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Game Not Included (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch Let's talk about collector's editions, specifically the ones that aren't really collector's editions. You shouldn't be able to call a box of garbage an "edition" of anything, but welcome to the game industry, where Bethesda, EA, and Microsoft have been doing just that. __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimsterling Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimsterling0 Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation): http://bigego.com/ Bandcamp of the Sax Dragon - https://carlcatron.bandcamp.com Nathan Hanover - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8L7n7l11PJM6FFcI6Ju8A
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In The Mind of Kibara (3 months ago)
So basically yet another Direct game.
FullSpectrum Survivalist (3 months ago)
Yep, I bought FALLOUT 4 the day it came out, game not included. It's pretty fucked you got a hard copy in hand the very day it came out, and they treat you like you stole it, may as well start stealing it I think, at least then you will actually have the game you paid for when you bought the retail box. I'm tired of having to constantly verify and get permission multiple times to play a game I paid for. The whole point of me getting it the day it came out was so I have a full hard copy, and I don't need to get permission for a game I paid good money for at full price.
Rezurrectionzs - (3 months ago)
In The Mind of Kibara i
sturenorth (3 months ago)
I don´t get it o_0
Atomicskull (3 months ago)
@Thedolddolds: You wouldn't say that if you've ever seen a hobby grade RC car, you know the kind that has real suspension a real differential and can do over 100mph and has a pricetag that makes most normies outside the hobby look at you like you're insane when they ask "how much does that cost" and you tell them.
D R (3 months ago)
sfs2040 Everything is going to have some degree of shovelware.
Eric Coldfire (12 hours ago)
I used to love getting physical merch from collector's editions, but with pricing on the rise and real estate on my shelf in decline, I've had to bow out. But the idea of selling just the physical junk without the game and calling it a "collector's edition", when pre-establishing "collector's editions" as the game, future in-game content, and the physical junk, is kinda slimy. Call it something else or include the game.
DeiRaccoon (15 hours ago)
Damn. For the price of the Panzerhund edition, you could adopt an actual dog and still have enough to get a cardboard box to make a tank disguise for your dog. There, now you have an actual Panzerhund!!
S Dew (21 hours ago)
EA = electronic (con)art(ists)
Danny Caracciolo (4 days ago)
SPEAKING OF DEAD SPACE 3, Back when that game was hot news, EA partnered with a Watch Company called Meister to create..... the Limited edition Dead Space 3 Watch as seen in Dead Space 3. They got a Watch Company to make a functioning version of Icaac's Watch that he wears, and yes he does wear a watch.... in the very beginning of the game and then never again afterwards. The Watch cost about 200 bucks........ I was such a Dead Space fan on par with Jim that II bought one from a Scalper for 400 bucks of my Graduation Money while I was jobless and fresh out of school......... Fortunately It's lasted to this very day and I still enjoy wearing it cause it's heavy and makes good as a Weight for Bitch slapping people.
Sailor Paladina (5 days ago)
Of course EA was the EArliest.
Eroth Amur (6 days ago)
7:56 - is this a dildo? D=
sukki664 (7 days ago)
thank god for you
Mr. Jim Jam The reason game developer can never have too much money is because they must fund the development of Half-Life 3 Basically everybody except Valve has no excuse
Otto Von Bitches (8 days ago)
You make that switch look like a PSPm
Infinite Loop (28 days ago)
The people who bought the andromeda package though... *Requiescat In Pace*
R Hartzell (28 days ago)
Let's not forget that there was The Million Dollar Edition for Saints Row 4 which cost 1 million dollars
Nedegame TF2 (28 days ago)
We were making jokes about this...don't do this...
