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Zelda Theory: Kokiri, Koroks and The Great Deku Trees

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Why is the Great Deku Tree in Breath of the Wild? Join us as we go over all references of the Kokiri and Koroks in the Zelda Timeline! Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm
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Commonwealth Realm (8 months ago)
Another timeline, just a week after the Goron Timeline? Why not?! Hope you enjoy this video as our editor iBuzzeh put a ton of work editing it!
Play Forever (1 month ago)
Commonwealth Realm I
Nicholas Veridiculity (8 months ago)
'Jay Upadhya', The Game Theorists will gloss over whole details which disprove their own theories. For example, in Matt's video about Breath of the Wild's timeline placement, it's clear that his information comes from some research, not a history of him playing the games and following the lore. You will miss things if you try to figure it all out for the first time, without actually playing the games with lore in mind.
Jay Upadhya (8 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm the Game Theorist youtube channle has disproved the offical timeline
Carlo Nassar (8 months ago)
Markus Kosmo TBH, it doesn't *have* to be canon.
Markus Kosmo (8 months ago)
Jay Upadhya The timeline in Hyrule Historia is official, and canon, so that proves you wrong!
The concept of all the timelines coming together is just so stupid Also it can’t be the adult because the adult timeline Hyrule kind of doesn’t exist
A. N. (17 days ago)
Well some sh*t happened for The Great Deku Tree to become to a cherry tree...
Inkling Gamer (2 months ago)
:O you’ve been taking cociri?! HOW COULD YOU!
TheGeekFactor (3 months ago)
0:40 intro music literally just sounds like you added reverb to the original kokiri forest track. No complaining, i just wanted to know if it really is that way
Grizzly Bear (3 months ago)
Disney made tropical forest people
Optillian (4 months ago)
What are "the Korokth"?
superbros15 (4 months ago)
the production value of this stuff deserves more views
Alan Nascimento (5 months ago)
I realy miss Deku Tribe.
Alan Nascimento (2 months ago)
Theres no lore answear for that. Most probably Zelda developers didn't want another wood tribe-like after the cute koroks, and rock throwers like octorok. Sigh
Hans Ollo (2 months ago)
That's what I want to know; where did the Deku scrubs go? They're simply not present in Wind Waker or Twilight Princess.
Wouter Céphas (5 months ago)
Mentioning Vortexyygaming quite distracted from the video and took me half an hour more of my time ^-^"
Michel Cote (5 months ago)
first proper was in the first zelda game, its the first dungeon.
loliquatsch (5 months ago)
saria is still best girl
DarkGengar94 (5 months ago)
Why isn't Zelda an old lady?
cody muller (5 months ago)
Isn't makar a violist?
Sebastian Maregatti (6 months ago)
I say botw is in the child timeline
TheMechwar88 (6 months ago)
As much as I don't like the whole "Zoras become Ritos!" lore, good god almighty do I hate me some Koroks. Bring back the Kokiri.
Anthoni Brookshire (7 months ago)
Why is no one doing a theory on a fourth timeline since the very first game of the entire canon has the exact same time travel duality as Ocarina of Time? Did the game not end with both the present and past versions of the villain dying? Would this not create a new timeline similar to after the OoT?
J.M (1 month ago)
Anthoni Brookshire Actually it doesn't. Link kills Demise in the future (The Forgotten) by wishing on the Triforce and he destroys Girahim and Demise in the past. Young (Past) Impa protects the door of time, and Zelda and Link return to the 'future'. Therefore only one timeline exists. BOTW Spoiler: Urbosa states it was written that Ganondorf once took the form of a Gerudo, meaning OOT has happened prior to BOTW occurring.
Dai mon (8 months ago)
Have you noticed that in most timelines Link and Zelda don't end up together and Zelda continues to marry other men but Link? :P
King Namor 777 (18 hours ago)
xXBrittany20Xx The spirit of the hero is reincarnated. It has nothing to do with bloodline or family. As for Zelda. Her destiny is passed on to the next-generation/next Zelda in the family. So yes Link can marry Zelda. Because his spirit will be passed on to next Hylian to help the New Zelda.
