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I Have Been In So Much Pain I just Wanted To Die!

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Tech of Tomorrow (5 months ago)
On my way to get an MRI and then a pain specialist to finally get from under this extreme pain!
Narekaci Shahbazyan (4 months ago)
God bless you Elric. Wish you good times man.
TechyBen (4 months ago)
@Vega ? What? It's probably against GoFundMe terms to fund for someone else without their permission, if that is what you were doing.
brett w (4 months ago)
It takes immense strength to be this open and honest. Keep going, we got you!
Vega (4 months ago)
it's a shame you labeled my GoFundMe as fake. I've been trying to message you. I did donate 50 bucks of my own money towards it. I guess I'll cancel it. good luck and unsubbed.
TechyBen (5 months ago)
30 seconds into the video... and I already want to thank you. My experience is minor in comparison... but similar. I'm still waiting for something to change, or something I can aim at, to change my situation, but so far (and 2 other family members) I've had blanks, and (in my personal experience, what seem to be) bare face lies from the DR. :(
Kathleen Richter (14 hours ago)
What's A & B?
Chairon DeCeleste (5 days ago)
I'm with you there - my former doc sent me to a university clinic with a sealed letter and there they' ve had the courtesey to tell me the envelope contained my comittment - all because I told the doctor who secretly wrote the comittment I *almost* wanted to die because of the pain in both of my legs (caused by a virus infecton).
Ken Parrott (1 month ago)
I got nothing but mad love and respect for you man I love your videos and I think you’re a great human being I just literally cheered out loud when I heard you say you don’t have Parkinson’s
Marco Nelissen (2 months ago)
Hearing your stories about your condition is like hearing my life story. If you think the doctors are bad in the US, what about the doctors in The Netherlands?. I've bin on a roller coaster for more then 2 years. almost 3 years ago strange things happen to me. Completely broken down with something, could not function anymore without constant pain, not been able to eat, sleep or do any normal daily things. I was in so much pain all the time I also thought about killing myself. I tried to live with it first because my family doctor told me, it was a "burn out" and I needed to take it slow and everything would be alright again in some time. But it didn't it only got worse and worse. Nobody knew what was wrong. I visited so many doctors, every time they send me to another "specialist" and every time I got another diagnoses. It got even to the point they told me I had only 6 months to live because I had a rear form of cancer. Everything from a rear form of cancer and everything in between was the root cause of my illness. Sometimes they told me a diagnosis I could not even find anything about via Google. They put me on so much different medication, even on chemo and nothing helped. Until I finally met this doctor, who saw my complete medical file and history and was completely baffled what they had put me through. Long story short, I'm sick but not dying and/or have 6 moths to live. I have a rear form of rheumatism in my muscles and it can be managed with the right medication. Sins I started the therapy my life completely turned arround for the good, it still is a struggle sometimes but it can be managed so that I can live a normal life and function again. Do things with my family and see my daughter grow up. And I can work and play the drums again. I hope your ordeal will turn for the good as well and that you can keep on doing what you love. Keep strong and you will get there.
gameflux (3 months ago)
No words !
David Taylor (4 months ago)
Glad your feeling better brother. Take care of yourself
Foxy s (4 months ago)
America health doesn’t suck.Its the place you vist that suck, and also that doctor sucks too. Well America heath care system can be sucky sometimes
Dim Mor (4 months ago)
i'll pray for you my friend
Robert Naaden (4 months ago)
Perhaps the pure meat\veggie diet would help?
GAMING WITH BLOOD (4 months ago)
Jillian J (4 months ago)
I completely feel the bull shit about mentioning suicide (or mental health in general) around doctors. I went to the ER last fall because I was close to fainting for no reason. They asked me if I ever felt depressed and I said "of course, I was diagnosed with depression years ago." They fucking put me in a monitored suicide room and sent in some psychologist to talk to me for hours on end, barely giving any actual attention to why I was there. In the end, they discharged me and basically said I was trying to kill myself on my discharge sheet. Not kidding. Our healthcare system overdoes shit often to try to remove liability in case of an accident with one of their patients; it's pathetic. I've since moved so it's unlikely I'd ever need to be in that ER again (thank god). Anyways, I'm happy as hell to hear you got the attention you needed and deserved!
