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Fallout 4: 10 Things You Didn't Know You COULD DO

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Fallout 4 is full of secrets. There are things players are discovering even weeks after its release. Here are ten things the internet discovered. Source: twitter, reddit, facebook & tumblr. ★ Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV
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Text Comments (7538)
Tweek Tweak (12 hours ago)
"Ammo is tough to come by in this game." Unless you're travelling with MacCready.
You know that you can help some settlements? I’ll mark it on your map.
Anna Mertens (1 day ago)
norm positive teaspoon twice cheap truth early ski shoot tennis those player occur.
Darkstealthgamer (1 day ago)
I bet you didn't know that microwaving your phone gives you free RAID AWAY
William Campbell (1 day ago)
I ran into the Christmas trees and lights and I went,"What the fuck!"
tyler gordon (2 days ago)
Good thing you reassure how useless these things are after you say them
sheep83 (7 days ago)
Christ, that narrator is irritating
smorinator (8 days ago)
Did you know that if you have an empty bottle in your inventory, you can fill it with water at a water pump or at a body of water?
RW : V (8 days ago)
the only thing i learned in this video is about the bed trick.
I walked into Diamond City on Oct 31 in game. I never paid attention to when the day was in game until then. It was very decorated.
hardily harhar dargar (10 days ago)
Snow McSnow (12 days ago)
I found a super mutant that breeds, trains and sells different pets/dogs. Or was that a mod? I don't recall
Smilingpancake5 (13 days ago)
[B] hakshs
Nick Last Name (14 days ago)
This would have been so much more interesting if you didn’t try to be funny.
James Shaw (14 days ago)
Is this Andy Bernard from the office?? Nard-Dog
Filthy Weebs (15 days ago)
Hold either SQAURE or A or E on objects U Are currently holding to throw them
Steve Iler (18 days ago)
I just love shooting dead raiders out the junk mortar
JP jp (21 days ago)
Thats probably the warmest christmas Boston ever had
xxpklegend02xx (21 days ago)
getting better tips from the comments than from the vid, now what does that tell you?
B仔閃電 (21 days ago)
good video
Chicken (22 days ago)
*_-swag daddy-_*
CD Smith (22 days ago)
You went with prefab shacks for Sanctuary? Prefab? Really? Why you lazy lazy person you.
Dominic Morones (22 days ago)
Raidaway and Raid-x lol. That the new secret weapon against raiders?
Dark Revelations (23 days ago)
Was hoping for a few better tips like in order to tell building height cap, stack walls then test w/a single roof. You know useful stuff. (Frigg'n Hangman's Alley)
Jeffrey Eick (24 days ago)
If you give them 3 rounds you will gain those 3 rounds back from each settler each day. I love giving them a gauss rifle , and 3 cells. 20 settles giving me 3 rounds every day it's a nice 60cells a day. At some point it stops giving them back like if you give them 5 rounds you might not get any back.
Bow Tie Guy (25 days ago)
How to lock the doors?
Memes Addictz (25 days ago)
Random Eyes (25 days ago)
Jordan Sain (26 days ago)
3:21 RaidAway..... Raid-X....
Ian Thorne (26 days ago)
I didn't realize you could give deep pocketed armor to your companion - and it does make a difference to their carry limit.
phil mortlock (26 days ago)
If you build up your defences excessively people won't attack you for some reason
Jr Amangyen (28 days ago)
It also works on November 1 which diamond city is decorated in halloween decorations.
CommanderX (1 month ago)
I Like How your the General But Preston Gives you Orders.
I thought the Glowing Sea was from DLC. Never knew you could go beyond the border. Awesome!
What kind of sick fuck removes their Christmas decorations before February?!?
nexiscyh (1 month ago)
holy fck 8million views does it mean everyone is playing this game wtf how much money is the developer making
nexiscyh (1 month ago)
nice bruh you are have too much time yeah lolx cool shit thx anyway
T.A.P. Gaming (1 month ago)
if ur on PC and you don't have Place Anywhere Mod (FREE not that pay for mod Creation Club CRAP!!!) then you REALLY are missing out. I live stream Fallout 4 both with Building only characters and Story line characters using Transfer Settlements blueprints I create. I run 160+ mods (heading towards that plugin limit well there is ways to fix that too.)
Mobius Games1 (1 month ago)
It's sad to see how pointless this video was I'd bet serious money everyone knew each and every one of the things mentioned in the video. It seems no effort was put forward in producing this video
Mr Krabs (1 month ago)
I'ma level 12
Gavin Powell (1 month ago)
what a clickbait video this is. Assign settlers to beds? seriously? this "10 things" trend is getting stupid lately.
Femund (1 month ago)
Nathan Bresee (1 month ago)
He said raid away or raidx hahahahahaha lol
Enybeany10 (19 days ago)
Raidaway-like radaway but for raiders
Callum Stuart (1 month ago)
thank you so much for tip on the generator sound also the christmas easter egg i cant believe alot of people have no idea of this ive been playing since day 0 before they patched the barter glitch and found that before the patch, still tho ive playd for almost 3 years and just found the generator tip thank you so much
d7roge bn d7rognh (1 month ago)
if you carrying too much and your campanion too you can drop your items and let your campanion take it
Chris Cowie (1 month ago)
In my most recent play-through on survival difficultly i got into a fight and jean was there... Preston shot him and i had to put him down😢
Kashiff Dottin (1 month ago)
Nothing new. I knew all of that before watching the video....but they are cool things to do. FYI. You can drag items - provided they are light enough, even if you can't pick them up and bring them to any settlement for resources or whatever your heart fancies. I thought this would have made your list, seeing as this is the only thing the game doesn't tell you directly, but whatever.
