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GTA 5 ONLINE - Myths - Easter eggs, Tricks and more! - Episode 3

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Text Comments (209)
Drexter Charles (10 months ago)
I miss these videos
The RaNdOm VLOGGER (1 year ago)
Who’s watching this in 2017?
Jasmine Queen (1 year ago)
2:03.why that myth doesn't work on me
The king (2 months ago)
Becauseyou maybe never did it
Kevin Villa (2 years ago)
if you flipp off a dog wiil he bite
ThatOneRex (2 years ago)
whats the name of the song?
Amazing Viewer (2 years ago)
feidherbe square
Sus (2 years ago)
I need to know the name of this song!
Amazing Viewer (2 years ago)
feidherbe square
Luke Byers (2 years ago)
what's name of song
Amazing Viewer (2 years ago)
feidherbe square
King_BOB (2 years ago)
Myth you can land a mamooth hydra on the blimp
Issa Fuck Nigga (2 years ago)
This vid is from 2013 they stopped the mythbusters series already. Kys
The Shield (3 years ago)
If u drive anyother vechicle into the milittary base u will get stars
Ecks Dee (3 years ago)
You always get stars
BarbarianPlayz (3 years ago)
Cuz it is a ghost and all and ghosts are soposed to be unkillable cuz there allready dead
Sus (2 years ago)
No context at all
BarbarianPlayz (3 years ago)
Can you KILL the ghost ontop of mount cordo?!
Handsome Savage (1 year ago)
It's a ghost. You can't shoot trough a ghost.
BarbarianPlayz no
BigfootAlmightyGaming (3 years ago)
There are UFO's high above the Sandy Shores hippy camp and Fort Zancudo.
BigfootAlmightyGaming (2 years ago)
That's with the one on Mount Chiliad. Not the other two.
Siddhant Moitra (2 years ago)
when you finish GTA 5
mr potato man (3 years ago)
is the song the afroman one? 
OR SAVAGE (2 years ago)
this comment is old but i heard it too
Totingpoles (4 years ago)
There a ghost
Adrian Fuentes (4 years ago)
U can modify a blimp in the the car shop
scraggyscrag 01 (4 years ago)
U can jump off a building and hold B and do a front flip
I agree now. Like everyone doesn't know that. Maybe you don't but a lot do, it's a big mistake thats very common when on buildings. 
scraggyscrag 01 (3 years ago)
Like we don't know that!!!
Thats the most pathetic Myth ever. 
monkeenuts1 vlogs (4 years ago)
If you fly upside down in a plane near the ground and jump out you won't die
Matthew Bumgarner (4 years ago)
Can you kill a shark with a punch.
Sheila Daniels (4 years ago)
Can you survive a free fall with Trevor's ability
HaCked CxmMoN (4 years ago)
Keaton Ray (4 years ago)
You can jump from a air plane and live if you use trevers special ability
nO tHANKS (4 years ago)
Whats the song
Liam Brownlie (4 years ago)
Myth: there is a crashed police helicopter in A paleto bay hotel
THExJEFFERSONS (4 years ago)
Myth: cops won't come after you if you are in a submarine
Infinity Arts Extras (4 years ago)
I didn't know the you one about bong fires and the Jerry can
TeAurahi Woods (4 years ago)
MTYH: you can blow up a train with c4
Mauricio Correa (4 years ago)
You can play flappy-bird in your cellphone
SeMerrese (4 years ago)
song name pls?
MasterOfMelons (4 years ago)
I know its just a game but by flipping off a cop and when you drive of him you get two stars... which cop shoots someone for flipping him off?!
Justin Belew (4 years ago)
Myth I have is: when your drunk you can see your phone clear
Chic Sand (4 years ago)
Wats the music
Callie (3 years ago)
+osurulz2010 theres no name .-. you should read
Yeşil Yıldız (4 years ago)
You can cut a tree with a helicopter
Logan Gos (4 years ago)
You can pick up the dump truck with the cargo helicopter
Tom Hoerger (4 years ago)
You can stop the train with sticky bombs
Yvan Sinlao (4 years ago)
A Jerry can will explode when you shoot it
SuperThalia16 (4 years ago)
I want you to see if you can rob a bank online
Greedy Pony (4 years ago)
Fuck you treznor
krepnata kadara (4 years ago)
1.if you keep stalk another player they will angry and they will kill you 2. you can blown by jet engine
Donovan LaBate (4 years ago)
Myth: You can shoot a Cooked Grenade out of mid air
gigi Stiévenard (4 years ago)
you can destroyed a tank with a pistol
Fanda (4 years ago)
prove it :P
Jon Haldeman (4 years ago)
You can blow up a car with gasoline
Frankie Butrym (4 years ago)
Copied music from dth
Luis Aparicio (4 years ago)
Trevor can survive a fall from the tallest building if he uses his special ability
Carter Tucker (4 years ago)
MYTH:if you fall from a high place then use Trevor's special ability you we'll survive
Eirikatana (5 years ago)
Myth: you can turn your car into railroad vehicle by shooting tires and positioning it on tracks. Or at least drive along the tracks without steering. Myth: you can put out car engines with tazer by shortening them. Myth: you can invite strippers to your hideout for hot coffee. Myth: you can unmount car parts with kicking or batting them. Myth: soldiers at Fort Zancudo react a few seconds later when you charge into the base after loading a quicksave. Myth: you can derail the train by hitting it from the side. Myth: you can jump on a train from a vehicle you drive and survive. Myth: you can land safely from a plane without parachute with a vehicle on a mountain slope. @ S3bish: it's possible if you turn right after boarding the plane and takeoff at the taxiway, then dive behind the hangar in front of you. The spawned missile behind you will usually blow inside the hangar and it will buy you a few seconds to escape. Just watch out for tanks. You can save it only in Los Santos Airport, though, since it's too big for Trevor's hangar and will explode when spawning.