Peter Thress (4 months ago)
Why is it that the people who need the most help from doctors always get treated the worst? Its a shame.
shite4brains (4 months ago)
I’m so sorry you are going through this, you’re too young to be going through this type of health issues. I’m 53 and have pretty much never been sick. I exercise daily and never eat fast food, fried foods or food high in fat. I hope you get better soon.
William Smith (4 months ago)
you got my vote man i believe to
beboiseverything (4 months ago)
No idea if you'll see this, but once you start feeling better and find yourself in a good place, you should think about looking at deep tissue massage therapy, maybe focusing on your neck, shoulders and back, to supplement your recovery. They've changed my life since I started getting them and I go about once a month. Huge difference in bloodflow in my body, and helping my lower back pain, and increasing flexibility/mobility. Hope you get better soon!
teemoIRL (4 months ago)
its kind of scary how bad some GPs are to be honest. and yer if your diabetic DO NOT GO KETO, u will kill ur self
Epcen (5 months ago)
At this point you dont need to explain your self 90% of people do understand what you are saying
Northern Sailor (5 months ago)
Been praying for you brother!
Tea Burn (5 months ago)
Wow, that first doctor that misdiagnosed you with Parkinsons and that other one that threatened you to put you in the nut house after giving you Canada-level medical care, should go back to med school or have their medical licenses revoked. But thank god it's not really Parkinsons. Low-blood sugar, I believe it was also called hypoglycemia, is pretty bad too, potentially lethal even, but at least it's treatable in comparison. Guess that's a lesson to be learned: always get a 2nd or even 3rd doctor's opinion.
Lightzpy (5 months ago)
Take care of yourself Health is the most important thing in the world
Bruce Liu (5 months ago)
O, herniated disk go to a chiropractor for that. I have had that I was in so much pain while standing I was moving in a wheelchair. Make sure you go to a good chiropractor some of them are fraudulent. If he/she doesn't fix you in 3 goes she/he is likely a fraud.
Kor Taffel (5 months ago)
For good measure: AMD Fanboy song - https://youtu.be/EIPggCgYK38
Rafa Dominguez (5 months ago)
the guy who first you visited is an american too, and he didn't give a sht about you. It feels wrong that a country mate doesn't give a fck about you or I bet any other patient of his. And I bet he's not the only one. You would think the richest/best country in the universe would have better citizens, sad...
Mansour (5 months ago)
you should sue that former doctor of yours and have his license revoked. He's just like some asshole computer/phone repair shop guy that makes shit worse instead of fixing shit except, he's working on people!
We hope your getting better we enjoy your videos we are here for you feel better brother :)
Chownzi (5 months ago)
Take care of yourself videos come second
tom dickey (5 months ago)
Awesome news! Keep fighting the good fight.
Guillaume Alloxrinfo (5 months ago)
I hope you'll be fine
CastAway_Dave (5 months ago)
Hope you are ok, haven't heard from you in a few days.
So any good news on Elric´s health?
MadAussieBastard (5 months ago)
Good to hear your doing well Elric and I hope it only gets better from here on
Sado Tulio (5 months ago)
used medical herbs
Deathscythes RVE (5 months ago)
THATS AMAZING NEWS!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU MAN, YES CAPS ARE 100% REQUIRED You'll always true to yourself man, anyone who thinks the opposite is either a complete idiot or hasn't a clue of what you do. Again, super happy that you finally get out of all this trash that you went through. Take care my man
Thumbs Up man. Good to see you back. 🙌🙌🙌
ajazio (5 months ago)
Have you thought about going to a chiropractor
bobmamipoko (5 months ago)
remember, you have a great hair cut.
