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Various New ZX Spectrum Games

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Some cracking new games for the Spectrum.
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madmomentsgo (2 months ago)
great to see new games for these old machines.
SiliquaeSid (5 months ago)
ROFLMAO. "Bollocks" in a Glesga accent..Priceless!!
MrDenizen (6 months ago)
“the graphics are superb...” he says. Just wait till he gets a PS4 Pro 😂😂😂😡
Infamousuk (7 months ago)
believe all 3 are 128k games but when you consider one of these letters is about the same size memory wise .. impressive 😀
Mamemeister (7 months ago)
Yeah it's mental when you think of it in that context.
Sean CRC (7 months ago)
I remember that first game being one my mum had on her old flip phone back in the day :) I'm surprised that the ZX Spectrum is still getting some great titles in 2018 but I'm very happy that it is :)
Martin Parker (8 months ago)
That Zelda type game must be 128k as it has 128k music
Seems as of late there are tons of new homebrew games popping up on the spectrum,...quite amazing really.
Mamemeister (8 months ago)
I love the fact people are knocking out new games.
Dave Lister (9 months ago)
A west of Scotland utuber ! Hey man where you fae ! sbd
Mamemeister (9 months ago)
Cheers David, actually hail from Livingston.
LordEvyl (9 months ago)
Awesome games, BTW someone's actually working on a C64 version of Snake Escape... http://joriszwart.nl/c64/snake-escape-c64
Mamemeister (9 months ago)
Ah lovely, thanks for the heads up.
MadCommodore (9 months ago)
Not sure about the Speccy version but the NES Zelda killer Times of Lore on the C64 fits completely in the 64k RAM with no extra loading.
Mamemeister (9 months ago)
Ah can't say I've seen that, I must check it out.
LordEvyl (9 months ago)
With a great SID by Martin Galway to boot.
Kingston LJ (9 months ago)
Bobby Carrot is a nice little game. Snake Escape looks stunning. Bruniloa is like an early Zelda game on the Spectrum - I love the music, detailed graphics and charming atmosphere. Thanks Alan.
Mamemeister (9 months ago)
Don't thank me Sir, thank the generous sorts making these, awesome new games are still being pump out.
DKTronics70 (9 months ago)
Some great games, there. They look better on real hardware on a decent CRT. My Spectrum is composite modded and connected to a Philips 8833, and it looks amazing. Snake looks incredible for the hardware. Bruniloa, is amazing. Like you said, if that had a '84/'85 release then it would have cleaned up in the sales - and probably cleaned up in the reviews. Can see now, Crash giving it a 98%.
Mamemeister (9 months ago)
Totally agree with the real hardware, I'll always play these on real machines. Emulation is just far too handy for the purpose of video making.
fradd (9 months ago)
Those new systems, that you mentioned, allow more than 2 colours within 8x8 pixels attribute, but still only 2 colours in 1 horizontal attribute line (1x8 pixels) or more often within 2 horizontal lines (2x8 pixels). Its only applicable in static games without scrolling and where not much moves on the screen. Looks like it was implemented in snake game.
Mamemeister (9 months ago)
I'm completely non technical and all I can add is how impressive these games are though.
Miika Suominen (9 months ago)
You should check out The Sword of Ianna. Absolutely gorgeous game and exceptional music! Check video for example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWMp-PaagDE And the homepage here: http://theswordofianna.retroworks.es/en/575-2/
Mamemeister (9 months ago)
Thanks, that looks wicked.
giuseppe calabrese (9 months ago)
BRYAN BELSHAW (9 months ago)
El Stompo, Sunbucket and Gandalf are three more cracking recent games that I've downloaded. Have also tried to get Karlos running on Speculator but with no success. Gladdens the heart to see such talented programmers still at work. Colours and sound on the modern games is fantastic. Simplicity rules.
Mamemeister (9 months ago)
Yep, completely agree it's ace to see these old systems still having fun games made for them.
RefractionPCSX2 (9 months ago)
Some great games Alan! I have seen most of those before on Bazza H's channel, but it's always nice to see modern games for the speccy, it's really quite impressive, the russians and spanish seem to excel at these modern games!
Scott Breon (9 months ago)
Wow, the graphics in that snake game looks surprisingly good. It almost looks like a 16 bit game in fact.

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