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Zelda Wii U - Hyrule field and Epona (Zelda Unknown)

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After a two months break, the first episode of the second season of Zelda Unknown is finally here! To start off with a bang, I have invited Dr. Wily to cover Hyrule Field, Epona and the possible return of Lon Lon Ranch in Zelda Wii U (including a short theory on the ranch itself). PS: Closed captions will be added to all episodes of season 2 of Zelda Unknown. Dr. Wily's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheWildfire9 Playlist - First season of Zelda Unknown: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq3whXZlAVlaX-zi_hRfel7WyYfYbwtUJ Animated history of Poland (the battle sequence): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stEuQamTLXw If Epona worked in Castle Town: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZDOs51JJ-g Deviantarts and Tumblr-art used: http://www.dorkly.com/post/57583/incredible-zelda-fan-art https://41.media.tumblr.com/ec865fe15882361988d5869191fd4b8f/tumblr_mzbpu7zQ4a1s5irg2o1_1280.jpg https://40.media.tumblr.com/63d06d72322dc0de090d9941f98cf986/tumblr_nosihdIQtp1u2x2ajo1_1280.png https://41.media.tumblr.com/c1381e777d6a8d3906ec313349d71ce9/tumblr_n9gluufE3h1qc9c3ao1_500.png https://31.media.tumblr.com/34cf44e0b2445da7eb4bbcef5fee5059/tumblr_ngllux8BlW1s7b405o1_500.gif http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-War-of-the-Kings-and-the-flood-of-Hyrule-339902948 http://www.deviantart.com/art/Hyrulean-Civil-War-II-408913870 http://www.deviantart.com/art/Birth-of-the-Hero-of-Time-I-392246808 Music used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZKliJgxUTI (Intro music) http://zreo.perix.co.uk/05_Ocarina_of_Time_-_Complete/19_Hyrule_Field_Main_Theme.mp3 http://zreo.perix.co.uk/05_Ocarina_of_Time_-_Complete/28_Lon_Lon_Ranch.mp3 http://zreo.perix.co.uk/05_Ocarina_of_Time_-_Complete/51_Horse_Race.mp3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Qn8e3JNvOI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1xlhW-07Ew - TheOnlyDeerAlive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np8zPjwVG9c (Outro music)
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JaCk CROCODUCK (9 months ago)
this was so wrong!
Tr0vb13makr Kazak (11 months ago)
That isn't epona in the trailer
Eponas dead
Tyson Pearce (1 year ago)
I see this now and i think " wow... the hud was way different then it actually is"
Tailsthefox5671 (1 year ago)
And say welcome to breath of the wild
New Age (1 year ago)
Rewatching after having played BotW to see what you got right Epona unfortunately isn't in-game, horses are readily available for transportation though Campfires do skip time
Joseph Ray (1 year ago)
AJ (7 months ago)
Joseph Ray your loss
F.f Star (2 years ago)
witch skyrim was that??
Negative /LM10 (2 years ago)
Andrew E. (2 years ago)
the carrots might be gone because Epona might run on the stamina meter.
Rein (2 years ago)
How did they get their items in the corner of the screen in the Ocarina footage? That looks like a way different HUD than what I had.
Ramperhappy (2 years ago)
ik hoor een nederlander! :)
Michael Jewkes (2 years ago)
+Commonwealth Realm What if you don't start the game off with Epona at first but rather have a chance at some customization by choosing and taming your horse from a group of wild horses you encounter early on? You could even name it whatever you want a la Twilight Princess?
Little Prince Kain (2 years ago)
its scary how right on you were
The Galaxy Saber (2 years ago)
if you think about it Epona is absolutely ancient she survey Oceania of time to twilight princess
BlueDragon514 Ender (2 years ago)
your getting my hopes up so high I'm going to be disappointed in the game when it finally comes out.
G Harris (3 years ago)
Liked the video just for the fact you guys called Epona "Our Favorite Mare"
VanillaDough (3 years ago)
Lon lon ranch "directed på Michael bay
Wolfie (3 years ago)
wohoo! season 2! Great vid as always. ;)
Gluragedon Dogan (3 years ago)
the new zelda could also be placed even befor skyward sword. i mean look at it. link is not eaven wearing the tonik of the hero wich means that the hero do not even exist jet. he could also just not gain it jet but i do not think so because he have got the bow and arow an eaven epona. also the are many elektronik (or some thing like that) divices. you can see in Skyward sword that they also existed there but get lost.
kayturs (3 years ago)
I love these videos. Noticing things that I never would've otherwise!
romeo astrea (3 years ago)
used a few seconds of princess mononoke 0-0 awsome!!!
