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That's why People think Shroud is Cheating & Hacking in PUBG

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That's why People think Shroud is Cheating & Hacking People think Shroud is Hacking & Cheating in PUBG, that's the reason why ►Win now PUBG Skins: https://padlock.link/PanPUBG ►◆$100 Fortnite Channel Giveaway◆ ► https://youtu.be/ELXiTEShADk --------------------------- ►If you are one of the players in the video and don’t want to appear in such montage videos or are unhappy concerning other copyright matters please contact us at: panpubgbusiness@gmail.com ►Business: panpubgbusiness@gmail.com ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/PancakePUBG --------------------------- Credits: Shroud: https://www.twitch.tv/shroud https://www.youtube.com/shroud https://twitter.com/C9shroud Missed you? Just leave a comment or write us a E-mail to panpubgbusiness@gmail.com & you will be added instantly! --------------------------- Send us your Win or Fail to WinFailsPan@gmail.com (For our Wins & Fail Series, only suitable Clips will be used) Send us your Clip as a Twitch Clip or a Youtube Video. --------------------------- Hope you enjoy! :)
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Text Comments (6333)
Pan PUBG (10 months ago)
Make sure to join, find new People to play & have Fun! https://discord.gg/nd4WCcD
Hawk Nasty (2 months ago)
Mysterious Gaming (2 months ago)
He is a legal aimbot
Mandar pawar (2 months ago)
Guruh Wicaksana (7 hours ago)
Taufiq Qurrahman (8 hours ago)
He's not cheating, he was a pro player CSGO. So, a game like this doesn't trouble him much, he can become a pro very quick
Marko Dejanovic (23 hours ago)
Shroud is fake jump in military and kill 20 ppl fake no stream snipe just private server,why shroud dont show his mous on stream anymore???? and when you are pro you know what to do zo look like normal play.Im one professional pubg player and i can tell you.And when you play on perfect pc setup for one type of games and cost 4000€ or $ and some one play on pc thqt cost 1000 lose everything cuz you dont have strong pc for rendering analysist net-synk, d-synk ,synk storige in RAM. And you will die like a 3y old kid who play pubg.You can use specaly programed cheats stored in moust of parts of equipment and when you know how something work you can do the oposit psihology.Dont be boots look in diferent colors.I have 28y, working in one commpany on pentesting,pro pubg player. P.S. Use brain
ferdauz schay (23 hours ago)
see full stream, not a clip of him.. he is not always had a good shoot.. of course clip always show the best of him..
Danny Edleston (23 hours ago)
ShRoUd UsEs HaCkS Git gud.
Infinity Gaming (1 day ago)
That is indeed a separate skill from Shroud
Jentera Padu (1 day ago)
He aimbot because he from fortnite player i know la start he gaming i follow he at ig
Dejan Kostic (1 day ago)
tbh I thought shroud to be cheater once long time ago, the first time i saw him play pubg back then did not even know who he is or that he was one of the best if not the best pro cs player ever...but seriously after watching so many video's i am now sure that he is just realy that good...almost seems like a real life Jedi master for fps games :P its just amazing how fast and precize his aim is and not just that but also a very smart strategic player... may the force be with you shroud.
Barnode Gaming (2 days ago)
Shroud is a pro Not a cheater
The First Berka (2 days ago)
He GG because play CS:GO :v
the eagle eye
Lucas Jeremy (3 days ago)
I have so much proof that shroud doesn't use aimbot but I'm not wasting my time explaining this shit retarded kids
Claudio Guerrero (3 days ago)
Hey about when they have competitions they all play on the same system instead of bringing their own personal ones from 2hat I hear. Just a suggestion to me sure there is no cheating but I am sure the computer manufacturers would not want everyone to be on the same level.
Claudio Guerrero (3 days ago)
Also this would remove any doubts about cheating, but you know, money...lol
CamdenGreenBeans (3 days ago)
Yes people, Shroud, a pro CS:GO player with thousands of hours of experience in for shooters of all sorts, who played on one of the best teams in the world, uses aimbot in PUBG.
