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Top 25 OFFLINE RPG Games 2018 | Android & iOS

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Top 25 OFFLINE RPG Games 2018 | Android & iOS ★Subscribe For More Games: https://goo.gl/Fqu1RT ────►★Looking For More Games?★◄──── ► Top 28 New OFFLINE Games of the 2018: https://goo.gl/f9v1AE ► Top 20 New Multiplayer Games of the 2018: https://goo.gl/Zc2nXh ► Best FREE New Games 2018 (15 Offline): https://goo.gl/MtSMUQ ► Best Offline RPG Games: https://goo.gl/YNDYoh ────────────────────────────── Titan Quest $8,99 | 1,32 GB Android: https://goo.gl/gdkEuz iOS: https://goo.gl/cgqBma ────────────────────────────── Evoland 2 $6.99 | 580 MB Android: Coming Soon! iOS: https://goo.gl/zkQKno ────────────────────────────── Legend of the Skyfish Zero Free | 113 MB Android: https://goo.gl/25D8nR iOS: https://goo.gl/yW8F6z ────────────────────────────── Portal Knights $4,99 | 450 MB Android: https://goo.gl/8ekVXf iOS: https://goo.gl/scyNbN ────────────────────────────── HERETIC GODS Free | 70 MB Android: https://goo.gl/g51597 iOS: Not Available Now ────────────────────────────── Iesabel $5.99 | 1,09 GB Android: https://goo.gl/yoKHwB iOS: https://goo.gl/4eJTes ────────────────────────────── Nonstop Knight - Idle RP Free | 80 MB Android: https://goo.gl/59nyuz iOS: https://goo.gl/X88q7r ────────────────────────────── Galaxy of Pen & Paper $3,99 | 170 MB Android: https://goo.gl/82xDCM iOS: https://goo.gl/7uXJji ────────────────────────────── King Battle-Fighting Hero legend Free | 70 MB Android: https://goo.gl/5rwpLw iOS: Not Available Now ────────────────────────────── EARTH WARS $4,49 | 500 MB Android: https://goo.gl/a9BeV7 iOS: https://goo.gl/juzcy5 ────────────────────────────── Rogue Hearts ‎$0,99 | 70 MB Android: https://goo.gl/LhXKK4 iOS: https://goo.gl/VDcfes ────────────────────────────── Juggernaut Champions Free | 100 MB Android: https://goo.gl/Ai7MpK iOS: https://goo.gl/sHGkqQ ────────────────────────────── The World 3: Rise of Demon Free | 240 MB Android: https://goo.gl/sEukd3 iOS: https://goo.gl/zm5U65 ────────────────────────────── Stormblades Free | 150 MB Android: https://goo.gl/8ebmv6 iOS: https://goo.gl/w6cVFV ────────────────────────────── Cat Quest $4,99 | 90 MB Android: https://goo.gl/W8CKFu iOS: https://goo.gl/D3sthw ────────────────────────────── Siege of Dragonspear $9.99 | 2.46 GB Android: https://goo.gl/sSNudZ iOS: https://goo.gl/an1Ddt ────────────────────────────── Oceanhorn™ Trial: Free | 250 MB Android: https://goo.gl/u49Jju iOS: https://goo.gl/ndS7dg ────────────────────────────── Tap Titans 2 Free | 140 MB Android: https://goo.gl/hrGMNx iOS: https://goo.gl/VzDiA4 ────────────────────────────── WitchSpring3 $4,99 | 530 MB Android: https://goo.gl/NNSiUS iOS: https://goo.gl/3U7zfC ────────────────────────────── FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION Free Trial | 500 MB Android: https://goo.gl/qutsFk iOS: https://goo.gl/JNzWFU ────────────────────────────── KoKo Fighters Free | 200 MB Android: https://goo.gl/RXfMdZ iOS: https://goo.gl/ywgQiP ────────────────────────────── Hero Hunters RPG Shooter | Free | +400 MB Android: https://goo.gl/UAgBPN iOS: https://goo.gl/KLYbua ────────────────────────────── FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS 2 $14.99 | 330 GB Android: https://goo.gl/pTSbi7 iOS: https://goo.gl/Y1UNmY ────────────────────────────── Monster Hunter Stories $16,61 | 2.5 GB Android: https://goo.gl/KAtLG6 iOS: https://goo.gl/N3m9tp ────────────────────────────── Different Heaven & EH!DE - My Heart Video: https://goo.gl/WDgEgP Desmeon - Hellcat [NCS Release] Video: https://goo.gl/Bhb4rY Different Heaven - Safe And Sound [NCS Release] Video: https://goo.gl/XsJHMM ColBreakz - GoodBye Video: https://goo.gl/Kcx5vD Nasko - Maybe Video: https://goo.gl/8XND7v
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Text Comments (322)
Evoland 2 released for android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playdigious.evoland2
Eric Brook (1 hour ago)
Rogue Hearts is online :v
Igor Rassamakha (2 days ago)
Dude, I like your channel, but can you leave original sound of games? Because this music makes us sick.
