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AWESOME First Person Shooters Games 2018

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Insurgency Sandstorm, Scorn, Dead Island 2, The Walking Dead Game, Witchfire and Metro Exodus !! Subscribe HERE and NOW ➜ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC64oAui-2WN5vXC7hTKoLbg?sub_confirmation=1 The BEST GAMES are here ➜ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPz96V2R2CSfmmDfnhOXBwBJebStox27B AWESOME First Person Shooters Games 2018 Subscribe now to GameNews to get the latest HD game trailer, hottest new gameplay, DLC & cinematic video on Game News Official.
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Text Comments (91)
David Lanham (2 days ago)
do they have any non meat games that are just fun to shoot at stuff??
Funny Video (9 days ago)
Assaultcube Italia (9 days ago)
assaultcube best free fps game multiplat-form gg.
Mobile GAMER76 (12 days ago)
You said FPS games not FREAKIN Zombie games U LIAR
Mia Corona (14 days ago)
What was the name the second one?
Lakhan Yadav (20 days ago)
Game ka name Kya h
Keyboard Warrior (24 days ago)
0:05 - 1:10 My wife when she go outside
ExpertGamez ._. (1 month ago)
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ I love these first person games :o ♥
Gun Tech. (1 month ago)
-1, Have you PLAYED THE GAMES? I paused the video and won't watch opinion of the following: 1) Games not played 2) Games not purchased with the same money you pay your rent with 3) Games that look cool in the trailer 4) Games that will be cool in the future 5) Games that are new in 2018 and will maybe be cool *Stop spamming my search results*
Zach - GameOn (1 month ago)
You shown us only 2 games. Dislike
Ding Shens (1 month ago)
Oh shit ! The man running in this trailer is white, male and not disabled. RESIST, RESIST.
SynisterGamer (1 month ago)
Unfortunately, DI2 probably wont be released this year, BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL WHY THE WAIT?!!!
pip chip (1 month ago)
Mojo (1 month ago)
what a total shit bunch of games
ToRMeNToR84 (1 month ago)
yay............more on rails , interactive movies.........The fuck has gaming become........Hollywood?
Gabriel Ciecielung (1 month ago)
alive island 0
dvdbnn1 (2 months ago)
what a borefest
Nantu Patra (2 months ago)
bro is game ka name kya hai mujha batao plz
ShadowOp097 (2 months ago)
No asked ur fucking opinion
ShadowOp097 (2 months ago)
I said cool fucktard
Matthew Music (2 months ago)
TheOfficialJackDS_07 (2 months ago)
James Logan (2 months ago)
What the fuck was the game at the beginning there was no title to it?
awais khan (2 months ago)
best awesome game
What is the name of this game
fuck dead island man i want scorn! and holly shit we are getting cyberpunk doom and metro life is good and after that bl3 will drop *creaming
Jose Lima (3 months ago)
this video sucks ass
TOXIC OP4 (3 months ago)
Bruh that gay ass which hunt game isn't even good and take it cause number ma nigga it's wayyy too long. We wanna see good shit.
Marek Pająk (3 months ago)
So, after 25 years of playing first person shooters, are you guys getting burned out?
not even slightly
ShadowOp097 (3 months ago)
This video was trash instead of seeing some cool FPS games like insurgencey sandstorm I was met with a bunch of apocalyptic and zombie games
Ion Josan (2 months ago)
ShadowOp097 You do know FPS means First Person Shooters. If it has guns and is first person, then its an FPS.
Generation Noise (3 months ago)
some of these games are years away dumb ass...
Samuel Adams (3 months ago)
Cuz_Im_Traix (3 months ago)
Tom CANCYS Rainbowsix siege?? Why
A-Boy 82 (2 months ago)
Cuz_Im_Traix because it didn’t come out in 2018
Shukla Dutta (3 months ago)
What a fucking video is this
Arima Kousei (3 months ago)
First guy is savage
Angela Storm (1 month ago)
jack sparrow Yeah
John Williams (3 months ago)
Wheres a good zombie shooter like Left4Dead on 360? Need a game like that for PS4.
