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Avengers Infinity War Review (Spoilers)

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Text Comments (524)
brandon muse (2 days ago)
I have to respectfully disagree but I will only pick out one point you are wrong about. Thor, Ironman, Scarlett witch, and Gammora had amazing character arcs. You are looking at the spectacul and not the characters.
Jasly Maxeus (17 days ago)
Ryan Reyes (18 days ago)
This is why I pirate all my modern movies.
Corndog46056 (24 days ago)
Completely disagree, you missed the point of this film. And not watching the other films gives your opinion far less weight. It's like a TV show, you don't watch the finale and expect it to make sense, everything else is needed to coalesce and make it truly great. I guess you could ding it for that, but hey don't be a dumbass and expect the filmmaker to cater to you all the time.
Austin Woods (27 days ago)
Well said.
Donnie V. (1 month ago)
Horrible movie!
Sam A (1 month ago)
C'mon dude you can't skip a bunch of the connecting movies and then make a video saying the finale sucks! You've ruined the movies for yourself at that point! Try a marathon and then make another video! besides this one Love your vids btw! :)
Dan (1 month ago)
if you missed Dr Strange, go ahead and watch it - it's one of the better ones, maybe quite good :)
Dominic Lodge (1 month ago)
Fascinating, your hypocrisy. You’ll readily criticise, say, Apple’s rapacious attitude to consumer exploitation - yet are entirely happy to gorge on the teet of this, most cynical of all corporatist cinematic enterprises. These films are a fucking joke. They are as cynically manipulative as anything Cupertino could even conceive of.....but they’re your wheelhouse, so they get a pass.
The Man (29 days ago)
Dominic Lodge damn bruh lmao I’m glad I’m not as angry as you.
Sanuel Moran (1 month ago)
Thank-you Dave, this movie is a CGI-fest. It's the sort of movie you watch with a hangover, easy to follow and flashy enough to keep your eyes open. i think the fact that you know it's a part one of a marvel film, ruins the death of any character. There's also a marvel fatigue that i get from these films being churned out year on year, which just makes every character seem like they could be replaced as quick as Thanos is supposedly killing them off.
Bryan Shouse (1 month ago)
Thanos is the protagonist in this movie by design. The Avengers and the other superheroes are supporting characters in this story.
supermanscottforever (1 month ago)
By admitting you've missed so much of the MCU...you do yourself a disservice. The MCU is one big story. Each film, comic Tie-In and T.V./Netflix show is part of the narrative.
MrJusho1 (1 month ago)
Wow you must be a drag at parties
Tarorc79 (1 month ago)
unlike all other marvel movies.. one thing stayed with me.. Thanos. Josh brolin made him come to live more than any other Marvel villains.
Ljay Richards (1 month ago)
I can see your view but I like the characters and that is what I come for.
Daniel Maycock (1 month ago)
You make some very valid points on the film, and thinking on it, I definitely agree with them. The most memorial point of the film for me is the character Thanos himself who was as you said was well acted by Josh Brolin. When I saw the trailer I got the impression that Thanos was going to be the guy that the heroes had to take down. I was a little worried he could end up being a throw away villain like Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse. Thankfully and gratefully I was proved wrong. The story brings you into the character of Thanos pretty well and his mission to wipe out half the life of the universe. But what was done really well as the reasoning behind his mission. It wasn't just a simple case of killing, their was motive and reason behind this decision. You could tell he was honestly believing his actions where in the best of interest of the Universe. He states his reasoning clearly and backups up that reasoning with compelling arguments that could sway many a weak minded person. The defining moment came when trying to obtain the Soul Stone and the painful realisation for Thanos at the cost of his actions. But with minimal hesitation, he carries out what he needs to with reluctant fervor. Come the end of the film, you can't help but find a small part of yourself rooting for Thanos despite knowing what is coming.
Hiking OR (1 month ago)
Thanos was the good guy.
BigDaddy BubbaBullfrog (1 month ago)
5:59 : every free moment of everyone under the age of 20 with a 'smart-phone'. So basically it's film based on the Tindr Algorithm. Hardly surprising.
BigDaddy BubbaBullfrog (1 month ago)
Thanos is supposed to be purple/violet. Here he looks to be the hue of cheap sandwich meat, like Bologna. Hard 2 take seriously.
