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Emotional Release from 10 years of Back Pain RELIEF with Dr. Rahim Chiropractic

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Text Comments (356)
She avoids death like a Winchester
Rob Flegel (6 days ago)
How can u run a marathon if your back is truly sore. I have had back pain since 16 and im 35. No way could i run a marathon
Rabi Rai (6 days ago)
Oh and yes there's also nose job that i might need after the other 100 bones fix..
Keaton Chau (6 days ago)
She reminds me of Brittany Murphy.
Malcolm Whitfield (6 days ago)
This girl is so kawaii! 😊
No Gandalf (6 days ago)
Why does USA have no "Good Samaritan" law? If you help someone (like the GS removing this girl from the wrecked car)... you must run away as being sued is an onerous risk. I've heard of people dying because bystanders refuse to provide basic resuscitation and first aid. Sad.
yanahthakid _. (6 days ago)
I saw all these comments getting alot of likes so here I am 😂
Tim gaming (6 days ago)
Did she just get a nose job?
Poop Zombie (6 days ago)
Why is him snapping all the bones into place so satisfying to watch?
Thomas Wilkinson (6 days ago)
Giggles against the pain and fear, I like her reaction.
Antonia DiCarlo (6 days ago)
Hello! Is there any chiropractor that you can recommend in Bangkok? I’ve been interested in getting some treatment done for a few months but worried about where I should go. Kind regards!
Dan Klorix (6 days ago)
bruh when she did that with her elbow I saw satan and he was shocked as well
MONICANDO PLAY (6 days ago)
TheDudeWithAttitude (7 days ago)
She is a freakin gem!
Nitrohite (7 days ago)
This girl is actually indestructible.
karim abdul jabbar (7 days ago)
Good Job doc.
MARJAN (7 days ago)
Looks like I know who to see when I visit LA!
pRo-lamaFPV (7 days ago)
Wow, she is so cute. Really nice woman. I want that kind of doctor in the neighborhood. Great job.
Hannah Diamond (7 days ago)
This is officially my favourite Chiropractic video
LAMBO RC (7 days ago)
why you guys dont talk for the good work that doctor did 😣
muhammad usman (8 days ago)
Doctor Sahib Stay blessed , may God give you more wisdom and knowledge Ameen !!! Respect
HLXD (8 days ago)
Her life must be very eventful
HLXD (8 days ago)
Miranda Marshall (8 days ago)
Is this a quick fix or apart of an ongoing treatment plan? Ive struggled with the same thing for years now. Everything she describes is what I experience. So im wondering am i just not finding the right chiropractor ? I have to go to my chiropractor every otherday for the pain to go away. i feel thats excessive and there has to be another way but im not too sure .
J K (11 days ago)
She reminds me of Anna Kendrick
richard buffolino (11 days ago)
After being 100% distracted by her goofy cheerful self i gotta say dr.rahim seems like an absolute pleasure to have work on your body.
rani 🐢 (11 days ago)
Her laugh is so awesome!!!!
PC Test (11 days ago)
Men i wish i could come to US just for that. Im like broken from toes to head all the way.
ram roebuc (11 days ago)
Anyone watching wanted being the one treated.. ?
Juliet Whitt (11 days ago)
This was so interesting! Thanks Hope all is better x
ram roebuc (11 days ago)
Is there any way can a chiropractor heal vertigo?
Chanelle Stofberg (11 days ago)
This doctor is really amazing
Jeannine Smith (11 days ago)
I want to go here too!
Mitch Cody (11 days ago)
I have watched so many chiro vods and this guy is by far the most informative. Its not about how loud the cracks are and the views, he does this for the people. Im all the way in Australia and wish we had him here to help some of us out lmao. Long, informative, proffessional vods. Very good.
Soleado C (11 days ago)
david ouellette (11 days ago)
WOW your good buddy you know your craft
Cryptopillar (11 days ago)
They took the damn blue pill...........
Feliyeo21 Gaming :v (11 days ago)
She make my laff so hard I am dying
Catalina Wombacher (11 days ago)
13:41 how fast my emotions change 😂
Mo Klaiber (11 days ago)
If you don't believe in superwoman, I have proof!
Frank Ternay (11 days ago)
great work doc! she was pretty adorable.
ew why (12 days ago)
Big Jumbo (12 days ago)
Disassemble and start again.
thedognextdoor (13 days ago)
Wait... wait lemme get this straight. Yall have to pay to go in an Ambulance?
Karine Aguiar (13 days ago)
she is laughing and im laughing with her hahahha she's so funny
justin karney (13 days ago)
HEYYY!!!!! Minnesota represent
Chris Lazos (16 days ago)
She's amazing she would be cool to hang out with
Country Mom (16 days ago)
When she cryed I started crying poor girl
Alisha Fairbairn (16 days ago)
I could do with this on my knees. I have constant pain every day and it hurts like anything, and I love hiking etc. but I can’t walk far because of my knees.
claysmell (16 days ago)
Man this is what I need... Clunk and it's back into place FINALLY
John Ratcliffe (16 days ago)
I can't believe how many injuries she's had. How many crashes?! OMG.
jocularvelocity (16 days ago)
She reminds me of Alison Brie
Lisa Simpson (16 days ago)
Can we have her social media please! I’m serious I wanna date!
