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Shayna Baszler makes Ruby Riot go nuts!

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Mae Young Classic standout Shayna Baszler bringing the pain to Annie Social, as NXT star Ruby Riot goes nuts! Full match can be purchased from www.aiwrestling.com
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NiggadaumHistory (2 days ago)
That's not Ruby riot
Azri'ael (10 days ago)
Okay, one thing I have to say even though her and cry baby Rousey are real friends. Shayna as far as her presence and ability in wwe is 10x better than rousey even more so than Ronda's wrestlemania performance. Her throws were sloppy and needs work. But Shayna a beast for real
Lil' Gamer Guy XD (25 days ago)
Shayna is the female Brock Lesnar
The Champ (11 days ago)
Lil' Gamer Guy XD Ronda
josh gallegos (27 days ago)
I’m confused are there two Annie Social personalities. Because there is a pornstar with that name or same person??
Your Nostrilioliolees (27 days ago)
Who's the chick in the blue?
Your Nostrilioliolees (27 days ago)
rebellifemedia thank you new subscriber
rebellifemedia (27 days ago)
Annie Social. Thanks for watching!
Arjun Sangha (1 month ago)
that's not even Ruby wth
Makai Brown (1 month ago)
Was that a work shoot?
Joseph Bennett (1 month ago)
When she threw that right before dropping elbows her opponent was already knocked out and when Ruby riot going crazy she could've just came in and granted she'd got her friend disqualified but at least she'd probably save her life
Zoe Bluth (1 month ago)
I really really don't like Shayna
This ref sucks.
Rahul Patel (1 month ago)
No offence but her opponent looks like an overweight mom. Was kinda painful to watch her get rekt.
suka suka gue dong ya (1 month ago)
She not ruby 😂😂
rebellifemedia (1 month ago)
Ruby is at the end of the vid!
xavier smith (1 month ago)
Calm Down Tom!!!!
VRAP 2424 (1 month ago)
baszler is a pure natural...she has a chance to be a big star in WWE
Evan (2 months ago)
The way she said bitch 😂
Mike Henry (7 hours ago)
Evan teaching Shayna a lesson
drancov (2 months ago)
Looks like a high school gym.
Derrick/Fusions (2 months ago)
drancov thanks for pointing it out jackass every indy match takes place in a high school gym or auditorium
Wink1e AFC (2 months ago)
What gave it away?
Charles T (2 months ago)
Shayna looks a little downsy
EAprima (2 months ago)
If this was BloodSport, Shayna's opponent would be dead and Ruby would be giving her the death stare while Shayna walks away and looks back with a smirk on her face. Oh Shayna, I know you wanted to break Ruby Riot without getting penalised so sooooo badly.
Kyle Hearnsberger (2 months ago)
Shayna Baszler IS - in my opinion - a lovely gal, but to me, Ruby Riott is just freakin' GORGEOUS !!!!! Shayna may BE quite pretty in my opinion, but the attitude is that of a bitch, honestly.
Billy Ryan (12 days ago)
Ruby Riot is probably the least attractive girl on the roster. But to each their own
Billy Ryan (12 days ago)
You got bad taste
Kyle Hearnsberger (1 month ago)
Totally agree, there.
John Smith (1 month ago)
Kyle Hearnsberger it depends on the person and their dedication to kayfabe (such as it is)
Kyle Hearnsberger (1 month ago)
Probably just the character, because I've seen plenty of videos here in YouTube of some of the "Bad" guys actually acting polite to fans.
JuniorTorres720 (2 months ago)
That was intense.
The Mad Viking (2 months ago)
Baszler was toying with her all the way to the point the girl kicked Baszler in the gut and she no sold and full shoot on her after that , Ruby knew it too when Baszler rolled that chic up in that submission. Didn't help chubby any when she yelled this is your last fucking fight bitch!!! Baszler went out pistols blazing !!!!
Omega Mark (2 months ago)
Was this a work or was did she pull a sexy star?
NeoN Nosferatu (2 months ago)
A work, look at the way she falls. If the punch connected legit she would have face planted the other way giving the rotation. The elbows looked weak as fuck also, if she wanted to seriously hurt her she would have mounted and slammed the elbows not lift up her arm and tap the chin with her triceps.
John Wayne (2 months ago)
Shayna's playing the bitch, and she's playing really good. I think it's all a work.
yt.godiegogo (2 months ago)
I don't know I feel like this is real.
Wanderer Arts (2 months ago)
Dori...errr...Ruby wouldn't have flipped like that if it hadn't turned shoot. 100% Baszler fucked up, got pissed when called out, and it became a shoot.
biggbertz1 (2 months ago)
Eweezy8004 (2 months ago)
Idk but yall but I'm thirsty 4 milk now 😋
Gerardo Hermosillo (2 months ago)
That you my cousin said shayne suck dick
Gerardo Hermosillo (2 months ago)
Shayne is i ass hole bitch fick
Freshly Made (2 months ago)
Was this a work?
Jermaine Hernández (1 month ago)
Ruby Riott?... Don't U Mean "Annie Social"!?. C'mon Know The Difference Just Look At *The Breast Size* (Lol😂). But Ruby Did Come Out At The End To Help Tho. Btw, Great Video.
Tyler Spencer (2 months ago)
What do you mean that she comes out
rebellifemedia (2 months ago)
Jermaine Hernández we know when Ruby comes out. Thanks for checking the vid out
Az1Z (2 months ago)
holly shit those boobs
Taylor Lambert (2 months ago)
That’s not booby riot
EVIE FRYE (1 month ago)
+Taylor Lambert ruby was at ringside during the match in annie social's corner
Taylor Lambert (2 months ago)
rebellifemedia they actually did a pretty damn good job at making it look real. “That’s a shoot brother”
rebellifemedia (2 months ago)
Taylor Lambert Ruby goes wild at the end
Khaled Ghorab (2 months ago)
Natural heel.
Rashad Sims (2 months ago)
Still shoot had her by the corner no selling at all and legit shoot
rashad sims (2 months ago)
that was a fight period
Bullet 285 (3 months ago)
2:34, was when she knew she fucked up.
Establishment Archive (3 months ago)
Rojos524 (3 months ago)
lesbo city
Super Friday (4 months ago)
That was a shoot!
Marcus Carter (4 months ago)
She got knocked the fuck out
EVIE FRYE (1 month ago)
hell yeah don't mess with the queen of spades
Catch Queen (6 months ago)
0:59 when you are truly at the mercy of your opponent...
Your Nostrilioliolees (27 days ago)
Right she was like ,"dayne I just messed up"
Brian Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Broforced GT kys
EVIE FRYE (1 month ago)
+Catch Queen got that right sister you don't wanna mess with the queen of spades #TEAMBASZLER #QUEENOFSPADES
Broforced GT (2 months ago)
George Page (6 months ago)
Annie Social got some nice boobies.

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