Audio Reviews (1 month ago)
I never really thought that the chars needed development in the cross over movies since they get developed in there own movies.
NPORT1981 (1 month ago)
When you said you missed Guardians and Thor Ragnarok, I almost clicked away in disgust...
Kuu Phone (1 month ago)
You're missing way too many movies in the series, which fucks up your connection to the characters.. The movies CAN work alone, but they very very much build on your knowledge, understanding, and connection to the characters... Without these things you get most of the disconnect you have with the story of the movie.
OH- IO (15 days ago)
Well said!
Jay F (1 month ago)
I thought that movie was pretty good.
McHammer3000 (1 month ago)
You missed a hell of a lot from the other movies
Weird Fuel (1 month ago)
Thor Ragnarok and Dr. Strange are actually good enjoyable movies. Way better than earlier Marvel movies.
mikeyh0 (1 month ago)
I thought Vision and the Scarlett Witch's characters were well-developed if you can read between the lines a little. It's good they at least mentioned Hawkeye. Thor was great! He even spoke Groot because he took an elective class.! Hysterical! I thought Thanos came across as a whiny liberal. How he decided to use the gemstones shows just how truly insane he is. "The Earth (Universe) would be a great place to live except for all the people" is NOT a philosophy to live by. It is the opposite of that, in fact. Worshipping death is not life-affirming. Starlord's huge error was difficult to watch. No one seemed to be rational come to think about it. Dr. Strange came the closest. But it was very entertaining, easy to watch.
Captive Mind (1 month ago)
"but nothing about the characters or story will stay with you" Absolutely. Just look at the memes the film has generated: all flat and primitive, even when funny. +1
Fab🎃 (2 months ago)
While admittedly the humor was intrusive during the first act, it’s almost like the directors said, “ok we’ve gotten that out of the way” because by the second act, there little to no humor. The movie does take itself a lot more serious
Jon Son (2 months ago)
Infinity war was very entertaining and Dave is right, the only interesting character was Thanos. If anybody wanna invest into a superhero series with actual plot and character development, i highly suggest "my hero academia".
Rory Morris (2 months ago)
in short it was a load of bollox
Laslo C (2 months ago)
I agree with you Dave, It's too much CGI and It's not cinematic, It's like cartoons, too infantile. I don't understand why It goes to cinemas, It should be on kids TV channels.
Travis Crist (2 months ago)
The only way a movie like this can work, is for the makers to lean on the idea that you've seen the other movies and have got story and character development from them. I was actually very happy I didnt have to sit through dialogue for people seeing their first marvel movie. This is an over the top payoff film for the fans. When you have 30+ main characters in a movie, there HAS to be certain aspects left out.
Travis Crist (2 months ago)
Thor, rocket, and groot didnt go to get the reality stone.
Capgang channel (2 months ago)
This was a great movie
Mark Fogarty (3 months ago)
You should really give guardians of the galaxy...it’s probably my favorite film..great humor in it too
Seth Nico (3 months ago)
This film will be pretty dumb and confusing to people who haven’t seen the rest of the MCU. To people who have seen the rest of the MCU and are massive fans of it, this film is one of the best comic book movies ever made. So I definitely recommend that you watch the other 18 or 19 Marvel films. I’ve lost track of how many there are.
The Coolio (3 months ago)
Can you please please please do a deep review of the movie Cloud Atlas. Id really love to hear what you have to say about it.
oONeMesiS0o (3 months ago)
One of the few time I disagreed with you Dave. Love your work though. Thanks for all your hard work
Christopher Ramsey (3 months ago)
The genius behind this movie was that it understood all its characters in a way most movies can’t even do with a few characters.
