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That's why People think Shroud is Cheating & Hacking in PUBG

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That's why People think Shroud is Cheating & Hacking People think Shroud is Hacking & Cheating in PUBG, that's the reason why ►Win now PUBG Skins: https://padlock.link/PanPUBG ►◆$100 Fortnite Channel Giveaway◆ ► https://youtu.be/ELXiTEShADk --------------------------- ►If you are one of the players in the video and don’t want to appear in such montage videos or are unhappy concerning other copyright matters please contact us at: panpubgbusiness@gmail.com ►Business: panpubgbusiness@gmail.com ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/PancakePUBG --------------------------- Credits: Shroud: https://www.twitch.tv/shroud https://www.youtube.com/shroud https://twitter.com/C9shroud Missed you? Just leave a comment or write us a E-mail to panpubgbusiness@gmail.com & you will be added instantly! --------------------------- Send us your Win or Fail to WinFailsPan@gmail.com (For our Wins & Fail Series, only suitable Clips will be used) Send us your Clip as a Twitch Clip or a Youtube Video. --------------------------- Hope you enjoy! :)
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Text Comments (5221)
Pan PUBG (6 months ago)
Make sure to join, find new People to play & have Fun! https://discord.gg/nd4WCcD
꧁PROシHᴇʀo꧂ YT (1 month ago)
Shroud is not a hacker peaople thinks shroud is hacking. Shroud is just an expert and pro to play PUBG and i saw the story about shroud he said he's dad is teaching him when he's child. Then he plays FPS and he found the CS - GO
Henry Greer (1 month ago)
TFirebird1968 You believe every YouTube video you see? Wow, you're insanely gullible. What a retard you are.
Henry Greer (1 month ago)
Rocky Harris I really hope you're joking because that sounded extremely idiotic.
MADARA UCHIHA (11 hours ago)
he not hacking
onefree76 (1 day ago)
Rubbish! Definitely cheat!
Siddharth Ambulge (1 day ago)
Damn that skills
8bit julio (2 days ago)
0:07 what was that
Mark Fiore (2 days ago)
clear to me he has a better computer and internet connection than most
Aureaxd Bancale (3 days ago)
PayPal Boys
BatteryProductions (3 days ago)
his aiming is just insane, even when he does rapid fire he does not loose control!
Steven Vuong (4 days ago)
One time I killed shroud in pubg
Steven Vuong (4 days ago)
How shoud is so good
Sumukh Dev (4 days ago)
actually,aimbot uses shroud 😂
Sebir Moran (4 days ago)
Send him to space force
Ezra Sappington (4 days ago)
Yeah your retarded if u think shroud cheats u wanna see a cheater look at Grimmz or what ever his name is sniping clearly somthing fishy there..
NOiSY (5 days ago)
how is he cheating
DonkeyHOTis (5 days ago)
better player 33 kills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jb_9pyB99M
Wet Shoe (5 days ago)
He was from cloud9 and there are people who actually think he's hacking? Lol okay
Ish Deadly Modz (5 days ago)
Dis nibba still have aimbot built in his hands and brain
Chetan Marimuthu (5 days ago)
Bitches don't know who Shroud is. If you have the chance in the game, kill him or else he will, and that's not even a joke.
Silly Little Thot (6 days ago)
I dont get why these streamers dont just turn their webcam around on their monitors while they play. It would immediately disprove all and any suspicion. You will never see shroud or any other big streamer with inhuman skill do this because it would show them hacking lmfao. Shroud doesn't even show his hand or screen. He only showed eye tracker once which is hilariously foolable even for someone using esp.
Sukoco Koco (6 days ago)
If he cheating. At least you can see the moment when before he hit enemy he hit the wall first for 1 time, but you cant. Lol
Traetuus Plays (6 days ago)
Lol and literally gets banned for software and illegal game logs. Homie be cheating xD
Jaylord Rey Negrillo (7 days ago)
You guys think he's a hacker hahahaha lol what a piece of shits What a noobs hahahahahahaha Fuck yah!
Josh B (8 days ago)
shroud made a name for himself in the cs community because of his insane aim which is showed the world in tournaments if people think he is using an aimbot they are just dumb or jealous of him
Ayeyanez (8 days ago)
Somebody who watches him tell me why he keeps opening the menu
It’s Me (8 days ago)
5:38 little bit confuses but I don’t think he use aimlock tbh
Armageddon X (9 days ago)
Its called muscle memory/instinct bitches!See you on top after 7k+ hours!!
Embecmom (9 days ago)
hes got great aim and reactions but the BS comes in where he just turns and shoots people at distance knowing where they are... .. hes already aiming at most of them when he turns which is suspect..what I mean is that a guy in the window 2nd 3rd floor he has already raised his rifle to that level when turning a corner ..