Nathan Husch (3 days ago)
Shroud is the pubg god if u think hes hacking go drink bleach bc hes like this because situational awareness he got that from CS go basically it's whenever you have a sixth sense of an enemy being around you.
Henry Chan (3 days ago)
seriously some of his kills people are so stupid they are literally peeking when they know he is holding the angle
Zikreya Junior (3 days ago)
he is not cheater
Yugesh Rathour (3 days ago)
Spotting a cheater is too easy. They have weakness which they can't hide no matter what cheat they use. I don't see that with this guy.
Henry Nnebo (4 days ago)
Who else would call Shroud during the zombie apocalypse?
Henry Nnebo (4 days ago)
Wtf 9:45 did shroud just kill a speed hacker?
Narf sc2 (4 days ago)
Shroud is using Voice meteer Banana, so yes he is cheating. Using a third party application to alter the sound you are hearing is cheating. But where do we draw the line? Are peripherals cheating? Is a 240hz gaming monitor cheating? Is a Soundcard, Compressor or equalizer cheating? The answer is, if it gives you an unfair advantage over others (the majority) it should be considered cheating. He doesnt spot all the enemies with his eyes.
Mehedi Hasaan (4 days ago)
7:26 he was like.."what?"
VenQhZ (5 days ago)
Shroud is cheating... Clearly... Dont try to defend him...
Imran Ali (5 days ago)
I see shroud I like.
flAt __K A N__ (6 days ago)
3:13 haha
SBIRE zebi (6 days ago)
Lol these comments are full of cock suckers. Let me remind you some things... Shroud recognize himself he hacked on CS when he wasn't known like today... He also recognize that every pro got very pricy hacks that are no where near to aimbot that you know btw.. Anyway, you can jerk off every pro player in CSGO scene as much as you wish but why is he the only one of them who can spot ennemy miles away without info ?`` Why is he the only one who can know exactly where players are like in the middle of 10 threes or 10 windows? This juste doesn't make sense, you guys are fanboy or just too inexperimented ppl to understand that even with a lifetime spent on a game there is some limits to the body and knowledge of the situation, he's not a fucking magician who can see through walls... Oh... wait... Ofc he can :) If you take Quake 3 (live nowadays) who is one of the most skilled 1V1 FPS ever made you can see inhuman reaction but theyr all explanable, here on the clips i can see tons of non explanable reactions from him and snaps that doesn't make sense. Plus there is TONS of clips that you can find where you can see his aimlock or whathever the fuck this is called just not working well and getting caught on dead bodies or through walls as he tries to snap out of it. He hacks and you like that you dumbdumb ppl.
Mhad Shitiri (7 days ago)
The best sniper in the world
Forever Jackson (7 days ago)
Hes jus nice af wit his aim
RBRmusic (7 days ago)
The long distance shots and shot guns kills are obviously not cases of him cheating. There are some very suspicious clips that looks similar to some auto aim scripts. I personally believe he does use an auto aim toggle but very rarely.
Ata Rahman Abbasi (7 days ago)
He earns through this what do you expect . He's pro . .
Mohit Pahuja (8 days ago)
10:03 best scene
Ama (8 days ago)
I have to be completely honest it looks like he's using macros, when looking at how his recoil is neither moving up or to the sides..
Kyle Logan (8 days ago)
Ok let me tell you something, these streamers have a second display in front of them with a overveiw of the map. Which shows the locations of every player. And this can be done quite easily as your not actually hacking the game itself your just pulling information. So in reality, it cant be detected by pubgs anti cheat system because its not cheating. The game needs this information anyway or how the fuxk would you see or find anyone in the game. It just pulls the coordinates of the players location on the map, and displays them on a map kind of like thr map in the game. Its been a hack thats been around for a while and i know of this cause iv used it. You have to pay for the program. It cost like 98$. But its well hidden and im not going to give any links so dont bother asking. But essentially if shroud heres a gun shot behind him he can jus peer at the map screen for a second and see whos behind him then hel jus turn around and be aiming pretty much right at him. As i said, it cant be detected cause all you are doing is reading the information in the game. It only works in a close vicinity though due to the restrictions in the game it doesnt load players that are half way acros the map but it loads people within ur vicinity people you can actually see so yeah its kind of bushit.