J.M (1 month ago)
Dai mon SS breaks that tradition as implied in the ending.
Hans Ollo (2 months ago)
Meh, the only Zelda and Link that were close were the pair from Skyward Sword and they did end up together; the rest were either too young or didn't know each other well. It's all well and good, though; Link (Hero of Time) married Malon, so I'd say he traded up, and his descendant marries Ilia, so he wins, too.
xXBrittany20Xx (4 months ago)
That's because according to other stories in past Zelda games, since both link and Zelda have to be reincarnated, they have to be born within the bloodline of their own Family bloodlines. So link and Zelda cant marry even if they wanted too when it comes to most Zelda games now. Because if they were to marry and have kids, their bloodlines would be intertwined forever and they would lose their pure bloodlines to be reincarnated. So even if they did love each other, it cant happen. ...kinda interesting tho when you think about it. Because then it is a forbidden love story. ^_^ And even tho in windwaker (as far as I know) tetra and link marry and have kids, Link in that game is not of pure blood from the heros bloodline. (the king of hyrule and jabu  confirmed that.) He had to earn the title of hero by proving his courage. He might be a non-blood relative tho because his family had the heros shield on their wall. Meaning the hero probably married one of links grandmothers sisters. And that leaves link in windwaker not of bloodline of the hero. Makes me wonder what happened to the real hero tho. hmmm...so many unexplained things to figure out.
baltakatei (8 months ago)
History Monks!
tubefan90000 (8 months ago)
I get the feeling that the tree in Faron Woods in Skyward Sword is actually the earliest known Great Deku Tree, but at some point through the timeline something happens, maybe the appearance of the Kokiri, which grants a Great Deku Tree the ability to talk, and that ability continues being passed down. Or the Great part of the name refers to the ability to talk and not the size, and the SS tree was just a Deku Tree Also, odds are the monkeys of TP are also an evolution/form for the Kokiri, but I'm curious about their origins. Descendants of the Kikwi from SS? Descendants of the Picori from MC? A new and separate race from either? I personally think Picori, unless you want to say the Kikwi became the Picori and later became the Kokiri. The Picori share a lot with the Kokiri as it is. Small, live in a forest (well the Picori can survive outside of the forest, but the main city is in one), make houses of trees or other plants, magical, not particularly powerful, but not helpless. And because I just feel bad that everyone forgets about the existence of the Picori and want them to have some value outside Minish Cap As for the placement of BotW, watch "Oman Au" Aonuma throw everyone through a loop by stating that it goes between MM and TP somehow, or some other ridiculous place except the end of the timeline. If not for it having been confirmed to come after OoT, I wouldn't be surprised if they said it came between SS and MC just to mess with everyone, put a random 10000 year gap right at the beginning
J.M (1 month ago)
BOTW is confirmed to come after OOT, Urbosa states Ganon once took the form of a Gerudo.
Kakariko Kage (8 months ago)
Anyone else thinking that the Kokiri/Koroks could have transplanted the Deku Tree sprout in a new forest, one further north of Hyrule castle? I guess the real question is whether a sentient tree could survive being uprooted and transported to a new location.
Sorryimtruthful (8 months ago)
If you think about it? Korok seeds are poop droppings
Amancio Acosta (8 months ago)
did anyone catch the mistake in the video in the wind waker Makar is the sage of the wind temple not the earth temple the sage of the earth temple is medli of the rito
GamingBrad (8 months ago)
According to Hyrule Encyclopedia, the Kokiri were hylians that moved to the forest and transformed into the kokiri thanks to the power of the Deku Tree
Larry Chauncey (8 months ago)
Do clothes pass on via reincarnation? Something smells Zora-ey.
