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So I played 3 more horrible games Steam recommended to me..

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I appreciated all the love when I tried this the first time, so let's see what recommendations Steam has for me in this episode.. Follow me on Twitter! ► https://twitter.com/JayKubzScouts Watch me on Twitch! ► http://www.twitch.tv/thekubzscouts Follow our Instagram! ► https://www.instagram.com/thekubzscouts/ --------------------------- We're here to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, so any negative comments will be automatically deleted! Thanks for watching!
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fred white (5 hours ago)
I know you were trying to be entertaining BUT I know where Kentucky is!!! that was rude of you to say that Kentuckians don't know where their state is -_-
Hey Jay, I have 3 recommend horror RPG games! 1. Ib (By: Kouri) "A young girl has been invited to an art gallery of the famous artist Guertena, little did she know that she'll be trapped in his art forever." 2. Witch's House (By: Fummy) "Viola discovers a mysterious house standing in the muddle of the forest. Will she find something important inside? Or will someone find her instead?" 3. Mad Father (By: Sen) "After her mother passed away, what left for Aya Drevis' family is to keep going is her father's love. Regardless if she knows her father's secret." That's all! Hope you play these horror RPG games! It's rlly nice. Btw Jay, ur THAT DUDE.
Cherry Bomb (1 day ago)
Dogy dog
cocolover (3 days ago)
I'm just crying right now because Jay don't know where Kentucky is.
Haru Chan (5 days ago)
The First game Leviathan mean Something Powerful. I dunno I just searched it in Dictionary.
berry2363 berry (6 days ago)
That dog going to get dietbeties
*Corgi Nation* (6 days ago)
heng mouy (10 days ago)
*leviathan* why the hell does this game sound like a pokemon?!?
good cat bad cat (11 days ago)
Creators Archive (11 days ago)
How in the god damn did you get Oregon?
wafflecon 822 (12 days ago)
"people in Kentucky don't even know where Kentucy is!"
ThePurpleSoul (12 days ago)
The sentence below is true The sentence above is false
Boboiboy Galaxy (14 days ago)
The first one "what in the world
Starzy Nightsスター (14 days ago)
TribalMations (16 days ago)
That high note doe
Felina TheKat (16 days ago)
9:54 OPERA JAY!!
Joseph Mitchell (17 days ago)
You know i’m from kentucky so i’m offended😠(not really i know what u mean)
Chandere Yan (17 days ago)
Jay: Okay, so if you're beating up the bullies because you got bullied, doesn't that make YOU the bully because you're bullying the bullies? That was redundent. 😁
Fluffy Gamer1912 (17 days ago)
*What in the goddamn?*
JBJ STARGAMER (18 days ago)
I wanna eat some chicken Jay from yandere simulator
Eriaz 12 (18 days ago)
Honestly the first game is alot like bum rush which is what it sounds like. Everything is similiar except the bum rush game is free and has way less supporting story.
Scruffy Mew (19 days ago)
Bullying the bully because bullying bully
Brooklyn England (20 days ago)
Geez I'm from Kentucky
Emmanuel Washington (20 days ago)
Dolphin Lover (20 days ago)
* Turns on headphone volume to full* Jay: HEY- ME: HOLY SHIT
JoJo și cărțile ei (29 days ago)
Hey, mah name is Georgia! Why did u messed up there?!
Girls Nation Gaming (30 days ago)
He guessed Oregon right and nothing else. I approve.
Nora Theo (1 month ago)
When a grown adult doesn’t even know where each state is... wow I’m impressed
Hsjshshhd Hshshahhs (1 month ago)
1:19 is at the KFC HAHAHAHAHA
Sloshytomcatt (1 month ago)
*is from kentucky* EXCUSE ME WHAT
sssammiee (1 month ago)
PeOpLe fRoM kEnTucKy dONt eVeN kNoW wHeRe kEnTuCkY iS
Neko_Olivia_Chan (1 month ago)
I live in Kentucky 😭
Deepest Nacho Shark (1 month ago)
Advise on how to find Kentucky from someone who lives in Ohio, it's right under the state vaguely heart-shaped (thank you "I Ohio voting" stickers and "My heart is in Ohio" shirts for pointing it out XD)
L.a. Rus (1 month ago)
i wanna see more of the doggo game
ႶShamiruHinata (2 months ago)
The last game is so cutee
Liu (2 months ago)
Jay, I know this is an old video and you might not be checking it anymore, but you should play the "Good Doggo" game again. You need to upgrade "neater toss" to keep the treats closer together as they fall, and "neater balance" so the stack isn't so wobbly!
Hannah Davies (2 months ago)
0:17 leviathon is a ride at canadas wonderland
CocoCloud264 (2 months ago)
Omg my OC’s name is Coco lol 😂😂 love your videos Jay
XxCupcake_JellyXx (2 months ago)
Call it Steam random games 😂
Sky Nix21 (2 months ago)
Hahahahah Found a glitch (Still gets killed in the end)
Condee 4life (2 months ago)
Jay:Who the hell knows where Kentucky is?! PEOPLE FROM KENTUCKY DONT KNOW WHERE KENTUCKY IS!!
