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Top 12 AWESOME Single Player Games 2018-2019 | Most Anticipated Games PS4, Xbox, PC

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The Walking Dead, Red Dead Redemption 2, Metro Exodus, The Last of Us 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Marvel's Spider-Man, Vampyr, Detroit: Become Human. Most Anticipated Single Player Games 2018-2019 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Top 10 AWESOME Single Player Games of 2018 | Most Anticipated Games on PS4, Xbox, PC https://youtu.be/2PyySfFq2b8 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Top 5 Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic Trailer of All Time (HQ Remastered) https://youtu.be/ClUFJlGBuME ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ List of games: 0:01 Overkill's The Walking Dead 2:57 Red Dead Redemption 2 4:55 Shadow of the Tomb Raider 7:21 Beyond Good and Evil 2 11:01 Metro Exodus 12:56 Vampyr 15:16 The Last of Us 2 18:54 Biomutant 20:18 Detroit: Become Human 23:09 Death Stranding 27:41 Marvel's Spider-Man 29:28 Cyberpunk 2077 *Your ad could be here*
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Text Comments (875)
Mitke 420 (8 hours ago)
i cant imagine games in 2025
dj drew (9 hours ago)
Again? It is just lame to try to advertise the best game play in such venues of best games, by showing nothing but in game movies or game trailers without showing actual game play. Doing so pretty much condemns the game to being perceived as a boring rant of bad game-play, having nothing to show but prefab'd game trailer scenes and game-movie-trailers.
Lucas (11 hours ago)
Haris Muntazir (1 day ago)
Impressive collection thank you
Jason The Savior (1 day ago)
Red Dead Redemption 2
I AM PERFECT (1 day ago)
Last of us 2 💪
Huy Le Quang (1 day ago)
Say NO to pre-purchase !!!
אלרם שקלים (1 day ago)
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ABOOD_ KiLEER (2 days ago)
That’s really awesome bro I have to tell you , I’m so excited about these games
Jason Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Shit im an xbox user but games like detroit make me want to rethink that 😂😂😅
KilleX GR (2 days ago)
I've heard that the pirate bay has summer sales :D
Newton Th9 (3 days ago)
Why tf she killed moctezuma?
Sebastjans Slavitis (3 days ago)
cyberpunk graphic seem quite outdated compared to these games
Nick R (3 days ago)
What's the point in showing game cut scenes. Its so pointless, doesn't give you any idea of what a game is going to be like. It's just like watching a trailer for a film that's nothing like the trailer fucking useless thanks
Dobrila Cemanovic (4 days ago)
Last of us 2
Hannible100 (4 days ago)
Who needs actors anymore?
Кодзима гений!
Saad Aldossary (4 days ago)
I missed the old online shooter games 💔💔💔 all of them
Circadin (4 days ago)
9:35 wilhelm scream.
Mihir Karnick (5 days ago)
wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!
69 Solo (5 days ago)
No walking dead 4?
Isac Ripanga (5 days ago)
Isto que sao jogos
Tolga Yaşar (5 days ago)
Matt McGuire (6 days ago)
And now I know why their are a million remakes in Hollywood and movies suck these days. All the creativity is in the video game industry these days. Forget the games I just want to watch trailers.
Readme .txt (6 days ago)
Killing simulators. Not games.
Crazy Apple (6 days ago)
Cyber punk won't release at 2019 either... Each year they say it will release next year from 2016
Zeenat Ahmed (6 days ago)
nenon809 (7 days ago)
Damn Beyond Good and evil looks lit
Alejandro Barck (7 days ago)
What's the song at the end????? 31:28 Please, any one?
julle huu (7 days ago)
some games looks great but other hand i hope some of theas gaming companies woud bankrupt and their game desingners shoud not get other work but selling their ass
legion2k (8 days ago)
9:35 They even worked in the wilhelm scream. lol classic.
ZOMBIES Zombies zombies... talk about a played out game theme....
dantes inferno (9 days ago)
i thought the new walking dead game was all multiplayer did overkill games change their mind or something ? maybe im wrong
Arwen (9 days ago)
Пиздец лара стремная.Ебаные феминистки
miko (10 days ago)
Awesome teasers but not games yet
Justin Friedman (11 days ago)
God damn Spider-Man looks Good!
POLICING GTA (11 days ago)
Remember the days when Lara Croft was actually good looking?
Bryant Johnson (4 days ago)
You mean triangular boobs and poorly pixelated faces? Sure. Go look up SFM porn if you really need to get your fix, wanker
Sky Fall (11 days ago)
you know I want to see the game, not a video
Gu Sold- (12 days ago)
Fortnite is still really hot
Amir SM (12 days ago)
Gears 5, Halo: Infinite, Sekiro: Shadow dies Twice. Ghost of Tsushima, Forza Horizon 4
KalibMediaKids (12 days ago)
most realistic 'video' game not in game.
BeardedButtCrack (14 days ago)
Didn't realize how many good games that are coming out, never heard of Beyond Good And Evil, Walking Dead or Biomutant, but they look awesome. Excited for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Spider Man too!
PatryArmi Fee (14 days ago)
¿Es cosa mía o ese tio se parece a Spielberg? xD
Redrum (15 days ago)
The first one walking dead LOL- totally sucks esp for the (over ) price .
loyalty respect (15 days ago)
to much movies scene and not enough play for the players like aways
Phantom Shadow (15 days ago)
This is awesome but i havent played most games but i can tell that VAMPYR is an excellent game with best gaming experience . its size is 14 GB probably.
