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Top 40 NEW PC Games of 2018

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2018 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for those who game on PC. We're pretty excited for all the great stuff on its way, and it was hard to narrow it all down to just 40, but we've done it. Here's the games we think you should DEFINITELY check out this year. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv 40 FAR: Lone Sails Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One OS X Release Date: TBA 2018 39 Phantom Doctrine Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 2018 38 Abandon Ship Platform: PC Release Date: 21 Feb, 2018 37 UBOOT Platform: PC OS X Release Date: TBA 2018 36 Frostpunk Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 2018 35 Left Alive Platform: PC PS4 Release Date: TBA 2018 34 Dynasty Warriors 9 Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: 13 February 2018 33 Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom Platform: PC PS4 Release Date: 23 March 2018 32 Industries of Titan Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 2018 31 Dragon Ball FighterZ Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: January 26, 2018 30 Phoenix Point Platform: PC Linux Release Date: Q4 2018 29 Final Fantasy15 Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: March 6, 2018 28 Darksiders III Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: TBA 2018 27 Crackdown 3 Platform: PC Xbox One Release Date: Spring 2018 26 Pathologic 2 Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 25 Jurassic World Evolution Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: Q2/Q3 2018 24 System Shock 3 Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 2018 23 Dauntless Platform: PC Release Date: Q1-Q2 2018 22 Code Vein Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2018 21 Ace Combat 7 Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2018 20 Tropico 6 Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 2018 19 Battlefield 2018 Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: OCTOBER 2018 18 The Last Night Platform: PC Xbox One Linux Release Date: TBA 2018 17 Metal Gear Survive Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: February 20, 2018 16 Anno 1800 Platform: PC Release Date: Q1 2018 15. Praey For The Gods Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2018 14. State of Decay 2 Platform: PC Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2018 13. Far Cry 5 Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: March 27, 2018 12. Borderlands 3 Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2018 11. Kingdom Come Deliverance Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: February 13, 2018 10. Vampyr Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: 5 June 2018 9. Pillars of Eternity 2 Platform: PC Release Date: 3 April 2018 8. Age of Empires IV Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 2018 7. Hunt: Showdown Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 2018 6. Scorn Platform: PC Release Date: October 2018 5. Agony Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: March 30, 2018 4. Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 2018 3. Monster Hunter World Platform: Release Date: PC Q3-Q4 2018 Platform: Release Date: PS4 XBOX ONE January 26, 2018 2. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Platform: PC Release Date: September 21, 2018 1. Metro Exodus Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: Q4 2018
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Text Comments (3046)
D Fernandez (1 hour ago)
cant wait for state of decay 2 and the third tomb raider game which should be coming out in September. i hope they introduce bully 2 in E3. would also want a second indigo prophecy and true crime new york city
Sounds Positive (4 hours ago)
Ok this is type of top 10 or whatever the number is videos done right,you add numbers in the video and/or description so people can skip some shit they do not find attractive. Really satisfied to see some channels do this shit right.
Znorlax King (20 hours ago)
Gonna get a new PC that why I'm on here
KYGamer (1 day ago)
You left out Hell Let Loose!!!!!!
vin 950 (1 day ago)
about 4 interesting games this year amid a deluge of medicore and boring ideas. Exodus, System shock 3, Left Alive, State of Decay 2, Pillars of Eternity Deadfire are the only games here that are even remotely interesting. System shock 3 and Exodus are the only two that really stand out though. Kingdom Come deliverance is already out, and was one of my favorite games in a long time. Far cry 5 was a game I was looking forward too, but ended up being a mixed bag, with no new weapons and most of the old ones removed as well. The world is beautiful, but playing with just ten different guns or so is pretty boring.
U_r_stupid (1 day ago)
Scorn is Bio Arbouroris
Helpertin (1 day ago)
crackdown doesn't make sense to me... if I were a citizen of that universe I would regard the police war criminals at least.
Guanlan Su (2 days ago)
Hunter Jenkins (2 days ago)
I've been a PC gamer ever since the first Red Alert came out back in the day and ultimately I'm waiting on the game that combines the styles and play of WoW, Unreal Tournament/Battlefield, Homeworld and some other ingredient I can't quite put my finger on yet. It would be a massive game that would require a lot of programming and mapping. I guess I crave an MMORPG/FPS/turn based RTS. I imagine a game set in space where every one starts out like some sort of Space Pirate (Serenity) and you travel from planet to planet/star system/galaxy leveling up gaining XP in First or Third person and you can conquer certain areas where you can build bases with clans/guilds. If I had my finger on the pulse for the crafting of the game, I would make it take a long while to level. No shortcuts (like giving noobs a lvl 50 deathknight or some crap). I would make the game graphically demanding and if possible try to have it all play on 1 massive server. With each update or patch adding maybe a new star system or every add-on introduce another galaxy and races of character. Make it incredibly customisable to the point where no character is allowed to look exactly like another. Seriously, a game that is influenced by MMORPG's and a FPS in one. I can dream and fantasize. I used to make maps on UT, SC, WC3 and NeverWinter Nights. In useless when it comes to coding but I have a big imagination.