Larry Chauncey (8 months ago)
Don't worry I'm sure GT will make it so. Sulu "Make it so."
Larry Chauncey (8 months ago)
Nice.. been really looking forward to this one. Thanks man. Keep it up.
DezFrost Gamecube (8 months ago)
Chance Friesen (8 months ago)
The Kokiri Forest intro music made me want to start a new OoT file just to wander around and explore..... and never leave Kokiri Forest and just stay there forever. Ganon can't attack if you don't leave the forest -- Think about it. Link's first and by far biggest mistake.
Marcos Moreno (22 days ago)
Chance Friesen true that
J.M (1 month ago)
Chance Friesen But it's so fucking boring in the forest!!!
Saria will always be a very cute Kokiri.
ike d (8 months ago)
I want vortexxy back :(
Odd Gaming (8 months ago)
Is it possible that after all of these are done you could do a whole timeline just about the stories of the races? Like "It was at this point when the Zoras mutated into the ferocious river Zora, and the Goron and Kokiri tribes were forced from the lands." Just to keep all of the various stories organized?
Zelda 194 (8 months ago)
I don't like the design of wind walkers deku tree
random name (8 months ago)
Zelda 194 i like it it looks funny
MeMyselfAndKgore (8 months ago)
Wow that vortexxy gaming shout out shook me
Orest Emmanou (8 months ago)
Thanks for all of those Zelda timelines!! There are so many things that we don't know and we are learning from you!! 😄😉
z nerd (8 months ago)
Is it possible that the kikwis in skyward sword and the monkeys in thwilight princess are all kokiris? Maybe they shapeshift at will. Perhaps they only took on the kokiri form at all to make link feel at home. Perhaps the spirit of the hermit kikwi eventually merged with the tree he resided in
Daniel Jensen (8 months ago)
I feel that their true form is that of simple Forest Spirits, and they can change their form at will to suit their current environment. I also think that those light things we see flying around in the Kokiri Forest in Ocarina of Time are their true forms.
z nerd Exactly. Bucha, the Kikwi Elder, looks very similar to the Deku Tree. The Kokiri have to adapt in order to survive, so shapeshifting doesn't seem too farfetched.
Zachary Erickson (8 months ago)
3:28 Why did you use footage of Link putting the sword back in when you mentioned the opposite? 3:40 Hello there. I'm the Deku Tree's obese son. Since the Wind Waker Deku Tree has a fat chin he probably is the Deku Tree's obese son. 6:33 Actually it is implied that Gulley may be a descendant of Saria and therefore is a Kokiri or contains a Kokiri lineage (you know the thought of Kokiri and Hylians mating is very twisted O_o). There is also an image of Makar hanging on the wall in Gulley's house. Is he a possible family member? 7:36 Oh goddammit are we really bringing up that timeline fusion theory bullshit again?
Hans Ollo (2 months ago)
Still haven't played Breath of the Wild, and I'm not in any hurry to. Sounds like a convoluted mess with no real plot or goal that doesn't fit in the timelines and that bothers me too much to care.
Grand Hero22 (8 months ago)
Going off what the video wouldn't it be cool if you wore a different link tunic and the great deku tree had different dialogue
Thomas Siry Yes! Very much.
Hixsen (8 months ago)
I've been waiting for this video, THANK YOUU!!!
Jannis H (8 months ago)
really great video!
Ricky I (8 months ago)
Fantastic video, as per usual. Just noticed one minor error. You mention Makar being awakened to the Earth Temple, when it was actually the Wind Temple that he is sent to in-game.
Friendly Cordyceps (8 months ago)
But hey, that's JUST A THEORY
JBArtStudios No...A GAY THEORY! THANKS FOR WATCHING! Sorry. I had to.
JBArtStudios (8 months ago)
Zephyr's Tune (8 months ago)
Fantastic theory! I watch all your videos!