Barbarian King (8 days ago)
6:20 , 9:48 what is it?
Soap MACtavish (9 days ago)
Shroud never cheat.....shroud always the best fps player
vincent juwono (9 days ago)
Shroud is the aimbot
Tjhodskins (11 days ago)
Instead of drinking beer he drinks liquid aim
virgO corp izzy_Oggy (12 days ago)
The difference between Shroud aNd me is Fucking Ram problem.. He must be using better Ram better cpU memory & graphic cards and high Networking internet service provider ...thats why his gamming is smooth and accquarate ...
Md. Shaban (12 days ago)
Worlds best shroud and chocotaco they are insane aimer.
Mr. X (12 days ago)
Because he playing better than them...
Break Age (12 days ago)
His headset is the key. You can hear almost everything from it with great noise cancellation.
xPRO (11 days ago)
he's been a cs pro too... extreme reflexes
Augustine Stephens (12 days ago)
How to make perfect aimbot . import Shroud And you're done
jaguarpawz (12 days ago)
Of course he does
VV GAMER (12 days ago)
I always thinks shroud can't be a hacker
Zime Crusher (12 days ago)
Shroud don't cheat he just the best shooter in pubg!!!
Mike Dfkjfd (12 days ago)
damn that snipe at 3:13 amazing
Mike Dfkjfd (12 days ago)
I can't even see the people he's shooting on my monitor..how the f does he see them so quick thats crazy..? looks like he is shooting at nothing sometimes and then he gets a kill lol..
A WakeSkate (12 days ago)
nothing but an aimbot; keep it moving!
go ku (13 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Srht2zUhQ1A Cheating are you sure?
It’s Mr Lone Wolf (13 days ago)
Coma Via Right Hand I agree about the specialists but your care package comment just makes you look as stupid as you’re trying to make him feel! You unlock care packages at like level 15, you don’t unlock a lot of the higher streaks until more like level 50 so most people are running them as they keep prestiging up
Trywest Gaming (13 days ago)
No no no you guys are all missing the point shroud is aimbot!
Mista Clyde (13 days ago)
I just love those quick scope kills to the drivers
Icisex (13 days ago)
Shroud its not human his a terminator in fps games hi comes from future hi got aim bot in hands and dna from Chuck Norris... And hi is almost god and trinks noob blood in bathroom
Jr Paradise (13 days ago)
Specially taking out a cheater going super fast and really not even missing him pretty much impossable...but he is shroud I guess
Jr Paradise (13 days ago)
At 550 very suspicious fight...when he turns to guy behind him he turns fast scopes and one shots the dude when he was being fired upon from in front of him to turn and 1 shot in less than a second is just to accurate then turns around again and takes out another guy that's 3 people front back then front again in like 4 seconds...fishy
Jr Paradise (13 days ago)
No aimbot but how does he know where people are so fast and easy...may use an esp which allows him to know where people are but if not he is one of the best in the world Imo..
he is not cheating
Sudesh Thapa (13 days ago)
lord ma inspiration
Bausa 480p (14 days ago)
Clara downloaded shroud thats why
XD Shok Wayv XD (14 days ago)
3:08 HOW!!!????
Sankhanil Chakraborty (14 days ago)
2:52,i feel pity for that guy,lol,XD🤣😂😅
Sankhanil Chakraborty (14 days ago)
0:46,lol,Shroud's looking a lot like Mr.Beast🤣
GERRY (14 days ago)
Not only god of aim but hes smart 150iq
Cookie Monster (14 days ago)
When he jumped off the building he wasnt even aiming at the guy and killed him smfh
Trix (14 days ago)
cheating and hacking interesting lol
Quintin Castro (14 days ago)
turning around and shooting a friendly classic aimbot
Hans Gerber (14 days ago)
it's because he bought skins in CSGO
Mmm 333 (14 days ago)
I think he just plays the worst people ever. He is the only one out in the open... Is standing still... Surrounded by people yet nobody shoots him?