GrandKai9 (3 months ago)
No offence, but you reviewed this movie as a stand alone movie, which if fine. But that leaves you not just a little disconnected but a lot disconnected. The emotional growth, and connection to the other characters comes from their movies. IE as my daughter was so upset when Spider man, and Groot died, as these where he favorite characters that came from watching the other series Marvel did an absolutely amazing job of creating a universe and building up to this moment with each installment of every movie. They even planed it out on a perfect scale where yes hero fatigue is setting in but the franchise is rapping up. So as i appreciate your perspective, its not one of a whole, but a snap shot. Whats amazing is they did such a good job, you didn't have to see all the others to enjoy this movie, let that sink in. Now you also missed key elements, for instance doctor strange gave up his stone willingly, but as he ran through every timeline possible he only came up with one scenario where they won. To win they had to loose first, but it doesn't come across this way. Also Thanous as you say doesn't seem like the typical villain is what makes him so great. Hes not an evil man, but is doing so out of love, and compassion as this is what destroyed his home planet. Although he doesn't believe that the world is too over populated, he believes it cant sustain to keep growing. But as I said your point of view, it wasn't just shill chalk up, it was a perspective of someone that didn't fallow the narrative. That alone is refreshing.
bobo577 (3 months ago)
The writing, acting and direction for the movie is good and Infinity War is a movie I have warmed up to but what destroys the emotional core of the ending was me making the mistake of reading the Infinity Gauntlet story before watching the movie. The character deaths due to the finger snap will be undone in Avengers 4. It doesn’t help that this movie was originally advertised as Infinity War Part 1.
i am hoping they make the sequel be about Thanos seeing all the pain and anarchy he has caused and realise that he was wrong so he could take it back (via the time stone) or even better, pull the thing Wakfu did and destroy all possibility for him to take it back, or anyone for that matter and that destroys him... i will be very pissed if captn murica punches him, takes the gauntlet and all is fixed, but im hoping they wont go the easy route, maybe it will be a turning point for the mcu? fingers crossed!
also if anyone is interessed to check out Wakfu i highly suggest it, its a cute french cartoon but it has character development and the greatest villains i have ever seen! the one i was talking about -spoilers if you want to watch the show - is Nox, a clockmaker who finds a weird little blue box. through tests he also finds out that the box has enough wakfu (the in-universe "life energy") to power up any device for maybe even infinity! we later find out the cube is an ailien artifact and it can think and even talk. he starts talking to the cube, it giving him ideas of grandeur, that if he finds enough life energy he can go back in time etc etc.. but! he spent so much time in his workshop, not eating, not sleeping, his family got more worried every day until one day they moved out in hopes he will abandon the cube and come with them. he of course doesnt notice and when the landlord comes he is surprised and tells him how his wife and children died in a massive flood that struck the area they moved to. he then went mad and started killing people so he could get more wakfu so he could go back in time. the hero, Yugo, actually doesnt even stop him because the cube is stubborn and instead of going back 200 years (in which Nox collected wakfu and the cube kept him alive) it went back 20 minutes. he then breaks into tears because all the evil hes caused he thought he will take back and it destroyed him. he then killed himself by severing his ties with the cube and turning to ash. it would be so refreshing if the mcu did something like this, it would be totally different from their other movies, that i enjoy, dont get me wrong, but are really stale :/
Igor Wojtyna (3 months ago)
Why didn’t thanos just use the infinity stones to double the resources of the universe ?
GirlMontag (3 months ago)
I thought this was the worst marvel film so far. I could barely sit through this shit.
Ian Random (3 months ago)
I really enjoyed the Marvel Agent Carter series and would recommend you take a look.
Edward Gibbon (4 months ago)
I would assume Dave Cullen's fans have a LITTLE more brains than most people.... but the backlash when he states his honest opinion is crazy. I worry that conservatives are more sheep-like than the left when I see comments here. "CARTOONS ARE VALID" yeah, but they have this "cheap", too-much-popcorn feeling. "NO YOU CANT HAVE THAT OPINION BECAUSE REASON XYZ LETS BAN TOGETHER WITH UPVOTES TO MAKE THAT LEGIT"
Edward Gibbon (4 months ago)
Complete disbelief how fanboy-esque people are. You can't understand why people may not love this same movie over and over? You aren't tired of these films yet? I'm serious, every time I try one I go in with high hopes, and then just WISH I was high so I could enjoy it. It's also all about collectivism, these films. No one even redeems themselves in an interesting way - the lessons learned by the characters are always collectivist, tribal, cliche.
GirlMontag (3 months ago)
You are absolutely right. The first iron man was the only decent marvel film. The rest of them are just the same recycled, shallow bullshit.