Bradly Haubert (3 years ago)
I think it would be cool to have Epona be a place to store items, such as extra rupees or a supply of potions and consumables etc... (an item bank)
issey nimph (3 years ago)
epona is dead when hero of train(hehe....trains....i like trains!!!)is in.indeed?
Sleepy Skrub (3 years ago)
okay can u guys stop comparing Zelda Wii U with that boring ass Witcher 3
LOLLER MCLOL (3 years ago)
A Fallout 4 video would be cool.
Luis Ugalde (3 years ago)
The ranch won't be prior to the Flood as Dr. Wily mentioned since the flood happened b/c there was no hero. No hero= no Zelda game ;).
Luis Ugalde (3 years ago)
Roach could learn a thing or two from Epona. Why can't he jump over small fences?
Calamari Gaming (3 years ago)
I have a theory if this is placed after ocarina of time were link defeats ganon and link he married malon it could be possible that if malon is in the game they could most likely be family because they are decedents of the relation ship of oot link and malon
Linus Müller (3 years ago)
Milk Jug (3 years ago)
just having some horse with u makes the game look more empty than it already looks like.
EternalSecondKira (3 years ago)
Your theories bring up great possibilities in the Zelda universe I never thought much of before. Thanks so much for your content!
Coylie3 (3 years ago)
The bit of gameplay of Zelda WiiU I did see, what with Epona's increased AI, along with the fact that it was said that they're toning down the hand holding, makes me think that the game will play a lot like Shadow of the Colossus. Now, I am become Hype, destroyer of patience.
ArynCrinn (3 years ago)
So it's been 9 months since Nintendo last showed off anything of the game... and you're still speculating on a few minutes of pre-alpha gameplay? Now that's dedication!
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+JaidynReiman Wait until my next video goes up later today.
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+ArynCrinn Again, they're not "finding stuff." They're just discussing possibilities for different locations that could potentially appear. Unfortunately, its a bit too early to speculate too much, but we can potentially speculate on the locations that will appear, which could hint a bit on the setting, but we can't really know a lot about each individual location. "For all we know, the game may have gone back to the drawing board, despite their claims of having stuff they could show." This is incredibly unlikely.
ArynCrinn (3 years ago)
What I meant to ask, was how are they still finding things to talk about?  And not that I think they have changed the map much, but 9 months is actually quite a lot of time in AAA game development. For all we know, the game may have gone back to the drawing board, despite their claims of having stuff they could show. Indefinite delays are rarely a good sign that things have been going smoothly.
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+ArynCrinn They're not finding stuff. Its all speculation. That said, its extremely doubtful the map has changed a lot. You can't just massively shift around a map of this size. That was a huge part of the development cycle. The map's design might've changed, but the layout? Sorry, not even 9 months is enough to change something like that so heavily. Minor tweaks to specific sections of the map? Sure. Graphical improvements? Definitely! But literally changing the entire thing? Its simply impossible and illogical. The world layout is an integral part of the game. At max it might get flipped like what has happened in past titles (TP Wii, OOT Master Quest), but its not likely to change too dramatically
ArynCrinn (3 years ago)
But it's been 9 months. How can people keep finding stuff? And how do we know the game, let alone the map, hasn't radically changed in that time? I'm just worried people are setting themselves up for massive disappointment.
vasquez. i. (3 years ago)
I can't wait to ride Epona though all that beautiful Hylian grass :)
GONZOglasses (3 years ago)
Fi is technically the master sword, or inside it, so if Link gets the master sword in this game, she is technically in it too.
