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The Next Zelda Game Is In The Works!

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Series producer of Breath of the Wild and the Zelda franchise Eiji Aonuma has confirmed in the just published Breath of the Wild Master Works book that the Zelda Team has begun work/development on the next Zelda game! Support CR on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm!: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Join our Discord, Sacred Realm: https://discord.gg/mAP5K Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm
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Commonwealth Realm (10 months ago)
What do you want to see in the next Zelda game? We will include the best suggestions in our special Inside Breath of the Wild Episode next week!
SilverBastion (10 months ago)
husars XD
Yasaal A. (10 months ago)
Another option could as well be using the same engine. This happened with Majora's Mask and Switch could see another Zelda in *just* 2-3 years.
Yasaal A. (10 months ago)
I'd love a direct sequel to BotW where we see Hyrule being rebuilt along with introducing a new enemy as well. It'd be lovely to see BotW Hyrule inhabited with people!
Metroid Bane (10 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm Also a Spirit Temple inspired in the Spirit Temple of Ocarina of Time with more ways to use the light with the Mirror Shield, plus new items that also work with the light. More Egyptian-like enemies in this one and serpents of different types.
Metroid Bane (10 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm A return to the Temple dungeons formula would be nice to see in the next Zelda game. It would be even better if it includes a Shadow Temple just like Ocarina had one but longer and with Redeads, Floormasters, Fire bats, Like likes, Fire Bubles, Blue Bubles, Green Bubles, Wolfos and Stalfos.
Wolf Link (6 months ago)
Elliott Whitelaw (6 months ago)
I think we need a game with a darker story
Voixtalks Mos es (7 months ago)
A ZELDA GAME THAT TAKES PLACE AFTER BOTW, YEYEYYEEYEYEYYESSSSS, but don't change the style of art, I love it
New Age (9 months ago)
More varied enemies with different fighting strategies A multi-layered story involving all the NPCs Massive sprawling environment dungeons A fuxking loftwing!!!
xX Veymorak Xx (9 months ago)
It would be cool if we got a sequel to BotW....
Missing Bits (9 months ago)
Remake link to the past in 3d, switch+wiiu dont scam and make ppl buy the switch too
Kimtastic (10 months ago)
Really, I just want a more mature Zelda game, with the same "survival" like aspect of BoTW as well. I mean most Zelda fans now are adults. It'd be nice to have a more dark and mature game with a stellar storyline added into it and please.. Some hard, difficult as hell dungeons with maybe two mini bosses in them like Majora's Mask. Don't be afraid to add some graphic stuff, Aonuma (like perhaps some blood, or even death of an important character, or anything with lots of emotion, drama. Something romantic?!) I'd like to see another open world Zelda as well, but with much harder field enemies, and even large ones too, that would take a lot of experience to kill in one go. Please also, something sea related. I mean Windwaker aced the whole great sea thing. Imagine a new Zelda game where you could sail in a boat/ship in an open sea, too, and instead of the giant squids, some giant octoroks or octo-bombs would be friggin badass. Even some pirate ships or pirates in general! I guess you can say that Horizon and Xenoblade really makes me wish Zelda would do these kinds of things.. I'd also like a 3D Zelda game where Hyrule Castle isn't in ruins again or unexplorable. Maybe some of us want to explore the whole castle in its full glory.. Hell, even the land of Hyrule as a whole before Ganon took over. Why does it always have to be ruined or limited? Link having an ally that isn't a guide would be nice, too. That'd be the real game changer.. if he had an ally who fought alongside him instead of bossing him around and telling him where to go all the time. But.. this is Nintendo we're talking about. Expecting such high things for a Zelda game is just dreaming too much lol. I just really wish they'd make a more adult-suited Zelda game for once.
