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The BEST Nintendo Switch Games for July! | RGT 85

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July is right around the corner which means NEW Nintendo Switch games are incoming. What are the best upcoming Switch games for July? Let's go over them to see what you will be spending your money on! Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/shawnlong Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Shirts: http://rgt85.spreadshirt.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rgt85
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Text Comments (427)
My Bday is on the 25th
Daniel Johnson (8 days ago)
“It’s pretty fun” Dude played the demo..YouTube gamers failing us
Gamachy (11 days ago)
I rather prefer to spend my money on Hollow Knight than Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. There is no way Captain Toad worth 40 bucks.
MadLandon 05 (11 days ago)
I love hello neighbor
Tony Mason (13 days ago)
I thought Dark Souls was due the end of July? And i thought Code of Princess Ex was due the first week?
Dynamic Entry (13 days ago)
Botw, mario kart, xenoblade are the only good games. The rest are either bad or ports or indies.
BGL PROS (13 days ago)
BR (14 days ago)
its a port, its a port, its a port, port, port....
stefhendricks (15 days ago)
Runbow anyone?
SoulessAJ (15 days ago)
Whats the first game he showed?
Omar Reyes (14 days ago)
ys 8 bro
Stuart Guy (15 days ago)
Octopath traveler ever since I did the first demo. Too many games I want. So behind.
Matthew Falls (15 days ago)
It’s like they’re erasing the Wii U. 3D Land??? No...no we don’t know that title.
Matthew Falls (14 days ago)
Primos wrestling Exhibition I meant 3D World.
Matthew Falls 3D land was on 3ds
BSkullX (1 day ago)
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 is the game I expect most for this month. Shining Resonance Re:frain also is a good option.
LWalsh0 (16 days ago)
Where the he’ll is dark souls remastered? My dreams of getting the trilogy like we all thought, seems VERY unlikely. They are still trying to figure out how to make the first older game run.
MikeyT (16 days ago)
You need to learn how to pronounce "Nicalis."
Wolf Namina (17 days ago)
So they are treating Megamsn X like Bayonetta? Okay
justabot max (17 days ago)
I might have to dust off my switch this July
Lelouch Vi Brittania (17 days ago)
Keen for mega man x
Dayton (17 days ago)
What is the first game you mention for the last of June. Yz8? I can’t find it
Hugo Stiglitz (18 days ago)
You forgot air mail
herald soriano (18 days ago)
nice sound track! old school punk
Elijah Chee (18 days ago)
I need my JRPG fix. I already pre-ordered Octopath Traveler.
Titan Quest and Pocket Rumble.
Full Kick MMA (19 days ago)
Just bring the new Resident Evil 2 and I am solve.
kagatoASUKA (19 days ago)
You missed my two most looked forward to games those being Titan Quest and Pocket Rumble.
ashley cross (19 days ago)
Intro so cringe
Gabriel Roque (19 days ago)
Who else is into Mario Tennis Aces?
Ebefren Revo (20 days ago)
Pro Nerdy (20 days ago)
X1-3 are the best out of the X games, so i personally dont care about X4-8 missing, but is still weird
Dominic Blackburn (20 days ago)
All about Captain Toad ! Fantastic game
snowfcukinwhite (20 days ago)
Not even close
snowfcukinwhite (18 days ago)
FalcorTheHinox Durmstrung listen to your heart u know its true
snowfcukinwhite Calm down snowflake. Just because it doesn't have Call of Duty or Madden coming out doesn't mean there aren't plenty of games that people want to play.
Makai (20 days ago)
Don’t waste your money on Code of Princess EX i used to have it for the Nintendo 3DS i didn’t even own the game for a full 24 hours and i took it back because of the flaws it had but hopefully all of the mistakes that were made in the 3DS version were fixed for the Switch version
Thomás Paiva (20 days ago)
what about Overcooked 2 ?! r u insane? that game is absolutely fun to play.
T- Digitech (20 days ago)
chua tecklee (21 days ago)
Loving YS 8
shahid khan (21 days ago)
The hedgehog game looks interesting. I like the way they made the hedgehog blue. Hopefully it will become popular and take over that fight night that everyone keeps playing?.... WHAT?!!?!!