XxMLGThe MasterboyxX (2 months ago)
Whenever Jay loses his mind and rages over the price, i lose my voice laughing.
Hawky Hawk (2 months ago)
btw the zombie that ate the mom of the brothers was mark (talking bout the walking dead) idk why I'm telling you here but I'm guessing you don't check comments on the walking dead vids
YanPPT Dev (2 months ago)
They are recommended so you will download that for the VID BTW YOUR THAT DUDDDEEE
Elyssa (2 months ago)
Who else thought of Local58 when Jay was doing the America test? Because in a video called Local58 - Contingency, it said “the 51st state doesn’t exist” or something
Adrijus THE POOP MAN!!!! (2 months ago)
that dog game that was free was like 50 million times better than those 2 other paid games combined
onlinesexy (2 months ago)
Nesiclor (2 months ago)
"what is this!? bring your weapon to school day!?" so says the guy who brings dead bodies to show and tell
collin B (2 months ago)
O my God your funny!!!!
Please notice me Jaypai ;-;
Devildaily (3 months ago)
You Should Play Plague Inc. Evolved!
Uncledude 123 (3 months ago)
Oh it’s getting so wobbly 70fiuuuu
1:24 I just moved to Kentucky like a month ago I feel personally attacked
Dee Dee Playz (3 months ago)
Jay: Missouri's right here *clicks California* Me who lives in California: -_-
Elysa Magno (3 months ago)
Girl Scout (3 months ago)
I am so entertained here 😎😂
Ajla Husic (3 months ago)
Jay its faster toss and you are that dude
RandomGames 212 (3 months ago)
Vanity (3 months ago)
i m f r o m k e n t u c k y . . .
xXCookie GirXx (3 months ago)
When you click Kentucky on Ohio, I died inside a little, but yet I don't know where Arizona is at. 😂
Daydreamsgalore (3 months ago)
“But you know who’s stronger?!? Me and my big man boobs!!” ~Jay, 2018
MeIsNooshi - (3 months ago)
I love the last game jay keep up the gd work ps ur THAT DUDE
Phantasm (3 months ago)
ok so jay cant find my state
Skunichi (3 months ago)
I live in Kentucky...😭😭
Kelsii Andrews (3 months ago)
This made me physically angry because THATS YANDERE CHAN 😡😡😡
Kelsii Andrews (3 months ago)
Thieves I tell you
*what in the God damn¿*
Preston Garvey (3 months ago)
I live in kentucky...and know where kentucky is.
sabrine Wolf (3 months ago)
I got a yandere sim myth 1: get the demon hands 2: kill the techers well the police come?
리태 (3 months ago)
What do u use to film ur vids ?
Swirly (3 months ago)
buckle up
The super Doge (3 months ago)
Dang that free dog game is good
bakubro (3 months ago)
School idol still looks and works better than yanderesim
Potatoe potatoe (3 months ago)
Everyone should know where Kentucky is.
PerryJeaney Cat (3 months ago)
Jay everyone can hear your wallet crying and the other guy is right it is crying 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😬😁😁😁😁😁😁😬😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁 Find the difference
Merii Ah (3 months ago)
BTS RAD (3 months ago)
instead of saying games recommended to me you should call this “three random games” like free random games
GummyGuineaPigz AJ (3 months ago)
“SHE SLICED ME LIKE A LOAF OF BREAD” don’t get the wrong idea, Jay.
Hannah Dietrich (3 months ago)
Dammit Steam...WHY YOU DO THIS US...WHAT DID WE EVER DO TO YOU...HOLY SHITU....Just Kidding And Great Video Jay
Engineer (3 months ago)
I live in Kentucky and I know where I live
Go Away. (3 months ago)
*Well Jay.*
wolf wil (3 months ago)
JAY IS THAT DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!
LucyElric1 (3 months ago)
Come on Jay, Kentucky is the one that looks like a chicken leg
The Lovestruck (3 months ago)
Play Undertale :)
Sade Balkissoon (3 months ago)
am i the only one who misses when jay used to curse in the intro
//Fuzzyyy MSP (3 months ago)
"Cool Kid" from the first game reminded me of MSP... JAY YOU SHOULD TRY MSPPPPPP
hey can you make video about snap.
Shay Verse (3 months ago)
Hello hello baby you called I can’t hear a thing I have got no service in the club you see you see what what did you say oh your breaking up on meh sorry I can not hear you I’m kinda busy. FINISH DA LYRIC
Jadyn Al-Ali (3 months ago)
Next gen games right here
Tayshonna Ryan (3 months ago)
Bete the doggy game edit:I can't spell
Bella Chen (3 months ago)
Trinity Mixon (3 months ago)
Can we make the good doggo game a series please???
Mutsumi-623 (4 months ago)
That doggo one would be a good mobile game.
ZeldaxShadow42 (4 months ago)
Why is that second game actually better quality than Yandere Simulator
jiminswife (4 months ago)
i remember watchig u alot SJSJS but now im back
Ken’s Diary (4 months ago)
Ya know he had to do it to em

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