Thunder Thunder (16 days ago)
That death standing looks like cyber punk 20xx.
Big Poppa (16 days ago)
I can't keep from thinking of Star Lord saying "I'm going to make some weird shit".
Wayne Cameron (16 days ago)
So I guess NOTHING shown is from actual gameplay; right?
Caelin Bassick-Jones (16 days ago)
I cant wait for bgae2
ItsJustJayR (16 days ago)
Last of us 2. Nothing else matters. Don’t @ me
AK2WI (16 days ago)
I never played beyond good and evil 1 but number 2 looks dank
Jon K. (17 days ago)
Well i was waiting for a Walking Dead game ........ hope we at least dont get to play as dat grandpa over there... wish we could play as Rick Grimes :)
Majd Madani (17 days ago)
All i'm saying is Dying light 2 has to be on this list
GAMEOST (17 days ago)
we made it before E3, when Dying Light 2 was announced
Shaun (17 days ago)
I want to know when an actuall game lookes as immaculate a the Beyond Good and Evil 2 film just shown. Man ill go all out on my computer if that day arrives XD.
David Krahl (18 days ago)
CD Projekt….. go figure!!
The Stig (18 days ago)
11:38 Looks like Russia nowadays
The Stig (18 days ago)
Still prefer single player games
fips assmussen (18 days ago)
and short before official release they cancel them and bring them later.. best see at RDR 2 1 year later , dead island 2 cancel and cancel.. release unknown ... and much others
zone6 channel (18 days ago)
though i consider myself to be a pc gamer i will have to buy a ps just to play the red dead redemption...
Vinayak Mukherjee (18 days ago)
My first name is also the name of the statue at 9:47 :D
パEyepatch (18 days ago)
Only came here to be reminded of how Overkill crushed all expectations lol.
x91~iNFINITi (19 days ago)
Good video games are making a comeback. Finally. Online mode can wait.
Abdalrahman Ahmed (19 days ago)
OTWD not a single player game
eric schreiber (20 days ago)
Primarily vessel award fzheva fruit chip spread probably index force player report coast.
Gavyn Davies (20 days ago)
Is that u Pagan Min?
omnivorace (20 days ago)
Blood, guns, violence. That future sucks.
Brent Pretorius (20 days ago)
Red Dead not coming to Pc.... :(
sean lyon (21 days ago)
Red dead redemption 2.. can’t wait!
Mixed up music (21 days ago)
The walking dead hit me in the feels 😢
EmotionGamingRO (21 days ago)
good job!! great video!
Brent Zupp (22 days ago)
Fantastic resolution on all of these trailers! Thx for assembling this.
Bigollunchbox (22 days ago)
I can not wait for the last of us part 2!
wassim wassim (22 days ago)
The last of us 2 . I think it is not 2018
Bayek Siwa (22 days ago)
dont hype the game of Cyberpunk while the grafic is of 2016 and game comes out 2020..so grafic not more actual..only videos good :D..and the gameplay ? is beetween gta 5 and witcher 3...nothings new..so hype ?..pff...
Baber sarfraz (23 days ago)
The walking dead and the last of us 2 Both game graphics real
crystal denise (23 days ago)
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D Johnson (23 days ago)
Still Kingdom Hearts is starting to become a myth
portomilk (23 days ago)
Really, I think an open world skater game would be sick and have it be like GTA and tech deck lmao. You'd just tour your city skating, learning new moves, do oddjobs, blah blah blah.
Sergio (24 days ago)
Beyond Good and Evil 2 😍
Mauricio Castel (24 days ago)
Puro apocalipsis zombie
Gran Autismo (24 days ago)
I hope the games live up to the trailers.
Megan Partin (25 days ago)
The remake of “Don’t fear the reaper” is amazing!
Unbreakable Spirit (25 days ago)
Then big question is HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME?
Sana PS4 Gameplays (25 days ago)
nice games combination
Jonathan Salces (25 days ago)
First left 4 dead next game!
Geoff Clayton (26 days ago)
Sorry to "burst the living in mommies basement" bubble but red dead 2 is multiplayer
Rana Das (26 days ago)
SO MUCH GAMES... SO LITTLE MONEY.... T^T i cri evritim
Isaac Clarke (26 days ago)
so much good games and what only for fuc.ing consoles this is why i hate them
Joyner Bruver (26 days ago)
Walking dead looks good
Tobias Kraft (27 days ago)
cant wait for the last of us 2
himynameistim (27 days ago)
Trump is the only real life super hero!
elige brown (27 days ago)
walking dead and Red Dead looks epic
Gabrielle Bénard (28 days ago)
arg at least 3 of these games makes me wants to buy a ps4 -.-
jamc666 (28 days ago)
my poor wallet .... ^^
Alen (29 days ago)
The walking dead sucks
Damon Mason (29 days ago)
These game makers annoy me with these trailers without game play.
odudi (29 days ago)
I remember playing beyond good and evil back in 2003. It was 1 of those sleeper hits. it was a good game and i enjoyed it. The trailer for the second game made me excited at first before they had to drop 50 f bombs in just a few minnuts. I'm not a prude but when a movie or game has to rely on as much foul language as they can it sounds like a kid that discovered his first dirty word and gets a rush out of saying it as much as he can.
Max Pol (30 days ago)
only cinematics, no gameplay, personaly i hate previews like this . peace brothers and sisters :)
Josh W (30 days ago)
This old dude is what pedophiles look like not playing as him are you mad?

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