Bad Sniper (14 days ago)
Aimbot People: Hello which aimbot would you like to purchase? Me: the Shroudbot Aimbot People: that will be 1 billion dollars Me: I’ll take it
rahul vishwakarma (14 days ago)
If you have nice headphones than you can hear sound that where are they coming from
mgatanga kayapa (15 days ago)
Can someone link me the full game where the 10:56 event occurs. I want to see the fight that led up to that moment. Missed that stream
Mark (15 days ago)
Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Charles Chavez (15 days ago)
All of y'all or talking about shrouds life when you should be talking about your own wake up people
PARAG SANKHE (15 days ago)
Shroud, come one to one.. Let's see who is boss
Mr. Halftuber (16 days ago)
Theres a difference between playing like you have an aim lock or bot and gerneally having one, shroud is gerneally that good at aiming that it will naturally look like that 😏✌🏽
Mustafa' ali (16 days ago)
Better than doc noob..
Mustafa' ali (16 days ago)
Yup i know i watch both but skills shroud better and aim so much better than doc...doc just know play open and died haha and uninstall game
Mallyx (16 days ago)
Excuse me? you dont watch drdisrespect for his skills, you watch him for entertainment.
PentaKim 14 (17 days ago)
Lol..waterheck hahahaha that outro
yea me (17 days ago)
His mind is aimbot indeed
BDxoul (17 days ago)
if you are good in csgo you can rule other fps games too.
Raguel Fam (17 days ago)
this video title should be shroud best moments
NAME LESS (17 days ago)
3:12 bullet drop
Three Buster (17 days ago)
yeah just like Ravic hes not use Aimbot its pure pro gamer skill
ocuaman gabriel (17 days ago)
shroud its the legend how hes use aimbot think about it
jiwana abimanyu (17 days ago)
did anyone who say Shroud is a cheater ever seen a CS:GO International Tournament ? there are 3 types of people who think Shroud is a cheater : 1. a noob that act like a pro 2. a poor gamer who can't afford a good gaming set up 3. Forsaken fans
Mallyx (16 days ago)
CivilianX Gaming (17 days ago)
Shroud play lots of shooting game that's why his aim is perfect and other things he is cheater but his is not
EvIL CaRs (17 days ago)
Wer the fck I’m 😅😅
Callum Plant (17 days ago)
He has a good gaming chair
LerroNyth (17 days ago)
If he did not know about twitch people will think there is a pubg hacker know as SHROUD
Kaikobanu (17 days ago)
i think its kinda ignorant to say shroud is cheating/hacking every person who has spent time with his past should know of his gaming history and years of training. and the way i see it people think so because they cant belive/accept that someone has spent so much energy and achieved this level of skill, just because they could not.
Abhishek Singh (18 days ago)
I wonder why other players don't shoot at shroud.
AKASH VISHNU 8 (18 days ago)
Shroud is an aimbot himself.......Pure skill👌..
Indian gamer king (18 days ago)
shroud is not cheater he play cs go from 2013 he is pro no one can defeat him u understand fucking haters
Mallyx (16 days ago)
SK Gaming can beat them :thonking:
Jimmy GT (18 days ago)
Just because he has eagle eyes that doesn’t mean he’s cheating
cristi nel (18 days ago)
Get cancer, fagg cheater.
Max Fernandez (18 days ago)
Im better than shroud so i think hes not hacking😂
Sniper Thief (18 days ago)
Damn Shroud's aim is like a laser beam
MWS To (18 days ago)
he play with full focus on game tey his best to shoot with no lag u can can get best shots
IGNITED (18 days ago)
Its because shrouds chair can do THIS.

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