Pvt. Prinny (1 month ago)
not into collectors editions with bunch of random shit in them but limited editions with like a steelbook with an artbook/soundtrack (or both in best case scenario) and are reasonably priced, i like
Louis Todd (1 month ago)
Sega make good figures... is a thing I am told Also, I am swimming in Touhou plushies right now
Envy's Art (1 month ago)
Kudos to compulsion - I'm a bit more down with buying We Happy Few now lol
Alkuuda (1 month ago)
Imagine if movieproducers tried to pull the same trick. Complete Star Wars Saga: Collector's Edition (movies not included)
TvTrollByIvy (1 month ago)
$ 800 dollars? WHAT AN OUTRAGE! But then, there is Saints Row iV that got into the Guinnes World Records for the most exepensive video game ever with their collectors edition. It came with a lot of things... including a car and cosmetic surgery, so...
Vural H (1 month ago)
Lost it when I saw the bingo card :D
Wise Chip Gaming (1 month ago)
Now you can go to amazon and buy the $130 Battlefield 1 collector's  edition, now for just $30 (no joke).
metademetra (1 month ago)
If anyone I know gets a Total War collector’s edition without a game, I think someone at Games Workshop would be murdered.
Asbestos Fish (1 month ago)
*_wait, he wrestles? And his title is "flying purple people eater"?! I GET THAT MOTHERFUCKING REFERENCE._*
K. Charrette (1 month ago)
Also my brother-in-law has that Dark Souls one, he loves it
K. Charrette (1 month ago)
This feels like what happened to Harvest Moon ever since the ACTUAL games had to rename as Story of Seasons.
Reaver Red (1 month ago)
Aw gawd, that first game... Rune Factory and Harvest Moon are turning in their graves, they had enough reason for that anyway.
Rolhn Schmidt (1 month ago)
I am wondering what it is that I saw at 7:04, don't know if that is a game by itself or a part of a game function.
The Mockracy (1 month ago)
Why not just sell game related merch instead of this real-life lootboxes bullshit?
Joseph Carroll (1 month ago)
I got excited when heart shaped box started playing
Kyle Buehne (2 months ago)
It's their own fucking fault! They create an artificial demand for stupid merch by claiming it to be exclusive so people buy before looking closely. As soon as 3d printers become more common these will disappear because I can just print a figure of equal or better quality in any pose/outfit I want.
Zane (2 months ago)
So they don't want to add an edition of the game because people want a digital copy? If only we'd figured out some kind of digital codes you could use to get access to a digital version of the game. Codes they could - and have - put in game boxes... that could be included in the collector's editions...
V4Now (2 months ago)
Fan of the use of Nirvana in this episode.
JP Fragoso (2 months ago)
200 bucks for a remote control car? O.O I bought a 144hz monitor yesterday for the same price....
Waguligi (2 months ago)
Way back in 2010 I went to pick up a copy of new Vegas and they had completely run out of the standard edition so I got the collectors edition for standard price
Alfonso Perez (2 months ago)
Whats the frikkin difference, games without a day one patch is practically non existent. The disc it's a mere formality.
elmikeQC (2 months ago)
The games not included concept is shitty business practices but what about the disc not included for most PC games nowadays. They all have shitty ways of sucking the lifeforce(money) from their customers.
seelcudoom1 (2 months ago)
should be a collectors edition, and a collectors pack which is the same thing but cheaper and minus the game for those that simply wish to upgrade when they already have it
TheDaxter11 (2 months ago)
i might get stuff digitally on PC, but thats only because, as far as i know, digital downloads are, stupidly, the only way to get games on PC, there arent any physical disks you can buy, if that was the case ide be getting all my PC games on disk
BDawg Schnarr (3 months ago)
Ha slice haha i get it.👅💪😎
Keiler (3 months ago)
This video is mine, you can't have it because it's mine.
Zodayn (3 months ago)
I wouldn't really call the deluxe boxes with statues etc an issue as long as it;s clear what you get. Personally I wouldn't buy the plastic crap but it doesn't hurt me that publishers sell it and others may want to buy it. The dlc ''bonus'' being a bad and harmfull practice I agree with completely.
iron 13 (3 months ago)
Also, EA should be called Electronic Arse
iron 13 (3 months ago)
Why no mention of Saints Row 4's Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition and it's Prius, Lamborghini, Space flight, and plastic surgery among other things?
