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XBOX vs SONY vs NINTENDO: Who Won E3 2018?

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E3 2018 saw lots of new announcements. Some expected, some not. We've got a lot to talk about, so join us for a casual post-E3 conversation. DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/gameranx ** https://www.twitch.tv/gameranxlive ** Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv Official Gameranx Twitter: https://twitter.com/gameranx Jake: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino Tom: https://twitter.com/thattomjohnson/ Andrew: https://twitter.com/andrewgebbia Weekly giveaway link: https://goo.gl/forms/SFtWBx6BjDjGiIGF3
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Text Comments (3629)
gameranx (1 month ago)
Join us for some casual E3 discussion. Very curious to hear what you guys are into so we can gauge interest for video focus in the future.
MoNsTr INFINITY (1 month ago)
Todd Howard is a god.
Johnny Richards (1 month ago)
Todd Howard confirmed in an interview about Fallout 76 that Skyrim Alexa addition is actually real and it wasn’t a joke
Denzel Wiffler (1 month ago)
gameranx sooo was this click bait or did you guys discuss who you thought won E3 I'm not going to lie I only watch first five minutes and last five minutes an hour is entirely too long for me.
CloudKoF (1 month ago)
Randy Rego (1 month ago)
gameranx where is RDR2 gameplay?
biotic god (15 hours ago)
bethesda won
No No (22 hours ago)
In my opinion Nintendo stole the show with Smash Bros.
Sahil Navas (7 days ago)
Xbox one I hate xbox but since they announced Dying Light 2 and Just Cause 4 I feel so happy.
Cresefo (12 days ago)
As a Nintendo fan, Xbox easily won.
iAesth (14 days ago)
Xbox and Nintendo won
Fenix Anime BG (15 days ago)
Oli F (15 days ago)
I think soney wone
Fenix Anime BG (15 days ago)
Oli F "soney wone" (folder autism)
Xander Ex (16 days ago)
I say nintendo won that. And it was not only smash bros
Zak The Ghost (18 days ago)
Zombiebot (20 days ago)
Y do playstation fans keep fighting if its obvious that xbox is 10 times more powerful and has way better games
Ks-man24 (14 days ago)
Playstation won mostly everything Playstation is the king of gaming (ignoring all the haters)
Fenix Anime BG (15 days ago)
Ks-man24 nope (and by the way I'm a PlayStation Guy)
Nathan Reed (21 days ago)
55:15 aNyTHiNg elSe¿
インシオンAeroFFS (21 days ago)
I feel that Nintendo won. Microsoft was literally a milimeter away from winning. Sony was just straight up trash. been like that for like 10 years now xd
CaldTheLad_SLG (21 days ago)
The spider man game looks like Just Cause 3 copy
CaldTheLad_SLG (21 days ago)
~~No HalfLife3?~~
CaldTheLad_SLG (21 days ago)
No Half Life 3??????????????????????,?,,,?,???
Animation Kid (21 days ago)
Nintendo wins
Ethic Ethnic (23 days ago)
Why the hell are you guys pissing on Kingdom Hearts??? Its a major popular triple AAA game series, with collaboration by Disney & SquareEnix. Spanning 10 + years.
Braincube 013 (23 days ago)
LG TV😂 I have 9 Sony TVs in total for both my houses.
Braincube 013 (23 days ago)
PlayStation as always😏👌
Fenix Anime BG (14 days ago)
I meant that XBOX won E3 2018
Braincube 013 (14 days ago)
Fenix Anime BG ? What you mean?
Fenix Anime BG (15 days ago)
Braincube 013 nope (I'm a PlayStation fan just to be clear)
They need to make another Deadpool game
You have a lot of Tattoos
Where are you at in this video
You guys know a lot
I want to play all the War games
Everybody that does Fortnite does it on the Xbox One platform
You guys cuss a lot
Your guy is actually in this video
I can’t wait until your Gaming News that happens tomorrow
Butter Knife (25 days ago)
PC gaming won E3 :)
Butter Knife (15 days ago)
Fenix Anime BG (15 days ago)
Really nigga?
trevic_treviz BOOM (25 days ago)
greatest ever (26 days ago)
Bethesda did well
Dekanos HCF (26 days ago)
Nintendo cus of smash.
