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GTA 5 Online - Unlimited Money Glitch! (GTA 5 Online Glitch / Easter Egg Parody!)

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Text Comments (292)
Casey Estling (5 months ago)
We learned a valuable lesson today Don't do drugs
Robert Farley (1 year ago)
that was funny as fuck
Terence Newman (2 years ago)
you a bozo
UkN0wN gamer (2 years ago)
At least I didn't do it 😂😂😂
SlingShotGaming (2 years ago)
fagot douch i fd ur mom
Irma Castaneda (2 years ago)
Fuck you
emilio Cabrera (2 years ago)
nocopyrwrite sounds (2 years ago)
I spent all my money on that car I hate you and I am never going to watch your stupid videos again
Csroomy cs (2 years ago)
omg I thought it was real good thing I wasn't playing gta
Caleb Conger (2 years ago)
lol this is funny
__ Kaizer (2 years ago)
this was actually funny😂
Ahmad Jaber (2 years ago)
fuck u
Dustin Faircloth (3 years ago)
it was about as funny as ur youtube name... and theres nothing funny about ur name
Tj Brass (3 years ago)
it worked frfr
devon449 (3 years ago)
the videotaker (3 years ago)
you can't be a YouTube if you do those kind of jokes
Jeevan Lally (3 years ago)
good one 😂😂😂😂
alex11 1234 (3 years ago)
My car car $7 million and for the upgrades cost a lot
Simmerling_ (3 years ago)
i love this video xD
Billy eats rice (3 years ago)
I was gonna dislike this video, but then at the end when you said "dislike this video cuz im a faggot or something" and "say a hateful comment about my family" it just made me laugh. Its true, little kids get pissed and post douche comments. And idk, maybe the way you said faggot, somethin just made me start laughing. Funny video, i like your videos.
Stevie Neff (3 years ago)
sniperboyjz zeleznik (3 years ago)
Jbdgames they are haters don't listen k u r awesome
Sumaira Siddique (3 years ago)
You baste red you blew up my adder
GamingWithRondo ! (3 years ago)
Lol. Good one.
Cameron Mills (3 years ago)
that was lame but it was funny in a way i liked it !!!!
EggRoll (3 years ago)
I love how everyone is complaining in the comment section about how this is fake when it clearly reads, "Easter Egg Parody"
Dhul Faqar (3 years ago)
Hahahah bro you so funny
Gunner gaming (3 years ago)
You ass head
Bryan Roberts (3 years ago)
Ain't you a funny guy.
Tyler Gores (3 years ago)
Your a****** you shouldn't have done that is really F stupid you did hope you have you how many me
Dontaty474 Walton (3 years ago)
He said fuck lester fucken nerd 😂 😂 😂
DJ Asuncion (3 years ago)
I was doing it while you were doing it with my t-20
Philip Skinner (3 years ago)
Im not one of those people that rage but ive been watching his videos fir about 20 minutes and they are all trolls
crackheadbobby Huncho (3 years ago)
Suck my dick kunt
jay anderson (3 years ago)
Fuck you
Sharon McDermott (3 years ago)
Funny lololol
Alberto Isidro (3 years ago)
What a idioit
Joseph Nguyen (3 years ago)
Robert Hawkins (3 years ago)
Haha ha ya'll are dumb as hell
NGJPW (3 years ago)
The Darksidegamer605 (3 years ago)
Tara Finn (3 years ago)
That was funny
Plat 111 (3 years ago)
Good thing my ps3 is broken at the moment
Fidel Garibay (3 years ago)
You b!tch
Murder Mafia (3 years ago)
Do another one lmao
William Boysel (3 years ago)
Your a loser
EpicGammer Weed (3 years ago)
Fuck u
Piskit Productions (3 years ago)
I hate YOU!!!!!!!!!
Fat Cash (3 years ago)
I love you shit man it makes the game funny after you beat it lol keep it up fuck the haters
Fn Email (3 years ago)
Your momma so gay
kaylee nowik (3 years ago)
These are so funny
Tara Finn (3 years ago)
Cod zombies Is life (3 years ago)
Fuck you
Kamren TM (3 years ago)
I hate u I thought it was true but how much u can sell that car is a lot
Josh Layton (3 years ago)
Ha so funny
Raymundo Robles (3 years ago)
That was pretty funny.
