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Top 5 Upcoming ThemePark Games

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Couldn't really make a top ten but these guys should satiate whatever desire you have for the genre. At least one of these games will make you smile. Still, I suggest picking up OpenRCT2 and playing co-op through the campaign with a friend or two. I had way too much fun doing that, plus only one of you needs to buy the game on steam and then you can share it!
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anix jacobe (6 months ago)
Mr'Koalas (1 year ago)
You just forgot to say that we need a NASA computer to play Planet Coaster...
Rob C (1 month ago)
😢 So true lol
Natal PistollzZ (2 months ago)
Skyrilla (1 year ago)
jimisroomtv (2 years ago)
Thanks for doing this!
Chosen Totem (2 years ago)
Love the video! We should collaborate sometime. Very similar topics and we could definitely share a viewerbase! Subbed!
Grumpy Monk (2 years ago)
What was the game at the beg honing called
Grumpy Monk (2 years ago)
+Skylent Games thanks
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
the first clip is from Parkitect.

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