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Superheroes EVENTS DAY, EXTREME FUNNY RACES (GTA 5 Funny Superhero Contest)

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Obstacle Challenge with Superheroes The Biggest Event is here! (Motorcycles racing, Cars racing, and height jumping), Funny Superheroes contest video. Superheroes Stars: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, Deadpool, Ironman, The Flash, Antman, Harley Quinn and Black Spiderman. MUSIC BY: Kevin Macleod Audio Library – No Copyright Music Specific Tracks: Action Rock God Not Copyright Music Queen of the Night - Machinimasound White Comic - This Ain't The End Of MeInoblivion ONLAP - The Awakening Nazar Rybak - Action Sports Inoblivion & MOKX - Space
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Text Comments (384)
Susanne Anderberg (6 hours ago)
Mangle The Gamer Fox (7 hours ago)
I'm keep laughing and I can't stop
Alex Halavins (7 hours ago)
1: harely queen
Alex Halavins (7 hours ago)
1:super man 2: no one 3: no one
Alex Halavins (7 hours ago)
1: spiderman 2: wonder Woman 3: no one
Unitive Boys (8 hours ago)
SuperSmg4Reacting (15 hours ago)
Spider man is the best
JUAN PEREZ (21 hours ago)
2:27 jajajajjajajajajjaj spierman :v
mutlu oyuncu (1 day ago)
its a best bro
Latea Bell (1 day ago)
Poot in mr fnntastic
Grazielle Cabral (3 days ago)
Micha van Alphen (3 days ago)
harley is not a super hero
Red Robin (3 days ago)
9:36 Superman be like fuck this shit imma fly
minus bloopers not the opposites retro active.
Minus 417&147 Opposite. /////////////////////////////////////Minus 2318 sr jr Not the opposites. Plus Marvell Super heros incognitos id theft is a crimes calling Masons who left American For Russia & UK & EU. SOS two headed Eagle.
Melvin Vaughn (3 days ago)
Where's superman's cape
fire of DOOM bothers (3 days ago)
Great video
ShneorPlayz (3 days ago)
Edu Ferraz (4 days ago)
Altamash k (4 days ago)
Chitting you are the side of dc
Carsen Besser (4 days ago)
Where's my boy Captain America?
Rahel Grmay (4 days ago)
fatma salhi (5 days ago)
I love harley quinn im a girls
SoumyaKanti Pal (5 days ago)
7:46 DC Moment!!
Callum Mcghee (5 days ago)
When deadpool shouted what do u mean you werntv recording got me🤣🤣🤣
Callum Mcghee (5 days ago)
I loved Harley Quinn
Callum Mcghee (5 days ago)
We're was super man's cape lol
Callum Mcghee (5 days ago)
ShneorPlayz yra🤣🤣🤣
ShneorPlayz (5 days ago)
lol next time i should get him with a cape
Ertan Kılıç (5 days ago)
Merhaba oyuncak abi benim adım Elif Senin adın ne
Ertan Kılıç (5 days ago)
Ertan Kılıç (5 days ago)
Oyuncak abi
Jyothi Jyothi (5 days ago)
super feed
Mangelo44 YT (6 days ago)
Song at 13:13?
blackknee_ Grow (6 days ago)
why flash does not do run ?
ridha boudhan (6 days ago)
Amor G Grover Sodarag (6 days ago)
pikachu190 hernandez (6 days ago)
Maria Rechitean (7 days ago)
Stupid video
Is nice video
Tom David Abillion (7 days ago)
Thhis video is grin or laugh
Kawaii Ashley (7 days ago)
스틱맨개장이 (7 days ago)
Connor Andrw (8 days ago)
Hillary Johnson (8 days ago)
This is really boring but my 6.5 year old brother loves it so Thank You I guess for making this btw I hate this stuff so yeah !!!!!!
