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Five good reasons why - Manhunt is still the most violent game ever

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If there is one game you don't want your underage kid to play it's Manhunt by Rockstar. Its viciousness makes Grand Theft Auto look like a family friendly Nintendo game. Here are five good reasons why Manhunt and Manhunt 2 are still the most violent games ever created. 1. The violence is dead serious Manhunt's graphic violence is made even more disturbing by the serious tone of the game. There is no humor to the grisly stealth kills. Manhunt never backs down from its mission of pushing the envelope of video game violence. 2. The kills look realistic What makes Manhunt so intensely disturbing is the accuracy of the kill animations. You almost feel sorry for the criminals you are murdering. Just look at this stuff. Even with dated graphics it still makes us feel uncomfortable. 3. The story is sick The story of the first game is completely sick. You play James Earl Cash a death row prisoner recently executed by lethal injection. But the injection turned out to be a sedative after which someone called "The Director" wants you to kill for your freedom. Hearing this guy enjoy your kills a little too much makes it that much more unnerving. 4. It's an interactive snuff movie The main theme of the game is a phenomenon called snuff films. In these movies people get raped, tortured and killed for the sake of entertaining the viewer. Even though a lot of people have heard of snuff films it has never been proven that they actually exist. Making a game look like snuff movie by adding all sorts of video effects is still pretty disturbing however. 5. We're glad Manhunt exists It might look like we despise Manhunt but we're actually glad it exists. It's the Clockwork Orange of video games holding your eyes open so you don't miss a single drop of blood. It's almost as if the game asks you "is this really something you enjoy doing?" Rockstar has made the most violent game ever and they did it in the most respectful way possible. Music - DubStep - Rebels Attack - Full ► Follow us on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/zoomingames ► Or like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zoomingames ► Tara's channel - http://www.youtube.com/modeltarababcock ► TamTu's channel - http://www.youtube.com/blogtu ► Give us some feedback and influence our E3 coverage!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BJJjRVSmPcU7aQ5Vv5htee4fthQMo5MCwPWNzuz9fn4/viewform Download our live app Zive ► Android - http://bit.ly/1ktZbLP ► iOS - http://bit.ly/1gOrLlx Zoomin.TV Games is a Youtube Channel Network with lots of videos about gaming. Our content ranges from weekly Top 5 videos to shows about our favorite retro games. We love all consoles, ranging from Playstation 4 and Xbox One to the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita. Hell, we even got an Ouya! There's lots of love for games here. Just like you, we are looking forward to upcoming releases like Fallout 4, Infamous Second Son, Titanfall, Destiny, The Division, Mirror's Edge 2, Star Wars Battlefront, Cyberpunk 2077, Uncharted 4, Metal Gear Solid 5 and Ground Zeroes, and of course The Witcher 3. You like what you see? Subscribe for more videos about your favorite games! Zoomin.TV Games is the number one source for your gameplay videos, top 5 game videos, funny videos, video game reviews and opinions, interviews with developers and more about your favorite video games! ▼▼▼ Youtube Partnership with Zoomin.TV Games ▼▼▼ When you are interested in Youtube Partnerships, you've come to the right channel. We offer partnerships to gamers who have an opinion about gaming or want to show their skills on Youtube. You should know you can't use copyrighted music or videos (like movies and trailers), but your own gameplay videos with your own voice-over is perfect! More information about Youtube Partnerships can be found here: http://corporate.zoomin.tv/youtube/become-a-partner/
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Text Comments (914)
Beerus and Whis (20 hours ago)
Agreed definitely not for kids at all.
Best game ever 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯😅
MARSTON n (2 months ago)
go fuck you're self. i love this game. manhunt 3 was not released because of offensive people like you BITCH !
skull buster148 (2 months ago)
I am so buying it
TheKittenGamer (2 months ago)
Female chills?
Big Bad Mark (2 months ago)
i want a manhunt 2 remake ❤
Amir Hossein Karimi (2 months ago)
I kinda likes the background soundtrack. anyone knows its name?
Luke Weatherill (2 months ago)
I love man hunt
Robert Browning (2 months ago)
Thank you Rockstar for the best violent games ever created, and I would love to see a manhunt 3 that DOSENT HOLD BACK OR BLUR ANYTHING LIKE THE ORIGINAL MANHUNT 2.
Jozino (2 months ago)
Didn't even know was second 1 out wat console was second manhunt out on
Let Me Shlap (2 months ago)
I remember buying this for my nephews 7th birthday. He loved the game.
Love 80s. (3 months ago)
I gotta tell you that I can't play manhunt on x64 bit windows 10 computer but *manhunt 2 works in my x64 win10 pc I want fucking manhunt 1 please*
Jake Hunter (3 months ago)
Lmao no way in hell a new version of this game thats as good as the first would last long on store shelves in today's society, too many snowflakes and mental people. But it would be crazy im sure.
Super Moon (3 months ago)
Kinda like splinter cell
Firework Team Channel (3 months ago)
Why did you ban it in Australia now I can’t play it on PS4 too bring back memories :(
FlameRise (3 months ago)
What is the back ground music?
