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GTA 5 Easter Eggs - San Andreas Easter Eggs In GTA 5 Online

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Text Comments (42)
Jay Beardsmore (4 years ago)
I think that rockstar should add speeding tickets and new missions
Toby mackenzie (4 years ago)
king DOWG (4 years ago)
Why r u copying the ksi background music
Margaret Mennonna (4 years ago)
Pp9pl o9999p 99p99p O
Rachida Tanhate (4 years ago)
I got the dido from a cop
Alfonso Villegas (4 years ago)
Taef Dewan (4 years ago)
The High Life DLC (Update) is coming out on Tuesday 13th May 2014!
Mchalocodcmz (4 years ago)
Dj Singh (4 years ago)
If you are reading this the high life dlc is out this May 13 checkout R* NEWSWIRE
Ruth De Fatima (4 years ago)
TheCulexAlex (4 years ago)
Jakub Osada (4 years ago)
Hey teddy i want see in next dlc paint bike i really wanna have a crew colored bike Please it will be waesome
roy kooistra (4 years ago)
san andreas easter egg with a vice city thumbnail, come on icrazyteddy you can do better.
Dishank (4 years ago)
Do you guys remember "hot coffee" ? :P
shlomi levi (4 years ago)
Add me on ps3 Shlomixlevix13
DerpPlaysMC (4 years ago)
gta san andreas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ivan Maars (4 years ago)
Background Music? PLEASE?
#beenfly Gamer (4 years ago)
Benny is a cop and officer tinpenny the both died
Tevonte Jefferson (4 years ago)
Teddy your a gta king
iCrazyTeddy (4 years ago)
devon jameson (4 years ago)
Damian Butt (4 years ago)
He's doing this video cause he has nothing to post
Discopinguin2 (4 years ago)
Domislive already showed us this video before you
Xavior HAcks (4 years ago)
shebzydon (4 years ago)
Wow awesome stuff teddy thanks bro!
Stephen O'Loughlin (4 years ago)
Ah here wtf I subbed you at 12k and bever watched your videos and now I watch one and you have 200k dayuuuuuuummmm
Hellcat (4 years ago)
I've seen that before , didn't know it was an Easter egg
Dougie Lloyd (4 years ago)
well done teddy im a huge fan your amazing keep it up
Mohammad Awais (4 years ago)
Insure car solo glitch
vicinetwork321 (4 years ago)
Nice video! Keep it up! When do you think the next DLC(Highlife) for GTA online will come? I have been waiting for a while now...
Smallfrosty (4 years ago)
Hi teddy I miss the old Gta San Andreas sumtimes
TwoDynamic (4 years ago)
Sexy !
Rohan Johnson (4 years ago)
Add me on ps3 J_KILLAHZ
Damian Butt (4 years ago)
I'll add u
stilltrapping (4 years ago)
add iCrazyTeddy
super ryano (4 years ago)
Add me on ps3 my name superdeano2k12
Kevin Valerio (4 years ago)
Nice video bro
TFGreyFox (4 years ago)
Epic !!
iCrazyTeddy (4 years ago)
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luke carpenter (4 years ago)
Sup my hommie nice vid teddy keep it up
iCrazyTeddy (4 years ago)
Thanks Bro ;)
TheOpticHornet (4 years ago)
When is the store cars glitch?

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