Bruno Fernandes (21 days ago)
What about titan quest?
gaston bordelois (21 days ago)
octopath is so bad
Dark Wolf (21 days ago)
Still waiting for a new dragon quest
Iceman 75 (21 days ago)
New video games are cool!
Jeremy Seal (21 days ago)
I'm really hoping for Hilltop Zone and Mystic Cave Zone. Sonic Mania was my game of last year.
J V (21 days ago)
Ease eight? Please put the names in the video or description...
chua tecklee (21 days ago)
J V ys 8 lacrimosa of Dana
beans 81 (21 days ago)
I turn my switch on once a week, check the estore then just turn it back off...I know it’s my preferences but there isn’t a single game in this video I’d want to play.
Kevin Teran (21 days ago)
Only care about metroid prime 4 and super smash bros ultimate
Pantzer101 (21 days ago)
I read July as "jolly"...
Grand legendzz (21 days ago)
WooLiveCrew (21 days ago)
Man the Switch has been killing my wallet since it launched - every time I turn around they’re stacking up games that I wanted to play for the first time or play mobile for the first time. Phones and tablets made mobile gameplay limited with no buttons and easy controller play - even the Bluetooth controller on an iPad isn’t the same experience I get on the Switch. I’m looking forward to revisiting a ton of awesome ports again as the Switch picks up momentum throughout the year.
176bammm (21 days ago)
Where's Pikmin 4? Is Namco working on a Katamari Damacy for the Switch? Tempest 4?
biggs (21 days ago)
i thought megaman already came out?
MarineOtter Gaming (21 days ago)
Really stoked about full Octopath Traveler release. Demo's got me hooked.
JohnnyGamer Haddadin (22 days ago)
I’m trying to say this as nice as possible but I had to unsubscribe to you for the simple fact that the way you talk, you don’t take in a breath and it’s so hyper, I feel your anxiety and hypertension, you need to chill out lol
Chillen 1972 (22 days ago)
psstt, bravely default was on the 3ds. not the super nintendo :)
nextlastgengamer (22 days ago)
I think it's funny how people say that no big titles come to switch day and date with other systems. Quite a few do, but it's mostly RPGs.
Robert Barker (22 days ago)
I wish they would bring more 3DS games to the Switch.  *cough Metroid Returns cough*
Marvin Weaver (22 days ago)
That new Shining game, Octopath Traveller, and Sonic Mania on the Switch and Mega Man X Legacy 1&2 on the PS4. Looks like I'll be broke by the end of the month.
Dan Duncker (22 days ago)
already picked up shining resonance refrain
MegaDollardog (22 days ago)
Hey RGT85!...hey Shawn ?its summer,get some sun,don't spend all day inside playing video games and fappin!!
Troy Taylor (22 days ago)
Sleep Tight out on July 26 looks promising
Tom K (22 days ago)
Anyone heard anything about Dark Souls release date yet? I know it was pushed to the summer but anyone know the specific date?? Thanks
Nathan Cramer (22 days ago)
Awesome game list! Can't wait honestly. Any possible way to put the name of the games in the drop down window? I mean in the description? Would be helpful.
Ron Asor (22 days ago)
you look like bearded talking potato :/
NL0Gwenster (22 days ago)
Why Capcom released X collection in 2 parts on the Switch ? They don't wanna shell out the money for the bigger Switch carts and reduce their profits a bit. That simple. I am unsure about Octopath traveller after playing the 2nd demo. The story feels very "NES" basic. I mean the other characters that join you on your quest stand in a town waiting for you to say "hey" and you get a prompt instantly "do you want x to join your party ? " Geez there's no story build-up before that ? Like say how it went in Secret of mana or Chrono trigger etc.
Win Nguyen (22 days ago)
Get some sleep bro
Chris Korol (22 days ago)
Shawn, are you doing that thing where you say you dont like go vacation but you actually secretly really like go vacation? :p jk
Chris Korol (22 days ago)
Idk why but im just not diggin the whole 8 bit style with octopath traveler. I would rather them kept it true to the bravely default type graphics but shined up a bit but still looks good. Other than that im looking forward to as many awesome games for my switch i can get.
darkknight ninja1 (22 days ago)
Well my birthday is on july 11 soo skyrim will be my pick
Jon Rios (22 days ago)
It's too many games 😭 my 128gb card is already full.
