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Evolution of Need for Speed Games 1994-2017

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Evolution of Need for Speed Games 1994-2017 1994 The Need for Speed 1997 Need for Speed II 1998 Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit 1999 Need for Speed: High Stakes 2000 Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed 2002 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 2003 Need for Speed: Underground 2004 Need for Speed: Underground 2 2005 Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2006 Need for Speed: Carbon 2007 Need for Speed: ProStreet 2008 Need for Speed: Undercover 2009 Need for Speed: Shift 2009 Need for Speed: Nitro 2010 Need for Speed: World 2010 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2011 Need for Speed: Shift 2 2011 Need for Speed: The Run 2012 Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2013 Need for Speed Rivals 2015 Need for Speed: No Limits 2015 Need for Speed (2015) 2017 Need for Speed Payback
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Text Comments (3993)
MrFrogy88 (6 hours ago)
why no one talks about shift 2 is very good game and hard to play
Brennan Hanner (12 hours ago)
I have payback and rivals
AYEJimmy 2.0 (14 hours ago)
I really like NFS hot pursuit 2 idk why
Eli McKinney (15 hours ago)
1994 sucks 2017HELL TO THE YEA
Eli McKinney (15 hours ago)
The first way is lame!
I pick 2010 need for speed hot pursuit
Underground is my childhood 😂👍
hmr ljn (1 day ago)
Didnt play shift and shift 2 so i say pro street is the best
Angeel Rodrigueez (1 day ago)
My favorite is NFS Most Wanted of 2012.
Stock Footage (1 day ago)
NFS the run beats both rivals and payback
Justin de Lepper (1 day ago)
there is almost another need for speed game on the nintendo
Mulder (2 days ago)
Need for speed sucks i love only Forza Horizon 3
PC (2 days ago)
Latest Good : NFS 2015 , bad things always night , some car dynamics are weird and total car number is low.
Jan Valentine (2 days ago)
WTF that not real Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed! Its ps version with ugly graphics. PC version more better wtf
Thegamerman EXE (2 days ago)
Универсум (2 days ago)
2005 Need for Speed: Most Wanted самый наилучший!!
Expade Gt (3 days ago)
omg is not real
Expade Gt (3 days ago)
man that fake bro am playing racing games on 1994 wen am baby
Csr Crts (3 days ago)
ey falto need for speed paradice!!
W Carbona dużo grałem. Miałem wtedy 26 lat.
Carlos Alberto (3 days ago)
mons wanted
Carlos Alberto (3 days ago)
undergrund 2
Reda Chouider (3 days ago)
I love it
Reda Chouider (3 days ago)
2005 awsome
Just a Wolf (3 days ago)
Why your payback look weird like there's hardly any textures
LAs Palmas (4 days ago)
I remember being 6 years old playing NFS on my fathers "custom built advanced" PC at the time and being amazed I was driving a Dodge Viper.
Raindoll (4 days ago)
It's been 13 years and still they haven't made anything as good as most wanted 2005.
Need for speed rivals may friend
Davi Alves (4 days ago)
2013 top 1
OPOSITE (4 days ago)
The Best NFS Hot Pursuit
Superman321 (4 days ago)
I have Most Wanted U Which is Actually 2012 Most Wanted for Wii U Lol but it also Uses the Gamepad
Gattai (4 days ago)
rivals last good one?
Samuel David (5 days ago)
já zerei o hot pursuit e massa
Shavix - Fortnite (5 days ago)
My First need for Speed is most wanted 2012.... now i have payback
Luis Bautista 3 (5 days ago)
Am I the only one who loved NFS Rivals?
Dj SP (5 days ago)
12:30 what is the name of the song?
Dj SP (5 days ago)
I like it if you started playing from the underground 1
Ricardo Inscrito ! (5 days ago)
sou um Fan Boy nem ligo se falem mal NFS na veia....
Fan Creeper (5 days ago)
Para mi el mejor fue Most Wanted
RevItUp 7 (5 days ago)
Hot pursuit 2010 was a phenomenal game. So were the shift games. That’s about it after 2007.
RevItUp 7 (5 days ago)
Am I not the only one that though catch up ruined the story of Most wanted?
EdicraftPlay15 (5 days ago)
O de 2005 já joguei
alancantuaria (5 days ago)
Eu tenho o need for speed underground 1 e 2 para ps2
ZeŦa BassTM (5 days ago)
0:22 xD
sameh farag (5 days ago)
Nate Barrett (6 days ago)
Kevin Sam (6 days ago)
0.40 Need for Speed 1997 😍
Ryanvankay (6 days ago)
Das erste Need for Speed fühle mich wieder in alte zeiten versetzt ;)
Csávó Kiás (6 days ago)
Haha at 2:04 the game is not Porsche Unleashed and is not even Need for Speed...