Dryice 2199 (5 months ago)
I feel your pain (no pun intended). Since I was 16 I told the doctors I was in extreme pain. They told me you're just getting older it's normal. At the age of 21 I finally told them, if this is what getting older feels like, then just kill me now. They poked me a few times and told me I had fibromyalgia. And if I wanted any pain relief at all I needed to work out. I'm 38 now, still in pain everyday of my life and the doctors will not give me anything for that pain. The health-care in the US is s***.
Andreas (5 months ago)
Glad to hear you are getting some real help 😃 About the AMD system I know HardwareCanucks had som problems and for them it was the 4k monitor that was the culprit, once they switched for a different monitor it instantly worked (?). Worth looking into if you haven't?
Rendy Winarta (5 months ago)
would you do patreon?
Rendy Winarta (5 months ago)
could you make video kaby lake vs coffe lake? because i confuse which motherboard that i should buy, get well soon bro, i wait for your next video
Aaron Jelsema (5 months ago)
Please get psychological help. I have no doubt you have physical ailments, but listening to your videos, it is painfully clear many of your issues have a psychological basis. Performing archaic "procedures" on yourself and your constantly shifting self-diagnoses are not normal, nor are the rambling Youtube videos telling strangers about your myriad health problems and urinating/defecating/vomiting on yourself. I hate to be the bearer of news you likely don't want to hear, but the doctor who thought it best to have you committed was correct. Get inpatient help. If you don't, I guarantee you'll be back making videos about further health issues real and imagined and be right back in the hole you seem to have partially emerged from.
cy2087 (5 months ago)
Elric, I LOVED this vid. Know why? Cause I saw a cool dude who I've been watching for years, who got slammed down by ilness like he's never been slammed down before do what I hoped for most. Brother I saw you start getting back up. Not with the news of a better doc, a correct diagnosis and the plans for better treatment. That was all wonderful, but that's not it. When I saw you start to tell us about the problems with the new system, how you don't hate AMD and like even less people putting words in your mouth....that's when I saw Elric the TechWarrior getting back up. You were focused, accurate, informative and righteously angry. That means you really are starting to heal and THAT'S what I was hoping to see more than anything else on this channel. Even that wonderful little sarcastic twist to your lips as you related the woes of all this was presented with a renewed spark in your eye. Yep...that's what I was hoping and prayin for! You on the comeback. HUZZAH!
mitchyk (5 months ago)
My problems started with my shoulder and neck. I have just, after like two decades of struggling been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. It sounds similar to your condition and is something you may want to look into. I have trouble with IBS and being sick. Problems with stability because my joints over-extend. Sometimes without my noticing! MRI may not show anything as Ehlers-Danlos is a genetic defect in the collagen. Your whole body ends up over stretchy. Even blood vessels which means you can pass out due to low blood pressure. You may want to look into P.O.T.S. and Vasovagal syndrome too, they are often hand in hand with EDS. You may not have them, but it's a good place to start because it end up with joints like shoulders freezing in a protective measure which then doesn't free up.
Fábio Santos (5 months ago)
Sorry to hear about that
YaBoiAndrey (5 months ago)
Can you please set up a Patreon? I think a lot of us would contribute to you to get all this taken care of! Move up to Canada. The healthcare system here is much better than the us. Come down, have some timmies, watch some hockey, and get your health straight! If you're ever in Calgary if you're traveling or something, I'd love to take you out for a double double .
Chris Berry (5 months ago)
Man, I feel you on the MRI. I've had tremors for a few years and it's actually taken me 18 months to get to a doctor to get an MRI. If I had something serious I'd be dead. Thanks America!
schlitzbull13 (5 months ago)
Welcome back, sir.
Gotallofthem1 (5 months ago)
Hope you get better and find out whats causing the pain. If it is indeed a herniated disc that pressing the wrong nerve they will have to get in there and take that broken disc out and hopefully you are good after that.