Mike Prom (4 months ago)
Game is so amazing the fucking mean and make us feeling comfortable in this bitch you don’t know anything
Queen Of Memes (4 months ago)
Such a great game i wanna play
Youcant Stopme! (4 months ago)
Don't be a fucking pansy. It's a good game.
Grigori Rasputin (5 months ago)
Hey, uh, POSTAL 2 called...
7 subs Challenge. (5 months ago)
I never felt uncomfortable with violence
Raging Reality (6 months ago)
Rated E for everyone.
Jagger Loco (6 months ago)
I’m about to play this game now on my ps3 system.
ZiggModder (6 months ago)
Do someone have a copy? Sell it to me!
Sephyr ArtCore (6 months ago)
Violent didn't make this piece of trash any good.
Logan StarGaming (7 months ago)
it's just a game but I love gore
Dr. Communist (7 months ago)
I actually fucking loved these games
felipe fernandez (7 months ago)
Best fucking game I've ever played
Hulkbuster 91 (7 months ago)
Just got this game delivered today
Sudstah (8 months ago)
manhunt is one of the greatest game series I have ever played its timeless !
StaRLighT _MattPFVfan_ (8 months ago)
I want to give away manhunt 1 to hardcore fan. http://steamcommunity.com/id/starlightrw/
Arash Nyb (8 months ago)
This game like blue whale😔
Arash Nyb (8 months ago)
Not good game by rock star😔😔😔 This game is so bad😞
the will (8 months ago)
Love the music it should be in manhunt and I really like that part when Danny has that uzzi at 0:05 the way he's shooting he looks so bad ass especially with the music
Mr Arthur Daley (8 months ago)
They should bring the character cash over to gta, hitman mission, mob style.
This game came right out of the lowest pits of Hell!
Conner Bordas (8 months ago)
Waiting for manhunt 3
Mr. Hitler (8 months ago)
I remember when i played first time Manhunt in 2004 on my ps2. lol I was like 9 years old then.
Thirdy Ramchand (8 months ago)
i love manhunt
Capt. Fluffy (9 months ago)
Manhunt wad my first game when I was 6
24-7 annihilation (9 months ago)
Face it, Soldier of fortune 2 makes Manhunt 2 look like Naughty Bear. The Manhunt games aren't ones I play for the setting, I play them for the stealth gameplay, atmosphere, and the nasty world they put you in. Soldier of fortune 2 pretty much is a game made by the graphic violence, if you take the voilence away you get a decent but quite generic semi realistic first person shooter.
Breandan Downey (9 months ago)
I LOVE Manhunt! Rockstar NEEDS to make a third game.
Boolin (9 months ago)
and def jam ffny remastered. Or a new def jam. some shit bruh.
Eri (9 months ago)
This is the one game my dad did not let me play. Even my older brother agreed (and he always backed me up when it came to playing violent games) Welp...
Wøah (9 months ago)
One time i went through my brothers closet and found manhunt on the ps2. I palyed it and. I was scared
Son Jam Li (9 months ago)
I really love this game.
Burnwitch (9 months ago)
You obviously never played splatter house
Ryan Heisler (9 months ago)
http://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/01/17/manhunt-new-game-trademark-take-two/ Check it out man!! 😁
Jedimani (9 months ago)
I love this game
Mikookie (10 months ago)
Manhunt makes gta 1-5 family friendly
Kooky Foe (10 months ago)
dat sickle kill though
Shinji Itoi (10 months ago)
Alright squeamish lady, what's your point? :p It almost sounds like the lady is trying to say that this game should be banned or it's terrible, but whatever.
AmirAli NK2 (10 months ago)
so trsnk
Harley Ortiz (10 months ago)
Call me crazy but this game is fucken awesome I fucken love this game especially Cash oh and this is Mom talking
Brandon x22 (1 year ago)
Manhunt is a great franchise, its so fucking dark its amazing
grim the reaper (1 year ago)
What about hatered
d3pr3553d weeb (1 year ago)
makes normies uncomfortable xD
VeRzi Bajwa (1 year ago)
Daniel lamb the best killing machine the project ever had 😍😍ah man pyshco famous brutality lies with his hands haha
superbond900 (1 year ago)
manhunt 2 is on wii and is the most violent game ever that makes no sense
jd parker THE BLOCKER (1 year ago)
TriLion (1 year ago)
I think (some) underage people can play. There is a category of teenagers that are too sensitive and influencable, and another one: Teenagers who understand that this is, after all, just a game ! Personally, I love gore/outlaw games because I can do things I wouldn't even think about in real life !
LazyAbbadon XD (1 year ago)
Think it is disturbing? Read Crossed.
Travis Jones (1 year ago)
The first Manhunt is my favorite game of all time....take note, this game is for people who enjoy tactical gameplay and have the patience to use stealth...a lot of teeny boppers will say this game sucks, and a lot of 2000s kids won't appreciate a classic like this...this is a MAN's game...never will there be anything else like it.