FloydTrek (10 months ago)
I want them to delve further into Zeldas old retro theme. Make the next Zelda game look like the old Zelda comics of the first 2 games. Make it feel a lot more renaissancey, with.... A bigger open world. Keep it tough as shit too.
blackchickadee7 (10 months ago)
I would like to see the next Zelda game be focused on story (timeline), a bit more dungeons, and less exploration. I appreciate how different Breath of the Wild is, but I feel like Nintendo didn't want to focus on the lore with this specific game and I would to see that in the next installment. Less DLC, bring back the hookshot, and consistent voice acting.
Jazmin Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Pls make link more emtional and a post calamity ganon. It will be interesting to see how zelda rebuilts Hyrule!
GrimminatorX (10 months ago)
I hope they make it with a more realistic and mature art style and a darker tone like they did with twilight princess
Brandon Quillen (10 months ago)
I'm honestly hoping for a MAJOR expansion update for botw. Like new places and people to fight kinda expansion. Fingers crossed
Alexander Palchick (10 months ago)
I just want consistent Zelda. I don't want to wait 6 years between big releases. Maybe ever 3 years with two smaller DS style in between. Now that they aren't developing their own engine for Zelda this should considerably cut back on dev time.
Joshuabump9123 (10 months ago)
I really hope the next Zelda game will be a direct sequel to BotW, what they could do is something like what they did for Majora's Mask, just reuse some assets from BotW to make its sequel
Owen R (10 months ago)
It's gonna be amazeballs
Patryk Sztolc (10 months ago)
I wish to see more about Links past. In one of the memories Zelda says something about Link following his dad's path. Maybe it cold be someyhing to do with that!
G1ngernut5 (10 months ago)
Aonuma said he would like to work on a multiplayer Zelda next and while I don't see it working in an open world 3d main game (unless wolf link is playable) it could work as a different mode. Where the areas and puzzles are smaller and built with more than 1 person in mind. Could have puzzles that require actions from different areas, a puzzle that requires a lot of one players time whilst the other holds off a ever growing enemy horde. Combat levels could have players taking roles ie one can be the melee attacker with sword and shield whilst the other is the ranged with only a bow and a ton of arrows. Another mode I would like is an arena Vs mode where you can play as link or one of the champions, each with their own unique weapons, arrows, abilities and runes. If done right it could make for quite a tactical battle mode. I've got ideas for single player but I'll leave it at that for now.
Tallon IV (10 months ago)
I can only hope they make the next one less empty and more fulfilling
XxMrKiwiZx (10 months ago)
Really hoping they go back to traditional dungeons. Shrines were great and fun for a while but their design/aesthetic atmosphere got really dull especially coming back to the game months later for the DLC. Hoping they go back to themed dungeons and bring back the old formula close to OoT and Twilight Princess
kaasudo1 (10 months ago)
I wanna see yhe hookshot i thinking it would help with climbing
Emosss 074 (10 months ago)
Maybe the next zelda game will have a bigger world?
Dre Harley (10 months ago)
More story and actual dungeons....
Ana Palacios (10 months ago)
Súper máster sword
Honestly it would be great if they made an open world zelda game, but linear. That means they could also focus on the story, which was pretty lacking in BOTW but understandable. It could be a sequel, or a completely different setting. Whatever it is, i hope it transports me to a different world with the story like TP did or OoT. (This is a stretch, but i hope they give it a lot of personality like Links Awakening did . . . now THAT game was touching.)
Konrad Piwko (10 months ago)
Are you polish?
Vala Vulpix (10 months ago)
At the end of breath of the wild Zelda mentions rebuilding Hyrule castle and was talking about going to zoras domain to fix the divine beast, perhaps this will be main focuses of the new game, that they begin to build and a new evil or another incarnate of Ganon or possibly another past boss will be affected by malice (the black goop) that poses a threat to Hyrule again. New champions appointed by each domain to control the divine beasts. I mostly would like to see Zelda more in the overworld of the new game and more of a companion as she has been in past titles
Lelouch Vi Britannia (10 months ago)
long live hyrule
This Northern Soul (10 months ago)
I would like a real thriving castle town with lots of characters, layers and side quests. Also more and varied dungeons and less shrines.
