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10 Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE You Need To BUY Quickly!

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This video is about 10 Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE You Need To BUY Quickly! ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ 25 AMAZING New SWITCH Games Just ANNOUNCED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIGQA5NDhqE -Follow Us - Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (4 months ago)
24 AMAZING New SWITCH Games Just ANNOUNCED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIGQA5NDhqE
버트런드 (3 months ago)
제목이..... 왈도..... 아쉽지만 굳이 한국어 번역에 돈들이기 애매하면 구글 번역기 말고 네이버 파파고에라도 쳐보시는게 결과가 좀 더 자연스러울거 같네요 :D
FLAMiNGO 394 (3 months ago)
Google play have better games then this ~ 🤢
AGATH0R (3 months ago)
I dont mind that the eshop is loaded with too much crap, were gettin sum nice deals on sum good indies!
魔王ルシファー (3 months ago)
한글말 왜 저럼? 구글 번역기 생각이 나네ㅋ
Grave Mind (3 months ago)
I don’t know why I thought the thumbnail of this video was ark evolved
Henry winkler (3 months ago)
Many of those games looked terrible, I hate how quickly some of these sales end 😭
Carl Lee (3 months ago)
Fuck all the developers who think 8bit and 16bit are "cool"
Kadisheo Farrell (4 months ago)
4:41 Did I just saw that robot pull out the Buster Sword?!
There's not a single game I would buy among those.
Felipe Pereira (4 months ago)
Thanks for the video, but no good deals to me. Please keep these videos coming, as I dont even open the eshop on my switch anymore because of your videos!
TheLightningYu (4 months ago)
Immortal Redneck is absolute Great... a classic Style of Ego-Shooter meets Rougelite. Mercenary and Yooka are nice Games... - the only other Games which i might look into would be this is the police and flinthook, but they have to wait...
Marc (4 months ago)
Your 'must make a 10min video' annoy me! This could have been 1/3 to half the time to show these!
SmashyPlays (4 months ago)
All these look like shit honestly
Haldun Lenger (4 months ago)
Still expensive...
Kajo TV (4 months ago)
More popular titles!! Pls
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
Hm I guess you mistook Late Shift's trailer with a trailer from a movie 🤔
B noza (4 months ago)
Wish you would list all the games and their prices in the description lol
Nice title!
Andrew Wabisabi383 (4 months ago)
Bought Immortal Redneck full price and was worth it. Picked up Yooka-Laylee on sale last night. Looks interesting. Mecha Storm looks interesting. May have to pick that one up.
Samuel (4 months ago)
when will good games get some discount? tired of seeing shit games getting offer
cameron richards (4 months ago)
Put names and time tag especially for these kinda stuff!!!
cameron richards (4 months ago)
Says the one is getting angry over some comment.🤔🤔
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
cameron richards you're annoying! Stop fucking commenting if nothing better you have to say is crap!
cameron richards (4 months ago)
Why are you so annoying?
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
cameron richards why don't you do it?
bacho beats (4 months ago)
bacho beats (4 months ago)
bacho beats (3 months ago)
Brandon Matarrita it means restricted aka 17+ like doom or payday 2
Brandon Matarrita (3 months ago)
bacho beats "R" rated?
Miadaskate (4 months ago)
I’ll wait for Yooka’s physical release from LRG.
Peter Quarz (4 months ago)
So if you preorder, you will definetly get it right? Or is there a maximum amount of copys they will produce? Sorry for stupidity :/
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
Only twice to tripe the price
NavaIMTutorial (4 months ago)
*Dear Switch.. Please STOP Make Games with SEGA GENESIS Graphics!! You Are BETTER THAN THAT!!*
TheLightningYu (4 months ago)
I actually play a fair share of both Kind of Games - Indie as well AAA Games, and they are equal to each other... AAA Games aren't Suprerior to Games like Stardew Valley or Shovel Knight... simply different... and if one console fits indie-games perfectly, than it's switch.... (and well - PC have way more Indie Games....)
Jesús P. (4 months ago)
Mobile games, more mobile games...
TheLightningYu (4 months ago)
If you see them as Mobile Games, than you don't know Mobile Games... Games like Immortal Redneck, Yooka (and other great Indie-Games) are way better then the most Mobile Games... and the rest of them which might be good are still different to these Games in term of content, qualitiy and gameplay...
Manuel Picarella (4 months ago)
Ed D (4 months ago)
30 for each game? You were doing better before. I think the older videos were 20-25
Ben Keppeler (4 months ago)
This channel is so shit. I like how you played that last game for 2.5 minutes just to make the 10min mark. Unsubscribed.
