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How to get nintendo ds emulator + roms +option help

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READ BEFORE YOU WATCH THE MOVIE hey i show you how to get nintendo ds emulator and roms and i show you how to fix options for good sound and good quality on the games but in some games the sound is bad PS: I'm from sweden so i have a swedish computer and sorry for i spelling bad i'm not a good english speller emulator: http://www.emulator-zone.com/ OTHER EMULATOR PLACE: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4226843/No_GBA_2.6a___DS_and_GBA_BIOS_and_firmware Winrarhttp://www.win-rar.com/download.html you need a bittorent or uTorrent and Winrar for to download the torrent and when downloading is finish you need to extract the file games: http://www.nds-roms.com/ Pleas rate,comment and subscribe (READ AFTER YOU WATCH THE MOVIE) if it not work change change FLASH 512K bytes to 32K bytes and some games work on 512K bytes and some games work on 32K and the game don't work you need higher RAM our your computer are to strong!!! (thanks all the 1000 viwer thaks for watch) Pleas leave comment, subscribe and rate =)
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Text Comments (24)
fire drizzle 2.o (2 years ago)
what happened to him he never uploaded
Shpendi P (2 years ago)
This Channel is Dead! This don't work anymore! Don't bother on wasting your time. // P4G
meo281 (6 years ago)
thanks! this help me lot!
Mark Colwell (8 years ago)
how do you delete it tho?
MrPetersonic100 (8 years ago)
K is for korean ;)
Emilio Salinas (8 years ago)
thx dude it worked
James Rofle (8 years ago)
THANK YOU IT DID WORK !!!! and what is the name of the song
eltejano1100 (8 years ago)
any more web sites i can go to
eltejano1100 (8 years ago)
cant find the web site
oskarsjo (9 years ago)
tja vet du hur man fixar den dåliga ljud kvaliten?
soulnomod (9 years ago)
you cant fix jst ignore the sound remember all the emulators are in beta
Nickm01 (9 years ago)
How do you fix the sound issues. You didnt show how to fix them.
xCaShCoPx (9 years ago)
it says saved data could not be read turn off&reinsert game card now what
Chengi (9 years ago)
Chengi (9 years ago)
it says compressed file contens help meee
Flopparn (9 years ago)
ok, thx :)
Flopparn (9 years ago)
Jam sessions. so the sound is pretty important :P
Flopparn (9 years ago)
anyway to make the sound work? cause when i play the sound sucks
miguelit7 (9 years ago)
the rom downloaded but for some reason it says that it cant find the save data so i cant play it.
miguelit7 (9 years ago)
the rom wont download
sock1t (9 years ago)
wait how much of my hard drive will this take up and how will i be able to run the downloaded game onto the emulator
Callehp (9 years ago)
lyssnar du också på DJ splash? förresten vad heter låten den var jävligt bra
LUL (9 years ago)
voldtYZ (9 years ago)
It´s really work

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