Edward Gibbon (4 months ago)
Don't downvote just because you're a marvel fanboy. Dave gave it positive remarks also right from the get go. That's more than fair. I've been seeing these movies as samey, cheesmo, forgettable cartoony rubbish for many films now. I'm not sure how that's not obvious - again, disagree with the review, but downvoting it? Makes me lose faith in humanity.
Sarah Dain (4 months ago)
DUDE! Gotta see Dr. Strange & Ragnarok. They're the best of all of them. I just enjoyed Your & Jeremy Jahns spoilers, without seeing or caring to see the actual movie. Good review, but you missed the best 2.
javed lakhan (4 months ago)
These characters have been developed over the last decade, there was no need for any more development. This was Thanos' movie and he was in a sense the star of the film, not any of the Avengers.
Corrupt Angel (4 months ago)
I liked infinity war but only as a fun, acrion movie. The drama and risks and so on didn't sell for me. I held the same thoughts as you: this is a fun popcorn movie to watch and relax to. But the moment you start really thinking about it, it falls apart. This works for infinity war because it's a fun movie, a comic book movie at its core.
The Blacksmyth (4 months ago)
Man... maybe poeple just enjoy a super hero movie where superheroes punch villains on the face? I mean that's the whole point of super heroes... no? Good guys and bad guys duking it out? I mean if i wanted a deep philosophical movie i would go watch Donnie Darko or something... Js
Dave (4 months ago)
At some point after the first Avengers movie, I started turning my brain off to go see these movies. I lowered my expectations greatly and I managed to enjoy most of them. Thing is, there is not much rewatch value in these films, mindless action, extensive use of CGI, underdeveloped characters... but I was pleasantly surprised after watching Infinity War, to the point of watching ot two more times in theathers. It still has all the sins of the previous movies but the Russo brothers make it work. They put high stakes on the story and manage to make you invested in cartoon puppets fighting other cartoon puppets. They showed a lot of understanding of each character and it was revealed through dialogue and their interactions. For me, the biggest flaw was the Battle of Wakanda and the overpowered nature of the gauntlet, which was of course depowered so our heros had a chance, but it was a fun viewing experience with a little more substance than other summer blockbusters.
f11122 (4 months ago)
Ivan Krylov (4 months ago)
The movie did have one central protagonist, Thanos. He goes through all of the steps of the hero's journey, has a goal, and faces trials to reach them. The moral good guys, the Avengers, act as the antagonists to stop him. Overall I liked this aspect the most.
Dizzy247365plus (4 months ago)
Kind of like the cheeseburger I ate last night???? Kind of tasty but forgettable???? Setting aside the fact that this is a fantasy genre, which modern CGI now seems to inspire a knee jerk contempt for, the visual feats accomplished in this thing--many of which HAVE NEVER BEEN ATTEMPTED OR ACHIEVED with this much success, were anything but forgettable. As for fights scenes being forgettable, that's just ASININE in the face of the opening moments in the film. The HULK, a character portrayed on-screen CONSISTENTLY AS A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION AND LAST RESORT--IS VISCERALLY AND SOUNDLY BEATEN AND RENDERED UNCONSCIOUS BY THANOS IN SECONDS. And whether you follow these films or not OR their source material, The Hulk's reputation fairly precedes him, thus making THAT particular fight scene extremely memorable. It is my opinion that this review is jaundiced and somewhat prejudicial. I would never tell you to "get over it" or say "it's just a movie" or "ur taking it too seriously" because I find those rebuttals repugnant. I will say that without the advanced cgi of today, no audience member could emotionally invest in anything shown on screen. These concepts DO NOT WORK without them. All anyone need do is try to watch the MARVEL live-action adaptations of the 1970s and the point is profoundly made. Fantasy has ALWAYS required suspension of disbelief, and if the number of things shown on screen make u balk simply because you know THEY ARE NOT THERE (and the only reason u know they're not there is because they CANNOT POSSIBLY EXIST) then I cannot see how you can fairly judge the weight and meat of the story being presented on-screen. A story that was a culmination of years of planning and WORLD BUILDING. BTW, that last bit is why Thanos is more focused on than the heroes. The film-makers kind of expect you to already be invested in the heroes... because of all that world building. It ain't Shakespeare bruh, but quite frankly...it ain't simply A CARTOON either.
embir82 (4 months ago)
I disagree with you but your point about humour is an interesting observation. Good review, gave me food for thought!
