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CRÉDITOS: iTemp Plays: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxE76PmXA8V_5wHOWGpRrmA Teeqzy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPfbeY3kg4c&t ► Sígueme: ➜ Twitter Oficial: https://twitter.com/BlackTowerYT ➜ Facebook Oficial: https://www.facebook.com/BlackTowerYT ➜ Instagram Oficial: blacktoweryt ► Canal de Discord: https://discord.gg/FBSXYkR ► Mi PC Procesador Intel Core i7-4790 3.60Hz Ram: 16 GB Tarjeta Gráfica Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8 GB Teclado: Scorpion K9 Mouse: HV.MS898 Micrófono: Blue Yeti Blackout Audífonos: G4000
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Text Comments (3657)
Primo Papadimitropoulos (20 minutes ago)
I got 0 kill no
Wimpie Roozemond (23 minutes ago)
0 kills🤩
VICTORY OF FRANCE 2018 (44 minutes ago)
Tunahan Kartal (46 minutes ago)
My record is 7 kills XD
Tm14 Flash (1 hour ago)
No way No way No way
Keinnor Bulalas (1 hour ago)
My record is 16 kills
AlanB 13 (2 hours ago)
He just have good gaming chair
Leonel Rodriguez (4 hours ago)
MiNSLaVO (4 hours ago)
So crazt guys shit 43 kills brother )))
Gage Gardner (6 hours ago)
It ain't Obeezy (6 hours ago)
my highest kill game is 9 and I thought I was good lmao
It ain't Obeezy (6 hours ago)
I've won a solo with no kills before by accident. I camped the whole game and was in build battle with the last guy and the builds locked him in the storm
Hisoka Zoldyck (7 hours ago)
0 Kills is more exciting
Nightmare Core Fire 29 (7 hours ago)
0:56 song name
Lukas Qose (9 hours ago)
43 kills wtfff this guy is amazing
Currenttly * (9 hours ago)
The guy who got 43 kills isnt even that nice honestly if he wouldve came up against my squad he wouldve got shit on. He cant build for shit. Dude was up against straight bots the whole match
Eleven Agario (11 hours ago)
my record 11 kils i was 1 vs 11
Kooi_ (13 hours ago)
3:17 give me this resolution
jack1010mm 1 (17 hours ago)
My record is 9 kill game but no win that game
z Royale (18 hours ago)
thats shit
spaghetti 1004 (19 hours ago)
Is that 43 vs 1😂😂
Ruth Kurtmann (20 hours ago)
Is harder to make 0 kills victory than 43 kills victory!!:)
francisco garcia (21 hours ago)
Ves better than ninja
Jana Engel (22 hours ago)
This guy is Crazy !!!🤩🤯😵
Hugo09 Des (1 day ago)
tekzy à fait 45 kills mais il y en a deux qui on pas conter mais il les a tuer en dégât de chut
Lukasz Besztak (1 day ago)
Gracelynn Denney (1 day ago)
How the heck did he get 43 kills
Chaos _ (1 day ago)
He's out here runing in to 43 people a game and i can barely find one person
André Feistauer (1 day ago)
Nizze (1 day ago)
my record is 14
VOPIK 202 (1 day ago)
it was 45
0:41 THE WOOD IS 666
Warriors Of Eo (1 day ago)
around 50% of the video was his own skill. the other 50% is the bullshit rng of the game saving him from death multiple times
Denis Pettesren (1 day ago)
im 10 kill victory player my record is 19 kills
Emmanuel Mikhail (1 day ago)
Mr 43 kills is better than ninja my record is only 13 LOL
山下恵美子 (1 day ago)
MaskD (2 days ago)
my record is 22 kills
Milan Van der pol (2 days ago)
My record is 34 you are great in fortnite
Adam Holzinger (2 days ago)
back when shotguns werent shit
Franklin Clinton (2 days ago)
That’s not mobile. In mobile players user name is not shown
Joaquim Pessotto (2 days ago)
My record is 9 kils
Sloud Wolf (2 days ago)
My record is 23kills
da dai (2 days ago)
GVLWorlds (2 days ago)
He probably just had a really good gaming chair...
TSM_ Daequan (2 days ago)
Better than I am !
