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Top 5 Best Sandbox Games on Steam

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There have been many new sandbox games in development. Many newer games focus on constructing your own vehicles for battles such as in Robocraft or exploring space in Starbound. Several of these games are in early access, but they are rising in popularity and topping the multiplayer charts in Steam. As we get into the Top 5 Sandbox games, hit the subscribe button because we have more Top 5 games videos coming up. Robocraft Score: 85 Robocraft is a sandbox game that lets you build your own Robot battle vehicle to drive, fly, and fight. You build your own robot from the ground up, the attack style, defense, and design is entirely up to you. You travel to different planets where you attack enemies earning you currency and parts for your robots. But it’s one life to live elimination style battles. So if you die, you lose your robot. The tech tree gets very in depth and you will spend hours crafting different types of robots to battle. The game is also free to play, so it’s definitely worth a try. Starbound Score: 91 Starbound is very reminiscent of Terraria or Minecraft. It’s a 2D side scroller in space where you must survive, discover, explore and fight on new planets. When you first start off in the planet, you’ll gather materials and defend yourself. Until you have enough resources to travel on your ship. You’ll travel to many different planets that have tons of depth. Each planet has hours worth of exploration and each have their own unique features. Each section of space has a crafting goal which leads to a boss fight. Defeating the boss leads to a new sector and new items to craft. The game can be a never ending adventure for those who love sandbox games. Kerbal Space Program Score: 90 Kerbal Space Program is a space exploration sandbox. You build your own spacecraft and the detail is incredibly important. The physics are very accurate and comprehensive so your ship will fly or crash exactly as it should. You do need to have a strong understanding of building and operating your ship to successfully make it into space. When you do make it into space, you can explore other planets. Besiege Score: 80 Besiege let’s you construct siege engines to decimate fortresses and bases. You’ll be defending your base against cannons, archers, and multiple types of enemy attacks. You have to use strategy and ingenuity to craft an effective siege engine against different types of enemies. Each scenario will challenge you in a different way, but you’ll have lot of fun take down armies and fortresses with your siege engine. Garry’s Mod Score: 95 Garry’s Mod is based on the Source engine and is ultimately the most popular sandbox game on Steam. The game is entirely up to you. You spawn the objects and you decide how to play. The strong point of the game is the community, they are constantly building up scenarios, models, maps, and contraptions to download. The game has limitless possibilities and can be a great way to blow off steam with friends. ► Subscribe To Skilled Channel - http://bit.ly/SkilledSubscribe ► Visit Our Website Skilled.media - http://bit.ly/SkilledMedia
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Text Comments (202)
Tanzeemroks (3 months ago)
rip robocraft
Cake Star (3 months ago)
did anyone else notice that this video was published in 2015 and it was talking about robocraft but robocraft was made in 2017
Semih Aydın (5 months ago)
Crossout is better than all ✊
V4YGR3 (7 months ago)
where is the robocraft i loved.. been stomped into the dirt.. Devs dont give a d*mn about the early players and just kicked them away for their own greed.. back then.. great game.. now? horrible.. ''creativity'' where is it.. ow yes.. behind a pay wall..
AyZix (8 months ago)
Terraria should have been here instead of starbound. I played both, and starbound is very boring.
R Ch (8 months ago)
Robocraft used to be good
Jack Kwok (9 months ago)
TeenJa (10 months ago)
robocraft is mah favourite i think ;-;
JEZ 3152Indo (10 months ago)
Where Minecraft Minecraft Is First And Favorite Game Sandbox In World
AyZix (8 months ago)
John Jez 3152 INDONESIA It’s 2009. Look it up. Even Minecraft wiki says it.
JEZ 3152Indo (8 months ago)
AyZix real.name.of.minecraft.is.cave.game.and.the.release.is.1999
AyZix (8 months ago)
John Jez 3152 INDONESIA And Minecraft isn’t first at all. Example: roblox. ( I don’t play roblox, but I know it came out 1 year before Minecraft.)
AyZix (8 months ago)
John Jez 3152 INDONESIA it’s not on steam. Read the title of the video.
Hazoish ? (11 months ago)
Rip robo craft
Da Cool Gamer YT (11 months ago)
MAECHE冷やす (1 year ago)
Elena Petrović (1 year ago)
gmod best
Andriy Chemerys (1 year ago)
give it a try and create your own part of the world :) decentralized https://decentraland.org/
Leon Kek (1 year ago)
I my self think that Garry's Mod is the best its just so much fun. There are a lot of game modes. And its fun with friends. I have almost 3000 hrs.