Congrats on 4.3 Million Subs
SpiderSapphire EX (26 days ago)
New spiderman game looks dope
SpiderSapphire EX (26 days ago)
I know i can afford atleast 3 xbox games 2 ps4 games.... R.i.p Wallet 2013-2018
SpiderSapphire EX (26 days ago)
Xbox Period and then i put a period after it so period period.
SpiderSapphire EX (26 days ago)
Nintendo totally lost...but those Old Kids 14-18 that play on that stupid console are probs like SMAAAAAsh BROOOOOS!! SAME FOR ADULTS THAT WASTE THEIR LIVES
Fenix Anime BG (15 days ago)
SpiderSapphire EX you will never understand the old crap because you play that shitty FORTNITE!
Nathan Alder (27 days ago)
I’m a PS4 player and PlayStation won cuz of the last of us pt 2
Also Doom Eternal
I’m going to play Fallout 76 on my channel too
Mr.marco 1234 (28 days ago)
*jake has crippling depression in this video*
That SKYRIM on everything is crazy
They need to make the 6th Skyrim game based on Tamriel.
Or if on, Ps4
I want to Play DOOM eternal on my Pc
Kingdom Hearts seems gay.
I haven't played any of the Kingdom Hearts
Why go to E3 when all you do there is watch trailers. And you can do that on youtube for free.
I can't wait until they come out with console quality games on Tablets and Phones.
I'm getting a computer to play HALO infinite
Your drinking that nasty coffee.
You guys have a cool Polaroid camera in the videos background.
Aidan S (28 days ago)
7:39 There is a part in Uncharted 4 where Nathan is at home eating dinner with Elena.
Console Pleb (28 days ago)
love these type of podcast kinda videos I think you guys should do this more often.
I Just don’t want Halo Infinite to be another battle royal game.
Nintendo would have won if they unexpectedly announced Mother 3. We still waitin'.
#1 Microsoft #2 Nintendo #3 Sony EA sucked
ChetVlogzz (29 days ago)
Xbox and Bethesda. Duh. It's obvious.
dead meme (29 days ago)
Both suck
Ldsmaster 12 (29 days ago)
My favorite companies 1.Nintendo. 2.Microsoft and Sony Both fun. Anything else doesn't matter....
Goqkie Taf (1 month ago)
I think Sony's was boring I think Nintendo was good with super smash bros but I don't think they won... *xbox won* Plz don't hurt me :(
Sequojah O'Neal (1 month ago)
Wasn’t huge on the Witcher 3 but so pumped for cyberpunk 2077
Sequojah O'Neal (1 month ago)
I heard you can do male or female in cyberpunk is that not true?
red_ruby_ monkey (1 month ago)
Relly does she have to be gay eww
red_ruby_ monkey (1 month ago)
Red dead redemption 2 ps4 fans we are the last of us
red_ruby_ monkey (1 month ago)
Pun intended
Cyanide (1 month ago)
Nintendo shitstomped
Anders Lindberg (1 month ago)
Good job Michealsoft
ΔCID (1 month ago)
Gavin Suwara (1 month ago)
I’m not buying a new Xbox unless it has backwards compatibility at launch, don’t want to lose all my games
Gaz Matic (29 days ago)
Gavin Suwara you can play original Xbox games on Xbox one. So of course they'll have backwards compatibility. It's one of their major selling point.
Clem H (1 month ago)
Is there a pizza level in this new spider-man game?????
pd (1 month ago)
I'll tell you who won... People who have ALL 3 consoles + a gaming PC.