EskChan19 (3 months ago)
Why do it? That's simple: Because they can. When people are happy to spend 800$ on a game and THEN have to buy the game separately... why wouldn't they? That's 800 bucks they basically get for free. I mean with planning and production costs and so on let's make it 750 bucks for free, but that's still a lot of money to make from selling a game and not even giving the customer the game.
Manored (3 months ago)
600 dollars for an Ornstein figure? You can buy the game several times over!
Mese Ktet (3 months ago)
Love the use of Shadow Hearts London music in the background.
NATHAN NEVILLE (3 months ago)
i can honestly say the last deluxe edition i got was the call of duty black ops edition and i still dont know how that happened as 7 days before the game came out i ordered the standard edition and put 30 dollars down came to lunch night expecting to pay an other 30 dollars and the guy at gamestop said your edition is paid up i was surprised and ask what happened then he said i was to get the deluxe edition i said ok i dont know what happened but lets roll with it and there i went with my 30 dollar deluxe edition which i flipped for 50 dollars a few months later
Macaroni and Cliches (3 months ago)
this is the kind of shit that crashed comics
The Last Pepsi (3 months ago)
3,000,000 dollar Saints Row pack where you go into fucking space
Messatsu Goshoryu (3 months ago)
So special editions are basically phisical DLCs
Seth Allberry (3 months ago)
Synthia17 (3 months ago)
I'm still sad I didn't manage to get ahold of Witcher 3 CE :(
??? (3 months ago)
So here's a genius idea for when people " want to get battlefield 1 digitally but still want an awesome 14 inch statue":  INCLUDE A FUCKING DOWNLOAD CODE FOR THE GAME.
jetbot33 (3 months ago)
mepm (3 months ago)
I love that you can pick these up for 1/4 the price just a few months later - i got bf1 collectors for $50aud
Athawolfus (3 months ago)
It made me happy to hear Heart-Shaped Box in the background
Jonathan Striker (3 months ago)
Holy Jesus, in regards to State of Decay 2. Don't get me wrong, I love collectable and themed shit just as much as the next guy (probably more) and if I had the bank for half of these special edition type releases, I would buy them. But, for the love of Christ, if I buy a special edition of a game, *I expect the bloody game to be included* My God, I can't believe shit like that State of Decay 2 set is even a fucking thing. Bloody Hell. *Edit:* After watching more of the video, I do feel a game-less version has its merits. If I already bought a game, but I want all the fancy shit, having to pay for the game again would be a very pricy redundancy. That being said, I would expect that set to *reflect a game-less price* If you're paying $60 for a game and a special edition is $150, then I expect a game and $90 worth of shit. If there is no game, then there better be $150 dollars worth of other shit. And, I mean actual worth. That means you include *quality* items, not just whatever piece of shit plastic thing you can make for $5 and charge me $50 for it. Jesus.
Vivisect (3 months ago)
If you want collectibles get quality stuff, not the junk in collectors editions. Most of statues I've seen look so cheap in person, especially if you compare the paint on them to the picture of the prototype hand painted you thought you were getting. Those SS figures are worthy collectables, even if they are a bit overpriced.
xXMrJacksonXx (3 months ago)
All I want to know is where can I get that bingo sheet from
Ravoren (3 months ago)
I feel that the Elder Scrolls online collector's pack was actually worth the money, and came with a fucking disc in the case.
Henning Klaveness (3 months ago)
Actually, retailing at 2x production cost would be an extremely slim profit margin for a toy, especially a mass produced one :-P </pedantry>
blindey (3 months ago)
So when I started watching this video I thought it was going to talk about, and was talking about, the rise of digital distribution replacing physical media IE: CD/DVDs. I had no idea all of this shit was going on. H..how can you be an "edition" of a thing you're not getting? It's asinine. As someone else said: It should just be called a merch bundle. That would be probably more clear and concise and open and we can't have that. My brain literally stopped having cognizant thoughts when I realized what you meant by "gameless case" (or the wonderful phrase "empty steelbook that's empty.")