Elena Petrović (1 year ago)
yea man! u wanna play together?
SKILLED Can you do a list of sandbox game that are free
Andrey polyakov (1 year ago)
I Have Those games!
nap (1 year ago)
G MOD is by far the best sandbox
you never "lost your robot"you just died permanently until the end of the game
matter of time [DZ] (1 year ago)
cool video thnak you :D
BrosOf Clans (1 year ago)
Btw This Vid Was Copied I will reply the link
Captain BolleBoi (1 year ago)
shut up little big planet is best it has so much (opportunies?) and needs skill too make stuff. i also like besiege
Captain BolleBoi (1 year ago)
sorry i cant spell that Word lol
GluberNuber (1 year ago)
You now what sucks i tried to get Starbound but it is $10.04 i have $10.03.
Thomas t (1 year ago)
What's the genre of games where you gear up your character and its not level based but gear based like terraria. Don't say rpg, that's not what i mean.
AyZix (8 months ago)
Thomas t They are called sandboxes.
Not RPG, but survival
eat beans (1 year ago)
MMTV (1 year ago)
Where is cities Skylines?
toilet paper (1 year ago)
MMTV dumbass
Isaac Collins (1 year ago)
robocraft you dont lose your vheacle when you die you just die then respawn
Equater212 (1 year ago)
are you trying to infect my computer
Equater212 (1 year ago)
When i tryed to download robocraft it says its a viruse
StuckInToaster (1 year ago)
the devs ruined the game
StuckInToaster (1 year ago)
dont download it its bad now i mean REAL BAD
Matthew Martinez (1 year ago)
CMON no terra tech its a good game not kidding
Firstname lastname (1 year ago)
bruh can u spell forces without dying?
Edwin MVP (1 year ago)
I have been looking for something like robocraft
Ein Meister (1 year ago)
where is terraria?
SP PETKOVSKI (1 year ago)
in the video idiot
Ein Meister (1 year ago)
where is terraria?
Maxim chernov (1 year ago)
robocraft isnt fun the only enemies you get are tiny flying robots with a million homing missiles
Raiquien (1 year ago)
half these games aren't free?
Raiquien (1 year ago)
Sorry misread title xD
Hat Duck (1 year ago)
I think Space engineers is the best
Mr. unitato (1 year ago)
Evan Au yes
Colby_JackYT (1 year ago)
TabuletaGame Tabuleta (1 year ago)
starbound or terraria
Courtesy Flame (1 month ago)
You are trying to start a war...aren't ya ?
Slashine (1 month ago)
Hmm, hard question. Starbound is really good in the first run, but become boring once that’s completed. Terraria is a bit nonsensical in the first run, but gradually became better with each run. Just as proof, i’ve never seen anyone doing a classed starbound Playthrough.
Hidaka Sana (5 months ago)
shut up ayzix starbound better and the same as terraria the tow is good
AyZix (8 months ago)
TabuletaGame Tabuleta Terraria. Starbound is just a boring clone.
Jack Kwok (9 months ago)
olga grannum (1 year ago)
I'm mm sorry my friend said that we'll cousin Yeh I think they are both good I have them both
GlacialWolf (1 year ago)
terraria deserved number 1
Slashine (1 month ago)
Terraria is a game you want to play again and again once you’ve played it.
Jack Kwok (9 months ago)
TigersRnumber 1 bitch I bet u have not even played Terraria. It’s the best sandbox game of all time
TigersRnumber 1 (1 year ago)
GlacialWolf nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lies terreria shouldn't be on there idiot
AU snipes (1 year ago)
I have robocraft and when u die you don't lose your bot
the lord of gaming (1 year ago)
what the hell happened to minecraft
AyZix (8 months ago)
the lord of gaming It’s not on steam. And Minecraft is overrated.
StuckInToaster (1 year ago)
its not on steam dummy
I know Garry mod will be place on the list it's awesome: :)
DarkEvilHatred (2 years ago)
Uncle Jane (2 years ago)
Actually at ROBOCRAFT you said that if you die, you lose you're robot..that's not really true..maybe it was at 2015 but now at 2016 you don't lose you're robot.