Delta kai09 (8 months ago)
I still don't see how people say BOTW fuses the time lines like that doesn't make sense how , that would mean ALL events happend meaning everything that happened would've be recorded it just doesn't make sense
Hans Ollo (2 months ago)
AJ Could have* would have* should have* It's not, "would of". Ex. "Jeremy could have gone out to play, if only he would have finished his chores."
TheLonePantheist (8 months ago)
Delta kai09 (8 months ago)
kechidonick they have no proof and it makes zero sense I don't get what they are getting
kechidonick (8 months ago)
"It just works!" - Timeline merge fans
AJ (8 months ago)
Secunda Also old Impa is there in that temple. She seems to be keeping an eye on the imprisoned but she probably was guarding Zelda all that time.
Delta kai09 (8 months ago)
The forest Themed Areas always have the best music , Faron woods ( TP), Forest Temple( MM, TP, OoT) , Deku Tree ( oot )
Delta kai09 (8 months ago)
Transcendent Sacred Courage I never played Skyward sword so I wouldn't know I just named the Themes of the areas I remember from the game I've played
Delta kai09 Surprised you didn't mention Skyward Sword's Faron Woods theme, which is one of my favorites. Fucking shame. To each his own.
Kirvee2 (8 months ago)
No mention of the possibility of the forest itself moving around? There's quite a lot of tree stumps and hollow logs the size of the Deku Tree scattered around Hyrule. Any of them could've been a past Deku Tree.
BlinkyBlitz 2004 (8 months ago)
Love you guys! ;)
Lowkey (8 months ago)
I know it's not canon but I feel like it's heavily implied that the monkeys you save in TP are the koroks of that age. They change their form to the most appropriate things for their environment. When they were looking after link in Oot they wanted to look like humans so he would assimilate well, and all other obvious koroks can have their form explained by theirs environment. The monkeys live right in that tree which is equally implied to be the deku tree. I feel like with any other series this would be canon but with Loz everything's planned out as it goes so we feel like we need everything laid out in 100% matter of fact to avoid confusion. But the monkeys bein koroks just fits so nicely.
J.M (1 month ago)
KJ Milligan The Koroks leaving the Forest is evidenced in OOT's ending. The Deku Tree was keeping them safe.
Hans Ollo (2 months ago)
The Kokiri were all present at the festival at Lon Lon Ranch during the end credits of the game in the Adult Timeline (Link having been sent back through time to before he met Zelda wasn't there), and they were all alive and well. The Great Deku Tree had just told them not to leave to keep them safe.
KJ Milligan (4 months ago)
I think that the Deku Tree only told them that because he knew Ganondorf would have killed them in order to try and get the Kokiri Emerald. After Ganondorf/Ganon got sealed away, The Deku Tree said that they could finally leave the forest. Of course, this is a theory though.
xXBrittany20Xx (4 months ago)
What doesn't make sense to me tho is that in ocarina of time, the kokiri were not allowed to leave forest because if they did then they would die. ...which doesn't make sense to me cause in the future Zelda games like breath of the wild, the koroks can now leave kokiri forest. Either the kokiri were told they would die if they left to keep them in the forest in ocarina of time, or the creators of Zelda forgot that they would die if they left the forest. Its just a thought that came to mind. They could change it if they wanted too. But that was just one of my thoughts.
Emrys Wledig (6 months ago)
They're also a theory that a group of Kokiri left the forest after OoT and became normal humans
Ancient Skull Kid (8 months ago)
Could Farore, the Oracle of Secrets, be a Kokiri?
Brian Welsh (1 month ago)
Listen farore = farosh Din = dinnral Nayru = the ice dragon forgot her name See the three creators of hyrule reincarnated as dragons
Ancient Skull Kid That's a good theory. Agitha being a Kokiri never crossed my mind.