Vladimir Ussachevsky (4 months ago)
I like your videos and agree with lets just say 75% of your opinions, more on some less on others. I think the fact that you missed Ragnarok, Dr Strange, both Guardians and Black Panther leads me to believe you have no real investment in the universe or have any love for the characters. Following plot points and developing interest in characters over time are much different. I think you just don’t give a shit about the MCU so I don’t give a shit about your opinion on this one. Call me butt hurt thats fine. This is one of the best interpretations of a Comic book into movie ever. A grand feat in my opinion. If you want character development watch the other films.Thanos and Gamora are the main characters and at the heart of the film I agree on that. I say bring on the utility and cgi because thats what we want. Sit down and read a stack of comics Dave and it might all become more clear. And this suspending of disbelief you added is bs... this is a absurd comical fun and cool movie that plays on many of our base reactions and not forgotten childhood ideas about simplicity and justice. Again its based on comic books. I also don’t eat popcorn. I watch all kinds of movies and film, Louis Malle, Federico Fellini and George Miller to Rich Moore, Alex Garland and Denis Villeneuve and have found to really enjoy movies is to learn to take them for what they are and sometimes it helps to take your head out of your own ass haha...if you even read this I like your videos I like many types of people with various opinions. Loved the Family Guy assessment, spot on!
vincentgraymore (4 months ago)
Thor goes on a "private" journey and gains both nihilism, a new hammer and a lust for vengeance. One could say that he has no character development but his need to beat Thanos and gloat made Thanos able to avoid dying. Tony learns of the loss of a child as a father as he basically sees spiderman as his son. He clearly wants to be a dad as evidenced early in the movie. Banner learns to fight without the hulk even if his fight is more of a luck fight than power fight.
Dr. Man of Culture (4 months ago)
I have to agree with Dave, people in the comment section keep saying "the character development happens in between the movies" but let's be honest though, the only movie where Tony developed as a character was the first Iron Man, The one where Captain America developed somehow as a character was Winter Soldier. Thor saying that he "lost so much" had little to no meaning to me, every impactful death in Thor Ragnarok felt meaningless since the movie was busy with the "comedy"(the movie was unfunny as hell). Also Thanos' idea of "solving" overpopulation was idiotic as hell, it's a theory that was debunked more than a century ago.
Michelle L (4 months ago)
Use the fucking portals!!! They know this works because they cut his arm off yet when it comes time cto use it the plot makes them all stupid. That stupid part with them running around with sticks and yelling how did they not all die there?
Andrew Paint (4 months ago)
As a Comic book fan and Marvel movie fan, I find this movie is somewhat anti-climactic...
Andrew Paint (4 months ago)
in Marvel movie, actors are actually need to a lot acting skills. HaHaHa~~~
Xenovista (4 months ago)
All I need to know is: IS IT SJW BULLSHIT OR NOT. If not, I'll rent it.
Culler Collectibles (4 months ago)
The Russo brothers said this movie was about Thanos. Which is how it came off, you have to be a fan of these movies and funny understand our heroes before seeing this movie in order to fully grasp Infinity War.
I really enjoy my Marvel based movies. I think they're awesome and Infinity war is no exception. True the characters can't grow, but they already have in their previous stand alone movies. This is where Justice League fails (though I enjoyed that one too.) Only two characters have a stand alone film and Batman is a newer version of the Dark Knight. Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman, all should have had a stand alone film before the JL was released.
semi cath (4 months ago)
Thanos was definitely the best part and I really did enjoy the film. Its not super intellectual but its very well done.
StevenGaspard (4 months ago)
I disagree. This movie evoked genuine emotion. Calling it fast food is not accurate. A movie still can be excellent with a basic plot. It's like saying a piece of art can't be a masterpiece because the artist only used colored pencils. In other words, it's just your opinion, man
Nicholas DePofi (4 months ago)
Yes! Exactly, it was focused on Thanos.