Nghi Thanh (9 days ago)
Im only can play PUGB mobile ;(
jhun apostol (10 days ago)
looks hes cheating but not that fully cheating though has an aimbot in minimal adjustment.. so it doesnt look like he is cheating ..its like aim bot in low adjustment
TheDangngo (10 days ago)
we should change the word " hacking" to "shrouding" when you see someone like this. They not hacking, they shrouding
istinkatgaming (10 days ago)
https://coub.com/view/1805m2 try explain this
Swap TheFallenOne (11 days ago)
6:17 wtf was that
jack smitheman (11 days ago)
shroud be a goat
Raju Sharma (11 days ago)
Game of Twitch (11 days ago)
its so funny when people play with shroud, they are trying so hard not to look bad rofl
Schangbang (11 days ago)
Guys a hacker. Idc what any of u say. He's smart and knows how to play it off.
That Random Channel (11 days ago)
It's skill he has had probably tens of thousands of hours of experience in fps games
zoxto (12 days ago)
2:50 bibibi bird bird bird xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
hans hadiranto (12 days ago)
His scanning, reaction, aiming, accuracy so fast and precise
LovelyJirachi (13 days ago)
dont worry he just play osu alot :') (dont ask what is osu)
Azhar khan (13 days ago)
3:12 u can easily spot the aim point where he is aiming and where is the guy is running
Madra (14 days ago)
The random long snipes are a great example of "you miss 100% of the shots you dont take"
TheOvOwl (14 days ago)
Shroud has been playing fps when he as still a kid
deadlineagle live (14 days ago)
idiots he is not cheating ,u dont no him he is one of the worlds best cs go player , he is having aim bots naturally present in his hands , he is greatest
Almero Sepwanzaky (14 days ago)
The dislikers are the cheater of the game and didn't watch the first part
Keplite (15 days ago)
To haters: so y'all are saying that he's hacking without us seeing anything in his screen? Millions pairs of eyes and no one sees his hack? Great logic, haters.
MCS (15 days ago)
6:07 osam
Dango (15 days ago)
They all just suck and they all haters, see I streamsnipe him I've seen him in game it is very clear that he doesn't cheat you all just suck
Vivian Victorie (15 days ago)
Damn he was born to play
Undef1ned (15 days ago)
really hope it was irony at the end
Undef1ned (15 days ago)
and i dont mean the last shroud clip
KGB Comrade (15 days ago)
Who the fuck is shroud?
Pep Master (16 days ago)
https://youtu.be/mBdWdAvmU6s?t=587 Who needs more evidence? ;)
Najwan Zozo (16 days ago)
I love the ending tho..."the video is about pubg" and then:Welcome to our fortnite free giveaway....LOL😂😂
grim jaw (17 days ago)
he is 100% hacking because at one time his aimbot aim goes directly to his friend and shot him .
corosive descendant (17 days ago)
He's a pro player lol, played CS:GO with such a badass skills. He's not cheating guys, that's part of his superhuman talent.
Dion Bennett (17 days ago)
Does aimbot account for bullet drop
Lolipop Sweet (17 days ago)
goddamn that double-barrel shotgun kills at 8:37 WTFF!!
Matthew Reed (18 days ago)
Anyone who thinks shroud is cheating is fucking retarded. Aimbot doesn't miss. Shroud misses. He misses a lot less than anyone else, but he does screw up sometimes. Aimbot doesn't.
Da Boss (18 days ago)
Watch him play other shooter games like realm royale, r6 siege, call of duty,csgo and other games. His aim is always amazing and realm royale was just released when he played it and his aim are godly. So now, you guys tell me. How the fuck is he cheating or hacking when the game is just released? Those who calls him hacker must be one of those people that always put their crosshair at the ground and the ones that keeps aiming the legs. Lol
vaibhav bhadoriya (18 days ago)
If he would hack,then how he would have stayed in cs:go tournaments
irfan danial (18 days ago)
That's not aimbot it's sharpness
Lrenz Messick (18 days ago)
Any computer game that takes aim and click to shoot isn’t hard lol. If you don’t have the ability to aim your mouse on something and click a button you’re trash. PUBG for computer isn’t hard lol
Gallade EX (19 days ago)
Nerf himm
voor wat (19 days ago)
10:36 the name of the enemy guy shroud killed suits him xDD
Permana Widiastawan (19 days ago)
3:12. Wow
Tarun Kakani (19 days ago)
Your **** hacking don't say anything to shroud
Russell (19 days ago)
shrouds skills are just hax
Mun Taza (19 days ago)
Shroud better than aim bot.
Huckleberry Hound (19 days ago)
I've seen him move like that many times and I guaranty you he is cheating. Been playing for 40 years now and every time anyone moves like this is cause of a hack period.
TELL THE TRUTH (19 days ago)
actually shroid is not a hacker but he is a quick shooter and high fps to show enemys easily with head shots
DJ škįłłż (20 days ago)
I love how many ppl say he’s cheating They need sum milk before they say he cheats
NayAn !! (20 days ago)
2:58 did he said carryminati?
Sam Gomez (21 days ago)
Dude that tracking is freaking terrifying
Gustavs Krūzbergs (21 days ago)
Too broke to play this game but like it a lot
Melvin DaCleaner (22 days ago)
That guy is an aim-bot. Doesn't need one.