Brendan Whitehead (3 months ago)
John Williams, days gone 🤔 but it's still on waiting list
UnoTheActivist (3 months ago)
You played one gameplay video for like 7 minutes
Sebastian Overmann (4 months ago)
Dead Island 2 is still in development.
Andy Orwig (4 months ago)
Where is Freedom Fighters 2?
A K (4 months ago)
I love play station
Drumea Gabriel (4 months ago)
Epic ?!
nosirindeed (4 months ago)
You took the time to make a great video, in return I took the time out to watch the ads. Thanks
The Scourge of God (4 months ago)
nosirraheed good man, tough to find fair people on YouTube. The constant stream of narcissism really affects a person's mindset.
uhh uhh (4 months ago)
I wouldn’t buy any of these games.
metro bruh really?
Vold Dezna (5 months ago)
The title said "AWESOME". What's awesome about Dead Island and The Walking Dead teasers that doesn't show the gameplay?
Alex J (5 months ago)
I heard insurgency sandstorm wont come out till next year now on the ps4 that sucks.
SATAN Xy (5 months ago)
dead island 2 is dead ok just stop guys..
LilJK 47 (5 months ago)
I thought dead island 2 got cancelled . Maybe I'm just dumb lol
SynisterGamer (1 month ago)
LilJK 47 no, it was cancelled, unfortunately, I WAS SO HYPED
vicky naik (5 months ago)
sándor doktor (5 months ago)
St33zY (6 months ago)
2:00 sounds like owen from total drama island
gik89t54 (4 months ago)
St33zY ya its def his voice😂
mayluftw (6 months ago)
man ,.. metro seems awesome !
Jadshits (6 months ago)
0:15 Tf? Ew I dont like that sh...
Andrew Helmy (7 months ago)
I don't get the trailer. Harry Kane is running through Venice Beach and then turns into a Zombie? What is this?
SynisterGamer (1 month ago)
Andrew Helmy he had gotten bit before
王宁 (4 months ago)
This is what!
prod gbc (5 months ago)
Andrew Helmy he got bit
EpicPwu™ (7 months ago)
There are two trailers for Scorn.
UnoTheActivist (3 months ago)
EpicPwu™ who tf cares that game looks like trash
Berber 23 (7 months ago)
Nobody gonna play scorn that game is weird asf
Ap0 (7 months ago)
12:52 Negan whistling :D
TheMightyJaffaCake (7 months ago)
I remember being hyped af for dead island 2 back in 2014 :l
TheBoss IG (7 months ago)
TheMightyJaffaCake me too. But now it is 2018 and it seems like it will never come out😂🤷
Renan Martim (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/fybn54Tyg_4 ● Diz a lenda que quem assiste esse vídeo acha 100 reais na rua no dia seguinte...
mr.Rager (7 months ago)
need time stamps
DMC is free (7 months ago)
Name of first game
SynisterGamer (1 month ago)
sayak majumder Dead Island 2, which, I FUCKING HATE THE DEVS FOR NOT RELEASING
Gabriel Alva (2 months ago)
They trashed the idea it ain’t coming is what there sayin
DMC is free (7 months ago)
DestinyDeath { Gaming Channel } waiting for it
Guess Not.. is already years and years
DMC is free (7 months ago)
mahavir jain will it ever release
HI How are you? (7 months ago)
The Dead Island trailer was good
Kyle Dixon (7 months ago)
That dead island video came out in like 2014
- avn- (6 months ago)
Kyle Dixon yeah they are still working on it like for yeARs
ViperDeMLG (7 months ago)
Rip Dead Island 2
U said it "dead" island
Miguel Parra (5 months ago)
Nonahedrix (7 months ago)
Its not dead wtf?
Jags (7 months ago)
Dead Island 2 isn't coming out in 2018 its on hold or has been quietly canned.
BattleBottom (1 month ago)
Trailer is still fun af
ElecTrO_Swift (1 month ago)
Marlon Huey (4 months ago)
JaG ih

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