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COD Ghosts: 5 New DLC Skins! Soap Legend Pack, Extinction Squad Pack & Ghost(Call Of Duty Micro DLC)

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New COD Ghosts gameplay of the soap legend pack, extinction squad pack & classic ghost pack in call of duty ghosts multiplayer. ► See ALL The New DLC Videos Here! --►http://full.sc/1hyirHL ► SUBSCRIBE For More Videos! --► http://full.sc/OJyiVW ► Call Of Duty Ghosts Videos Playlist --►http://full.sc/1fimvH3 In this video I'll be covering all 5 of the new dlc skins that came to call of duty ghost including a soap legend pack that comes with a soap multiplayer skin for your character, a soap weapon camo, a soap reticule and a soap player card, patch and background. Also available is the extinction squad pack including 3 new multiplayer or extinction skins for you soldier which are interchangeable and finally the classic ghost pack which allows you to play as simon ghost riley in cod ghost multiplayer. Let me know by leaving a comment which skin is your favourite and don't forget to like the video if you found it informative! :D ------ All My Social Media Links ------ ► FACEBOOK PAGE --► http://full.sc/182kRJn ► TWITCH --► http://full.sc/17U1te6 ► STEAM GROUP --► http://full.sc/15BlIMg ► INSTAGRAM --► http://full.sc/1nGG4k9 ► GOOGLE+ --► http://full.sc/18589Zc ►The Capture card I use to record! (US) --► http://full.sc/17YKs1r ►The Capture card I use to record! (UK) --► http://full.sc/17f70wY ►Get 10% off Some Kontrol Freeks! --► http://full.sc/12Msdcn ►Intro Song: --► http://full.sc/WWB0bx ►Outro Song: --► http://full.sc/1NLLeE8
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Text Comments (227)
Rexleak (7 months ago)
I remember buying them and saying fuck you kid you ain’t got dem skins
Adit Gandhi (8 months ago)
Can you play with dlcs on coop local play
Kmack ow9 (1 year ago)
I Like Soup Skin pack I got it
Droidd133 (1 year ago)
Spiros xGRx (1 year ago)
2:47 ..I have all the dlcs..but I want that damn spectrum camo
Zach Usman (2 years ago)
How do u put it on
umirinbro muscleboii (2 years ago)
Still washing in 2016 LOL
A miner (6 months ago)
umirinbro muscleboii I am in 2018
Oliver Pegg (2 years ago)
do the zombie skin pack
yezi baez (2 years ago)
Am gonna buy them soon too 😄👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Dutch4Gamers (2 years ago)
I like the first guy of extinction the best.
Hashir Ahsan (2 years ago)
Hi Unknown player Love your videos keep up the EIPC work :)
Cryosis (2 years ago)
eradicator has to be the best
Zniper1106//ZniperYT (3 years ago)
Put Woods from cod bo1
Jaeden L (3 years ago)
Sucks that Ghost dies in MW2 :/
Bad Boy (3 years ago)
I got season pass who wanna gameshare I'm nice
Itsolek Xxx (4 years ago)
CraverShot (4 years ago)
Tank Dempsey FTW
Samestro (4 years ago)
2:41 0_0 no sleep for me tonight
Ruth Parsons (6 months ago)
Terrance Gray (2 years ago)
Killer Clown (3 years ago)
Lol you had me in tears
Raptor (4 years ago)
and i agree with soviet player we do need a reznov legand pack
Raptor (4 years ago)
i hope they put in yuri and the pack would be called legend pack yuri
Giancarlo Bonilla (4 years ago)
We need shepard from mw2
Flying Musket (4 years ago)
They need woods,mason and yuri.
Mark Burgos (4 years ago)
We should have the black ops zombie pack
Marilou Uy (4 years ago)
Cod ghost got really creative with their character customization
Senpai Yamhy (4 years ago)
Personally i think they should put everyone from cod4 in it such as gaz griggs lt vazquez zakheavs son ect
miguel marin (4 years ago)
I agree with you
Marc Nürenberg (4 years ago)
I got Soap.. :D I dont like Price as playable char and he dont rly looks good and Makarov is stupid and a fuckin russian :D I decided for Soap because he looks pretty cool and I like him :D
Vince Friel (4 years ago)
we need a zombies legend pack 
bossbare boss (4 years ago)
all of them
Sach Pierre (4 years ago)
i only bought this game for extinction, i sometimes play multiplayer but i don't enjoy it as much... maybe i'll pick up the extinction squad pack who knows, looks cool.