Jon Idoncair (4 months ago)
even on sale "this is the police" seems overpriced
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
Jon Idoncair why did you say that? Did you actually bought the game? Cause otherwise this comment doesn't seem reasonable because why didn't you comment that on every video to any game on sale?
Demsis xD (4 months ago)
With that title i expected at least one that wasn't an indie.
Demsis xD (3 months ago)
Mario Kart is on sale on every eShop :v haha if you mean with discount that would be different xD
Brandon Matarrita (3 months ago)
Demsis xD well mario kart is on sale in the japan echop
glo boy (4 months ago)
do you ever wanna change your loud ass intro ?
glo boy (4 months ago)
nowonmetube ik wym im on mobile and i try to turn it down but it wont let me lol
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
glo boy unfortunately not 😢 It rapes my ears, no matter how silent I had my volume set (and on phone I only can turn it down when audio plays already).
Zathid (4 months ago)
Late shift is a great game
Deathwing, Dragonlord (4 months ago)
It’s more like a move tbh
Jantzen Phillips (4 months ago)
Zathid kmbf
Chilebroz (4 months ago)
Anyone else notice they always go for the ten minute mark
Ernest Korsunov (4 months ago)
Chilebroz no shit
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
Alexandre Chevrier you answered that question yourself: because your phrasing was bad xd You were directing it to AlexhibitionTV and then you said "you're dumb" Btw I do the same too (read my other comment above)
Alexandre Chevrier (4 months ago)
nowonmetube My phrasing was bad, but how did you not understand that I was saying the people complaining are dumb? I completely agree with AlexhibitionTV, I do the same thing
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
Alexandre Chevrier wtf you call him dumb even though he does the same as you? Wtf dude. And why is AlexhibitionTV a special kind of dense when he explains it to the stupid???
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
AlexhibitionTV plus on the top right it shows how many time of the clip is left so it's REALLY EASY to skip to the next game. No reason to complain!
Martell Tha Cool (4 months ago)
These games doesn't look all that impressive
- - (3 months ago)
Lol what do you expect from mobile game Switch? It is literally using mobile phone GPU chip. That's why Switch games are shit lol.
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
Zathid see, that's what I was saying 😏
Zathid (4 months ago)
nowonmetube it’s a real life decision game of course it will look good
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
Martell Tha Cool Late Shift has impressive graphics!
The Vegan Punk (4 months ago)
More games I don’t want....
aWake (4 months ago)
Dafuq that long gameplay at the end for the 10 minutes..
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
aWake stfu. Don't watch his content if you just want free stuff and don't want to support them
SeanDS89 (4 months ago)
yup I was thinking the same thing... it's all good though, this channel is cool :)
magmastorm97 (4 months ago)
Was looking only for This is the police cause the price finally seems sweet to me. But of course it is not on the sale in our eShop. Hope it will appear there soon and it's just a mistake.
Alexandre Chevrier (4 months ago)
The only problem you can stumble upon is if the currency on the eshop is different from the one used by your payment method. One solution is to buy eshop gift cards on websites such as playasia, but you don't really get to choose the amount :/
nowonmetube (4 months ago)
issaciams who the fuck cares how a game like like to you??
magmastorm97 (4 months ago)
Alexandre Chevrier thank you, I definitely gonna try this way
Alexandre Chevrier (4 months ago)
You can just make an account and set it to the region where it's on sale and log onto this account on your switch, it's surprisingly easy!
issaciams (4 months ago)
magmastorm97 that game looked terrible in my opinion.
KingHans (4 months ago)
Like for GTA V 👍
Ben Keppeler (3 months ago)
Alejandroide it some says it is. In some ways it's also way less powerful than those
Forest Dave Sanchez (4 months ago)
Alejandroide the switch is more powerful than ps4 alone ur on drugs try to check specs, Switch can even run outlast 2 and resident evil 7 smoothly... And they test the gta V game 1080 with 30fps and definitely it would run the only problem is the memory capacity, GTA V needs a lot of space in the system
Alejandroide (4 months ago)
Ben Keppeler yeah becuause switch is less powerfull than xboxe 360 and ps3...
TheEniema (4 months ago)
STAR Gaming naah
Ben Keppeler (4 months ago)
sans the skeleton right, been saying this forever. And if it did it would be so minimal it would ruin the experience imo
Justin Saephan (4 months ago)
Please stop telling me to buy garbage games now.
Papa Heresy (4 months ago)
Who remembers when they had a list of the games and times and they were all in order?
Craig Morgan (4 months ago)
Happy Pufick (4 months ago)
Где Наруто шторм
Kero Kero (4 months ago)
sans the skeleton (4 months ago)
Kero Kero no one kares
no no (4 months ago)

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