Nikai (3 years ago)
What if Epona can transform into a chibi horse Or a spirit Of a horse or a Goddes spirit? And I hope Lonlon ranch is comming back I love Malon's goofyness :P
JazzerIcebeam (3 years ago)
I do not normally like Zelda theory videos, but oh my god! I am loving your videos, guys. Keep it up. I never thought of Lon Lon Ranch being a former military stronghold, but it makes so much sense!
domesticV1190XxOo (3 years ago)
you guys are so refreshing when it comes to the Zelda series. Truly enjoy your videos
Nayru of the Zoras (3 years ago)
Interesting! I never would've thought of the ranch as a fortress. I would to see the return of Lon Lon Ranch. Great video!
sugar1n (3 years ago)
is it Epona? why changing the color of the hair
TonyDaExpert (3 years ago)
It is Epona the devs mentioned this hundreds of times O_O
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+sugar1n I'm not convinced that horse Link is riding is Epona yet. Epona's appearance changes somewhat from game-to-game, but always is brown-ish red with a white mane. Unless this is a prototype design, I don't necessarily think this is Epona. Now, in the Game Awards trailer last year, Miyamoto said the horse was Epona, but keep in mind, he doesn't work on Zelda anymore, that's down to Aonuma. Aonuma never said the horse was actually Epona.
Dio Cipher (3 years ago)
I think it's better to not have a fairy or fi informing you on an unknown land to you... It adds more of the "you-are-the-character" shiggy intended
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Bill Cipher That would be against the premise of exploring the land by yourself vs being taken on a guided tour. Just my opinion. Greetings, Commonwealth Realm
Knight InGale (3 years ago)
Cool vid' CWR ! As always yes ! Everytime a pleasure to watch your work ! Recently I've got an idea for a sort of game, this game is imagine some titles for ZU . I give you mine and if you want to play that game too, give me yours ! =] That was : TLoZ : Hylia's Chronicles (or Hylia's Memories) TLoZ : Towards Destiny (or Timeshift Hero but this one is too easy) TLoZ : Sacred Realm Knights TLoZ : Hooves of Pegazus TLoZ : Wrath of Ancient Gods
nuno marques (3 years ago)
i actually like tatl am i alone ???
Amy Wp (3 years ago)
How did I not see this? So glad you're back with a new series! Great video- per usual.
Darthfirenation (3 years ago)
This might be the best Zelda game yet!
Nintendonator (3 years ago)
do you think that the new zelda will support surround 5.1?
Rixton (3 years ago)
+Nintendonator im sure it will, and when it does, thew music will legit make me cry. Ive managed to hold back so far, but that would be my breaking point. im not exactly a manly man lol
Ben Hilfinger (3 years ago)
Ugh this game is taking SO long, I'm hoping it'll be amazing.
Austin McIntyre (3 years ago)
Okay, strange idea, but what if Link Starts out in Lon Lon Ranch this time? A Central area with a plausible background for Link. He could easily be the descendant of The Hero of Time, and it would actually provide a way for Link to have a good relationship with Epona.
Pokemon Master101 (3 years ago)
when will the game come out
Bones of Light (3 years ago)
Link is gonna get a pegasus so he can fly and ride
TubaBluba (3 years ago)
still loving the series and theonlydeeralive's music
TubaBluba (3 years ago)
really 2 months?
Rafael Montoya (3 years ago)
y did U just say Wii U/NX??!!!
Rafael Montoya (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm So Zelda U is going to be like twilight princess?
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
I believe it will be next year. E3 2015 was a classical gap where it was obvious that Nintendo is holding something back.
Rafael Montoya (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm when do you think its releasing the nx? 2017 maybe?
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
Nintendo cannot afford to support the Wii U any longer. Close to three years have passed since it release and it has barely sold 10 million units. That is abysmal even compared to the GameCube which was the worst selling home console in Nintendo's lengthy history.
Rafael Montoya (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm Whyy! Do you know if when is it coming out?
Dr. Schwifty (3 years ago)
I really enjoy these, but I hope we just aren't setting the bar too high. Setting ourselves up for disappointment.
aMazing (3 years ago)
The grass is as beautiful as in Far cry 3! :D I really mean it..
Fantom Rockman (3 years ago)
YaY it's back
Zillajr1 (3 years ago)
Great video !!! Sincerely you've become my favourite youtuber, thank you for your time and talent, with Zelda unknown and the theories the wait for the game is not as difficult as it should be, greetings from Mexico!!! Keep going!!! The hype is still real!!!
Sean Bearth (3 years ago)
You are my hero and I love you.