Ancient Skull Kid (8 months ago)
Mhmm-mhmm-mhmm Scout Also Fanadi a Sheikah Telma a Gerudo And Agitha a Kokiri
Linksoer (8 months ago)
Legends say that, if you’re fast enough, Commonwealth Realm will pin you!
Rifaqat Islam Tasin (8 months ago)
Legends say that, if you're fast enough, commonwealth realm will pin you!😃
Spicy_ Riker (8 months ago)
This music gets me goosebumps
Alex Michels If you're referring to Breath of the Wild's Labyrinth theme, it does have that sense of mystery about it.
Secunda (8 months ago)
The entire forest temple in TP is the Deku Sprout, the boss room is actually the dead first Deku Tree from OoT. Well that's my theory anyway, in the game if you look at the boss room before going inside the door it's inside a completely different tree inside the forest temple that looks grey and dead compared to the forest temple the same colour as the Deku tree from OoT after it died while the walls and branches surrounding it from the forest temple are healthy and alive and also the same lighter colour as the Deku Sprout from OoT. Also inside the separate tree/boss room the layout of it is very similar to the inside of the great Deku tree from OoT with the giant hole in the floor, now filled with water, that the boss comes out of and the doors to rooms on the upper level where the monkey boss swings in and out of to pass you the bomb bug things are similarly placed to the upper floor rooms of the OoT Deku tree even the boss in TP kind or references the 3 Deku Baba's that surround the hole in the floor in OoT's Deku tree because it's a giant Deku Baba with 3 heads. I like to think this anyway cause it's kinda awesome even if it's just a coincidence
Hans Ollo (2 months ago)
I haven't played Breath of the Wild yet, but it seems like they wrote themselves into a corner and are trying to break free of the strict timelines we've all come to love, expect, and theorize about. The presence of Rito, Koroks, and Sea Salt all demand that the game take place in the Wind Waker timeline, most likely an alternate timeline wherein Ganondorf got his wish and drained the flooded Hyrule. Other than that, the entire premise of the game makes no sense within the timeline and that really really bothers me.
Nicholas Veridiculity (8 months ago)
'Secunda', Oh sure, I can agree that it's possible, and you have every right to theorize. I think that is what's so fun about Zelda mythology. Hell, if you ask me, every time you went forward and back in time (during Ocarina of Time), it should create a new timeline: since you've left a future which you altered, to go to the past and alter it, leaving a new future which is not the one you just left... etc. But I just wanted to point out that the Zelda team (or rather, the couple of guys among them which handle the story) don't just change the mythology on a whim--it has to synchronize with the lore of other games, even if they have to cut corners sometimes. For example, if I remember correctly, Wind Waker was supposed to have more content. The Rito were originally intended to be evolved Hylians (which fits much better, taking into account Skyward Sword and other hints); but since they had to cut and adapt the game, the Rito became evolved Zoras, and a whole island was destroyed by Gannondorf, instead of being another Windfall (maybe with Zoras). Yet now, some Zora's evolving into Rito after the flood is cannon, and every game after has to adhere.
Secunda (8 months ago)
Nicholas Veridiculity Skyward Sword basically shoots out new timelines like a spider spinning a thread. Not just with the end killing Demise in the past but things like bringing Lanayru back to life, that should have changed the timeline - going back in time and saving something that is suppose to be dead for centuries maybe even thousands of years. Changing the final resting place of the Sandship from being moored in the Pirate stronghold to just off the coast of the ancient harbour and in the process allowing Scervo to survive since the Era of the Goddess Hylia should have too. My point wasn't to try and make it sound like Zeldas isn't logical my point was meant to mean it would have been plausible for a Zelda game compared to others because the games have magic in them and abilities to alter time and travel between times.
Nicholas Veridiculity (8 months ago)
'Secunda', See, the thing is: you say '[...] well.. as plausible as a Zelda explanation can get.', but Ocarina of Time's explanation makes logical sense. The only aspect of the timeline I'd poke holes in is the 'fallen hero' timeline, which essentially legitimizes a kind of multiverse theory. Still, only three timelines are cannon.
