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free online games fun for kids from 9-11 years old - octopie - kidstv

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octopie a free online game fun for children from 9-11 years old. Can you avoid a jetpack wiener dog, a lobster on a high wire, and a crazy cat lady throwing water balloons at you? Great, you're hired! Just pull your finger back on the octopus slingshot and let’s get started! HOW TO PLAY THE OCTOPIE GAME: Navigate the OctoPie delivery truck to delivery locations. Drag your finger to aim a powerful octopus slingshot and deliver pizza to customers in high-rise buildings. Aim for customers in green windows – but don’t wait too long! Customers will get mad and close their windows if you don’t shoot them a pizza in time! GAME FEATURES free games for kids : • Deliver pizzas FAST to earn more tips. Collect costumes and power ups along the way. • Don’t forget to avoid obstacles that slow you down! • Pause the game at any time and start again when you’re ready! • Turn sounds and music on or off in the settings you can download games at :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mtvn.octopie Please subscribe to the channel: goo.gl/MQYRZK to get more video free games for kids online.
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kidstv (1 year ago)
Please give me comments on free games for kids. thanks

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