Radical Rick (3 months ago)
So it's very naughty when EA/Bioware makes overpriced game collectors sets WITHOUT the game, but it's perfectly okay when Gearbox/Compulsion does it because they changed the name a little bit Jim? Lol okay why not.
TheOtioseFanatic (3 months ago)
I still have all the content from the Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel edition. It cost 80 bucks, came with a bust of the duke, a poker chip, a pair of d6 dice (that I still use, thank you very much), post cards AND THE GAME ITSELF
Madilyn Mast (3 months ago)
Man, I just don't care about games anymore... For all of you who still enjoy them, I sincerly hope the times improve for you.
WildSky (3 months ago)
I understand if a game becomes popular and wants to add dlc down the line. If it becomes a classic game there should be merch you can buy. But to come right out of the gate, with gold and deluxe and collectors editions is a big red flag and usual I pass on those games until a few years have passed. It’s a big red flag if demand is that high before product has even been revealed. Because the incentive to make an excellent product is greatly diminished. That doesn’t mean hype kills quality. It’s just a red flag when the publishers release multiple tiered versions of a game right out of the gate. Especially when the tiers do not correlate to any increase in cost to said publisher. For instance, the cost to unlocking an item is $0 to a publisher. So if they are selling that unlock for any dollar amount that’s a huge red flag because that value will always 100% of the time drop to where it should be $0... this scheme is pulled because the publisher fears in five years they won’t be able to sell their action figure because the game will in fact not be a classic. Thus meaning your collectors stuff was a waste of money. Up front = red flag
night breed (3 months ago)
hehe, fart shaped boxes
Chalk Maddison (3 months ago)
I bought the nuclear throne steelbook that came with the soundtrack, Drm free download of the game, a steam version and game manual. And I payed 4 dollars less for the collectors edition then what the game costs itself
Pochi Denki (3 months ago)
Youtube seems to be burying your existing as deep as possible for me, you don't even appear in my feed and I need to actively dig up your name to get to your videos. Is this caused by a DMCA/complain too much? lol
Rodney McFarland (3 months ago)
I'm actually really glad people like Jim Fork over extra money so I don't have to. Games really do cost a lot more to produce. Remember GoldenEye 64? It was developed by 9 people... Thanks for more stir dust! :)
Bill Stone (3 months ago)
Thank god I barely play games any more. :P
Adam Thompson (3 months ago)
why give them what they buy?! -EA
Omrizod (3 months ago)
Capitalism bois
cfdj43 (3 months ago)
Jim, heaven help your wallet if you ever start Warhammer
r2d2 from startrek (3 months ago)
Oi, might ave the name o tha song at the near beginnin, 0:50 if ya will?
Thomas Jess (3 months ago)
Who the hell would pay $800 for an Assassins Creed "collectors edition"?
Martin Krog (3 months ago)
Oh, Heart shaped box :) love that song
Will Schorer (3 months ago)
Your intro song is from a ricky gervais XFM episode. awesome.
Will Schorer (3 months ago)
its the episode where 3 bands send in songs for them to listen to. I remember Ricky liking this song. I have listened to those XFM shows so many times hahaha
Roxor128 (3 months ago)
How about just renaming the stupid things to "Merch Packs"? If I were a dev and my game had sold well and players on my forums had suggested making some merchandise available, I'd take a few of their suggestions and put together an <insert game title here> Merch Pack for them to buy. Note the difference between me and EA on this matter (there's plenty of others where I'm very much their opposite as well) is that I'd wait to see if the game sold well _before_ making the merchandise. No sense in wasting money on making merchandise for a crap game that nobody likes.
Jimmy Bettis (3 months ago)
Why not include a code with the collectors edition or whatever they call it that gives the person who gets it a certain percentage off the game when they buy it after words? Say you buy the collectors edition and included is a code that gives you like 25% off of the game or any DLC. That would be a better incentive to buy the damn thing.
rjc0234 (3 months ago)
6:44 - is that a dead space buttplug?
Sean Porcelli (3 months ago)
Who buys collectors editions before actually playing the game? Why?