Ezend o (8 days ago)
Butt man
freeze diamond (8 days ago)
Spiderman win champion 1
Shahryar Haroon (8 days ago)
Man plz give me the spiderman soundtrack that you played during the high jump..... Plz
ShneorPlayz (8 days ago)
The Amazing Spider-Man Theme Song Trap Remix
dead smile 27354 (8 days ago)
Когда прыгал дед пул нехвотало фразы " яичка в кулак #deadpoolфаворит
Symone Jade (8 days ago)
In 00:37 why super man haven,t have his coop
Ricardo Aguirre (8 days ago)
I like the song when they ar count
Daniel Ambrose (8 days ago)
Dat remix for spiderman do so good
gottalove serenity (8 days ago)
Yo you forgot blackpanther
Pradip Chandwani (6 days ago)
gottalove serenity
Was good till like the second half why just keep focusing on superman the whole time made it very boring, and reset when he flew out the map
ShneorPlayz video on a whole was good man, just that little section where it was driving in the 3rd person with him kinda lost something for me
ShneorPlayz (8 days ago)
yeah you right i did focus on him the most in this video and i should't
darell mouton (9 days ago)
do anuther like that
Blank The Ninja (9 days ago)
ok now when are the good characters gonna win because so far deadpool, harley, black suited spider man haven't been in top three
Abel Rodrigues (9 days ago)
Superman is thicccc
Carlos Galindo (9 days ago)
Tonto que falta del respeto
manel princesse (10 days ago)
Jacob Barrera (10 days ago)
When you dive you dont wanna win
Redset12 _ (10 days ago)
Me: Wonder woman fails wonder woman fails Me: Ant man fails too Ant man fails Quinn hasn't even jumped off the ramp yet Me: There's no way that's happening like, wth Quinn fails Me: exactly
Wilson Kim (10 days ago)
Cesar Calel (10 days ago)
Good job
Neetu Mehta (10 days ago)
I like spider man and Hulk
Kumar Dhairya (10 days ago)
Hey u are playing GTA 5
ShneorPlayz (10 days ago)
yes bro
plz hand me a bleach (10 days ago)
2:24 the real reason why spider man died in avengers infinity war🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bruno Manozzo Araldi (10 days ago)
Melhor que nada
faus charmandrr (10 days ago)
Deadpool es antiheroe
Redset12 _ (10 days ago)
Me: I'm voting for spooder man, and deadpool. Spooderman crashes on finishing platform Me: pls tell me he won.
Gamer Pc (10 days ago)
spooderman ? he got the most wins here
Leslie Slater (11 days ago)
Subhash Sharma (11 days ago)
Like a really
Wow awesome pro
Iris Kristine Espinosa (12 days ago)
Superman have no cape you forget that's ok bro
Junior Gonzales (12 days ago)
Junior Gonzales (12 days ago)
solo los malos perdieron
Jace Somber (13 days ago)
Wtf where is Superman’s cape
IG:PsnHacks Censored (13 days ago)
This video is good man
Bing Mnv (14 days ago)
Luis Quesada Sanchez (14 days ago)
Luis Quesada Sanchez (14 days ago)
Arkan Aldiansyah (14 days ago)
Marli Morais (15 days ago)
Muito top mano
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
My brother-in-law beat the heck out of you when he comes
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
I have a 12 year old that could beat you up his name is Aiden
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
Shut up Harley Quinn
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
I hate you
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
I hate Harley Quinn and Joker
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
Wonder Woman 2
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
Spider-Man 1
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
Harley Quinn what the
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
Why don't you have Joker 2
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
Is that are mansion
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
Is there a Wonder Woman 2
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
Is there a Superman 2
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
Is that Batman 2
Ashley Mathis (15 days ago)
Is that Deadpool
توشه عادل (16 days ago)
xxsquad gangxx (16 days ago)
Harley Quinn is a villan not hero gf of joker
Antoine Davis (16 days ago)
Awesome, it would be cool if Deadpool was on a scooter and everyone else had a motorcycle.
androeed gamer (17 days ago)
FarelGaming dian (17 days ago)
ShneorPlayz (11 days ago)
lol yeah next time i will try to find him with his cape
Ian Avendaño (17 days ago)
Why deadpool never Winston ☹️😠
Pactrick Chan Chui (17 days ago)

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