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Sky Hype (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/jimquisition-merch I'm pretty much done with talking about No Man's Sky ("do a Columbo, do a Columbo") - oh, one last thing....
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planet drazar (2 days ago)
Man those dislikes must be the angry skyfanboys
DKraft Gamming (17 days ago)
No man's sky is shitty deal with it lol
Asbestos Fish (1 month ago)
"A really horrible pit of fuck" Yeah, yeah. That's...that's Jim.
Gerico (1 month ago)
Damn those hateboys. They really need to get a life and stop playing poor games like NMS.
Dont know (1 month ago)
“Be afraid human” oh I'm really scared now, but seriously that had to be a joke
1987MartinT (1 month ago)
Everyone take notice: NO MAN'S SKY IS SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!
Lord Emrhys (1 month ago)
This is how I feel about last jedi defenders.
pekonimestari (1 month ago)
you sir.. bravo....bravo :)
DarkByDesign (1 month ago)
I got a signal for you, the middle finger
RocksOwnStone (1 month ago)
Disappointed that you didn’t go with No Boy’s Sky for this gimmick, Jim.
Josh Brown (1 month ago)
Sporecraft lmao
AstralDragoon (3 months ago)
That death threat literally said No Man's Sky was the only thing the poster lived for. Bloody fucking hellfire...
Seth Allberry (3 months ago)
Every time you showed the comments and I read them, I just got an image of the viscous, tribe midget from the ace ventura movie about the bat
Matthew Melilo (3 months ago)
These people do not deserve anything good coming to them...pretty sure bout an hour or 2 into playing it they suddenly came to the realization of what their 40k ecclesiarchy amounted and just cracked like the sons of patriots system just turned off and their minds went to madness at what theyve done...and i then drink their tears like a mad man...its like fine wine
Demonic Akumi (3 months ago)
*Your little article about No Man's Sky being delayed has made me hate you to my very core.* Really now? Just making an article about a delay make you hate someone to your very core? Now... to assume the article WAS made to be a lie, to hate someone so much for a simple lie that you can find out in a few minutes to at LEAST an hour that it is a lie can make you hate someone that much? I wouldn't want to be the fucker who accidentally rush against his coat on a bus or something. *Its the only thing i live for, and you go and write that bullshit about a delay.* Now... my English is fucked up and not that great, and not much of a Grammar Nazi, but I do try to write the best that I can... when I can. If you're going to insult and threaten someone, at least try to look smart as it helps your credibility. You meant "it's" and your "I" is not capitalized. And lastly, um... so you only live for No Man's Sky? Was it supposed to be the 2nd coming of Christ? This one sentence seriously make this threat seem like the poster of this shit meant it as a joke. Not laughing at it, but I can't take look at it as a serious threat. *Instead of visiting London later this month, i think i'll come by and say hi to you, and fuck you up.* Now I don't try to hide it that I have a fucked up mind... so let me try and at least say that, well, if you're planning on fucking someone up and you're quite serious about it... you should probably not let them know? Why would you give them time to prepare? I will never understand shit like this from shit-posters online. I can see them saying shit like, "I hope you die." or "I hope your mother gets raped." or something. Like wishes and "prayers" for misfortune, but to say you will do it (we all know 99.9999% of the time they never do) before you do it is a very stupid move. *You think you can get away with this that easy? Making fun of our reddit page also? Sounds like you have a death wish. We will find you.* Now this sounds like a cult. *Be afraid human, we are coming for you.* For we are Legion.
Johnny Nongamer (4 months ago)
At some point I had considered getting No Man's Sky, but I think I'll wait until it goes in the Discount bin.
Ian Krishnan Doyle (4 months ago)
Start of video: well that's some pretty harsh things to be saying about anybody. What things could they have possibly- Reaches about 5 minute mark: OH.... FUCK...
Chris Evans (4 months ago)
The No Man's Boys were terrified that their beloved Sean Murray might've been deceiving them. In a state of denial and dissapointment they attack anyone who may have negative things to say about a game they've invested so much anticipation in. The sort of player who convinces themself that they are enjoying the game if only to justify their hype. Who, 6 months down the line trade it in after 5.5 months of not playing it. Those 5.5 months of convincing themselves and each other that it will get better.
Tr Tech (4 months ago)
Jim, did you receive your Nobel Prize for this video yet ?