Shane Walsh (4 years ago)
I know that Raul Menendez is not IW char but it will be cool if there will be Menendez Legend Pack
Permanent CFW (4 years ago)
first extinction skin
Giancarlo Bonilla (4 years ago)
General Shepard from mw2
Burnzy Gaming (4 years ago)
I bought the classic ghosts pack on my PS3, but now I have a PS4, how do I re download it for free or upgrade it to my PS4.
Shardz0fH3ll2526 (4 years ago)
I just hppe they'll have Team Metal (Sandman, Grinch, Truck, Frost, etc.) Skins.
K J (4 years ago)
i think they going 2 release gen. sheperd legend pack and the theme of it is yellow and the patch will be like the makarov one a rectangle because soap and price are red and blue coluers and makarovs is green and soap and prices pacths are round if this made no sence i get but find it out ur self on ghosts
Get Shanked (4 years ago)
Get Shanked (4 years ago)
I want Yuri...
JWPark00 (4 years ago)
Now they need to have a Yuri legend pack
You know CoD is failing when.....
Manolo Giroflè (4 years ago)
Ps4!!!!!!????????? Date????
RitSatan X (4 years ago)
Wait i have a question do u have to pay for all 3 of the extiniction characters like in different packs
Zodiac011 (4 years ago)
I had the pre-order bonus head on ps3 but when i put my account onto my new ps4 i cant use it anymore. how can i get it back? someone help me
koen de vos (4 years ago)
jason meseck (4 years ago)
Ps3 me and friends dress up like campaign characters and I am ghost :)
jason meseck (4 years ago)
Simon is my favorite also would it not be baller if he still had blood from Shepard bullet on him ?
Jeromé Van Der Sangen (4 years ago)
Joker_Potter (4 years ago)
if all the players can use money to purchase ghost pack that will be unfair to those players who pre order this fucking game
SuperSonicSmash (3 years ago)
well I guess it was because Game Stop Fucked up and half the people that pre-ordered the game and didn't get the Ghost mask like me. so I bought it
sandi (4 years ago)
I believe we are getting the Nikolaj legen pack
The B L U N D E L L (4 years ago)
When is this coming out for PlayStation and PC??
BLACKOUT (4 years ago)
thursday is the map pack and this will come shortly after
DK_Bastian (4 years ago)
Ive had this Simon GHoST riley since it SAS realsed because we Got it free in Europe the GHoST dlc
TheBigMike (4 years ago)
Awsome I can't intell Friday im going to DL that
TheOne21 (4 years ago)
Infinity ward: Legend Packs: A Special Character and themed Personalization Pack for a legendary figure in Call of Duty lore. ALL Legend packs are from MW3 ._. If they are from the ENTIRE Call of duty lore they should make an Alex Mason or Frank Woods Legend pack!
Giancarlo Bonilla (4 years ago)
First of all Zakhaev from Cod4 was one of the legend packs, and second wouldn't remaking another character from treyarch be against copyright.
ZeR0Gamer1 (4 years ago)
i don't like the Micro dlcs that much, so far my favourite is the 19's camo and the extinction pack. My favourite ghosts customization characters would be Yuri and Shepard. I really want the Yuri first person arms, with the tattoos!
TheRealJJ (4 years ago)
We need a zachev from cod 4 villain pack
TheRealJJ (4 years ago)
Hey shut up I didn't know!! So leave me alone
Sam Thompson (4 years ago)
I want a reznov from world at war
IReaPzZ SCyThE (4 years ago)
Does any one know when the extinction squad pack is coming out for ps3? If you do please answer back.
Richard Simmons (4 years ago)
andrew fishe (4 years ago)
Can anyone tell me when these are coming out for ps3
Anwar Kock (4 years ago)
Hey add me on ps3,4im prestige master in cod ghost my name is in the psn anwarkock let me join your clan ok dud bye
Eric Hernandez (4 years ago)
Woods from black ops the first one
Brandon J Margrett (4 years ago)
It annoys me they didn't make a whole pack for ghost! I would love Ghosts outfit and a camo:'(
rigenr8 (4 years ago)
I want a sandman legend pack!
fredi juarez (4 years ago)
What about yuri from Mw3
The wolf of solitude (4 years ago)
+xXMrAnonymusXx Ghosts Body is already in the game it's the Ranger operator . The makers said that there was one body in the game that would fit with his head that is the ranger operator. All tho it is not exactly like the task force 141 body it looks like it 
They have his head, all they need is a body, camo, background, patch, and other stuff. 