Zanzubaa1 (3 months ago)
Damn, that Revenant from Doom is pretty sweet though...
Diarmuhnd (3 months ago)
you are part of the problem ... but ... your video's wouldn't be the same without all that game swag.
Cadiangrunt99 (3 months ago)
did I ever mention I love how you use the villain of the Racoons for Corp greed? :D
ZombieM0ses (3 months ago)
If you were a more jaded person than you already are, you would quite literally be a living jade statue
Robert Rizzo (3 months ago)
Solution: stopping buying their dumb products
Schoobydoo (3 months ago)
Just finished your closing rant... Jim, I think you have a problem :)
Don't forget to take inflation into account when comparing to things from 10(+) years past.
Just Jordan (3 months ago)
Hello I'm looking to buy purple rubber gloves and some lubricant, my bike chain is rusted and it told me it like only purple gloves. All I got are yellow and green, how did you find purple?
Hat Man (3 months ago)
So... They don’t even contain a steam or xbox code for the game?... What the fuck? I figured they’d just switched over to codes since digital distribution is so much easier these days... Nope... Guess they took advantage of the switch to digital distribution to straight up short change you the game itself.
SonataFanatica (3 months ago)
Pirate the game – and then silence your conscience by buying a gameless Collector's Edition. ;)
Kristopher Giliun (3 months ago)
Might and magic heroes 7 collectors edition got no Game in it....
Syukri R.Robert (3 months ago)
Its all about the money maaaannnn. Money is literally the source of alll not evil noo, DOWNFUCKING SHITTTYY GAME WE HAVE NOWDAYS. We need someone that truly understand gamers not I ocassionally play games on my overpriced phone but me busy with business 80%!!!
Flintlox (3 months ago)
Jim, I love you, but for the love of God. Capitalism isn’t the same as consumerism.
GeoNeilUK (3 months ago)
Personally, I think game-less "Special Editions" should really be called "Collector's Packs" and include codes that will get you the game for every major platform. It's certainly disgusting that companies are charging more to *NOT* give you the game. You charge *LESS* to not include the game if you have any semblance of decency. Also, awesome use of the 1950s BBC "Bat Wings" ident by "We Happy Few" yes, I'm a TV logo geek, I have perused the CLG Wiki in the past... what? A seedy con... like in movies... where The Wolf of Wall Street would be fucking calling you out... or on the telly... where that bisexual geezer from Halt and Catch Fire... you know, the one who literally forced that company to reverse engineer the IBM PC's BIOS, would be going "Mate, you've gone too far there..." Have to say, if idiot customers will buy this shit, _Triple A_ publishers will just keep doing it. They'll charge you to hammer nails into their own coffin.
Fox McCloud (3 months ago)
So there was one special edition of a game that I was genuinely impressed with that was 170 dollars... I wasn't impressed on the delivery, as they didn't tell me what one of the game keys were, and wasn't impressed that they weren't able to ship it out til over 6 months after the game released... And the game itself was a super rocky release, though has been subsequently updated free of charge, so I don't have much of a gripe with that aspect... But the No Man's Sky collector's edition had a metal hand painted ship in it that ACTUALLY feels like it was worth the money (unless you were one of the poor saps that had it arrive with one of the wings broken off >< ). Even if the game flopped, looking at the ship reminds me to shoot for the sky... even if you fall short.
Yitcok Shegitz (3 months ago)
I just watched the 3 newest videos and it looks like Jim has lost a few pounds
ECL28E (3 months ago)
Fez: Collector's Edition. Includes a Rubik's Cube that screams obscenities at you every time you turn it
Ben Winnick (3 months ago)
The collector’s edition of the old Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy BBC series began with a note from Douglas Adams making fun of you for buying the collector’s edition and promising that he would spend all the extra money in the Caribbean. Adams was nothing if not self aware.
etherraichu (3 months ago)
The last collector's edition i got was Oblivion. I think it cost $10 extra and included some coin and a book or something. I don't regret it at all. $10 extra is where i draw the line though. Trinkets are nice but not that nice.

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