Shadow 2550 (4 months ago)
You're so vain I bet you think this vid is about you.
Arto Vilen (4 months ago)
in my opinion no man's sky is a good game to chill with after day at work, it doesn't make me angry over ridiculous difficulty or make me feel antsy, it's just a chill game and bloody good one for that purpose. sorta like minecraft.
jofall91 (5 months ago)
Love how he used a clip from the sonic 25th anniversary livestream 9:46
FUPA Slayer (5 months ago)
That intro adressing was golden
Yhorm the gamer (5 months ago)
Thank God for Jim Fucking Sterling Son (edit) I wrote this comment before it started. I was taken aback by the start of this video.
metafis (5 months ago)
NMS never really recovered commercially..a few spikes immediately after an update,,but quickly falling again...latest concurrent players are less than 1 in a thousand owners.
metafis (5 months ago)
Happens in other industries....manic over reaction to changes in a food product!...in Australia they are rioting and fighting each other over....jars of Nutella!!!..for fucks sake.
Shae Winchester (5 months ago)
lmao. years late, but that end bit was money. i love it.
MyGamer125 (5 months ago)
Hard to believe that it's already been over a year since this fiasco
The Cavalier Cat (6 months ago)
When this was released, a lot of butthurt idiots tried to defend it and their purchases of it....they swore on their mothers lives that they would play it...now its servers are dead..lol. The only game I've ever seen devalue in price as fast as NMS was alien col marines.
And that's why you don't reveal anything until it's done. Maybe Blizzard has the right idea (err, minus the lootbox). I never heard of Overwatch since their development, so maybe it's just me, or they really did a great job keeping their projects a secret. Away from hype, away from media, they can develop freely.
Turntapeover (6 months ago)
So. Who's worst? No man's sky fans or Breath of the wild fans?
word waster (6 months ago)
i have a lot to say about this vid....oh wait. hold on. i guess this guy wants me to watch the video before i tell him how wrong he is. psh. nah. i have a lot of other youtube videos to write snark on. you're a n00b that just doesn't get it! no man's sky is a work of high art that your simple mind cannot begin to comprehend! how DARE you judge your betters?! you are a nothing! a plebeian among plebeians! you belong under a bridge, not among the stars! know your place, you foul mouthed cosplayer! now i'm off to let another channel know how superior i am.
Glycerin Ghost (6 months ago)
I feel the problem with this kind of behavior is there are no consequences. Granted, we could follow the thread back to the parents but ultimately a person is responsible for their own conduct.
Hunter Ex (6 months ago)
I know i am really late to it but 30hrs long..., I've played for 212hrs and still cant reach the bloody center :C
The Cavalier Cat (6 months ago)
when you get to the center...theres nothing there at all
mebrithiel (7 months ago)
Change your twitter to "Arch-Generallisimo Jim Fuckin' Sterling" plskthx xox
Portentous Lad (7 months ago)
Now I feel left out Jim, I'm from Europe and I than got for you too.
Brekner Catalin (7 months ago)
Wherever i go, talking shit about this game is the first thing i do.
shardinhand (7 months ago)
oi jims talking bout us lets get em!
Rex Remedy (7 months ago)
where can i get these pictures of the many boglins on one shot? i need them for some christmas cards... please help me there...
Clarence Boddicker (7 months ago)
Justin Jackson (7 months ago)
I think this bit from 11:49 - 13:27 is my favorite bit from the entire show.
halfbreedindustries (7 months ago)
And then, he reviewed botw.
Nigrescence (7 months ago)
No Man's Buy
Fraught Quill (7 months ago)
I dream of a world where Hello Games took about 20 years to craft the game into truly the best game ever. I would have waited for ever.
luke gilbert (8 months ago)
aww but i really wanted to wright this comment. about awesome were videos were but okay :p i stop.
Catriona (8 months ago)
I am flabberghasted how Jim managed to talk about that for full 16 minutes without saying "cognitive dissonance" just once. I mean, that is all that that fanboys are about. cognitive dissonance
Gallitorsgaming (8 months ago)
bloody hell folks who give death threats to others just for having an opinion give us real video gamers a bad name and make us other humans look bad too
Jack Hades (8 months ago)
WHAT!? Someone actually like No man's sky? WTF internet?