Em Aul (3 years ago)
Great to have you back! :D I had a really bad day, so to see season two of Zelda Unknown started brightened the rest of the evening.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Alex A (Draug) Glad to cheer you up :) As I always tend to say, the best is ahead of us!
Clone (3 years ago)
Back from the dead!
matfhju (3 years ago)
If epona is the tru compenion in zelda wiiU it will mean that epona probely dies in the end of the game cose it is a common role in zelda games that youre compenion leaves you after youre quest is complete and what better wey to have her go out with her secrofising herself so that link survives to face the final boss. It will be a tutching moment and it is shure to make you as the player filled with rage and eger to sley whoever killed youre horce
BurntFossil (3 years ago)
Plot twist: Epona uses telepathy to speak with Link and becomes the new annoying companion.
Hallowseve15 (3 years ago)
Yes! I am so happy this series is back!
SuperNeonManGuy (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm  http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/632936-the-legend-of-zelda-wii-u/72357555 i actually went over something recently, i posted the same thing a few months ago too (albeit less refined) --- "Zelda Wii U/NX" stop. It's a Wii U title, if i need to i'll go over all of the reasons that even if it was coming out on the NX (which is possibly even not a home console) it wouldn't be until late 2017 or early 2018 then i will. --- they already said that the slow motion effect happens only when you vault off of the horse, in my mind that pretty much confirms that that's the only time that we'll see it --- you spoke about getting the horse near the beginning of the game, there was a video analysis near e3 2014 which stated that the way that epona is trained to work with link implies that they've been together for a LONG time, it's highly likely that it'll do a "twilight princess" and we'll just have our horse from the very beginning also ,i'd like to point out that epona's hair is all animated in real time, it's physics based. it's like the ribbons/strings of the moblin's spears in wind waker, it's really well done, around the time of skyward sword they told us that  they weren't using mocap and that their animators were just that good, it's really impressive if they've captured both link's and epona's movements without human and horse motion capture this time around (which seems to be their preferred way of  doing things) --- it's worth noting that Aonuma specifically said that it's a traditional zelda world, he just said that it's seamless and much more vast this time, we'll likely get some horse-specific jumps or races or something but don't expect it to be too different to previous games --- i doubt that lon lon ranch is present or we'd see it in the video (unless it moved south and we're actually standing in lon lon ranch in the video, which could make sense as the entrance to where we're standing is a path up a hill, it's even on the same side as lon lon ranch's entrance in oot.), i think it's far more likely that we'll just get ordon ranch if anything because it'll be more out-of the-way and there's not much hinting at a lon-lon ranch in this video --- i wouldn't put much thought in to lon-lon ranch being a fortress in OoT, it looked like that because of system limitations, they wanted to make it an open ranch in the field but couldn't, the field alone made the n64 struggle, notice how the pop-in distance is a lot closer in hyrule field in oot? that too is because it couldn't handle having grass more than a few metres from link with the draw distance turned up so high. the reason that it has such high walls is because the n64 couldn't load the inside, it was too high a polycount to render simultaneously with the field. they were tricking you in the same way that majora's mask did with the stone tower temple being in the distance actually being a 2d image. Lore doesn't need to be applied to a system limitation ---  "thus we can assume that the inclusion of the ranch in the game will also mark the return of the characters malon and talon", don't assume that, if there was a lon lon ranch then it  should visibly be right in front of us in the video, the only other place that could be lon lon ranch specifically is where we are standing and the herders here seem to be more eastern in character design. with the game's many large forested areas it'd make more sense to assume the inclusion of ordon ranch since there's less evidence against that point then there is evidence against lon lon ranch --- adhering to your theory of this having lon lon ranch would mean that the game can't take place after skyward sword (which the world, technology, and design hint at) or after wind waker at some point (as the vegetation, plant species, artstyle, character design,, enemies, and world design hint at also). these are two of the most conmmonly speculated upon points, i wouldn't put down those valid points that have evidence because you're assuming something that has no eviidence --- the desert in Zelda U is much bigger than even the desert in Twilight Princess, i can't see them making an area that vast and not giving it gerudo inhabitants unless it is filled with dungeons or ruins to explore, it's likely that they'll return (or at least be referenced)
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+SuperNeonManGuy I think its likely Lon Lon Ranch could appear. That doesn't mean its a major part of the game, though. I also think the Gerudo are very likely to appear as well. In regards to Lon Lon Ranch appearing after Skyward Sword, though, do note that Lon Lon Ranch's first chronological appearance is Minish Cap. So its certainly not out of the realm of possibility. (I highly doubt the game actually does take place next chronologically after Skyward Sword, though.)