Avenger Girl (6 days ago)
Most wanted 2005 is thé best forever
Omar Jr (6 days ago)
Need for speed most wanted 2012 in my opinion
Ryan Nata (7 days ago)
1994 - 2004 Golden Era Of NFS, after that shit went downhill, cringey story, boring freeroam in a deserted map, no interaction, paid DLC, online crap etc
Bastian Lang (7 days ago)
Pro Street....the biggest Shit ever
AlekBG 69 (7 days ago)
Where is carbon: otc?
Hamza Karaduman (7 days ago)
9:33 Need For Speed Most Wanted 2
EPICGAMING243 _ (7 days ago)
Run was the best one
Jkk Kkk (7 days ago)
لعبة زراب من كس أمة لنزلهة
Marius Mitrica (8 days ago)
1. Underground II 2. Most Wanted 3. The Run
AdikMusic OfficialTM (8 days ago)
carbon and 2015 <3 AE 86 <3
Joao Emanuel (8 days ago)
Para no carbon
Just watching ffs (8 days ago)
Nfs hot pursuit and high stakes were the SHIT! Simply cool cars, good tracks that you could familiarize yourself with and master... Then came the bullshit stories and crap I didn't care about. Never got into anything after IV.
Akkiirooss (8 days ago)
Nada supera o Undegrounds 2
Rareș Ursz (8 days ago)
GunAGum (8 days ago)
Porsche unleashed looked better than what showed here
Dylan Gantrich (9 days ago)
Best racing franchise ever, had so much fun with nfs 3, 4, hot pursuit 2, underground 1 & 2, most wanted, carbon and undercover. Nfs the run and nfs 2015 were good too, whereas i think prostreet, shift, rivals and shift unleashed are atrocious. Haven't played payback yet
Nova Cody (9 days ago)
The run
Si Otong (9 days ago)
Most wanted 2005
DANTMAN (9 days ago)
2005 : Most Wanted.
LUISOTE (9 days ago)
9:19... When NFS fucked up
Dytto Fanboy (9 days ago)
Tbh Need for speed Rivals looks really Sick, wish i could play it.
Emily Wilson (9 days ago)
The first one...dem graphics!!!!!
Anthony Jimenez (9 days ago)
I had the run on ps3
Я в 2018 играю в nfs underground 1, 2. In 2018 i still playing in Nfs underground 1 and 2.
Stefan Wieber (9 days ago)
I think that' not NFS Porsche in this video, can't remember that map
pruizish (10 days ago)
porsche unleashed pc edition was something totally different...
BrowsTechno (10 days ago)
1998-2007 > 2008-2018
Greg S (10 days ago)
Got started with iii HP, played all the way up to the new most wanted. I still adore iii of course but Carbon, 2005 mw and shift. New mw really pretty good imo
Yuri Borges (10 days ago)
NFS Underground 2 the best
Woah Woah (10 days ago)
The run was fun. I liked the story.
Pyro DeRu (10 days ago)
Need for Speed Payback : Hey can i Kopie you Home Work? Need For speed (2015) : Yes , Chore.. but Different.. Need For Speed Payback : Sure..
jordan_ mv (10 days ago)
2014 forever
frank official04 (10 days ago)
Nfs payback is my game
Ömer Faruk (10 days ago)
hepsi oyunların sonları
KartofelGaming 009 (10 days ago)
Damn I miss playing NFS Most Wanted 2005, and NFS 2015, now I just play NFS Payback non-stop.
크당유튜브 (11 days ago)
2018:nfs edge
Bruno Araujo (11 days ago)
NFS 3 Hot Pursuit still my favorite.
ugota banana (11 days ago)
Need for speed underground 2 and most wanted win this time
Atakan Atik (11 days ago)
*Need For Speed : Most Wanted is my Most Wanted Game :D NFSMW<3*
Radek Zabloudil (11 days ago)
Underground 1, Carbon and Shift
jego hotelano (11 days ago)
i still playing need for speed underground 2
GalacticDuck21 (12 days ago)
What about NFS the crew
chili topo (12 days ago)
Need for Speed the Run el Mejor para Mi , voy a probar need for Speed payback
G[A]BRIEL (12 days ago)
In 2018 i play most wanted and underground 2 on pc ;-
Atish Thapa (12 days ago)
cool but show more gameplay
Need For Speed Carbon 2006.
Sudhir Gourgonda (12 days ago)
I don't understand everyone like nfs 1 but not underground why when any one tells shit to underground I fell soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 because I am a fan of underground because it's the first game game I saw and played in my whole life so any one like underground pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese it's my request please☺
Sudhir Gourgonda (12 days ago)
Wow bla
Uwais Suliman (12 days ago)
I love the run
Hazem Ak Ka (12 days ago)
NfS Rivals has the best graphics...

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