Andrei Cojocaru (8 months ago)
Romanians too thank God for you
Joma Hawk (8 months ago)
Barely a year later and this shit has happened again and is going to happen again. Breath of the Wild, Cuphead, shadow of war and soon battlefront 2. Can we not just have fucking FUN with games anymore?
Cpt. Shmitt (9 months ago)
Welcome to modern day first world problems. Every argument devolves into an insult fest. It's like humans have become hard wired to look for something to fight for.
Devanor (9 months ago)
"-dishwater lives!" *lol*
Caesar Seriona (9 months ago)
I'm so glad I found Elite Dangerous because when I first saw NMS, I just didn't care for it though I did admire the idea of planet landings.
Charles Van Noland (9 months ago)
Brian Seiler (9 months ago)
So "The Signal" is just Cell - The Movie? Does Stephen King not know about this or is he just too ashamed to make a big deal about it?
DamageJackal (9 months ago)
I don't get it. I don't understand it... I had rando's at Gamestop, fucking Gamestop! A stranger approaches me and is like "Dude!!!! Have you seen No Man's sky!!!! You have to check it out!!!" And they would then proceed to tell me about how amazing this game _was_ gonna be, unquestionably!
Daniel Maier (9 months ago)
It's so weird to see day one NMS gameplay after all these updates. The game is so good now. Granted, I always liked the game. But now it's 100% better.
Hentie Dj (9 months ago)
The grand champion I can't believe it's you standing here next to me
Crystal Soulslayer (9 months ago)
For everyone's reference: this is the exact same phenomenon that lots of other industries use on the regular. It's a tactic that I think is called "identity marketing," which basically involves telling your prospective customers that you're selling them more than a product or a piece of tech. It's a statement about who they are as a person -- they're a gamer, an Apple user, an Intel or AMD owner, a BMW or Audi or Mercedes or Subaru driver, a member of a gym or health club... it goes on and on and on. Essentially, the tactic boils down to telling people that "When you buy this, you make it part of who you are." And therefore, when anyone questions, criticizes, insults, or even says something not explicitly positive about the thing, people vulnerable to this exploitative anti-consumerist bullshit feel attacked themselves. Because who gives a fuck about human beings when there's money involved?
Hazukichan X (1 month ago)
A remarkably relevant perspective. Deserves a lot more likes... keep 'em coming, people! =D
TheGreatYukon (2 months ago)
For a lot of people, that dystopia is almost a thing. Especially on the internet where nobody knows what you look like.
Jordan Thomas (8 months ago)
Reading your comment makes me imagine a horrible future dystopia ruled by corporations where ethnicity or nationality is supplanted by what products you buy ... At least we'll have driverless cars, probably space colonies too! (Of tbe Weyland-Yutani variety). So that's cool...
Kieran Allen (9 months ago)
You guys keep playing your basic survival games, ill play the interesting ones like Terraria or hell even minecraft sometimes
Art L (10 months ago)
"Can't think of a prettier more pointless idea outside a konami board meeting" Absolute gold
Big Booty SmaII Girl (10 months ago)
Oh i dont do any of those things.
PrivateIronTFU (10 months ago)
Wait...what's the other movie called The Signal? I haven't heard of either of them...
Dudeboy (10 months ago)
Oh my god, I'm so late watching this video and I wish I watched it last year. Honestly felt like one of the few sane people left as this game literally made people go crazy as you so eloquently said in your intro.
Jun123 (11 months ago)
No Man's Boys
Wompa Stompa (11 months ago)
3:44 shoutout to Sonichu.
Sam Haines (11 months ago)
So much truth in this video!
rodemus18 (11 months ago)
6:14 no man boys whining lol!!!!!
Black dragon Kalameet (11 months ago)
I've just realised, games in the US cost around $60 and cost £60 in the UK.... Am I the only one who views that as odd.
5Andysalive (11 months ago)
he video is a bit overhyped itself. Theres always fanboys of games on release. Justified or not. Being around a while, that is absolutely nothing new. It went a bit nuts with NMS because of the weird hype,but was nothing new. Some people need a few weeks/months and a bit distance to realise their amazing game is mediocre. Or bad. Or maybe even good.
mariochaosspear (11 months ago)
No, Jim. I'm going to write this comment AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!