vijay diels (3 years ago)
Noah Patoray (3 years ago)
Your videos are so polished bro. Great job. I really enjoy watching them
Biotic Cactus (3 years ago)
EXCELENT video as always Konrad! Can't wait untill the next video!
Dill Barker (3 years ago)
(a bit off topic sorry) I have to wonder, could the new Zelda possibly represent another timeline shift? in the gameplay trailer we see what appears to be a lookout tower similar to Win Walkers that you find on the great sea. Assuming those are of the same origin that means there are 2 possibilities, the first that under some strange circumstance the great sea was de-flooded (perhaps after the events of spirit tracks, when link is already on a new continent), or maybe a new hero arose after Gannon broke free and the gods didn't have to flood hyrule like they did in WW. I know its a hell of a stretch but its something
Dill Barker (3 years ago)
+Dill Barker great video btw, not enough people pause enough to think about the significance of the ranch, certainly not mè until now
Dill Barker (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm yeah thats probably the most likely shot. I imagine the whole of the Zelda team is kinda annoyed that they were pressured by fans into making a canon timeline. like you said before it might just be a total reimagining of the series
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Dill Barker Definitely a possibility, or they could just fuse all the best elements from the different instalments to make Zelda Wii U, the best Zelda game ever.
Maciej Podsiadło (3 years ago)
jak zwykle świetny materiał :D oby tak dalej, ale brak oficjalnych newsów i przesunięcie daty tej zeldy na dalej niż 2016 mnie trochę martwi... (tak... usunęli Zeldę WiiU z oficjalnych premier 2016, i dali zamiast tego TBD, to be determined) as always, great video :D keep it but, but lack of official news from Nintendo and the release date not being even 2016 makes me worried a bit :P
Maciej Podsiadło (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm chyba każdemu na tym zależy (każdemu z fanów nintendo), ale chyba sam przyznasz, że nie wydanie tej gry na WiiU byłoby lekko mówiąc ciosem w plecy dla wszystkich posiadaczy tej właśnie konsoli. Pozdrowienia również z mojej strony :)
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Maciej Podsiadło Zobaczymy, dla mnie zalezy na tym aby gra byla najlepsza w serii Zelda oraz zeby NX byl jak najwiekszym sukcesem dla Nintendo. TBD byla takze data premiery w kazdym raporcie po ogloszeniu opoznienia gry, wypowiedz Reggie na temat 2016 roku byly zwiazane z tegorocznym E3. Oprocz tego nie posiadamy zadnego potwierdzenia kieda gra zostanie wydana. Pozdrowienia Dziedzina Rzeczypospolitej.
Maciej Podsiadło (3 years ago)
Też tak myślałem, że skoro 30 rocznica to chyba czegoś takiego nie odwalą, ale jednak data premiery została zmieniona z 2016 na TBD, czyli sam już nie wiem za bardzo o co chodzi, a brak newsów mnie po prostu dobija. Poza tym martwi mnie fakt, że ta Zelda może zostać wydana właśnie TYLKO na NX, a biedni posiadacze WiiU zostaną pokrzywdzeni :P. Nie obraziłbym się gdyby zrobili tak jak z Twilight Princess, wersja na WiiU z gamepladem i wersja na NX z lepszą grafiką (zapewne) i jakimś innym gameplayem do nowego kontrolera (jeśli takowy będzie). Jednak jeśli gra nie wyjdzie na WiiU to bardzo się zawiodę.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Maciej Podsiadło Zelda na Wii U albo NX napewno bedzie wydane pod koniec nastepnego roku z powodu 30 rocznicy serii gry.
Alessandro Favale (3 years ago)
what's with the cloak link wears when riding epona?
Alessandro Favale (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm nice. is it a new feature or what? (I only played Oot, M'sM and TP extensively, I may have missed this feature in other games)
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Alessandro Favale Camuflage to not be recognised. More details in the follow up to this video.