Scavengingmetal (4 years ago)
+Vladimir Vladinovenski Dont forget Ghost
The wolf of solitude (4 years ago)
Yeah Yuri needs to get in and Roach. Yuri is one of my favorite Russians in game
Slavic Pepe (4 years ago)
i gonna buy the spikey head #He`sAwesome
Monster J.F.A Genders (4 years ago)
im gonna get  extinction pack and the Ghost pack 
Jacob Stewart (4 years ago)
I. Would like to see sandman
Erik Theiss (4 years ago)
I see LiamFTWinter
Reid R (4 years ago)
They're going to do a sandman legend pack because sandman will make up the task force squad that ghost price and soap were a part of
Swagatron33651 (4 years ago)
Is ghost just a character head or full body
Fn BaDgEr (4 years ago)
XPENDABLES_124 (4 years ago)
character skins, camos and voice over packs. Three things that won't affect your gameplay at all and the character skins you cant even see on yourself, so pointless. thats pretty dissapointing if you ask me
Dave Vroon (4 years ago)
Sandman from mw3
GunSet OnStun (4 years ago)
Can't wait till Playstation gets these I buying them all.
Dan Trixit (4 years ago)
+Unknown Player Please do more face cam vids! :) Btw nice vid as always man helps when i'm down. Your voice is so chill. :D
Francisco Izaguirre (4 years ago)
Hey man what's the song at the end of your videos called?
We need Alex Mason
TheBlackLoreOfficial (4 years ago)
tiger camo as it gets you please answer I have not found anyone who knows thanks
TheBlackLoreOfficial (4 years ago)
TheBlackLoreOfficial (4 years ago)
is there a way to have that camouflage even without being diperndenti??
TheBlackLoreOfficial (4 years ago)
ClevelandZack (4 years ago)
Its an exclusive skin for either Best Buy or GameStop employees 
Kevin Arizaga (4 years ago)
Do you have any information for this on when its getting released for ps3?
Kevin Arizaga (4 years ago)
+Kiel Nicolas so this just came out for Xbox?
Kiel Nicolas (4 years ago)
One month from now
M Watson (4 years ago)
Roach, frost, and sandman
Derpy Jr (4 years ago)
We Should Have A Reznov Character Skin
andres aguilar (4 years ago)
and hes not lieing about the ghost character! PSN:Z28ssCAMERO
andres aguilar (4 years ago)
i like the first extinction character.And do they all come in a pack?
Sherman Tsai (4 years ago)
Oh never mind
Sherman Tsai (4 years ago)
They should add the full Simon Riley ghost, as a character pack
TACOmonkey53 (4 years ago)
They should add woods
InDominus (4 years ago)
I'm thinking Shepherd, Nikolai, Yuri and Kamarov
Nilson Ruiz (4 years ago)
The last one is my favorite.
D3RPY SH4RK (4 years ago)
Soap looks like Niko Belic
mohsen alsager (4 years ago)
Djoel (4 years ago)
that classic ghost character you had is a lie, it's just the classic ghost mask with devgru sniper basic. Why do you have to lie about the ghost character?
prototype844 (4 years ago)
You must be a special type of retard...
Spooky Ougi (4 years ago)
Why are there three extinction squad suits or skins? There shuld have been four since there are four people during one game... Anyway, they shuld have made four so people in the extinction can have there own skins...
elemental creatures (4 years ago)
There is three heads and four outfits
Will Mandanas (4 years ago)
What gun is that
Djoel (4 years ago)
thx a lot for the informative video
Mr.Bannana (4 years ago)
They should put Yuri from MW3
justin perry (4 years ago)
Scotty Harris (4 years ago)
I want an astronaught suit multiplayer skin
Bipidibopididoo (4 years ago)
They gave Price and Makarov their own 1st person models but not Soap :/
Snoodie (4 years ago)
Finally we can purchase Simon Ghost Riley! :)
immaplayer27GHOSTS (4 years ago)
Really? OAO
Shooshie Roll (4 years ago)
Please exempt my friend request I'm ON A RAMPAGE2
2 Chins (4 years ago)
Adarius Kyles (4 years ago)
it does suck.
Snoodie (4 years ago)
I kinda hate it cause of the physics of the gun but I like it

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