Melissa Knowlton (10 months ago)
I’d like a lot more story to it. This one was fine, but I miss actually have a plot to follow beyond remembering things. I like how Skyrim balanced open world with story
Rolan Goldman (10 months ago)
I think that the next zelda will be starting at the rebuilt castle and ganon will not be the antagonist and zelda will be a real charater that you can interact with
Christopher J-Bird (10 months ago)
I think that it will be an prequel for breath of the wild so you going around getting ready for the calamity as link
Dimitri Alphonso (10 months ago)
I hope the next zelda game has better music
21greenboy123 cragstar (10 months ago)
it keeps the map, and they discover old rusty bird statues. do you see where this is going?
Jerry Fu (10 months ago)
Who knows the BGM?That's great! But I never sounded it before.
L1ght_Of_Ruin (10 months ago)
I hope the next game is slightly more linear, with dungeons being done in a specific order. However, the game should only put a pointer on the map of where to go. This would encourage exploration AND allow for a more deep story.
labelfree904 (10 months ago)
It's so hard to say what's going to happen. After all, Nintendo said themselves, they don't like the idea of adhering to a timeline placement. Personally, I'd like to see a game based on the Hyrulean civil war, just prior to OOT. Just as long as it doesn't have anything to do with some weird timeline convergence. I hate that.
Anthony Vaccarella (10 months ago)
any word on the pokemon game for the switch
nikki123 4 (10 months ago)
I would like to see a dark twist. That somehow the twilight relem is woken or in trouble the mirror has been put back together by someone evil and zelda is dragged into the timeline of the twilight. Link finds away using the sheakia plate or shrines to get to the twilight. He finds him self in the kingdom and comes across minda who tells him what has happened. In a dark twist minda has took zelda to use her wisdom (the triforce) to stop dark link as his darker side was left in a shadow.
pizzagameplayz (10 months ago)
I hope its a new story zelda with no open world but a good story that has amazing nostalgic dungeons. But a openworld zelda with amazing story, temples and places you cant explore unless your further in the game, that would be amazing
Berylliosis (10 months ago)
Seeing the beginning reminded me of the concepts I imagined for the new game when I first saw it. I imagined impressively large dungeons that could be entered from many places, somewhat darker graphics (I like Wind Waker's graphics a lot, but I think a slightly darker art style would be better), and items like the hookshot. Frankly, I would have preferred those. Breath of the Wild is great, but... it's not Zelda great. If the game were A) more like a traditional zelda game, with dungeon items and such and B) technically nonlinear, but with a main recommended path that is fairly simple (any other route requiring various advanced techniques and clever workarounds) it would be a much better game.
Wesley Gerber (10 months ago)
I'm hoping for something kind of like the older games breath of the wild is a great game one of my favorites but it is one of my least favorite zelda games.
Silly Jester (10 months ago)
I would like to see a game similar to Breath of the Wild but it takes place in Termina or a world similar to that of Termina. Of course, it would be Open World too!
WildGaming17 (10 months ago)
It should be a prequel to breath of the wild
Jasper (10 months ago)
I hope they do something like Majora's Mask, because it wouldn't take a long time, and MM was genius.
