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WEAPON SKINS - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

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Checking out the new update for weapon skins on the test server. They're rather... orange. Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheAculite ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheAculite ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite ►Discord - https://discord.gg/aculite Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (842)
Dishant Diksha (1 month ago)
*What is your profile number i want to play with you*
Nathan Playz (1 month ago)
At 1:06 it started with orange akm then orange scar then orang kar. It’s funny that like 2 or 3 months ago, I got that same combination while opening up some crates. And then I opened up a gold akm and I was so darn happy
Ashton Fergus (2 months ago)
Max Media Solutions (2 months ago)
Geeezus! Designer must be 5 years old kid.
XxxCøde SavagexxX (2 months ago)
Charity Noceda (3 months ago)
How you do that like first person camera
Elmer Gayatin (3 months ago)
Pubg copying rules of survival skin
Kin W (3 months ago)
8:12 the bullet is orange lmao
Jamarion Solomon (4 months ago)
valyydzn. (5 months ago)
A good sniper changes position..
StuntManTy (5 months ago)
Is this only on pc?
• Prince Zomboツ • (5 months ago)
Even the bullets you reload are orange.
bon2yan88 (5 months ago)
I want a Jurassic Park ford jeep skin
Dimitrije Dk (5 months ago)
Stop freaking MOVING when you are sniping. Thats why you miss so many shots.
PR3DAT0R 50 (5 months ago)
Michael Mixon (6 months ago)
I don't mind the skins. And my favorite color is orange :)
Josh Gavilaga (6 months ago)
*8:16* Anybody notice that when he reloaded, the bullets were orange?
Jade S (7 months ago)
99.999999% rugged beige lol
KidKrazy (7 months ago)
The scar doesn't look that good with orange
Nathan Persaud (7 months ago)
Nathan Persaud (7 months ago)
Nathan Persaud (6 months ago)
Joey Brown don't say anything else cause I'm about to win another game on fortnite so ba bye
Nathan Persaud (6 months ago)
One tiny map my behind
Joey Brown (6 months ago)
Nathan Persaud pubg is still better has 3 maps weapon skins lots of clothing and a lot more fortnite is just one tiny map
Joey Brown (6 months ago)
Nathan Persaud they copied well enough only thing that saved them was the building even they know they copied
Nathan Persaud (6 months ago)
I mean even tho he says pubg is better *cough
Cs Go
Commandre (7 months ago)
It does show the weapon skin name when you mouse over it!
Xoraly (7 months ago)
I prefer skins that are camo themed as it makes more sense to me in the realistic graphic'd setting. Desert, Woodland, Arctic, etc. I think it makes everything a bit more personal whilst not getting crazy. PubG seems to be falling into CSGO territory with the crates and skins.
Op God (7 months ago)
Sculpted is the best pubg YouTube best pubg player and has the best sight to see all these guys
chase best pup (7 months ago)
wow. Got an add for PUBG MOBILE
Zak R (7 months ago)
You missed a lvl 3 vest when you picked up the suppressors lmao
The_IntrovArt (7 months ago)
They obviously made it that orange color to match the new map
jack the pikey (7 months ago)
One u didnt get the scar and two can you get these on xbox
Everyth1n9 (7 months ago)
Even the bullets are orange lol
Afif (7 months ago)
why acurite??
CaptZepplin (7 months ago)
Wouldn’t it be nice to stop cheaters instead of wasting time with skins?
BonesTheCat (7 months ago)
To be honest, if I saw your name in the kill feed I'd camp with the M249.
KONO DIO DA (7 months ago)
i think vehicle skins would be cool too but they changed depending on the persons equipped skin son while one person could see a green buggy the other could see a blue buggy
Rob Ghaderi (7 months ago)
I feel like they don't have a randomization system in place. I play on xbox, and given, their rewards system suuucks, but I have like 3-4 of the same basic things. I win, quite a bit, and am upset that there are never any real rewards.
Wolfgang Amadeus (7 months ago)
this oranges skins are ugly,even the bullets are orange,its like the guy was eating cheetos while making the weapons
ItsJustMushroom (7 months ago)
I am sad that they dont even Think of bringing the desert map and all that to xbox one But i still love this Game
miklu on koira (7 months ago)
He had 3 level back why you didnt take that
Kashmire Steiner (7 months ago)
U should start twitch streaming
LocalBradda (7 months ago)
Holy shit if epic games add wep skins into their game too then pubg is done for
Cryonic Two3 (7 months ago)
oh man did i cringe when you mispronounce pecado. (peh• Kah•doe (emphasis on the ‘kah’)
Deejays David (7 months ago)
I could do better skins in paint :)
Jupong Gaming (7 months ago)
What you're favorite weapon in PUBG gameplay dude??? questin from INDO TQ!!
Black chocolate (7 months ago)
what the fuk is wrong with PUBG... why would they have that idea by adding skins into PUBG? Looks so ugly and now they're copying CSGO.
MrRinoHunter (7 months ago)
These skins are garbage, I noticed on test server he and to use a key to get the orange skins. Yea fuck that.
Michael Vitello (7 months ago)
Is it me or does this guy sounds like Jim Halpert....
Son (7 months ago)
You are not litomatoma arent ya?
OG LayLow (7 months ago)
LilPumpernickel 😂😂
Joonaksenmillimuna (7 months ago)
You just earned new sub :)
NickH 915 (7 months ago)
U r 1 of my best favorite youtubers!!!