Vikram Grewal (5 years ago)
Myth can you get a pagassi vacca free!
Carson Stone (5 years ago)
Do different types of wheels give you better traction on different surfaces?
Kwebbelkop (5 years ago)
I'm not DTH bro :P
Samuel Maminas (5 years ago)
I love watching your videos dth so im spreading the word. Keep up the good work.
Moad Alami (5 years ago)
myth if you call a cab and you let the taxi wait the taxi will leave
Max Rosenthal (5 years ago)
Can u test if u can pick up a moving car with the cargobob?
Mischa de queljoe (5 years ago)
are u dutch??
MRjobgroot (5 years ago)
you can make oil burning with a sport car
James O'Doherty (5 years ago)
can you steal a jumbo jet in mid flight?
cuk (5 years ago)
At 0:46 you didn't blow up because you were pouring gasoline on the bonfire, it's because you caught on fire while you were holding the jerry can.
Marcus Dunlap (5 years ago)
Can you survive under water using trevors special ability
ThePlebInYou (5 years ago)
Can you rape some one
Brian Varela (5 years ago)
Coud you clim a tree
Radion Rhythm (5 years ago)
Press right twice on the D-Pad. Once will make the light bigger, twice will turn it off :)
mrsilvid (5 years ago)
how do you turn off the lights of your car? ;o
Erick Wielinga (5 years ago)
If you get 16 people on a bus on gta online and they all do the fapping thing the bus will start to fly
Isaac Jensen (5 years ago)
The second isn't a myth,it's real physics eh..
David Low (5 years ago)
Michael gets angry by fireing rockets at his house
TheGamersThrone (5 years ago)
If u steal amandas car as trevor micheal will text you to get it back
Kirito the panda (5 years ago)
TheJerbear50 (5 years ago)
is it possible to kill someone in their apartment with the rotor blades on a chopper
Jared Gaming (5 years ago)
Can you die from a car
Speider (5 years ago)
Myth for GTA online: Drop a car from a cargobob with a player inside it. Fly more than 50 feet straight up. No matter the height, if the car lands on its wheels, it'll be fine. If it lands upside down, it'll explode.
OneAccurateRecon BF (5 years ago)
He dies instantly.
Cedric Belanger (5 years ago)
Can you steal a garda car
Yousif Al-Jaber (5 years ago)
Trevor can survive the megashark in rage mode
Videoinfinitum (5 years ago)
Myth: Bigfoot exists at GTA V game
minas varbenis (5 years ago)
there is a ufo at the north side of the sea
Mack Davidson (5 years ago)
There is a parachute on the tallest building if you play on multiplayer, i was doing it yesterday
Dney (5 years ago)
A dog can survive from a very hight jump.
paislycram (5 years ago)
you can jump into a train cart
Razr777 (5 years ago)
If you shoot a cars gas tank it will blow up
Harry Griffiths (5 years ago)
A mam jumps into the road in the city
PlayStationFuture (5 years ago)
Hey Kwebbelkop I question u, Um i think close find cloth military. If player military cloth can enter military area without wanted?.
Kwebbelkop (5 years ago)
No problem! They also did not use the music in their previous episode(s). We checked that JUST TO MAKE SURE that we DO NOT copy their work/music in any sort of way. We also try to take myths they did not test. :)
OFWGKTABICH (5 years ago)
trevor can survive a fall from any hight using his special ability
Iownyoujk (5 years ago)
Also damn two replies to my comment? I'll take that as a compliment :)
Iownyoujk (5 years ago)
They could have used the music in previous videos and you could have found it there, but at that point it's pretty much irrelevant. You are correct and I should do a bit more research before making blind accusations.
Jeffrey Dennis (5 years ago)
Myth: Hitting the sides of objects while landing from a parachute can kill you. (I know this but others might not)
TheHazaradouspenguin (5 years ago)
TheHazaradouspenguin (5 years ago)
At end of the game Bigfoot is at mtn children
hejmeddig2000 (5 years ago)
If you park a plane in Trevors hanger, stand next to the plane, quicksave, and then restart gta v, another replica of the plane will appear in the hanger.
Htx Perez (5 years ago)
U can pick up a airport car with a cargobob
Kwebbelkop (5 years ago)
My bad we uploaded it 5 DAYS before they did, so there was NO possible way of we stealing their music.
Kwebbelkop (5 years ago)
It's funny how you say that since we uploaded this 2-3 days before they did! You can check it out yourself, they took our myths + music :) (Just look at the date)
Iownyoujk (5 years ago)
It's one thing to have the same idea as another channel, but it's another thing to have the exact same music playing.
CLSosa (5 years ago)
Wasn't this music also used in the other mythbusters video?
LegalizetheUk (5 years ago)
myth.. chop cant swim
LegalizetheUk (5 years ago)
i hope they add a quick button to turn ut lights off and on wi out going from low beam to high
Brody Price (5 years ago)
If you find a really deep spot in the submarine you will die from the pressure, but the submarine won't actually crush
Joe Kerr (5 years ago)
Myth: On Online mode, you can disarm someone by shooting him on the weapon he is carrying
Kwebbelkop (5 years ago)
Good myth/experiment. I will try to find some ways on how to steal one and fly away! :D -Jordi
Skullivan (5 years ago)
Why would they need to test that? They tell you it multiple times in the tutorial.
boobaloob32 (5 years ago)
test this myth: the players who kill other players online can actually steal the cash the murdered player has on them
orany321 (5 years ago)
Is there any building which i can destroy?

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