Monster HuNtER!!!!!!!
nick obregon (22 days ago)
Love your vids buddy!!
Pete HrapStick (22 days ago)
What no Tony taka shoutouts to perv pics and hentai.
J W (22 days ago)
Trenttt (22 days ago)
I come too you when I'm ready to spend my money
Guywith Fedora (22 days ago)
I remember cursing out Code of Princess for it's crazy difficult spike. I hope they addressed it in this NS version!
VulcanFaux (22 days ago)
So nothing for me unless hyper light drifter comes in July. In August however. I have monster hunter.
So many games. I literally cant keep up.
Adam Gabizon (22 days ago)
M Williams (22 days ago)
July? Between Octopath, MonHun, Aces, Ys 8, Okami, and Mega Man, Nintendo got my summer booked.
Greatest Times (22 days ago)
What was the first game you showed you said it so fast It looks dope 0:12
Santiago 3:16 (22 days ago)
Whiterun Guard (22 days ago)
Where is resident evil 4 5 6 and 7 where is mortal kombat and tekken where are all the old zelda games and gamecube games why do they keep feeding us all this indi crap this is why nintendo consoles get homebrew cause you cant even give em your money
Prof. E. J. Gómez (22 days ago)
The Dark Souls Remastered, is there a date for the release on the Switch
Robert Harris (22 days ago)
Pocket rumble!!
bjb 89 (23 days ago)
Good meeting you Saturday man, my bad for not seeing you and almost falling on ya hahaha.
Seniku Moonjewel (23 days ago)
I love my Switch but the poor thing hasn't had a new game in over 2 months and sadly I see nothing from now until xmas that I want to buy. I'm hoping 2019 is a better year for it.
Julius Ngaile (23 days ago)
I wish the Nintendo switch wasn't so price because now I have a xbox now instead of a switch
Top Hat Gaming Man (23 days ago)
Wheres Mother 3!?
Gamer Syx (23 days ago)
Titan Quest Nintendo Switch arrives on july 31 also.
Adolfo Lobato (23 days ago)
Can you review Moto gp 18 for the switch when it’s release
Poppy Williams (23 days ago)
poor wallet.......
Maximum Carnage (23 days ago)
I want super Mario 3d world on the switch I actually like that game more than odyssey.
Tj Jacobson (23 days ago)
The Octopath Demos were awesome! I can’t wait to get the cartridge
We Have Pokéballs (23 days ago)
Saw you at Too Many Games on Friday
Exal (23 days ago)
No dark souls?
Daniel Roa (23 days ago)
u said wolfenstien 2 and crash have come to switch bothe are still a week away. why not wait till july 1st to post this not the last week of the month?
Casualverse (23 days ago)
You know why capcom does what they does, they does bs. indeed they does. They does it all the time.
Patrik Lerntoft (23 days ago)
With the megaman collection being half physical, im waiting for like a price drop to 5-10 bucks or i'll skip it, glad it'll come so many other games, have been waiting for the sonic physical copy
diendong (23 days ago)
"Too many games". That's something I never said about past Nintendo consoles starting with the N64 to the Wii U. The NES and SNES always had something coming out. The Wii did too but many of the games are shovelware.
Cris I.V.Y (23 days ago)
Sales man
MackNifisent (23 days ago)
Just out of curiosity, are you still going to cover other platforms/retro gaming? or just nintendo switch?
Mark H (23 days ago)
Meh, not bad. The only games I’m excited for in june are Crash, and wolfenstein. I would get octopath, but i’ll wait for a price drop on that one. But these next 3 months are gonna be amazing. We’re getting mega man 11, fighterZ, dark souls, mario party, and paladins for free. I’m really digging the third party support. Now i don’t have to buy a fucking ps4. And if we got god of war and KH3 that would be killer.
John Doe (23 days ago)
Will pick up Sonic Mania, Go Vacation, Captain Toad, Hello Neighbor

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