AJ/ PJ (2 days ago)
age of empiers i must have it. and i must say that monster hunting world look like a copy of ARK
Jack Snuller (3 days ago)
Many of these will never come out. Let alone 2018. Rest will be crappy console ports. No reason in 2018 to own a gaming pc unless you still play wow and counterstrike.
Manolis Kraniotakis (3 days ago)
Where is Fortnite?
Mike B (3 days ago)
AOE4 in 2018? Never gonna happen.
hepzibah (4 days ago)
metal gear survive is above ni no kuni 2? Wtf are you smoking?
Beenge Novemsky (4 days ago)
is it just me or r most of these games similar, like this guy likes a certain kind of game and only shows it
Ukyo82 (5 days ago)
You miss one major game - Soul Calibur 6 who actually is one of few games i am inspired about from 2018 PC games
MiLo L. (5 days ago)
"Top" they say.....
Peter Pan (5 days ago)
Not interested in 90% of the shown games. Another garbage year ...
Local Avacodo (5 days ago)
j06 (6 days ago)
Holy shit I almost forgot about mount and blade
Brian Heuer (6 days ago)
It makes me cry a little when I see Blizzards WoW cinematics. Then see what current graphics look like.
Tobiemoss (6 days ago)
Children of Morta is gonna be sick.
Virginia Griffin (6 days ago)
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Iiska78 (7 days ago)
I am probably weird but i would like to see western, wild west, cowboy, how you want to name it, game for pc.. Gun was a nice try, but after that is there any?
Easy Rider (7 days ago)
You need to checkout "They Are Billions". It's in Beta and is an awesome fun game.
Spirit Guide1214 (7 days ago)
Are there any games that aren't about killing?
Colton Baird (7 days ago)
Hadouken OCX (7 days ago)
Metro <3 always nice to burn your cards :3 4k 60 fps metro ultra set lets go baby 2080ti SLI ! mode <3 love it go 4k or go home :D
Gina E (7 days ago)
ty cool beans
how about mechwarrior 5, assassin's creed origins
Ricardo Mendes e Melo (7 days ago)
Good Speaker. better a LOT than thath game drivers youtubers speaking boolshits at entire the time
Jake Bell (8 days ago)
Focus debt restore xfulfnm accompany value attraction audience blood bay entirely feel.
Marley Nicolson (8 days ago)
Neuro Weaver (8 days ago)
Mount and Blade 2 in the ...Top 5!!? Give me a break!
Jaclyn Bass (8 days ago)
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Dave Jones (8 days ago)
yeah Metro Exodus, sadly no new Dead Space coming ?
Nicholas T (8 days ago)
Definitely looking forward to Metro Exodus, and maybe even Jurassic World. That looks cool too!
rethstone05 bg (8 days ago)
where is god of war 4 but i liked 3 and darksiders 3
agentiki (8 days ago)
superbly done sir and thank you.
Armand Ayvazyan (9 days ago)
Metro Exodus Dasfvidania
Žero Đawn (9 days ago)
ok 1. Age of Empires got Age of Empires: Definitive Edition early this year and 2. the Age of Empire 2 Community has been more active then ever before in the last 2 years so saying its dead is completely wrong.
matte pavi (9 days ago)
SO COOL! :D love the u-boat
Michael Nielsen (9 days ago)
Maxhaxzor (9 days ago)
No mention of Ashes of creation. That’s a shame
Flames Tornado (9 days ago)
Metal Gear Survive isn't Metal Gear
Flames Tornado (9 days ago)
FFXV+Mods=FFXV Special Edition
SneakyBaloup (9 days ago)
amazing list.
The Boneshaman (9 days ago)
i am looking forward to only BattleTech from hair brain schemas and MechWarrior 5 from PGI. BT comes out 24th April MW5 is some time this DEC. all 40 games you talked about can go piss up a rope. with the exception of WoW won't be playing it but I loved WoW. would get back in to it only if they came out with a way to make it F2P. don't mind buying the expansion the $15 subscription fee just gets old. especially where so many F2P gams have come up with some very successful ways to get money to keep the game going with the game stores.
Zhi Cao (10 days ago)
waiting for anthem and divison 2
Angel Parada (10 days ago)
Dark Souls: Remastered?
Himanka Roy (10 days ago)
where is COD??
Maverick Kipgen (11 days ago)
Half of these games show trailers which is nothing like the gameplay
Maverick Kipgen (11 days ago)
9:20.Why i love anime
Dark Shift Music (12 days ago)
+Escape From Tarkov +Ready or Not I'm surprised these games didn't make the list, especially considering a Battlefield game was in it.
Itowle9 (12 days ago)
You sound like Andy from the office. I picture him explaining all these games to me.
Nyx (12 days ago)
boring, there's no creativity at all.