Gladiator0161 (10 months ago)
So many of the Legend of Zelda games take place hundreds of years, or more, after their predecessors, it'd be nice to see what Hyrule turns into after they rebuild all the different areas in a relatively more recent time, like 5 to 10 years. I'm talking about the Zoras, Gorons, and the other races too numerous to mention besides the Hylians. It would also be nice to see some of the other towns from some of the other games, and see how well they've held up during the Calamity, if at all, and like some have pointed out, more dungeon levels, no shrines, though those were cool. I'm talking about actual dungeons like in the Elder Scrolls series, specifically Skyrim and Oblivion. Getting to explore a cave system would be great too. This would give them an opportunity to give some details about the lands history, and give a definitive answers to some of the questions fans have, the Guardian Technology, create new villains, or expand upon the Yiga Tribe, or both. Also, it was hinted at in the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, that the Bublins follow the strongest leader, this would also give them an opportunity to explain a bit about them, and find out what exactly happened to them, since all we see in Breath of the Wild is Moblins, Bokoblins, and Lizalfos, besides the elemental wizard things that run around in a circle in the air (i forgot what they were called). Personally though, i think the Yiga Tribe has the most to gain for expansion, and if the next Zelda game were about them regaining power, trying to expand their influence, and in so doing, forcing the Sheikahs to take more of an active role in the development of their world, then i'd be all for that. I think alot of people would be for that too as it would probably lead to some inclusion of Impa's story about what all she was up to during the Calamity, and how she got involved with Link's return.
Matt Martin (10 months ago)
I would like real dungeons, the kind that you can be busy with for days. Not these 5 minute or less shrines. I'd happy give up some of the girth of the world to have some legitimate puzzles that you don't just walk through; doing it because it's part of finishing the game, but actually stumped on what to do. I would also like to actually earn my magic arrows and for that matter earn magic period. I want to be able to carry a limited number of arrows and earn larger quivers. Weapons breaking is great, but the amount of time you have with high grade weapons is a regular disappointment. And maybe it'd be cool to play with the joycons separately, one sword the other shield?
Coffee Addict (10 months ago)
Till 2021 please i barely started playing
Autumn Smith (10 months ago)
Well, honestly, Im hoping its Wii U, cause my family is really poor and we just cant keep affording new game systems.
Autumn Smith (10 months ago)
Well, honestly, Im hoping its Wii U, cause my family is really poor and we just cant keep affording new game systems.
Autumn Smith (10 months ago)
Well, honestly, Im hoping its Wii U, cause my family is really poor and we just cant keep affording new game systems.
Autumn Smith (10 months ago)
Well, honestly, Im hoping its Wii U, cause my family is really poor and we just cant keep affording new game systems.
Jeremiah Bourget (10 months ago)
I want a skyward sword HD and then a 3d four swords for the brand new Zelda for the Nintendo Switch.
BCT Alicorn (10 months ago)
I wouldn't mind the next Zelda to have a more linear story, if it means the story is something I actually want to be invested in. I still want an open world, but the story needs to be stronger and more coherent.
BCT Alicorn (10 months ago)
In fact, they could make it like Majora's Mask (smaller and story/character-driven) and I'd love it.
bee bee2o (10 months ago)
bring back the other items! it'd be really cool to be maybe the clawshot or other items from past games revamped!
Caffeine (10 months ago)
I don't know why everyone is going apeshit over this news. Nintendo always starts working on the next game almost immediately.
Hussein Ramadhani (10 months ago)
I want to see Traditional dungeons, cool bosses , a lot variety of enemies in the over world a lot of towns, and a new villain with good backstory, and to expand on breath of the wild's lore.
GoldRPG (10 months ago)
I think the next Zelda game will be about Hyrule being restored. So everything, like the temple of Time, will be rebuilt, hyrule castle will be restored from all malice, there will be a new king, and the 4 champion descendants will control the divine beasts.
Jaedon Games & More (10 months ago)
I think the next Zelda game should be 100 years ago of breath of the wild
Artemis Arrow (10 months ago)
I would like to see a Zelda with rpg elements. It's never been done, at least in a very very long time. Maybe this time it is Link who is kidnappend by Ganon (or a new villain) and an unknown hero of your own design must trek across the world to free him.
ColuiCheVive (10 months ago)
Maybe a Remake
J0k3R_92 (10 months ago)
Would it be feasible to use the same engine of botw, but to make the graphics look darker and more realistic (à la Twilight Princess)? I loved the graphics in BOTW, but I think it would be great to see such a game with darker graphics for a change, because they have been going with the cell-shading thing since skyward sword.