Secunda (8 months ago)
Nicholas Veridiculity I can agree with you on BoTW's timeline placement, either that or the downfall timeline. I've also began to think that BoTW may actually be on a split timeline from the adult one, I know everyone hates to think of new timelines being added but with the Rito and Koroks in the game I've thought that maybe the game is a split from the adult were instead of letting the hero leave they kept him, or went back to change things. It's not hard to believe that after OoT they could have used the ocarina again when the hero of time didn't return and Hyrule was going to be flooded by the gods. The 10,000 year old story could actually be the story about Ganondorf coming back after OoT in the adult era but someone went back and warned them he will return again and the hero won't, so in this split Zelda doesn't send the hero away, they work together with the Sheikah to create the Divine Beasts and destroy Ganondorf when he returns and prevent the flood of Hyrule. I know it sounds stupid but I think it's actually quite plausible.. well.. as plausible as a Zelda explanation can get. There's obviously holes in it tho. I don't have a clue where it is in the timeline and have gave up guessing because I have like 5 different scenarios in my head that all seem as ridiculous as the last but for some reason I can't help but think the 10,000 year old hero is supposed to be the Hero of Time. It would explain how the story about Ruto was on the stone monument at Zoras domain and would also explain why Kass at the stable at the bottom of Death Mountain plays Epona's Song and tells you that it's theorised that the song was used by the 10,000 year old hero to communicate with his horse companion, I don't think it's the child timeline and I don't think old Hyrule could have risen out of the Great Sea again after the King used the Triforce to destroy it
AnniFrikki (8 months ago)
11th? Sweet! Still waiting for confirmation on the timeline, hope we get it soon~
Son Goku (8 months ago)
Love Zelda theories! Keep 'em coming commonwealth!
Taylor Edwards (8 months ago)
Probably in a downfall timeline Ganondorf Kill Them All
Marcos Moreno (22 days ago)
P A K (4 months ago)
Ganondorf did nothing wrong
TAA AZ (4 months ago)
Taylor Edwards it's the grown up timeline.
GN (8 months ago)
7th reasonable also great vid
4swordsIdalZ (8 months ago)
*mentions Vortexxy* oh...
Scott Richards (7 months ago)
SteinsChoice you’d think these guys would know something they used to Work together and perhaps comment on a video. A shout out to the masses to highlight it, someone somewhere should put this to rest!
random name (8 months ago)
Did she kill herself?
random name (8 months ago)
Oh my god...
SteinsChoice (8 months ago)
That's so awful. I hope it's not true, but it doesn't seem like something to be lied about. Of course I didn't know her personally, but man it gives me a gut wrenching feeling. If she is gone, I hope she's able to rest in peace.
Voices OTT (8 months ago)
I read on her Google+ account that she has in fact passed away. Another YouTuber that has done videos with her claims it was a car accident. Hence why there has been silence on every social media account she owned since June 16th of last year. A real shame if true.
Jaycee Christine (8 months ago)
This just took me wayyyyyyy back
Pepe Shitpost (8 months ago)
No.. MariOctober.. ;(
Commonwealth Realm (8 months ago)
More coming on Monday ;) It is still September you know!
Daniel's Hot Topics (8 months ago)
I Hope the next Zelda Game takes place in the Downfall Timeline.
Mhmm-mhmm-mhmm Scout No. Link needs to travel elsewhere. Each game doesn't have to take place in Hyrule. Link could face a new threat in another land. Same logic applies to Mario. Time for some change.
Daniel's Hot Topics (8 months ago)
Sweet I'm 3rd Hi Commonwealth Realm how as your day?
Commonwealth Realm (8 months ago)
Really good. Got some great news about our new series coming next week :)
Jojo Fall (8 months ago)
mark grayson (8 months ago)
Jojo Fall k
Jet 160 (8 months ago)

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