Jameson W (1 month ago)
What is raid- x? A special bug spray for the raidroaches?
Courage Ina Can (1 month ago)
Gene and his dogs, never once seen them, ever, wtf? That's all, knew the rest lol
LabCrab (1 month ago)
Everyone knows about the glowing sea
Rubygloom 95 (1 month ago)
With the power armor trick, you can do it with other items aswell. It is a tad time consuming but it is possible.
Craig A. Glesner (1 month ago)
Congrats, for once I actually did learn a couple new things! Thanks, that HTML and stick to the Power Armor tricks are genuinely new to me and damned useful.
Chad Timberman (1 month ago)
Man i love me some raidaway. Ffs
Dare Me (1 month ago)
My Christmas stuff in game has been up for like 2 weeks
Frey-Frey Williams (1 month ago)
I already knew all those. I figured them out on my own.
Fallout Profile (1 month ago)
How is this a rpg at all
goldenskull1111 [YT] (1 month ago)
When you activate a generator you turn it off and there is no "raid away" it's rad away
YoursTruly (1 month ago)
Diamond city also decorated for Halloween
panda 987654321 (1 month ago)
It's rad away
bad vibes (1 month ago)
Swag daddy😂😂
Henry Hellens (1 month ago)
is that the pornhub theme in the background
kingofmonra (1 month ago)
diamond city also changes during halloween
Lmg mounted And loaded (1 month ago)
In sanctuary on halloween in game it is decorated like haloween
Stephen Lozada (1 month ago)
I like your humor with this
Francesco Casillas (1 month ago)
When I was talking to KLEO in Good Neighbor, I skipped her dialogue and my character said, " Just shut up already..."
69 Vide0S (1 month ago)
even if we some how miss dog meat near the red rocket station later during finding kellog, valentine calls dogmeat.
Trey Young (1 month ago)
Also you can quickly adjust the quantities of an item by using RB & LB, something that the video publisher clearly didn’t know. It was driving me crazy lol
Insipid Potatoes (1 month ago)
Yeah, who knew you could go to the glowing sea? It's only a location for the main plot.
Venus Powers (1 month ago)
You idiot just about every body has completed fallout 4 everyone knows that by now
fuck a chap 13 (1 month ago)
I didn't get this game so I stopped playing it
Evanston Conner (1 month ago)
Bethesda can you put happy birthday evenston on the day after the Christmas day one pleas that's my birthday
Nickey Gutzwiller (1 month ago)
On October 31st in the game I heard a diamond city guard say we only get tricks no treats
Peter Lustig (1 month ago)
His Voice is penetrating my brain
Adventure Steve (1 month ago)
Has anyone told you that you sound almost exactly like Louis CK? Lol
RORRE 0971 (1 month ago)
The lockpicking is good for piper
M19 P (1 month ago)
You sound like Louis C.K.
Thedangerbro720 (1 month ago)
Raid away or raid ex
when you talk to people and skip it then your player does it and says stuff on its own is so annoying, on my second play through i skipped alot of the talking because i knew what they were going to say now they skip on there own
P.I.S Staker (1 month ago)
Or just mod. Modding solves everything
SHISTAR SNATCHED (1 month ago)
Diamond city also puts up decorations for Halloween on Halloween in the in game date
William Heggs (1 month ago)
Knew everything apart from the power armour trick
Ihate allthethings (1 month ago)
Fallout 4 is by far the worst in the series
Youtube Viewer (1 month ago)
I was doing the text skip to Father and my character said “stupid old man”
Garrett M (1 month ago)
"raid-away or raid-x"
Ben menudo (1 month ago)
I ran into those diamond city decorations i thout it was a mod i was using at the time guess not
Manic Miner (1 month ago)
The heavily radiation area u will have to go to if ur doing the minutemen ending
and the main story line
✨Radish Alex✨ (1 month ago)
The whole Christmas thing in Diamon city is cool. I just recently noticed they do the same when the in game date is Halloween (didn't notice what date it was) and then they decorate it with Halloween stuff. But ofc take it down the day after.
Fluffy Puncakes (1 month ago)
Road Rocket
happypikachuhugger8778 (1 month ago)
Another settlement needs your help!
Aman Jhariya (1 month ago)
Glitchi glitch.
Daniel Ortiz (1 month ago)
Has anyone else found the goul dog?
Html?! Wow
Daley (1 month ago)
Talking about the Christmas deco , its the same for the dat for Halloween in October :D
that fonv dude (1 month ago)
I wish I could have a cat follower
Blu Goomba (1 month ago)
You sound like Chris Pratt
JackedLobster (1 month ago)
Not an ACTUAL list!?
Riley Snyder (1 month ago)
Don't know why anyone would want a second Dogmeat, let alone even one of him. I left him in Sanctuary as soon as I could. Absolute worst companion in the game. Can't sneak up on or snipe anyone worth a shit with him following you, and then he'll charge in and get taken out right away and sit there whimpering in gimp mode while you get your ass shot off. Dogmeat was 1000x better in FO3. Nearly invincible, good attack power, and didn't do stupid shit constantly
Is raid-away like bug repellent just for raiders?

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