CreedTv (10 months ago)
It would be Skyward Sword HD. It will release in 2021,10 years of Skyward Sword and 35 years of The Legend of Zelda.
FlutteringFilms (10 months ago)
Actually defeating ganon
Master Penguin (10 months ago)
What I'm hoping for is a sequel about the restoration of Hyrule Kingdom after Ganon's defeat.
Native valleyboy (10 months ago)
They need a fairy companion again
Ye Boi Louie (10 months ago)
which unlike last time will be delayed only 4 times!
Tina Jackson (10 months ago)
maybe the next game may be a game when all the link come toghether like a multiplayer title with dungeons sometimes like in botw and fight all the ganons in the games like it might be hard to make 8bit link but its worth a shot.
Every Day Is April 1ST (10 months ago)
I myself think this new zelda game could be a gateway into even more advanced features that other games will follow up on in the future
Emrys Wledig (10 months ago)
They should another where it takes place outside of Hyrule. You know how Hyrule is populated by Hylians (pointed ears, magical, hear spirits)? I was thinking of a setting where there's a country mostly populated by ordinary humans (round ears, not able to hear spirits or cast magic) and they'd have their own version of the Master Sword, but as a greatsword instead of a longsword.
Jonah Salcido (10 months ago)
I just hope it's multiplayer
Jonah Salcido (10 months ago)
I just hope it's multiplayer
Jonah Salcido (10 months ago)
I think that in the next zelda game you can see hyrule built and play in the built world in would be ausome
Jonah Salcido (10 months ago)
I think that in the next zelda game you can see hyrule built and play in the built world in would be ausome
Ethan Sines (10 months ago)
OH (bleep) YEAH!!! YEEEEEES!!! I hope it's as good as Breath of the Wild!
The Timelords (10 months ago)
Lets just hope they learn from their mistakes with BotW
Ric Brennan (10 months ago)
Okay so my thoughts on what they could do for the next Legend of Zelda game could look like may be kind of the same thing they did for Majora's Mask. For that game they pretty much just used the same engine as Ocarina of Time, and made it into Majora's Mask. If they do the same for the next Legend of Zelda game I think that they can make a new game in just a few years if they follow the same engine as Breath of the Wild. Instead of making a completely new engine and taking another six years again just to release it they could just do this. But there is also something I heard somewhere (I forget where) that Nintendo will be making the next Legend of Zelda game for mobile, I don't know if this is true or not. If it is for the switch somethings that I would love to see added is: a crap ton of side quests, a lot of temples, open world, takes a long time to play through (long story line), and take place before Skyward Sword to explain more about the history of the world. I know there was a lot of explaining about everything that happened in the history, but wouldn't it just be amazing to play a game about the great war that ended Goddess Hylia with Skyloft going upwards? Or a game that takes place in the Twilight Realm, because there isn't really much we know about that place, and who the Twili really are, except for theories we might have. Also about Breath of the Wild, I really do hope they add a few more DLC packs because I did love every single one of them, and it was an amazing game. But Nintendo doing so would be very unlikely because they're probably busy with development of their new game in the series. So an idea I have for the DLC is, obviously adding new costumes, but maybe add a way to switch between the time with the Champions and the time where you beat Ganon, this would be a really cool idea. Something I've always wanted in the game was for a brand new area in the ocean with islands that you can travel to, kind of like Windwaker. Because there's this huge vast ocean and you can barely go far into is, all there is is Eventide island. Also something else that could be really cool is if they add caves that you can go in and find a few gems or chests and other things. I know there are a few small caves here and there with shrines and stuff in them, but having caves for other purposes woule be cool. An idea that could go with the ocean area or caves is, adding a few small shrine like temples/dungeons just to have other means for exploration. These are all ideas that I have felt that i always wanted to be added to the game, even though it's pretty unlikely it would still be amazing to have.