PRO GAMER (22 days ago)
May I purchase PUbG or not??? I am in a hill of confusion
Cracks9 (23 days ago)
Guy's i get 300K BP from here i warn all mates not to go for any fake for Battle point this is officials and i tested. https://pubghack.eu/
Benjamin Clement (23 days ago)
I do think he cheats personally and what is the best incentive for cheating ?? Money and fame which I am sure he has an abundance of both thanks to his cheats. And to be honest 99% of people who get to the top in any profession cut corners, lie and cheat there way to power. it is the nature of greed and ego which this world is abundant in. At the end of the day good on him if he has become wealthy of the naivety of other as that is how government, big pharma, religion ect stay in power. Funny thing all the fanboys of the aforementioned institutes will fight to the death to protect them even though anyone with half a brain can see they are wolves in sheep's clothing. Infact half the reason I think he cheats is because of the way his fans act when anyone questions his skills, very very similar reactions to when you talk out against a corrupt institutions. kill the heathens that talk blasphemy against our god. Fact is he is entertaining to watch, has good carisma and makes me laugh. I have also learnt a lot from watching him play and it has helped me improve my gameplay and given me goals to work towards so thank you Shorud. This of course is just my opinion and my only real proof for me at least that he is cheating is my gut feeling which has served me well in life and I will continue to listen to.. Now let me make this clear to you fanboys that can not hold a civil conversation I do not give a shit what you think about my comment nor do I care for your opinion so dont even waste your time as that is all you would be doing and your time is the most valuable thing you have.
I've seen a few clips of him on twitch funny moments a few months ago I said is this guy hacking or is he skilled, i started watching more videos of him the other day, I said yep he's skilled it's just the aim that looks like he's hacking, I have the same reaction time on xbox but I'm not a pro like him
bravolobo (23 days ago)
he is just a shitbucket no lifer
geynumba123456789 (24 days ago)
i love the way the dumbass haters are proving his aim botting while his not and they all wrong even if his hacking idc honestly i really love his attitude just like savage way or gentle way i even got in wheelchair because of those 1 iq dumbass peppered asses kidd OK OK HERE! When he was playing csgo in competition or what ever that shit how was he like aimbotting but his not? clearly the pc is clean with no hacks CMON PROVE THAT SHIT FOR ME U DUMBASSES
Pay the cheater hes not even a hacker he using a trainer it obvious take it from a real hacker that sells these push button cheats for these guys scamming you idiots out of money while I make money making them rich lmfao!
Coco Lee-On (24 days ago)
3.22 first I thought Shroud's drinking an energy drink xD
oXBloodLordXo (24 days ago)
I’ve been an admin for cs and dod for a long time and let me tell you right now. I’d ban this guy from my servers after seeing this. The snapping from one target to next, knowing targets locations and even the way he tilts weapon to side and then performs pin point shots at high speed with little to no coil seen on screen. This is the mark of a player who has learnt to hack very well. If he was to overlay his mouse and keyboard inputs on screen for experienced gamers to check I’d bet people would lay off him.
EaST CoAsT MaCHete (25 days ago)
Looks like skill to me not like he is invincible .
Rei (25 days ago)
Don't mind me, just seasoning my popcorn from the hater salt
Yuii JP (25 days ago)
This is just like shroud best moments
NeXt Gene (25 days ago)
Pls dont put any clips after the video.im tired of it
Unknown (25 days ago)
5:48 ... He is not cheating you dumb fucks. He just got aim and skill, which 100% of these guys, which are crying, does not have.
Wilson Munhoz (25 days ago)
8:10 automatic mini 14?
Zac Farro (25 days ago)
LOL...shroud is one of FPS LEGEND. why you still say he's cheating...??? DUMB AF 😂
kandar965 (25 days ago)
watching how fast and accurate his reflexes are and i say this is 100% hacking, but then i remember Bruce Lee, then I say maybe
Efecan YSL (26 days ago)
people are saying he is cheating but that doesn't make no sense. you guys are only watching his highlights if you actually go and watch him he misses shots as well as anybody does. besides he plays more than pubg and cs:go and he always has a good aim..so what do you think ? he actually buys different cheats for every other game he has? lmao don't be funny.
Mr Smith (26 days ago)
all shroud has to do is show his screen while hes playing to prove theres no wallhacks on screen. Also film his hand doing the mouse movements.
death gamer15 (26 days ago)
Shroud really doesnt cheat his just advancing his aims yall know that
RedDiamond Gaming (26 days ago)
Its Impossible for shroud to aimbot Hey also CAN AIMBOT MISS A SHOT PROBABLY NOT
Sultonul Hakim (26 days ago)
Sound like aimbot
Caped Baldy (27 days ago)
Nah he isn't cheating. His reaction is so fast his muscle is fast. We can be like shroud too if you keep practicing.
SW卐STIKA (27 days ago)
When your too pro And everyone thinks you're hacking Actually if he is hacking then he would have been banned by now
casual gamer (27 days ago)
I don't think he is cheating because he aims quickly and accuratly at places where there is no player but just to check. it's just true skills

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