Triple D (3 years ago)
Great Stuff. Hope you keep growing brotha :)
Triple D (3 years ago)
Thanks:) Been with ya for a while now and I've go to say that I always await your videos. They're excellent. Keep it up brotha you'll make it big just keep at it ;)
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Triple D Thank you for the encouragement :)
zetsubou1v1 (3 years ago)
i'm just hoping that you get the call for epona at/around the same time. epona returns pretty soon in twilight princess, but you don't get the whistle until the lead up to the sky temple. that was a huge time to wait for something much more convenient than looking for a patch of "horse grass". :/ even if you didn't get her immediately i'd like the call first, like in OoT. give it another use, or tie it to the already useful musical instrument, which i'd kinda like to see make a proper return.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+zetsubou1v1 I hope we will have a whistle available from the beginning. It would be a pain in the neck to explore this massive world on foot without your horse. It might be the biggest seamless open-world map ever made.
Kibbycat (3 years ago)
love the video you make! nice too see you come back to youtube again :D hope to see more from you!
Nick Link (3 years ago)
You guys are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick Link (3 years ago)
Your welcome :)   I CAN'T wait for MORE VIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (again you guys are awesome!!!)
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Nick Link Thank you so much for the support! :)
smashbrother86 (3 years ago)
Just wondering, what does the Latin (I'm assuming it's Latin) on your logo mean?
smashbrother86 (3 years ago)
Thanks. love your stuff.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+smashbrother86 The love to our fatherland is our law.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
I fell asleep in front of my laptop, when adding subtitles. Nontheless, closed captions are now available, as dealing with both Norwegian and Dutch accents might be a little too much to tolerate ;)
sonymicronin (2 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm The intro was EPIC
TheFreedd (2 years ago)
what tatl?? really? tatl never annoys you, and when you actually need her help she doesnt help you..
PoliteTia (3 years ago)
+HoundCake Me too!!!!
HoundCake (3 years ago)
I love accents :3
StephCurry (3 years ago)
Yes finally season 2 begins and what a start
StephCurry (3 years ago)
That sounds amazing ^^
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+StephCurry And this is just the beginning for an interesting fall on this channel #ZeldaUnknown #HistoryTime #ZeldaTimelines
Kiz Epic Journey (3 years ago)
The guy that disliked this is...
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+kiz epic journey Ganondorf's horse...
Kiz Epic Journey (3 years ago)
11:07 Agetha from LoZ TP goes back in Castle Town when the sun is setting.
ChronoFlation (3 years ago)
Yes, more Commonwealth realm Zelda theories! I love these, they look into detail at every part of Zelda and make every aspect feel like they're gonna be astonishingly amazing, as if each section were the main focus of the game. That said, Nintendo basically does make every section of their games their main focus of their games, that's why so many of their games are just so great. Man, I'm excited. Now if only they'd do another Nintendo Direct. It's been ages
Luka K (3 years ago)
great video as always!
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Luka K It is just the beginning for what's to come this fall and winter ;) #ZeldaUnknown #HistoryTime #ZeldaTimelines
Durand Lewis (3 years ago)
Why Nintendo will not give us nothing on this game are they trying to kill it ? Plz tell we will see something hopefully this trailer may not mean anything because they may be revamping that ur opinions?
Durand Lewis (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm thanks I support your videos and thanks guys.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Durand Lewis Because they want to be 100 percent sure that the game will be as good as it possibly can be and ready before they show it again. My guess is that this game will take a Fallout 4 at next year's E3: Announcement that it will be a dual release or an NX launch exclusive, followed by a 15 minutes or longer gameplay demo, tons of concept arts, commentaries by Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miyamoto on the development and finally a holiday 2016 release date announcement. In term of changes and revamps: They might improve the graphics (though in my opinion they are superb even compared to games such as the Witcher 3) and add more content and perhaps even dungeons and side-quests to the game. Majora's Mask 3D's success could also cause more elements to be brought back from that game and implemented in Zelda Wii U: a variety of lengthy multi-stage side-quests, NPCs that feel alive and realistic, time manipulation and include a 24 hour real time day and night cyclet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh00rTykob8.