Chillin’Dylan 1999 (10 months ago)
If the next one is going to be made on the Switch(or 3DS idk), I would REALLY love for traditional dungeons to come back while somewhat keeping the BoTW formula; and to add on top of it Story-wise, I would really like it to have a feel like Skyward Sword or something 🤷🏻‍♂️
DAnDy's Secret Woodshop (10 months ago)
I would like to see a more dynamic combat system within the game. Each weapon doesn't have to have a different combo, but at least different moves for swords, boomerangs, spears, and big swords. There should also be a progression in special moves like in Twilight Princess. I'd like at least 6 to 8 real dungeons that are much longer, I wouldn't mind a couple of divine beasts, but I miss the real bosses and mini bosses along with the complex puzzles. I know nintendo didn't want to add a hookshot, but the least they could do is add one with a shot limit or something. Maybe they should have Link revisit Termina or something, as long as it's different than Hyrule. The last two things I would like is more of a variety of enemies and more tools that can be used in the overworld.
AJM-03 Gaming (10 months ago)
I hope it is similar to/ sequel to phantom hourglass or spirit tracks
Im Fintix (10 months ago)
I'm hope for a new zelda game with a better main story then botw but it still needs alot of side quest to do. What if the ocarina of time came back in the new zelda game?
TheNintendoDude (10 months ago)
im super hyped now and hope it launches in 2019 or 2020 'cause that would be in only 2 or 3 years that it launches
Colton Lindley (10 months ago)
Hello CR! I hope that you get to read this comment! Okay, so Nintendo is in another post Oot predicament. They just released a world changing game, BotW, that is comparable to OoT in 1999. Nintendo followed Oot up with a life changing, top 3 worthy, zelda game, in just two years nevertheless(Majora). But what I think is more realistic and expectable, is a few wii U remakes. I think that BotW has brought in a huge number of brand new zelda fans, and once they'd finished BotW, they would start to explore the franchise; only to realize that all the hot, modern HD games(SS,TP,WW) are on the wii u, a system that they probably don't have. But a switch remake would bring in a huge new amount on those games, without the effort of a brand new game. This also harkens to nintendo’s eye widening goal of switch sales. Pokemon Switch(Sinnoh remake?), would do the trick, But I think that Zelda switch remakes will make the new BotW zelda fans happy that they don't have to go back in time and buy the wii u, an outdated system. But this is Nintendo we are talking about and they will porbably just come out of the gates and surprise us all with some random popular franchise like SSB. So that was my view on zelda and switch progress from here on, I hope you touch on this in your next video. Now, this is less serious, but also, maybe not as a new game, but what would be awesome as a DLC or something would be some addition of twilight realm/Midna. Because unlike someplace like Termina, or (gag) Hytopia, the twilight realm is a dimension, not a province. So no matter where our most recent hyrule is geography wise, the twilight realm is still accessible. Now, of course, there was the memorable shrine quest involving the mirror of twilight. A cute nod to an amazing game, but it would be cool if it amounted to something, maybe even with Midna still being alive, and/or recognizing Link’s spirit with TP Link. After all, it shows a mirror of twilight not quite as destroyed as the one in TP. But let’s not get our hopes up!
Colton Lindley (10 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm (10 months ago)
Very interesting take. Will definitely have it in mind when we begin scripting on Thursday.
Erick Maverick (10 months ago)
Breath of the Wild set a pretty high standard for a Zelda game. Really makes me wonder how Aonuma can outdo it.
Brittany Leal (10 months ago)
I hope we see some more Child or Adult timeline games. Those ones have less games than Fallen. (We don't know where BotW lies yet but regardless, Fallen has the most games.) A new personality for Zelda would be refreshing. Also, more Impa!