Leinad R. (4 months ago)
Thanos was really the one true character of this flick. The only one who got background and enough screentime without making dumb jokes. He was also the only part i liked about this movie, and the reason, why i won't watch the next. For me it is over with this movie: avengers dead, and a real character wins.
yoav cohen (4 months ago)
Avangers Infinity War is a cheesy, boring and idiotic movie. The only good thing in the movie is Thanos, and yet he is not deep enough. Where are the movies like Batman The Dark Knight, which was a blockbuster but a great and deep film? Hollywood ain't worth shit anymore.
WallyWinka (4 months ago)
At this point, character development is not needed(with the exception of Thanos), as that was the purpose of ALL of the previous movies introducing these characters. Now..NOW a story can be told to the fullest, without having to distract with back-stories and unnecessary side-plots.
Sam Judge (4 months ago)
Isles of dogs to me is a heck lot better film then infinity Wars, as I could not care anything happened at all to the Marvel film, yet I got teary eye alittle and cared on clay animated dogs with the driest voice acting I herd in years.
Mike R (4 months ago)
Sadly, you're right. Several years ago the Marvel movies had deeper plots, more genuine emotional content and character development. The three Iron Man movies were consistently good, the first Thor was good. But in my opinion, The Dark World went down the path of elbowing out emotive and thoughtful scenes in favor of more special effects and action. The Winter Soldier had a very involved plot, but Civil War had less time for that with so many characters and fight scenes. I had seen Iron Man twice as well as The Avengers, because there was so much to take in, you went home and would dwell on those movies. Now they seem to be just theme park rides meant to keep kids occupied without too much plot so the audience doesn't have to think too much. It's unfortunate because all the actors are perfect for their roles but they are not being given enough film time to actually perform because of increasing action and special effects scenes. However I have to say that as a Marvel Comics reader who has the Warlock series from the 70's, the character of Thanos was presented remarkably well. Perhaps even better than in the comics, very emotive, very well fleshed out, with many deep and compelling scenes. By his viewpoint, he was the hero of this story, and everyone else who tried to stop him was simply unable to understand his plan.
SkepTorr (4 months ago)
The reason you think it was disconnected is the result of you missing out the other films. Imagine watching only the end of "Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels", where all the sub stories converge. This film is the culmination of 10 years of story telling, as a sort of a final act, and that's the only way to watch and enjoy it... and it was GODDAMN perfect!
Sir Denzington (4 months ago)
I really liked infinity war. I do recommend you see Ragnarok and the guardians of the galaxy movies and then watch it again. I’d say those 3 are required as long as you’ve seen most of the other ones
Spartan155 (4 months ago)
I agree with everything you said....BUT I still love it and the other Marvel movies lol. I think it matters what the goal was, this is as you say the fast food of movies and it hits that mark perfectly. It didn't blur for me, but you're right there's no major plot points to talk about EXCEPT discussing what Dr Strange's plan was. He gave up the time stone intentionally at the perfect moment because he knew there was exactly 1 future where they ultimately win and how many times was the time stone used in the film? For exactly one purpose SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS:::To bring Vision's body back. My theory, Vision's personality was successfully separated from the Mind stone in Wakanda and is still in the dead body and will somehow become Adam Warlock for the finale.
Joaquin Machado (4 months ago)
The protagonist was Thanos. That was the intent.
Freddo Productions (4 months ago)
How many more superheroes can we take in a movie?
TheLifeOnHigh (4 months ago)
When you said you didn’t watch Thor Ragnaroc, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and both Guardians of the Galaxy films I STOPPED the fucking video. 🙄 For realz brah?
Bane Pepe (4 months ago)
It's become a hipster move to dog Marvel now. If you don't like the films anymore, don't pay to see them. That's stupid.
Zar Shardan (5 months ago)
Are you watching The Expanse? What do you think about it?
81ackman (5 months ago)
Loved the film, does he not know these are based on comics?
Richard Wallberg (5 months ago)
Sometimes I feel it should be law that any form of media should be interrupted every ten to thirty seconds for a big booming voice and big yellow letters just saying "THINK!"
James Davis (5 months ago)
I agree that most of the movie audience will just see this how you saw this, as an cgi action fest. But to those who have seen all the movies would disagree on some of your points. Some of the characters motivations or actions are set up in earlier films and aren’t as simple as this movie portrays them. Peter quill and Thor in particular make key tactical decisions that have emotional depth that are set up in previous films. The people who are critical of the film seem to be the ones who haven’t seen all the previous ones which set this one up. Yes, people who haven’t seen all the other films probably feel the same way you do. Hell a lot of people probably rewatched all the previous one with a new perspective knowing how the universe ends up, some were probably lost at that time but with history you get a better perspective.
