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New Gameplay Today - Starlink: Battle For Atlas On Nintendo Switch

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Game Informer's Jeff Cork, Kyle Hilliard, Ben Reeves, and Ben Hanson play a modified Arwing from Starfox in Ubisoft's Starlink: Battle for Atlas on the Nintendo Switch at E3 2018.
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Vortex Spinner (8 days ago)
Looks OK. What I don't like is more DRM from Boobysoft. Requires internet connection, 15gb download from day one. That's the Physical "Switch" release! Bargain basement purchase for me (Simply for the Arwing model)😁😁😉 Wise up people. Ubisoft need a lesson taught em. School the b@st@rds by letting them know. Its a long time until October. Show them you don't want DRM infesting your games. It's not about piracy. It's control. Peace to all gamers. Happy gaming.😉
Gennaro Langella (8 days ago)
The retail version will be availble without toys?
Vortex Spinner (7 days ago)
Gennaro Langella I agree with you. I want the Arwing model but NO other toys. IMO. This has been done in a spiteful way simply to justify the continued use of DRM. It's not about piracy. It's about control. It's a fair way off until October. Let Boobysoft know it. This is unfair practice for physical retail. Look at the damn price!. You won't even own the bloody game after the servers go down. Disney infinity all over again. People need to react to this. I bought my Switch for portability. I should be able to buy this game, unpack it in, field, park bench or outside the flippin shop I bought it from, and start playing it. You can't pirate the Toys. This is ridiculous for physical retail. If it was free with in app purchases I would understand. But It's not. Sorry for the rant. Ubisoft are greedy B@st@rds. Let em know it. All the very best.😉
Gennaro Langella (8 days ago)
Vortex Spinner what I can't understand is if the physical version of the game is always bundled with the toys I'll put it simple: I want the cartridge I don't want the toys
Vortex Spinner (8 days ago)
Gennaro Langella You will need an internet connection and a day one download before it will work. That's physical retail version too. Boobysoft strikes again.
The game's to feature SPLITSCREEN SUPPORT for 2. Can you guys do video showcasing that feature??? I would love to see how Starlink would look like in splitscreen!
urjnlegend (10 days ago)
Boo star fox need 64:2
Johnny Most (10 days ago)
not really
jotaroxtreme (10 days ago)
It's like if No Man's Sky and Star Fox Zero had a baby that was adopted and raised by Elite Dangerous lol.
Clinton Leonard (10 days ago)
That's an Arwing?
RetroTechX (9 days ago)
Just the center section. he swapped out the wings with another ships.
urjnlegend (10 days ago)
Clinton Leonard now it's a knock off
Nikki K (10 days ago)
Got the starter pack. It was 105 $ canadian.
Nikki K (10 days ago)
I love sci fi stuff like this! i had to get it just becuase of that! and the ship figurines will make a cool edition to my nedoroids and other geeky figures. There are alot of people who seem to be so judgmental with those toys, they think its childish i guess or lame? What are their opinion on people who have ST figurine collections and other geek stuff, cuz alot of alot of geeks and gamers alike do that, i mean do they not know many do this? atleast all the gamers i know have collections, and in my opinion, if youre any bit of an actual real gamer, youd do more than just play the game, youd get your hands on anything that has anything to do with said game/s in general, and have a geeky collection somewhere.
XDarkEcho (10 days ago)
Nikki K I think it's more of the fact that everyone thinks it's mandatory to buy the toys in order progress in the game, which isn't the case at all.
Mr. Flash (10 days ago)
Thumbs down for the clickbait thumbnail
Alexander Chilton (10 days ago)
If No Man's Sky was arcady and fun.
Jango_23 (10 days ago)
I'm moderately interested in playing this, especially with Fox in it, but the toys to life aspect I don't care for.
Gary_Host Gaming (10 days ago)
Evenmoresteven Worddddd!! That's all I was worried about lol
Evenmoresteven (10 days ago)
Exactly how I feel. I wonder if there's a way to play it without the toys. Edit: Nevermind they said you could. Cool!
Stephen Nanna (10 days ago)
This looks super duper sick!!! Lets get one thing straight though, this isn’t Star Fox?
Casey Duong (10 days ago)
It's kinda like Star Fox but not really. The gameplay is basically always on all-range mode and open-world, with customizable ships.
William Plumb (10 days ago)
Great video, and the game looks cool, though I doubt I'll ever play it. I would LOVE to see a NGT video on Prey's MoonCrash dlc, but I doubt yal will have the time :(
SHADOSTRYKR (10 days ago)
This looks fun, I hope its $60 for the game plus a ship kit or $30-$40 for the game alone. I feel like pricing can make or break this game.
Sushi Man (10 days ago)
SHADOSTRYKR the star fox kit with game is 75 bucks
BigHoggle15 (10 days ago)
Who thought this looked like no mans sky 2 in the trailer ?
Sushi Man (10 days ago)
I'm convinced game informer only likes interactive movies lol
Overgeek Gaming (10 days ago)
Totally not a Star Fox rip off
SHADOSTRYKR (10 days ago)
it literally has star fox in it
Dani Patac (10 days ago)
Dukefazon (10 days ago)
First! :P

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