Vsauce Puppet (10 months ago)
My personal guess is it’s going to be about after the effects of calamity ganon! I think you might be able to move to new lands maybe via the divine beast so you can restart hyrule! You and multiple people board the divine beasts to go to another land, but then, you get attacked by maybe yiga or ancient warriors in the waters and then you get washed up and you have to find your way back to Zelda maybe? Just a guess
Unity Front (10 months ago)
I want to see all the really old monsters like guma, dairas, Garinyas and this stuff. More diversity, more landmass, better sidequests, maybe a good old trading or postman quest. And more than 9 of the 30+ races of hyrule, politics between them (conflict between zoras and zolas, gerudos and hylians, maybe gerudo traditionalists under the rule of the only male and gerudo loyalists under the rule of the gerudo chief, furthermore another appearence of the dekus, monkeys, subrosians, tokays, yook and anoukis) I think, they should have used the temperatur more in special shrines or regions like the dschungel. And mybe include another vulcanic area in the south, mybe a single volcano or a giant subrosian world. And no invisible world walls, the player should be able to walk out of the map in the hot desert or vast tundra without possibilities to supply, or sail in stormy and icy sea endlessly. Maybe make a single minidungeon in every direction outside of the map. I actually don´t mind the story, mainly much content and lore, hidden in wallscripts. -different monsters (with different fighting styles), more peoples and sidequests, better use of the klima (maybe seasons in hyrule central and some near countries), lore. And maybe, but not necescary, a fresh story.
Unity Front (10 months ago)
I forgot: More dynamic in economy, different prices for goods (hyrule-rice cheaper in hateno than kakriko, tabanta-wheat cheap in hebra ect.), the possibilty to buy and sell some weapons, melking cows and goats for milk, cheese or butter, burn a building or bring some people together. Over this, canalisations, suburbs, taverns, criminals weren´t as present as expected. The overworld could take some of the cavesystems seen in TP, maybe even with minibosses at the end. They have to include King Bulbo (or Bulblin Chiefs) and some other big enemies to the minibosses, so the giant octorok, hinted at in the zora history ut never found in botw, include it in the next game. More hostile animals and plants. Real treasures like collars, growns, belts and trinking horns.
I hope the next Zelda is going to be what Majoras Mask was for Ocarina of Time. I would like to see a much more dense game than Breath of the Wild, with less areas to explore, but therefore bigger and more diverse dungeons. Also, it would be great to see a clocktown like setting, just more expensive with maybe even guilds, more quests... Basically like a more classic RPG but with the physic engine of Breath of the Wild. I mean, it would fit. Breath the Wild took inspiration from the first Legend of Zelda, so "Majora of the Wild" could be inspired by Links Adventure
Ricky (10 months ago)
Subbed; a thumbnail and youtuber of this quality deserves to be appreciated lol
Ladydeathaly Nation (10 months ago)
Nintendo pliz add clasic zelda temple for the next game
Frozen Death Knight (10 months ago)
Considering that Nintendo wants to make Zelda more open world with their 3D installments like BotW, I would like the developers to focus more on adding more varied and larger dungeons than BotW ended up having. While I appreciate the scale of the world and the amount of shrines (80 would have been more than enough if they made the Divine Beasts more engaging), my biggest gripe with the game is that the were no true dungeons. Not to mention that having 120 shrines with the same, blue colour scheme and every Divine Beast boss being just another form of Ganon were pretty annoying. Also, make the story have a bit more of a center stage. So many missed opportunities of not having travelling companions tag along with Link when in a Divine Beast or experiencing backstories of the characters by not having them playable. I would love to have Zelda tag along on the adventure for once. Another thing I think needed improvement was the music. Say what you want about Skyward Sword, but that game had an excellent soundtrack. BotW was honestly pretty lackluster overall when compared to every other Zelda game in Nintendo's catalogue. The trailer music for the game was honestly more memorable than a huge portion of the in game soundtrack.