Kehinde O (7 months ago)
your sniper bullets are also orange on the kar. Looks really stupid to be honest.
Kehinde O (7 months ago)
all beige
Rainbow Six (7 months ago)
Nice video.
Zaid Damrah (7 months ago)
One of my favourite youtubers.😍 Keep up the great work bro. I wish I had a good pc to play pubg 😢
LIAM (7 months ago)
I bet lvl. 3 west!!
Giovanni Pagan (7 months ago)
15:25 would it be Scar-L Bright a** orange?
Renz Villasor (7 months ago)
Sir Aculite can u make a video of Akm plus suppressor mode
HighOctaneMeme (7 months ago)
i just hope the skins dont go down the youtuber logo and colour theme path like a lot of other games did
CyborgGaming (7 months ago)
Ai from indonesia
JD (7 months ago)
12:10 damn Aculite, I wish I had your ping ^^ if there are any windows tweaks you did to optimize lag plz halp your viewers!! :D
Sixten Oja (7 months ago)
I’m such a badboy, I just watched a 5 min add just because they told me in the add that I could skip😎😎
Your Mums Toy Reviews (7 months ago)
I used to play PUBG when it was in beta but now my laptop can’t run it but sometimes I go to my friends house and he lets me play. So thank you for these videos .I much prefer1st person over 3rd because it makes a realistic game even more realistic.
Kastamonu'sBear (7 months ago)
Graphic card?
silver falcon (7 months ago)
Omg barrel vs scope that’s why...fml I’ve done that too many times not to clue in
Kevin Bushman (7 months ago)
Been a while since we've had you playing solos. Always fun commentary.
josh troup (7 months ago)
if u hold ur mouse over the weapon it does exactly like you said. it says. scar-l then to the right of that it says rugged (orange) 15:20
Abdur Rahman (7 months ago)
Holy shit dude ur videos are fkin amazing, especially this one. Just found this channel today. Well.. aren't I glad. U just earned 1 more sub :)
V1gy 3mp1r3 (7 months ago)
Aculite a honest opinion tou are not growing like you were try playing rules of survival you may grow faster
Lol Bye (7 months ago)
Came from litomatoma
PugsnotDrugs (7 months ago)
23:04 Why do you lean like that during when your engaging?
Like It (7 months ago)
No orange
coram gaming (7 months ago)
aculite if u look when u had ur mouse over the gun it showed it at 15:25 in that litte hud
Joe Doyle (7 months ago)
we need a game that is very similar to pubg but is more polished, then rip pubg
Zachary Carpenter (7 months ago)
Downloaded the mobile pubg, took what i learned from you guys(tom and fug and you) won two solo duos, first game with 14 kills, mini uzi, second game 12 kills, m4.
Kenny Guite (7 months ago)
Hey, are you Litomatoma? lol
Josh wright (7 months ago)
Fortnite is better than pubG they come out with updates every week
AJ Catt (7 months ago)
Skillin4daz18 no one cares about your shit game
F Bierman (7 months ago)
The orange is horrible
SOXDUDE2014 (7 months ago)
One of my favorite videos from you in a while Aculite! Well done :)
RazzleDazzle_EHV (7 months ago)
At one point (15:30) you suggest showing the name of the skin while it was actually showing when you hoovered over the weapon.
Terranexium32 (7 months ago)
I know this is a little bit inappropriate, but can you guys just give this video a go? Since it's all positivity and love on aculite's channel :) It's from me and a friend of mine and he just started his youtube channel. If you guys would give this video a try I would appreciate it a lot thanks ! <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvfWDRF2s1w&t=18s
ghozter1 (7 months ago)
wtf are they doing lmao, looks like a 10 year old made them. Pathetic
ast0en (7 months ago)
17:18 finna boost up in the open? hale yes.
DryTEK (7 months ago)
Ok.. Even I could make them. Like really. They are ugly AF.
PAINTnPONG (7 months ago)
So it is Acurite now?
The Yukky German (7 months ago)
The Gun skin name is on the right top
Braaten (7 months ago)
I was drinking a Fanta Orange when I watched this orange video. TOO MUCH ORANGE, MAAAN!
Fred Krazé (7 months ago)
Fuck the bright orange skins. This is actually kinda funny tho lol
Kiore vg (7 months ago)
Pause at 15:26 and look to the right panel of the description box, it says what skin is on the weapon, as you're asking about it.
da (7 months ago)
This game fucking sucks ass holy shit
Ayman Maani (7 months ago)
God damn it you are so good at this game
DiellonZzz 7 (7 months ago)
I fucking love ur vids
jimmy tzysocool (7 months ago)
love you vids instantly as i watch it first time wanted to thank you for posting all these good quality vids so relaxing to watch
Harry Duerden (7 months ago)
i got gold shotgun from my first crate . Check my inventory. LispyDuerds - steam
Leroy Lee (7 months ago)
Jacob Van Meter (7 months ago)
Leonardus Pandu Pangestu (7 months ago)
Even the bullets orange too, fresh orange Aculite
jonoferguson22 (7 months ago)
21:24 "equipted" i like it
CaptainDaniito (7 months ago)
what if i dont want to use skins and pick up other peoples weapons? am i forced to use their skins then???? what kind of shit is this
Barkın Aksoy (7 months ago)
You can see the skins name actually in game
Jestr (7 months ago)
FUCK, I touched the guns without washing the cheeto dust off my hands.

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