StuckInToaster (1 year ago)
you woud never lose your bot in robocraft he just said it wrong
0_0 LoWLoR (2 years ago)
old day robocraft very fun but today is not
TheRealCat (3 days ago)
Robocraft has a new system that works like a ladder it pairs you to opponents fairly
The Last Dragon (7 months ago)
Wish I could have tried old version :(
StuckInToaster (1 year ago)
same bro same
olga grannum (2 years ago)
terraria is bad garrys mod is better so better that when you load game you wet your pants from funny menu pics
Flazzmucci (1 year ago)
olga grannum unless you delete them
GlacialWolf (1 year ago)
terraria is the best
shark o melon (2 years ago)
robotcraft isnt sandbox
MystiqEevee2001 (2 years ago)
hey dumbass the title/video says free to play sandbox games starbounds not free... not sure why it was listed
teh EPICATOR (2 years ago)
Proof that furry's are idiotic, vulgar assholes I guess.
MystiqEevee2001 (2 years ago)
well all be it doesnt anymore if it did say it and if it didnt from the start then im just blind and needed to second check things.
DaTinyBoss (2 years ago)
it doesnt
MartyY (2 years ago)
Robocraft isnt a Sandbox :)
Kohai Kun (2 years ago)
how do you get lots of money in robocraft?
Kohai Kun (2 years ago)
Daniel Kemnitz (2 years ago)
in short, there's no easy or quick way :) Learn how to build strategically designed robots, where to reinforce them, how to manage damage spread, etc. When you know how to build advanced bots, simply know your weaknesses and play the game modes that suits your bot and playstyle. Then play a lot, and get lots of kill (and if on battle arena, always go for towers. They give more xp - and in the end money - compared to robot kills). So, in short, get good at it. You could also purchase for real money if you wanna go that route, but tbh I think that takes a lot of the fun out of the game. Then you will be bored quicker, and leave the game and the money you spent on it.
Kohai Kun (2 years ago)
what do you mean?
Daniel Kemnitz (2 years ago)
git gud, farm noobs :3
TheErnstkare (2 years ago)
2:22 "taking down armies and fordshjsh"
Itz Patrick! (2 years ago)
where minecraft?
Itz Patrick! (2 years ago)
oh sorry i not see XD
Meme Lord (2 years ago)
are you a ten year old?
TheErnstkare (2 years ago)
this list is for steam only
Itz Patrick! (2 years ago)
where minecraft?
Scorpio Zodiac (2 years ago)
its not on steam xD
TheHawkGamer (2 years ago)
i already play robocraft i love it
Obsidian DragonX (2 years ago)
How much is robocraft?
StuckInToaster (1 year ago)
its free and dont play it its ruined now
Roblox Gaming (2 years ago)
You know they all need time right the sandbox I talking about is minecraft
SonicMaster :3 (2 years ago)
Terraria is where?!?!?
Slashine (1 month ago)
Yes, terraria is a place, we could all agree on that. ‘Where’s terraria’ is the thing you will want to say.
Hidaka Sana (5 months ago)
Aiden Smith shut up kid :p starbound and terraria best games you cant say that about starbound s shut the hell your mouth
Aiden Smith (1 year ago)
starbound is nothing like minecraft because minecraft is shat
Ghemnioc - (1 year ago)
+MaximumFrog true
MrSkellyBoy (2 years ago)
Memeical (2 years ago)
They really messed Robocraft
StuckInToaster (1 year ago)
Icecream Man i miss the olds robocraft it was fun and then came the Crates and auto aim babyweapons
Memeical (2 years ago)
+Jesse K Robocraft at first was an amazing game that you could make your vehicle the way you like without any big problems. But then they released the "New Meta" update which everyone hated, it it crushed the Robocraft economy and was forcing you to buy points to be able you improve your vehicle or etc. Then they released an update called "Team Orders" which made Robocraft like Dota 2. but far worse. Robocraft is meant to be fun, not competitive. But even worse, they updated "Team Orders" and this time they added a ranking system. and a new balance system since the game is competetive now. BUT the ranking system sucked and now, not a single game is balanced. if you're new after some games you'll almost always lose, since you will be matched with other new player which their vehicle looks like a carrier while the opposite team is all high ranks and have gigantic tanks and advanced war machines. Now Robocraft is dying EXTREMELY fast. now you can hardly find a person who plays Robocraft. you can see the Steam reviews for more information and how people hate it now. and are leaving. all these happened because of the developers' greediness.