Alexander Ripa (10 months ago)
I hope they focus a Little more on the story, not so much i detracts from the game but more than botw
They wanna smash me?! (10 months ago)
Caeculia (10 months ago)
Motion control returns ;P
Bad News (10 months ago)
I hope they remake n64 zeldas but in botw graphics
Herr Hashtag (10 months ago)
Its going to be great
theBeastcub (10 months ago)
I was born a month after the first Zelda game, the series and I are the same age.... and I fear we are gonna be freaken 40 by the time the next console game comes out :I
Featherfall (10 months ago)
I believe the Zelda team could go 1 of 2 ways, visually, with the next title. Because BOTW was a mix between a realistic style and a cartoony style to give it that "anime look," visually, we could be getting a more realistic Zelda like TP or return to a goofy and cheerful style like WW. I also believe that the game will be a bit more linear because of (in my opinion) BOTW's lack of story attention and depth. Of course, the team will follow the new open world formula a bit, but now that they've ventured into new territory with BOTW, we might see a more return to what they know, like OOT or TP.
Pskilla502 (10 months ago)
I think the consensus is that people want a realistic, story driven sequel, like TP was for OoT, but open world.
Bryan Autumn (10 months ago)
Try not to over hype this with unrealistic expectations like you did DLC2 and we'll hopefully like the game better than botw
Aidan Or (10 months ago)
We need to fix some errors in Botw for the next Zelda, these are (in my opinion): amiibo only functionality No underwater swimming – even with the Zora armour – imagin all the underwater shrines and caverns that could be explored, like in the Witcher or Assassin's Creed games. Limited crafting system – rare materials could be used to make stronger/more durable versions of weapons/armour/shields normally obtainable as drops or bought. You could maybe even make new items/runes or repair equipment more storage options for weapons/shields – 3 each for bows, melee and shields was a bit too small for me Tedious combat after mid game, especially when fighting lynels, it's not hard, it's just boring and destroys your weapons A bad way of increasing difficulty – harder variants of puzzles would have been nice, the Trial of the Sword also didn't work well with regenerating health, especially with those silver lizalfos and water in level 10. A (much) larger health bar would have been so much better than regenerating definite timeline placement the hookshot clawshot or a bug-net – fairies fly too high when crouched No OHKOs to force stealth.
Pskilla502 (10 months ago)
My thoughts on the upgrades are that you can't just continually upgrade a lower tier weapon indefinitely. For example, the upgrades for the equivalent of a traveler's sword or a boko club would be extremely limited, but higher level items, such as a royal broadsword, would have much better improvements. Enemies would drop weapons and shields, but they would be of lower quality, and would have fewer upgrade choices. Also, these enemies would, for the most part, only have weapons of their particular variety. Good weapons just lying around would be few and far between. The best option for finding good weapons would be to craft them yourself, or purchase them from a smith.
Aidan Or (10 months ago)
Yeah upgrades would be cool btu then there's less incentive to craft your own weapons from scratch which in turn would decrease the usefulness of items like ore or whatever. Yeah a banking system would be good and you could increase weight with korok seeds or equivalent currency. I also just thought of another thing that would be cool: having more than 3 weapon types, the variety is really cheap, also the whole reason you'd use a spear is to hide behind a sheild while you thrust, for increased defence (as well as reach).
Pskilla502 (10 months ago)
Underwater swimming is a must Maybe having a crafting system would be cool - Like you can collect more minerals and things by mining, which u can sell to blacksmiths at forges, or smelt yourself, and create weapons/armor/shields at an anvil. Maybe the forges can also be a place where u can buy/sell gear, like u can sell materials, food and some armor at regular stores. Maybe have more of a distinction between clothing items, for who u can sell to (buy or sell regular clothing from a store, armor from a forge). What about being able to upgrade your gear at forges, by using materials at an anvil to add bonus stats. Think like the upgraded attack, critical hit, throw distance, extra shots for bows, elemental attacks/resistance, added defense for armor, etc. Make it so that weapons break much less frequently, and armor never breaks. They could also be repaired at a forge. For storage, they could also remake the inventory system, setting the limit on how much stuff u can carry on weight, and allow you to store items in a chest. Maybe have these chests somehow connected, so u can access your stuff from anywhere. Also, have the max carry weight increase over the course of the game by getting collectibles.

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