Random Ryan (5 months ago)
You need a hug :p
Campbell Graffam (5 months ago)
Literally everyone in Moreno Valley is complete garbage when it comes to medicine. When I lived out there, I forced myself to drive about 45 minutes just to see a doctor in Temecula.
Siana Gearz (5 months ago)
Congratulations on your health progress and good luck! I wonder though, can such a thing as a cursed computer exist? You have replaced everything, or what remains the same? Can it be something insanely stupid like the Intel CPU driver (which crashes AMD) crawling back in for some reason? My first steps in this case would be: "Can it run Linux reliably"? and "Can i underclock a component to make system reliable?" No point buying and replacing components before you have narrowed down what could be wrong.
Lifted Seven (5 months ago)
Brother, I know you probably missed my comment 8-12 months ago, but please drink pure lemon juice with water (to taste) daily, it will help with any Diabetes and even cancer.
Rawand Fatih (5 months ago)
I'm really glad you're seeing a light and finally getting answers! Get better man!
Nick Lm (5 months ago)
come europe to see a doctor :D
silver (5 months ago)
heartless doctors
Grigory (5 months ago)
Elric, I am so happy that your problem seems to be not that dare as you thought before. Good luck to you and fast recovery!
Devour Dreams (5 months ago)
Get better ❤❤❤❤❤
Ángel Enrique (5 months ago)
Those who disliked this video, don't have a soul tbh.
b8n2u (5 months ago)
this first asshole couldve gotten you killed. you should sue for malpractice
MNFS (5 months ago)
Stay strong!❤️
d3muxcd (5 months ago)
Where's the GoFundMe? ❤️
Koo Hoo (5 months ago)
Eric M (5 months ago)
So your not a evil genius bent on world domination ;)
Eric M (5 months ago)
Likely you got a herniated disk but that treatable and with a really good outcome.
Eric M (5 months ago)
That's fantastic news !! :)
HDose (5 months ago)
Classic Video Game (Collector?) Ian from Pat The NES Punk had the same thing happened to him, he had this pain going around in him and it took him a couple of doctors until one of them found a rare illness that can be cured.
TheSpiral01 (5 months ago)
Go Fund me, wheres your link Elric?
Idonotknowmyname (5 months ago)
Fuck yeah man! I'm happy to know the Parkinsons diagnostic was crap, now, create a gofundme so we can help you out!!
Edniel Lee (5 months ago)
Art Dehls (5 months ago)
...and then it hits.... "Amercian health system". Fuck. Well, we've got shitty doctors here too, but at least we don't have the added insult of pulling cash out of our pockets. I was in a coma for over a month, I.C. for two, and haven't the faintest what it cost. Doesn't matter. Everyone should die at least once in their life, sorts out your zen. SO! MRI!!! I had the pleasure of having one last fall and gotta say, loved it. Hopefully you've got a taste for early industrial dance because it reminded me most of early Meat Beat Manifesto. Your MRI begins at 1:30. ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTCA7EGLBLE
Jehan Kateli (5 months ago)
But seriously, if you're having suicidal thoughts, DO tell someone.
Slave Liberator (5 months ago)
Murthafucka you dont even imagine how hard it is not to be able to give you a hug!!!
terrybear2k (5 months ago)
i am so happy to hear that u are finding better doctor, ppl who really help u. God bless u dude
Brett the Behemoth (5 months ago)
Err, isn't a blood glucose level of 87 pretty normal? From what I'm looking at, hypoglycemia doesn't even start until you're under 70...
stabilisedchaos (5 months ago)
Doctors are legal drug pushers,they tell you you have diseases and things wrong that you don't really have so you are on their drugs for the rest of your life.Many years ago in my grandfathers time he said if you got sick and went to the doctor,you would only have to pay him/her if they made you better.These days the sicko doctors make MORE money by KEEPING YOU SICK.