Taze CAE (2 days ago)
my recod is 8kills
Parvesh D. Singh (2 days ago)
Wait, the second guy uses “A” for a wall? How does he move left?
Hazzin (2 days ago)
Wow good job making money from teeqzys hard work
VkiodV (2 days ago)
Steeling content without premition
Ttt Ttt (2 days ago)
Euan Yt (2 days ago)
Should be 45 kills
april hancock (2 days ago)
Nice Video I laughed all the way through
zBimsLegit • YT (2 days ago)
my Record is 28 Kills
santiago craft (2 days ago)
My record kills is 4
RonNy43 (3 days ago)
Milenium teeqzy is the best player in the world
001Hine (3 days ago)
my record is 5
Tausif Nafi (3 days ago)
0 kill victory!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan MC (3 days ago)
That guy who got 43 kills probably destroy ninja like in 1 second
KingCJ (3 days ago)
Guys my record is 4 and I feel happy :D
Lbrian Dunn (3 days ago)
I love it 😍
FrZ (3 days ago)
Rap andGuitar (3 days ago)
Aw, fuck, 2:26
Carter Conlon (3 days ago)
My record is 17
yahya mataraci (3 days ago)
bx nce kills
/Reportage Football \ (3 days ago)
superbe vidéo sur fofo! ;) si vous pouvez passer voir mon montage sur fortnite (du fail et du fun) ! Merci d'avance ;)
OYAYEWA No (3 days ago)
43 Bots???
Resky (3 days ago)
That's insane.. my highest kill in one game was 1... Bush camping 😂😂
Barbara Poma (3 days ago)
New ninja!
NatanGraWGry 718 (3 days ago)
43 kills I think it's a private server match
Siobian Powell (3 days ago)
3:16 reminds me of budokai tenkaichi 3 on low graphics.
BadHuman6 (3 days ago)
lama gif plsssssssssss!!!
_JayBuzz501 _ (3 days ago)
My record is 16
David Ventura Boxing (3 days ago)
3:40 I thought he was playing San andreas
ッメMatiDíaz (3 days ago)
Se hace el ingles el black
Supreme Snipes (3 days ago)
My record is 21
Omar Flores (3 days ago)
Philipp Daubermann (2 days ago)
I do everything just like him and still my shotguns hit for 32 and theirs for 52463...
sjaziek (3 days ago)
great enemy's tho... they all come one for one. dont hit anything. this were all noobs
SPLASH Gaming (3 days ago)
I think my highest kill was 11 or 12 one of those too
ItsJohnWiggle _ (3 days ago)
My record is 13 kills
Carlit 0 (3 days ago)
Who else always knock down people wthe sniper but dont gets the kill in team mode
Drago Shimada (3 days ago)
That fake reaction bro cuz its not your clip lmao
Drago Shimada (3 hours ago)
KingJonasPT i mean the first one u idiot
KingJonasPT (3 hours ago)
Drago Shimada what the actual fuck its not him reacting its the guy who did the 43 kill LOL
Brian Buchanan (3 days ago)
He still has a grey ar with 18 kills
五百蔵響生 (3 days ago)
RuShLaW GaMiNg (3 days ago)
Teeqzy le meilleur
Captain A Productions (3 days ago)
How is it that at 14:23, he has 41 kills and there is 5 players left then when he knocks down the sky base all 4 other players die but he has 43 kills and not 45?
Bigz C (3 days ago)
0:45 666 wood
Kars Hiijlkema (3 days ago)
My record is 34
SpoiledKitty (3 days ago)
Fadi Shakil (4 days ago)
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Connor Ha (4 days ago)
They were all trash at the game or noobs
StevenGamer (4 days ago)
Hay muchos gringos aqui xD
arirouge (4 days ago)
Asphalt8racing (4 days ago)
43 KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DrQAngle GT (4 days ago)
Ninja: I am the best Fortnite player French guy: Hold my beer
kevin mercau (4 days ago)
How to kill your squad with the new Fortnite car in season https://youtu.be/YMY1yYGgVNM
LucProXDPitt 21 (4 days ago)
Alex (4 days ago)
43 kills? More than ninja kills
The djimmy65 (4 days ago)
coolestpenguingamer1 (4 days ago)
A 0 kill victory impossible because you need to kill last person

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