Satanic mayhem 666 (1 year ago)
Manhunt 3 should be about leo Kaspers past😍
superbond900 (1 year ago)
2:36 why I don't like the dentist
superbond900 (1 year ago)
I love manhunt this might sound weird but the kills just look so satisfying. (watching real snuffs on camera made me vomit and I don't like looking at real murders)
The Arctic Thing (1 year ago)
Bitch, you should see the stuff I jerk off to
superbond900 (1 year ago)
violent games can actually be good for you like if you feel like smashing someone's brains you could just do that in manhunt and not do it in real life
Fuck GTA and RDR, I want a Manhunt 3 (but Bully 2 is coming, which is nice)
Timothy Campbell (1 year ago)
manhunt most violent game htf most violent show what is more violence if you just go ahead and say manhunt try watching htf episodes party animal, double whammy, or operation tiger bomb so it will not just be a bunch of people just guessing
RedChaosify Reviews (1 year ago)
You did not just compare GTA to family friendly nintendo game lol GTA: San Andreas is still the best
lol pop (1 year ago)
I know it's violence but every one acts like little babys it's just a game
Maxwell Ali-Kinney (1 year ago)
the plastic bag was the most vicious suffocating him was so hardcore..
Dan Man (1 year ago)
Anyone saying that it's possible that Rockstar could get away with making Manhunt 3, even with censorship, you need to wake up to reality. Can't you understand that violent games are a danger to society because they're interactive? I mean, I can watch real videos of people getting their faces peeled off, disemboweled, tortured with a hammer and screwdriver, dismembered, fucked to death by horses, shoving objects up their asses, raped with broomsticks, mutilating their genitals, eating regurgitated poop, and abusing their pets and children, but that stuff isn't harmful at all. However, the moment you put a controller in my hand and I start killing pixels, AND it vibrates when I do so, it's like I'm there man. My perception of reality becomes obscure. You can't stop me at that point. Please, think of the children, protect their minds, forget the classification, just don't make Manhunt 3!
Warrior of Slaanesh (1 year ago)
Remember playing through manhunt and manhunt 2 when I was like 14, I haven't played a game more entertaining since.
Opie Krumpus (1 year ago)
Come on Rockstar I and many other gamers think it's about time you made Manhunt 3. Today's leap in graphics would make the gore so awesome.
Brandon Dennis (1 year ago)
snuff films are real just only really bad & messed up people know the sights to watch.
Jay Watson (1 year ago)
manhunt 2 on the other hand, sucked terrible ass
Jay Watson (1 year ago)
i just cant say it enough, this is one of the greatest games i have ever played! from beginning to end, dark, scary, and brutal. i was completely obsessed with this game.
RomeroFanboy (1 year ago)
HAHA LOVE MANHUNT....but....this isnt the most violent game of all time. Im working on that right now, anybody a good programmer?
Karamelojk (1 year ago)
Played this on the Wii when I was 8 best game 👌
ZenIceHero (1 year ago)
Manhunt is the most violent video games ever created besides, The Punisher (2005) and Soldier of Fortune series.
Hin (1 year ago)
I read that for manhunt 2 to even be released, the creators had to lower the graphics a bunch and add extreme censors for it to be rated adults only lol.
hey people in the comment section wasn't this game banned from store shelves and the media had a huge problem with younger players playing it?? then why did I just buy it?? fucking hypocrite media and game stores 🤔🎮😡
just bought this game for $7.30 on sale by Rockstar haven't played it since PS2 days now I got it for PS4 graphics and audio improved much. also nice to know I have trophies to unlock but overall this is one sick violent snuff game sorry GTA 5 you can't beat the different ways to kill someone
pc plum (1 year ago)
imagine sky news bbc cnn and fox if manhunt 3 came out
VINOD Kohli (1 year ago)
Arni Kickz (1 year ago)
Arni Kickz (1 year ago)
0:34 what kind of kill was that
Brashly Bold (1 year ago)
Those poor pixels who will save them?
Galimah (1 year ago)
i seems to fail to see the thats controversial about this game... i murder more cute little goombas in any random super mario game than this game
brig mimpniks (1 year ago)
Can you guys do a video review of "Hatred"? It was banned on Steam back in 2014 for its depiction of Serial Mass Murderer fantasy. It reminds me a LOT of Manhunt (like if Manhunt + Postal had a baby)_
raymund usi (1 year ago)
This makes ROCKSTAR's most recent GTA HD titles look like pussies
mr jingle (1 year ago)
I want man hunt
durkadee unknown (1 year ago)
I don't under stand how manhunt 2 is more violent
Thomas Powell (1 year ago)
Best game Ever!!!!!!!!!! >:)
lou lou (1 year ago)
Snuff films are real.murders have been videotaped and are all over the web .mostly mexico and middle east have these.i got 2 snuff films at a swapmeet .mixed with 90s rap and women dancing.but mostly kills and suicides on camera.
Big man with a gun (1 year ago)
That's not snuff though.
arhickernell (1 year ago)
Loved these games back in the day. The first one was the best imo.
tehgjunki (1 year ago)
Not my proudest wank.
andre chavez (1 year ago)
Harvester is more violent and twisted than manhunt

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