gabriel perez (5 days ago)
Increíble el vídeo me encantó puedes hacer una segunda parte
Rai Pimentel (6 days ago)
Qual o jogo q aparece na imagem do videp
FROG 17 (7 days ago)
Do all of these 25 games have stories?
Gusta (7 days ago)
Alguém sabe me dizer qual e o nome da musica que toca no começo do video?
SemNyck Game (8 days ago)
all kids kkkk
tayo shang youtube (8 days ago)
Củ cải nhỏ (8 days ago)
11:25 game 330GB
DJohn (10 days ago)
Oceanhorn is NOT free.
**** P!cachuYT **** (12 days ago)
r u srrsly?!!!? 330GB?!?!?! ВЫ СЕРЬЁЗНО 330ГБ!!?!?!??!
Felipe Medina Miranda (12 days ago)
11:19 330 gb!!!!!
Codafarian (15 days ago)
Wtf was that creepy ad?! Edit- I can't watch this the music is worse than the ad 😂
SIR KO (17 days ago)
What's up with everything on this list u got to download it with wifi
Adit gamer29 (18 days ago)
Where's exiled kingdom
andru haritonunicul (19 days ago)
Music is pure cringe
ADS geming (20 days ago)
Epic Conquest?
The GameR1992 (21 days ago)
330gb wtf ffd2
Furkan Ertuğrul (24 days ago)
Derek Dodson (25 days ago)
God damn aweful music! Could not watch this...
Hassan Rezaei (27 days ago)
Min 11:27 final fantasy dimensions 2. 330 Gb. Seriously?! OMG.?!is it right?!
shisui sakha (27 days ago)
Filip Skorec (30 days ago)
absolutely amazingly astoundingly atrocious music
Ruben Dario Garcia (30 days ago)
Oceahrnon Is are you Zelda?
Naruto BR (1 month ago)
11:22 ta porra 330 giga 😲
Daniel Hightower (1 month ago)
video unwatchable, music is beyond annoying
MVP_Richie YT (1 month ago)
Final fantasy 330gb!
Jerald GamiX (1 month ago)
330 gb wtf
Zia u Rehman (1 month ago)
Beer_Wolf (1 month ago)
Final Fantasy Dimension, only needs a meagre 330GB to install!
Sanji (1 month ago)
cancer "music"
Brandon Blanco (1 month ago)
330 GB??😱
Lesabel dummy!!!
Mauro Perri (1 month ago)
Why this s*itty music instead of game's sound?
Felix Tolentino (1 month ago)
Hero hunters is Not offline
Đỗ Quốc Tài (1 month ago)
*Oceanhorn ™ and King Battle, game die... not have new version.*
Tadheo Harsono (1 month ago)
Oh God, I hate the backsound music
Alexey :3 (1 month ago)
Name of song at begin pls😍 Что за песня в начале, скажите пж😍
Louis Magbuhat (1 month ago)
the fact that you have to download constantly on hero hunters annoys me wish they change that
Your assasin (1 month ago)
Over 300GB? I better mention this too so people have to scroll through one more stupid comment about it while trying to read comments with any relevance.
Ion Best Frend (1 month ago)
gamerstashers (1 month ago)
Starfish is not free, it only has a demo...
You Can Heal (1 month ago)
Oceanhorn is a beautiful game. 🎮
Рагнар (1 month ago)
What is game on previu
Good top thank
Carl Lee (1 month ago)
Very good taste in games, but very poor in music
DatSky (1 month ago)
330gb Final Fantasy?
Georg D. (1 month ago)
That music is pain to my ears!
Lazy doge (1 month ago)
Thumbnail game?
Fun bringer (1 month ago)
wait 330 GB really
Kazuko Akashi (1 month ago)
justin barrett (1 month ago)
maybe a bit more specific...android...ios.... these are not all the same system so the prices mean nothing...if I see a game I would play and I do not havbe the system..either a) I'm screwed or b) I need to buy the system plus the game...in which case, I'm also screwed. BTW is there anything for PC here...I see nothing yet... OK, to be fair...I just realized the title states "android and ios"....so I will not go and click dislike :)
-Tutoriais Mortais- (1 month ago)
Final Fantast Dimensions 2 *330 GB* ??!!!!