Macintyre (3 years ago)
Zelda Unknown finally returns! And with Dr. Wily as well. Great video!
Kiz Epic Journey (3 years ago)
Just watch. When (if) Zelda Wii U comes out Twilight Princess will be the fan community's favorite Zelda. It happened twice.
H LO (3 years ago)
A+ 10/10 would sub again, no but seriously great vid
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+H LO Season two will not only be about provinces, as I have almost drained them all at this point, but also discuss how central game elements could impact the game. And thank you for the continuous support!
Ace (3 years ago)
I just want to feed Epona apples and have memorable interaction with her. Of course that makes it more soul crushing if the devs decide to do something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SclbRYmGG9A (Agro doesn't actually die, but it still hurt so bad)
EchoVenom GAMING (3 years ago)
I have to just ask this could there be a possibility that it is kid link grown up after both events of ocarina of time and Majoras mask after since saying he isn't wearing the green outfit and since he never got to be the hero of hyrule and he's going on his own adventure maybe?
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+Hunter Burnette The fact that there are exceptions proves that this notion is a fallacy. We can't know until its officially stated.
Hunter Burnette (3 years ago)
I know for sure that the Link in this one is a new Link, since well, EVERY CONSOLE ZELDA GAME HAS A NEW LINK. With the sole exceptions of Zelda II and Majora's Mask.
JaidynReiman (3 years ago)
+ECHO1live GAMING I've heard this statement cited several times. Unfortunately, everyone who says that Zelda U's Link is a new Link provides zero sources, and I haven't found any, either. I think it was a baseless rumor. And personally, I think you were right in the first place. The map we see looks like an updated Ocarina of Time map, with additional areas added outside of the regions explorable in Ocarina of Time. Its also got the Great Bridge of Hylia, but the Bridge looks newer, almost as if it was recently built. If someone can find the source that reveals specifically Zelda U's Link is a "new Link" I'd sure love to see it, because I haven't found anything of the sort. The closest is Aonuma saying "I never said it was Link" at E3 2014, and later admitted it was (but he didn't say it was a "new" Link).
EchoVenom GAMING (3 years ago)
+Hunter Burnette well even so I wasn't sure but thanks
Luis Ugalde (3 years ago)
+Hunter Burnette I haven't heard Nintendo say anything about Zelda U's Link at all. Where did you get that info. I missed it.
Davis609 (3 years ago)
Really good video as always
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Davis609 I appreciate your kind words :)
onetimeinashop (3 years ago)
Commonwealth what the name of the song at the opening
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
You will have to wait and see ;) I can only promise that this video will be rather dark by Zelda standards.
onetimeinashop (3 years ago)
thanks ^.^ oh and one thing about the war that you missed you know the undead skeletons that come out at night on hyrule field as a kid. Do you think the are the soldiers that fought in the war?
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+onetimeinashop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZKliJgxUTI
Welcome back! 😀✌
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you! Thank you and it could not have felt better. :)
Jack Durston (3 years ago)
Best vid ever !!!!!!!!
matt sierka (3 years ago)
nice video keep up the good work man.
Kazza Plays (3 years ago)
I personally think that this game is set after Twi-Princess I don't think it's a sequel though, not directly at least.
Kazza Plays (3 years ago)
+AJ Grant The bridge could be repaired.
Kazza Plays (3 years ago)
+Kazza Plays Maybe not parallel, but close before. I was going off memory, but I just checked the Hyrule Historia.
Kazza Plays (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm What exactly does that signify to you? Because I thought that it helped my theory, because if there is the ocarina map, Twi- princess map (where they could have slightly moved or expanded Hyrule after Ocarina) and the original LoZ, then it shows that it would fall in the same timeline split as Twi- princess, because there's the kingdom from that game, but also scientifically, the map from the original would be formed naturally. A game after Twi- princess would after all be parallel to the original, although in a different timeline.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Quin Skew The map is a fusion of LOZ (east), Ocarina of Time (centre and north) and Twilight Princess (west). If you place the maps and compare those specific instalments to Zelda Wii U's map, you will see the pattern.
Quin Skew (3 years ago)
+AJ Grant TP I remember playing is more or less different from this map. Plus I'm not big on reading maps unless I play the game. I still feel it's more like Skyward Sword's map.

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