Jarryd Bester (3 years ago)
WTF ?!?!?!?! I don't know if you have the most horrible sense of humour or you had a FUCKING retarded moment
Banks Junior (3 years ago)
What a dum joke
Maria Rodriguez (3 years ago)
I don't want to be mean but that's not funny
The Koori Kids. (3 years ago)
Ur a poo
gamer 15 (3 years ago)
like me luke le
angelynn hunt (3 years ago)
Duck you you sick
Nick Page (3 years ago)
Fuck ya
Legos Forever (3 years ago)
Fuck u
Lakesha Barfield (3 years ago)
I watch the video before doing it dum ass fuck
Hello It's me (3 years ago)
How to get that garage
razorrr Lotus (3 years ago)
Dic head
Nasir Hussain (3 years ago)
Loool I saw this coming
Dave Peterson (3 years ago)
I was 1,000 liker
Mason Mellard (3 years ago)
Lol there is a real glitch on how you switch characters in the shop then u can just keep selling it
Kello Gt (3 years ago)
You fagott!
iiByaku (3 years ago)
Go fuck yourself
Colton Thomsen (3 years ago)
Everybody needs to chill about this
Joshua Dls (3 years ago)
I watch before I do
Lps Smile (3 years ago)
Yo all yall bitches shut the fuck up! It was a joke! So now you know you watch the whole thing before doing it! That teached all a lesson! Lmao haha
Lewis Bailey (3 years ago)
I won't hert your feelings.
Austin Nickoson (3 years ago)
Dude that was so funny I got all of my gta friends on it thanks for the joke I made them so mad
T Burger (3 years ago)
You freaking idiot fuck you mait
Shermicka Rush (3 years ago)
charnae maxwell-barber (3 years ago)
Brady Brown (3 years ago)
What a dick!
Clarice Villegas (3 years ago)
And kids that's, why you should always watch the whole video before actually doing anything :) so to all the people leaving the stupid comments , its you're own fault. Maybe you should be more careful next time. :)
Andra Henderson (3 years ago)
+Geo Tsakalidis tru
hey_im_geo (3 years ago)
Yup, you are smart... other people... be careful next time. And I found it kind of funny. :)
Jarryd Bester (3 years ago)
FUCK YOU maybe you are also fucking retarded
Zach Karounos (3 years ago)
So true
Shaky Power (3 years ago)
A f zentorno
TheBabyBeast (3 years ago)
I really wanted a million dollers
l'm_ XpertTheif _ (3 years ago)
I ain't ever gonno watch ur vid ever again
l'm_ XpertTheif _ (3 years ago)
F uuuuuuuuuu dick head
King Speedy (3 years ago)
This dude is a real bich fuck himhis ass us really fuckin dumb. Get real life
Jack Delp Vlogs (3 years ago)
You made me sell my minion doler car I hate you and I will unsubscribe and tell my friends to do the same
Carlos Villalobos (3 years ago)
I mean made
Carlos Villalobos (3 years ago)
I dont do Money glitches im glad @JBDgames mad this video thanks you
Marquita wilson (3 years ago)
Why the fuck told Everyone To do that
ian joshua (3 years ago)
Oh come on ,, next time put a real one
EyeAm Love (3 years ago)
Mortar fucker
Keldon Ford (3 years ago)
Fuck you I blew up my most ekpensive car
Faze Toxic (3 years ago)
I knew it was fake I skipped to the end he's not a bad youtuber it's just for the lols plus u should know he's just trying to make u spend your money
Juan Rafael Guzman (3 years ago)
Bitches hate to much
kash jones (3 years ago)
I have a sense of humour and stuff i like watching you do lame shit to your self when obviously its not how you glitch the game you would have to be a noob or lame ass to believe killing yourself and taking a hit from a bong can get you any property free i love reading the comments too cause i get to see the lame asses who think its real hmu gamertag : upon us all
ItsEdgar966 (3 years ago)
Yeah that was actually kinda funny get a sense of hummer yeah good thing I only watch it
Pyrocinycal's Son (3 years ago)
mi lamborgini are gon becos op yu
Xeph (3 years ago)
You could read the description... Just sayin
Pyrocinycal's Son (3 years ago)

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