Jesse K (2 years ago)
What did they do
SWAG (2 years ago)
starbound is £12 now
Viok (2 years ago)
all this comment section is kids saying all these suck or minecraft is better or terraria is better WE DO NOT CARE IT IS JUST HIS OPINION SO SHUT THE FUCK UP
Mr Endershark (10 months ago)
We’ll said
Smilenethd (1 year ago)
Viok If you don't care just don't bother
Connor The Cat (1 year ago)
Viok The Valient ikr
marasovec (2 years ago)
robocraft is now fucked up
Gaming and Coding (10 months ago)
RobloxinPlayer (11 months ago)
Hater! ilove it lol
StuckInToaster (1 year ago)
11 months ago it was fucked up but dont worry now its even MORE FUCKED UP
shark o melon (2 years ago)
we need a sandbox mode
Uncle Bill (2 years ago)
ShadowEdge (2 years ago)
these r crap games apart ffrom ksp
Darian Beilby (2 years ago)
robocraft is awful now :(
LyNDoN PH (2 years ago)
+Darian Beilby Ohhh. its been a long time since i played the game... damn,
Darian Beilby (2 years ago)
+fresh z It's become significantly more unbalanced, in the way that you get paired with people with Vehicles far past your rank more often than before(ive noticed because most games i either go like 15k and 0d or like 1 k and 100d (exaggeration).But very rarely will i get a game that i find my opponents to be an equivalent to me. And i still wouldnt say its "P2W" but they've forced a lot more incentive to pay real money to actually get the good stuff (costs like 8 mil and I still only get like 30000 from a 30-20 minute game),
LyNDoN PH (2 years ago)
+Darian Beilby why?
Legacyy (2 years ago)
I've got g arrys mod
blandantey (2 years ago)
What about crossout?
cody brownlee (2 years ago)
not on steam. RIP
Marcorem Lux (2 years ago)
Robocraft?!?! Are you kidding?!?! That game is such a huge bullshit cash grab.
StuckInToaster (1 year ago)
now its even more worse
Some Guy (2 years ago)
Blow off "steam" pun intended? I think so.
sleW (2 years ago)
robocraft was a good game until they got greedy for money
SSG Samy (1 year ago)
just find a crack
Fat_Ninja (2 years ago)
robocraft: full of kids. (from experience) Check out the game "From the depths" huge learning curve, community based development and challenging campaign gameplay.
Smilenethd (3 months ago)
I think Terraria is better Than all
Slashine (1 month ago)
nothing. 2 (1 year ago)
Terraria with Tremor, Thorium, Calaminty, Spirit, Magic Storage, Learn By Doing and QOL mods is WAY better then all. And I can say that heavily modded terraria is more stable than vanilla starbound
Smilenethd (1 year ago)
Hi I think some guys can't read the I think part It's my own opinion
BrosOf Clans (1 year ago)
D3N (2 years ago)
r u fokin crasy herbal space porgram is 30 £
Caniboss (2 years ago)
2:40 what is that gamemode i want to play that gamemode!
Ladder Lappen (2 years ago)
it would be great if you could also mention why you are putting this titles on this list.
Cuko _ (2 years ago)
0:47 WOW link plss
Amy Alsworth (2 years ago)
Jozef SK (2 years ago)
space engineers is missing here - it may just be the best of them all
SniperSam (2 years ago)
the narrator sounds like the same guy who does Fitness Blender :)
decap008 (2 years ago)
Space engineers and homebrew
Kaspu011 (2 years ago)
Terraria should be on this list and king arthur's gold.
MessageMan (2 years ago)
this list needs updating in robocraft you don't lose your robot
thomas sørensen (2 years ago)
omg he he he knows terraria im gona be a sub to ur channel wait wait wait wait wait did u say minecraft ew minecraft =minecrap lol minecraft is the worst game ever
spacecoke (2 years ago)
WOW a top 5 sandbox games that actualy contains sandbox games instead of open world and freeroam games.. good job man! glad to see a gaming journalist who actualy knows what he is talking about!
Jmardesich (2 years ago)
I have everyone of these games so great job on the list!
Ethan Kline (3 years ago)
id say robot arena 2 is the best robot builder out there and it was made in 2002 its also a little better of a robot builder with the dsl mod or total conversion mod
Selamknk (3 years ago)
robocraft: drive fly fight?? İF you die u lose ur robot?!?!
Sven Boeckx (2 years ago)
Selamknk (2 years ago)
+scroobgames I KNOW
Sven Boeckx (2 years ago)
you keep him when you di you also respawn
Sven Boeckx (2 years ago)
yes but you dont lose the robot
Selamknk (2 years ago)
+scroobgames ik he says if you die u lose ur robot
Wendyn70 (3 years ago)
Space Engineers !!!
Aaron Guldenpfennig (3 years ago)
Terraria is much better than starbound. And minecraft? No one cares about that; What are you whining about?
jhoedi rivers (3 years ago)
A new game is also launching. It is a 2d game and it's awesome :) Here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1WaBWSTKI4
SKILLED (3 years ago)
+jhoedi rivers Interesting.

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