Don't Ask Me (5 months ago)
I had a feeling you live fairly close to me. Love to take you out to lunch at a nice place in the Riverside area. Glad things are looking up for you and that what you feared turned out to be false. Just keep your spirit up, and if you are having too much trouble with all those AMD products, drop them off with me and let me have fun with them. I love building systems.
Gold Fingers (5 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your experiences. I've noticed that we, especially youtube goers, live in a bubble that hides sickness and death behind a wall of showmanship and facade. Your updates have really put in perspective the things that matter in my life, and have set my priorities in a much straighter path.
Paul Aleksis (5 months ago)
i hope you get better brother praying for you
padlockbeats (5 months ago)
Super grateful I live in Australia hearing USA health care system horror stories like this! Praying for you big homie! Glad to hear there's some good news. Keep sharing & doing what you do. Peace & massive respect!
Sky Corrigan (5 months ago)
Your last video about your possible Parkisons and leg problem gave me a different outlook on life ad what's really important. This video made me so happy for You!
Weston Portman (5 months ago)
Good news man. Keep your blood sugar low to heal the ulcer. The research has shown that meticulous BG control is really the only way to have hope to heal them. I know how frustrating doctors can be. My compassion with you man <3 insulin itself, not just blood sugars, really takes a toll on your entire neurology. It sounds like you may have gastroparesis. Check out Dr. Bernstein's "The Diabetes Solution." Low blood sugar / hypoglycemia is caused by diabetes. I used to shake without eating sugar and now I don't shake at all after quitting sugar and carbs. Eating sugar or taking insulin is like giving alcohol to an alcoholic.
Arthur 012 (5 months ago)
Elric good luck! My prayers are with you, don’t let these trolls keep you down. 😁
Meduka (5 months ago)
Glad things are turning for the better!
Almir Preldzic (5 months ago)
Doctors are the highest caste in the occult oligarchy. They get to decide who lives and who dies, who gets to be conscious and unconscious.
gene sochia jr (5 months ago)
Still praying for you friend.
DamageIncM (5 months ago)
Same for depression, man... I go cry to my partner how I feel miserable for just a day that I can't keep my depression at bay, and they (yes, they all do) go "You're being negative." and then they ignore me and dump me. - People act out of selfishness.
DamageIncM (5 months ago)
LOL > 10:01
Joe (5 months ago)
You should do Keto, bro.
Joe (5 months ago)
I think this is third explanation about the shaking or the shaking diagnosis. You should really leave California, because those doctor don't seem to know what they are doing.
Joe (5 months ago)
This poor guy is like falling apart.
K2 (5 months ago)
Hope you get better..like your videos
kingb youchoob (5 months ago)
hope you are doing better bro....
techsimmons (5 months ago)
I learned the hard way about using the s word with doctors. More than once.
Zipzeolocke (5 months ago)
I wouldn't be quick to say the US healthcare system as a whole sucks. It was specifically that Dr. that you were seeing who made those calls. I've been lucky to have a great Dr. over the years who has never made decisions that I felt were questionable. So it's not the US healthcare system that sucks, it's individual doctors specifically who can suck. Every human is different and do things differently. At least we have a variety to choose from
Erkki Muhonen (5 months ago)
I think hardware Canucks and/or jayztwocents had similar issues like yours(with the ryzen2) . I can't remember what they did but if you check out their videos they should at least show some other troubleshooting steps 😊 glad to hear that you don't have parkinsons on top of it all! 😊There might even be more guitar playing in store from you 😊
justun chan (5 months ago)
Maxwell Bruce (5 months ago)
Stereo Entertainment (5 months ago)
stand strong man! i wish you a fast recovery!!
Ancapistan Owns (5 months ago)
Average waiting times for MRIs in my country with fully socialized medicine is 12-18 months... 30 days is unheard of, unless you're politically connected. I'm still very sorry to hear about it - even a few minutes of suffering with pain levels of 9 or 10 is unbearable.

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