Ninja k (16 days ago)
Final destination be like "we give up." *flings hands in the air*
pretu way (16 days ago)
I like her laugh
Gloria Olisa (16 days ago)
I thought i was a walking hazard she is next level loool
Ashley Clark (16 days ago)
She is so likeable
magnusberge (16 days ago)
i dident think anyone would ever beat my favorite patient "the ballerina" but dam...
najmo osman (16 days ago)
Wish I was as positive as her
Shaun Crerand (16 days ago)
My knees pop all the time uh lol
Lacey Searle (16 days ago)
Her reaction is amazing!
Matt (16 days ago)
Who is she
Soo Lavish (16 days ago)
Those Wayne lyrics tho!
yugobepu (16 days ago)
Lovely young woman , so glad Dr Rahim helped her out :)
Wyatt Brule (16 days ago)
There man seems very well educated and talented
ufc93champ (16 days ago)
iv watched this video like 4 times. this girl is amazing. am im wierd
Vaish ! (16 days ago)
She kinda reminds me of Erin from the office! ❤😏
Paulo Lacdo-o (16 days ago)
I like how he can say "You're all set" and mean it literally.
theunknown one (16 days ago)
Did he just rebuild her whole body with out cutting her open
raal007 (16 days ago)
This guy knows his stuff.
Heath Fever (16 days ago)
Does anyone know her instagram or something? She seems amazing!
o dawg (16 days ago)
This lady is so cute. I want to be friends with her so we can laugh together !
The Designated Shooter (17 days ago)
Kinda reminds me of Ana Kendrick
Supreme Creame (17 days ago)
12:27 I jumped
Mário Lindberg (17 days ago)
She's beautiful and funny!
Katolika 93 (17 days ago)
Damn, how many accidents did this chick have?
Alex Petersen (17 days ago)
25:31 imagine if he shaked every persons hand like that.. Hello im Dr. Rahim :D :D
syvkni (17 days ago)
Her nervous laughter oh my gosh
Maisie Hall (18 days ago)
What was the meter he used?
Claudio Figueroa (18 days ago)
simpatica la paciente jejeejej
a total failure (18 days ago)
I feel like fate was out to kill her years ago and she's just casually dancing around it
Biswas Khayargoli (18 days ago)
what an amazing doctor
starchaser3000 (18 days ago)
Usually I get unpatient in watching videos longer than 10 minutes.... This one passed like - nothing!!! I presume she had that emotional reaction fairly because that man is so unbelievably good in what he’s doing.
Mo Ross (18 days ago)
You did a great job! Very good with your patients , listening to them and making them feel comfortable
Nicole Jarel (18 days ago)
She reminds of Ellen page, that made me laugh so hard when she laughed after getting adjusted
Nikita Perez (18 days ago)
Hi am having these pain in my back I couldn't walk at one point massage but still hurts.need some help
Jason Hunt (18 days ago)
Note to self: do not travel by any mode with this woman.
manzoor Athar (18 days ago)
Man I want this nose job. I barely breath from my left nostril as a result of sports accident while playing football.
Pamela Pettit-holt (18 days ago)
Man she is so accident prone
Everytime I would go to a chiropractor I would feel so uncomfortable. It almost felt awkward or unsafe. Is it weird if I talk about the fear of being touched in a way I wouldn't feel good with. Well, I always had that fear. The thought of a girl of age 17 alone in a room with a 37 year old man, trying to crack some bones above my butt. I stopped going. It was just so uncomfortable. Now, why is it, that with EVERY chiropractor in my country, you feel uncomfortable. Like, just the thought of it makes me cringe. Now, tell me, why is it that I wouldn't be uncomfortable if I let Dr. Rahim do it? I don't know. Maybe it's because he's so kind, and the communication is great. Like, he cracks jokes, (and bones) and he keeps talking. It makes everything way less awkward. Probs to you Dr. Keep doing this because you are a good doctor. Not just cracking but also working with people is something you do well. A lot of chiropractors lack that communication skill sadly. But you don't. Good job.
FromPoetryToRap (18 days ago)
That nose demands respect. I'm sorry for this comment. His quality of work demands respect as well.
Phil (18 days ago)
That girl is absolutely top draw. What a great attitude to life. In pain and laughs it off. A very brave lady and she has my deepest respect as does he. Brilliant job.
Joe Herrera (18 days ago)
I swear by the Gonstead method. A little bit rugh at times but boy does It ever produce results.
Jason R (18 days ago)
She is to much fun it made me sad when she started to cry cause of how smiley she is... would love to have her as a friend.
Alice Trica (18 days ago)
She won my heart when she started singing Beyoncé ..❤️
TheDazzledLynx (18 days ago)
Matrix reference. Noice
andrew geary (18 days ago)
I almost feel like its a slide of hand trick. I would like to see these people after a month and see if there is a change or if its placebo from where he tells them there is a change.
Çhéèsêbäll (18 days ago)
Ambulance is free in our country.... Hahaha 😂😂😂😂
Breanna Illustrations (18 days ago)
Her snorts made me snort
Zainab Shafiq (18 days ago)

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