The Raddest Scorpion (11 months ago)
7:39 "Smooth move, dicks-for-eyes! You sure fucking showed me!" ROFL so much!
Jesi Mquqwana (11 months ago)
Mr blue sky. Good choice
Michiel Dijkstra (11 months ago)
Why're they called No Man's Boys? Because; NOBODY WANTS THEM!!!! Haha... like pls...
SoS (1 year ago)
So what you are saying is that the fans of BRAID and it's creator BLOW have moved on to champion a new game
June K (1 year ago)
oh i just wanted to say "i'm so stoked to watch this video"
TheAdarkerglow (1 year ago)
Give me the names, Jim, I'll kill the people sending death threats. I mean, if I have time between thanking god for you and watching your videos...
Hyperion (1 year ago)
No Mans PC Can Run It
Blitzkrieg (1 year ago)
obligatory pre-video comment rant
Danko Grgić (1 year ago)
Please dont use Lord's name with f word
common sense (1 year ago)
yay a reasonable critic
GuvernorDave (1 year ago)
"No man boys have quickly become perhaps the worst fanbase subset I've ever seen, and that's in a world where Sonic communities exist". lmfao
Corgi Wargi (1 year ago)
That rant at 9:20 was amazing, made my day.
My20GUNS (1 year ago)
when Jim Sterling gave a 5/10 review for Dishonored 2, I didn't care. I liked it and played the F*ck out of it.
Kohlton Miller (1 year ago)
I think for these type of people block out reality the best they can, and invest their lives into these video games. So when a game that they're so excited for turns out to be shit, their entire world falls apart.
Cyphi (1 year ago)
It was very same with ME: Andromeda. Even today there are fanboys who insist its good game and everyone who dont agree are bad people.. Just reactions on very first trailers proved so. If you posted something not positive, you could expect tons of dislikes from mindless creatures with no own opinion telling you how much you're wrong. They laughed back there, i laugh today. Cant stop, really.
I Said No (1 year ago)
boglins fucking ruled
space_artist_4real (1 year ago)
5:13 lmfao #pillowfortFTW
space_artist_4real (1 year ago)
Lemme just put that comment before I watch the video. Thank you
Ben The Shrubber (1 year ago)
a signal that turns people into compulsive fuckign wierdos... you mean wifi?
LuigIan2000 (1 year ago)
So, now that you've experienced the Breath of the Wild attacks, which one was harder to deal with?
Phoenix (1 year ago)
im said that no mans sky is how it is im almost have completely forgotten about it now i mean i was kinda pissed but ya know with some of the things because of how much potential it had but it was wasted so much but it is meh-decent but its not as good as it honestly should of been or as great imho. i would of honestly been okay with 1 year to a 3 year delay if it meant no mans sky had a bit more work and thought out into it to make it a longer lasting games and possibly mod support etc
Matt Sanders (1 year ago)
Hello Games moved into Lionhead's old premises, and Sean was possessed by the spirit of Peter Molyneux. Though, here's the twist... it's like that episode of Angel, where a demon possesses a child, only to discover the child is a psychopathic monster, worse than the demon could ever be,
NK Fics (1 year ago)
What's the name of that song when he starts ranting about the AAA game industry's involvement in the whole mess?
Lonley Gaming (1 year ago)
binge watching your jimquisition and first impression+ green light videos is quite the highlight of my net browsing but it seem i now need to start going over hte comment section too as there seem to be way to much "fun" ppl there im missing out on :P keep it up Jim.
ty garetson (1 year ago)
5:16 ok, those tweets are funny.
Shayne O'Neill (1 year ago)
I'm still waiting for star citizen to come out. Either it'll be everything it was hyped to be, a bar too high for any sensible expectation, or your going to see the most terrifying mindfuck of a fandom meltdown in gaming history. Because some of those cats have sunk *tens* of thousands into spaceship DLC
Cameron Goode (1 year ago)
Give NMS a mediocre score: DDOS Give BOTW a good score: DDOS Poor Jim.
Onbuu (1 year ago)
Little did Jim from 2016 know what hardcore zelda fans are gonna do,when he is going to give 7 for breath of the wild. Spoiler: bitch and moan &DDoS his site.
Justin V (1 year ago)
Are NMS fanboys in any way related to Nintendo Fanboys???? Dont let your head explode....

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