I like the livery ^^ Looks very good on the Dash ^^ LIKE!
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
Thanks a lot :D
99carnot (3 years ago)
Very good camera work in those windy conditions. Nice to see the push back and engine start. Liked!
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
+99carnot Thanks a LOT :D
Ham Airport (3 years ago)
Awesome Video ! I like the Dash 8Q-400 ! Thumbs up !
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
+Ham Airport Thanks a lot my friend ;)
simulation d'avion (3 years ago)
Très intéressant un zoom comme le tien P.S Le bruit de vent les prochaine fois quand il en a trop mais de la musique par dessus ou bien baisse le son juste un conseille
simulation d'avion (3 years ago)
Moi je suis satisfait entouka
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
ok c'est tu un bon logiciel?
simulation d'avion (3 years ago)
Ta juste a t'installer un logiciel de montage video gratuit moi j'utilise Camstasia Studio 8 http://www.techsmith.fr/camtasia.html
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
+simulation d'avion Je ne sais pas comment faire pour eviter le bruit du vents je sais que c'est vraiment fatiguant.Merci d'avoir regardé! :P
TheYottaTube (3 years ago)
Very interesting and liked video! This Airline is new for me.
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
+TheYottaTube Thank you! :)
Mark Brandon (3 years ago)
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
+Montreal Plane Spotting in HD Thanks a lot man! :)
CogAviation (3 years ago)
Nice shots!
YQBspotting (3 years ago)
+CogAviation Thanks mate! :D

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