Trevor Squires (1 month ago)
IMO: 1. Bethesda 2. Xbox 3. Ubisoft 4. Nintendo 5. Sony 6. EA
Chris Baker (1 month ago)
The guy on the far right sounds exactly like Chris Pratt
CHA rles (1 month ago)
Adhesive 803 (1 month ago)
Nintendo won no doubt.
oi cunt (1 month ago)
Sony won because Last Of Us Part II
deathbunny (1 month ago)
Smash bros won e3
Tito Come outside (1 month ago)
I don’t get why people are saying that Sony won if anything Xbox beat Sony and Sony was that popular kid that just got cocky and barely showed anything and Xbox went Super Sayian and so did Nintendo but in my opinion It’s between Xbox and Nintendo to who won
Victoria Kohnway (1 month ago)
Tbh these games weren't that exciting. Only thing that will have my eyebrow raised is ps5 announcement and *Gabe Newell* announcing HL3
Arijit Mazumdar (1 month ago)
My friend pedro
P L U T O (1 month ago)
Godd Howard ftw
GearlessJoe (1 month ago)
Not EA lol
Justin Stewart (1 month ago)
Microsoft won E3.
danker (1 month ago)
Hasan Takrouri (1 day ago)
No Name ok let me edit
No Name (1 day ago)
Hasan Takrouri Ubisoft did good
Hasan Takrouri (1 day ago)
danker PlayStation did bad this year. 6:Square enix 5:EA 4: Sony 3: Bethesda 3: Nintendo 2: Ubisoft 1: Microsoft Also stop using all caps
_Hype_Gamer_ (1 month ago)
I really don't wanna watch the whole video but can someone reply to me on who they thought who won.
Harris (1 month ago)
Microsoft won it, Jake stop with that quality bs.
Hayden G3 (1 month ago)
Sony's got the exclusives
Zac Kelley (1 month ago)
wheres minecraft steve XD
Mr. Unlicensed (1 month ago)
Sony won because they just had the better games and longer demos.
BertVanBeterbed (1 month ago)
Sony would've won if they had shown us MediEvil
Kompanions (1 month ago)
elusive mg (1 month ago)
fuuuk me...this gameplay from spiderman...DANG
The Last Of Us (1 month ago)
Afcourse Playstation won
TheRealBallOfFluff (1 month ago)
Maybe in Fallout 76, you will be able to save your creations.
Wes Hughes (1 month ago)
Is it even a question? Xbox got 3 new gears and a freaking old art style halo teaser! Also the fallout 76 reveal 👌🤙
I_Am_L (1 month ago)
So who won ? I only came to hear it :/
TheDragonSmasher (1 month ago)
Playstation won. It's automatic when you look at their lineup of games while Xbox has zero (0) new, big, polished exclusives this whole generation.
TheDragonSmasher (1 month ago)
Presentation / show included. The intermission was unnecessary, but other than that their games truly had space to breathe and shine. A very carefully curated conference - no bullshit.
w_R Andrs (1 month ago)
I think (and i can't believe i'm saying this but...) Xbox won this year. Now hear me out... Yes they absolutely had little exclusives coming out this year. Horizon 4 seems to be the only one and again Xbox are making terrible market strategy. But when it comes to overall games, they had one the best line ups because at the very end, Cyberpunk 2077 was FINALLY shown! Ps4 brought the big guns with not 1 but 4 exclusive cinematic games but again... Cyberpunk 2077 has been an anticipation ever since 2012/2013 trailer and boy it was fucking worth the wait. For all we know the game has been in project looong before that. But the question is... Will Cyberpunk be an Xbox exclusive? Because that could be the smartest decision they've ever made. Other games that garnered my attention was: We Happy Few (because anything with 40-60s culture screams *buy me*. - DMC has a glorious return which seems to be a sequel to the original series? - Halo makes a return (boy they better change that 'Infinite' title) - Gears 5 (is it called) - Crackdown 3 will hopefully finally launch in febuary - Xbox was smart enough to showcase the very reason i would consider buying Battlefield V a lá a EA game. Norway gaining a spot in an international phenomenon is something norwegians shouldn't take lightly. - They also Showcased Shadow of the Tomb Raider which will be my first pick of 2018 <3 - And we get more Cuphead content which is just awesome <3 <3 Playstation showed massive promise this year with Spider Man coming out in September but i feel Xbox did 'some' things right this year.
chiffmonkey (1 month ago)
*Cough* You forgot PC

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