The Last Ninja GAMER (1 month ago)
Theres no way 330 GB
Очень крутой топ лайк совершенно точно
Jhoms Navaja (2 months ago)
No Eternium?
В крации -Ґовно
Game videos only (2 months ago)
This music is good😀😀
Daniel Ero (2 months ago)
So shocking 300+ Gb
Joss witch (2 months ago)
Good video, stupid song
300,000,000 Pixels (2 months ago)
skay pichh herogh
Canal Park (2 months ago)
Qual é o nome do jogo que vc controla a morte e ela vai matando os bichos que sai da terra? Está na play store mais nn lembro o nome
Alexander Chernyakov (2 months ago)
Try to play "Ouchy bird" game :)
Julio Cesar (2 months ago)
Só tem jogo pago
Michael Gio Aquino (2 months ago)
What is the title of the music that you used?
Michel Alexsandro (2 months ago)
*_330 GB_* _HOLY SH..._
Vito Pepperello (2 months ago)
Better if you make your own review for each game instead of awful background music...
Mr. Hyustane (2 months ago)
330gb ВАДАФАГ!!!!!!!!
AM MO (2 months ago)
Buenos juegos , pero que asco de música más usada imposible .. Ya da asco sólo de escucharla
Parcon Erman (2 months ago)
titan quest requirements on phone bro?
KnexNaK (2 months ago)
thumbs down for the irritating screeching noise in the background.
KittenBourne Gaming (2 months ago)
I feel like Imma have at least 3/4 of these but looking forward to the last 1/4
Mark Allan Devriz (2 months ago)
Disliked. Cant fastforward.
Islam is cancer (2 months ago)
What's up with the shitty music?
Isaias Moreno (2 months ago)
Original Trailer + Dubstep music. Great job editing the vid.
Flackjacker (2 months ago)
I did not like the music, not original next time try a different song like : Darude - Sandstorm
Kos aka Kosm (2 months ago)
Turn off the fucking disgusting music
Kurtz Edits (2 months ago)
Add wayward souls
Kopel_LP (2 months ago)
Whats the Game in the tumbnail
6 GORILLION (1 month ago)
Looks like zelda BOTW with photoshoped joystick
Monster Killet (2 months ago)
Uuu... 330 GB... Noice
Steve Jackson (2 months ago)
My ears are still bleeding and looks like just about any game can be classed as an rpg these days. o_O
John Frias (2 months ago)
Animus should be in the list!
Ale Bernal (2 months ago)
El mejor top que e visto hasta ahora
Raylight (2 months ago)
All of them are garbage, except for ocean horn
Schwarz Synchron (2 months ago)
Games good but shitty music.
Blue Boy (2 months ago)
Disgusting music. Couldnt watch the video
Studio Sage (2 months ago)
Love love love Evoland 2! So much fun and adventure. Also recommend: battleheart legacy and oceanhorn.
Matt Goodwin (2 months ago)
Congrats, worst music of all time. That's an achievement
+Sidways Dog you're every retard side of X's fanbase
6 GORILLION (1 month ago)
Elvie Obciano All gamers? Lmfao you mean all mobile gaymers
Holakase Holakase (1 month ago)
I didnt insult him lol
Sidways Dog (1 month ago)
Felix (1 month ago)
jeca tatu (2 months ago)
Todos são off line ?
Conan O'Brien (2 months ago)
What's on thumbnail?
Diego the boxer chavez (2 months ago)
Ocean born it's online
Digi-Druid (2 months ago)
Anyone can tell me the music's name which is used here. I was looking for it
「Kurisu -kun」 (2 months ago)
Digi-Druid 's Studio -Ncs desmeon Hellcat
matias arce (2 months ago)
bienn te felicito y like el unico gran heroe que me trae buenos juegos sabe voy a recomendar tu canal a mis amigos ellos tambien buscan juegos tienes excelente disfruto
Rafa 7789 (2 months ago)
330 GB??!
Alex Best (2 months ago)
330 GB! Damn even the biggest PC and PS4 games combine wouldn't be that big.
Nao da nem tempo de zera um jogo
Só jogo loko
Like Adoro RPG
Lion Peach (3 months ago)
Shitty ass music

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