Luke George (13 days ago)
Anthem? Maverick?
claWless (13 days ago)
god of war 5?
Jack Whitaker (13 days ago)
Phillip De Franco is that you?
kaladyn (13 days ago)
vast active (13 days ago)
Looking for recommendations for a game to play offline, ain’t played pc campaign in a hell of a long time, like FPS games so alien and resident evil etc, tia
Alejandro Mer (13 days ago)
Holy SHIT! Darksiders III? Oh My GAD, I've been waiting for this all my life!!!
ATLAX (13 days ago)
Fix the date of the releases.
Dan Wade (13 days ago)
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Fly9909 (13 days ago)
"TONS to look forward to..." ...LOL
Rick Veenbergen (14 days ago)
where the hell is battletech at !?
MarekUtd (14 days ago)
Can't wait for U-Boot!!!
Christian Martinez (14 days ago)
BfA was number 2?! Bro... BRAH!
Stephen (14 days ago)
The Division 2
African Space Jesus (14 days ago)
nice vid but gameranx really needs to improve its writing
Thomas Bedient (15 days ago)
Erm, Fury isn't "the sister to one of the Horsemen", she IS one of the 4 Horsemen.
Jack Meme (15 days ago)
I love the tool reference
kentred studios (15 days ago)
i was woken when you mention ace combat 7 will come out this year or probably this year. damned.. the last ace combat i played was the assault horizon. been playing the game when it first came out for PSP. the skies of deception and the other one. for the people who havent played ace combat series, you should try it. its awesome
hector sempertegui (15 days ago)
sounds like Andy Bernard from The Office, narrating this video.
EmemonD (15 days ago)
i only watch this because i forget about the name of Scorn
Mondetta b (15 days ago)
not gunna lie. pc gaming is kinda going down the drain ... wasnt intrested in 1 of these games... time to sell my 1050ti and buy a console :/
Goga Montana (15 days ago)
Drakendor123 (15 days ago)
Hm, so you decided to do a top 40 for pc and include monster hunter xD ok.. ( i'm actually sad we can't get it for pc)
Neil Mc Neill (16 days ago)
Kingdom Come:Deliverance, is a HUGE Monster Hit of a Game, as you "CANNOT" even two months later, buy a CD copy of the Game in stores, (WOW)....so....yeah....I can see this type of Game becoming a "Genre" (Skyrim proved this, and shall I say a lot of that is (borrowed) for KCD? Go see for yourself, I think so......
Jeff Caligari (16 days ago)
We have spent centuries scouring the earth to compile knowledge and tech into a working system, including shooting down superior advanced celestial beings, to further advance the human race....Let play games with it.
Jeff Caligari (16 days ago)
Anyone remember when "Fatal Error" meant someone made a mistake that got people killed? Wolfenstein The New Colossus https://steamcommunity.com/app/612880/discussions/0/1479856439029620594/?ctp=3
ThePeoplesChamp (16 days ago)
Top 5 games on this list: - Darksiders 3 - Battlefield 5 - Final Fantasy XV - Ni No Kuni 2 - Age of Empires
Simen Djuve (16 days ago)
I hope borderlands 3 comes ASAP
Hjörtur (16 days ago)
Fun fact they removed the mysticism skill in the making of Skyrim so there is no mysticism in Skyrim. 13:46 In short, he screwed up. ( ◕‿‿◕ )
FozzieDK88 (16 days ago)
How can you not have Anthem on ?
Heliogábalo Santos (17 days ago)
Jesse McCallum (17 days ago)
Missing Project TL in there.
Greg See (17 days ago)
i guess SOUL CALIBUR 6 comes in at number 41?
Unofficial (17 days ago)
Scorn is amazing. Dont know about the gameplay, but graphics alone are insane. Just exploring those settings, omg!
David V. (17 days ago)
Industries of Titan looks really interesting!
SuburbanHome (18 days ago)
Phoenix Point hnnnnnng
Pygmy (18 days ago)
I cannot even begin to explain how hyped I am for Metro: Exodus. The first two games are my two all time favorite single player games, and when they announced it at E3 last year I just about fell out of my chair. Five years is a long time, but if they get it right it will certainly be worth the wait.
ItIsTheEnd (18 days ago)
OSRS honorable mention ?<3
Andrés Cifuentes (18 days ago)
5:55 Yeah, because XV plays or looks like FF in any way shape or form, right?
punit dhote (19 days ago)
R Y S J (19 days ago)
You said Dynasty Warriors 9 is good. That automatically voids the first 30 entries.
Jerald Ehlert (19 days ago)
Good job, subscribed for moar gaming news
tkfore2one (19 days ago)
seriously FUCK games set in snow. the division showed me how much I hate it. Living with it is bad enough
ImAlakar (19 days ago)
Theres a ds game and its db fighter z but only worse cuz its old
Constantino 125 (19 days ago)
red dead redemption no.1

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