I love spoilers!
Erwin Rommel (5 months ago)
You dont really need the movie to make you invest into these charcters or develop them because there were movies that did just that. It is Thanos who should you really be invested in as this is pretty much his movie despite being the villain.
AkuTenshiiZero (5 months ago)
You really have to stop looking at the MCU like normal movies, they've changed the rules of the game. This isn't just "a movie." It's a series finale for what amounts to a serialized TV show on the big screen. You cannot just extract one "episode" and review it in a vacuum, there is just too much inter-connectivity, too many continuing plots. For example, how would anyone know who Red Skull is without having seen the first Capt. America movie? You get no explanation in A:IW, not even his name, you are expected to have seen the previous film. This isn't a flaw in the films, either, it's the primary feature, we like the rewarding feeling of following a story that doubles back and rewards us for remembering something that happened several films ago.
James Ken (5 months ago)
Pretentious snob.
Linda Kek (5 months ago)
Thanos had to thin out all the Knuckles running around asking "do you know de wae?" They were driving him crazy.
Enderman_of_D00M (5 months ago)
Someone has not watched every other Marvel movie...
P B (5 months ago)
Well I know everyone might trash you for this review but I gotta say one thing is unarguably true. Death got no meaning on this movie. How in earth does the audience expect those characters vanish while there are movies of them to go on screen for next year or so. Trying to make you cry over the death of character is real cringe!!!
Jeremy D (5 months ago)
The comic books, which many of these stories come from, have characters already developed, and the stories are just new, challenging situations. Yet people read them every month. I don't see why we can't apply the same criteria of hero comics to hero movies. In stories like Infinity War/Gauntlet and Secret Wars, you have dozens of superheroes sharing scenes, with some of them just in the background given no dialogue. That's due to the nature of the enormous cross-title event. No one expects everyone to get significant panel time. That's not the purpose of such an event. Yet even with all that said, in these movies, Marvel still manages to let everyone shine at least a little, and in a consistent manner of their character(though their weaknesses are what usually throw a wrench in the works, making things interesting). And we like to see these superheroes do what they do best, whether that's to be strong, dynamic, clever, or funny. Infinity War delivers in all of that. The fight scenes were distinct. The interaction of famous characters meeting for the first time was fun. The villain was genuinely interesting. There's a unique(to Marvel movies at least) sense of dread from the very opening scene to the end. The whole thing was really quite an accomplishment.
Daniel Moyle (5 months ago)
I have to disagree with almost everything you said in this video... Did we even watch the same film..???
Sheeerperfection (5 months ago)
That’s got to be one of the worst reviews I’ve ever seen...
Sheeerperfection (5 months ago)
‘Little to no originality or story’ I couldn’t disagree more. A crossover event of this scale has never been attempted before on the big screens and the story has been building up in countless other MCU films since the first avengers, and it delivered spectacularly.
Connor Nicholas (5 months ago)
I enjoyed the movie and love listening to other people’s thoughts on it.
Denker Bosu (5 months ago)
It think you are so sick of over eating hamburguers, that you couldn't focus and missed a lot in the movie. Also, Scarlet Witch and Vision got character development.
Csanad Horvath (5 months ago)
I recommend watching Dr Strange. I'm not a marvel fan but I really enjoyed it... Strangely it doesn't even have too much SJW bs. The villain is quite shallow but the hero has a nice arc.
Mac Mcleod (5 months ago)
It may not stay with you and you may barely remember it a few hours later. But there is a bitter intellectualist taste to many of your videos. I still see many people discussing the film and the significance of the character, moral, and artistic choices of the film (see MovieBob's video on the character folks dislike kinda unfairly in Infinity Wars and his comment section). I disagree with Moviebob at times but man, he really comes across with good, well thought out points. Humor me... what makes you really happy? Whatever it is- I think you should do more of it because when I hear your work here, I don't hear happiness or joy. As I enter my golden years, in my experience if you pursue a bitter life you will find one.

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