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Boiler, How it works ?

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Save LE from extinction ! Make LE's efforts sustainable. Please support us at Patreon.com . https://www.patreon.com/LearnEngineering A detailed analysis of typical power plant boiler is illustrated in this video with help of animation. Here working and construction details of water tube boiler is explained. Different parts of boiler such as economizer, super heater, re heater, water wall and steam drum are illustrated here. This video also explains an important concept during boiler heat addition process. Like us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LearnEngineering Voice-over artist : https://www.fiverr.com/mikepaine
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Text Comments (115)
Jahirulislam Munna (10 days ago)
Great video animation
S.K JAIN LALITPUR (1 month ago)
Superb video..very nice
Vikash Singh (1 month ago)
Upload a very long vdo of turbine how works and how turbine changes steam into electricity
Nayan Mistry (1 month ago)
Superb video..very nice
Herawaty mei jaya (1 month ago)
Can u make tutorial how to make boiler use ansys software?
AJAY damle (1 month ago)
Thank for give motivation
Samuel Pereira (1 month ago)
great video, but please subs on Portuguese . Thanks
serdal atikboğa (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZrKnhVyxgU&t=18s alternative home made clean energy
Garmiran Mfg. Co. (2 months ago)
nguyễn Cương (2 months ago)
I work in a boiler, it does not use gas or FO fuel but uses rice husk or sawdust. from Vietnam
BETTYBENJI (1 month ago)
nguyễn Cương what is like working with the boilers if you don’t mind
Ivan Tijerina (3 months ago)
see that.. round earth..
Biswaprakash Mallick (3 months ago)
I following you tube
Yusuf Fahri Maulana (3 months ago)
Please translate in indonesia..
Juluku Luper (3 months ago)
Yes the videos are very educative
ANIRBAN GHOSH (4 months ago)
Mind blowing sir thanks a lot
Scan Tronic (4 months ago)
Maximiliano Fernandez (4 months ago)
Amazing work! Thanks you!
Shivani Rajan (4 months ago)
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Rishabh Pandey (5 months ago)
HALO HALONG PALABAS (5 months ago)
i like engineering works
Vijay Machhar (5 months ago)
*Excellent work ever...*
Sebastian Anile (6 months ago)
chandrasekar Sivakumar (6 months ago)
In our plant they are using bi-drum and two pass boiler, uses of bi-drum
chandrasekar Sivakumar (6 months ago)
Why HP dosing not give for continuously?
chandrasekar Sivakumar (6 months ago)
Soot blowing necessary
chandrasekar Sivakumar (6 months ago)
How works low NOx burner?
chandrasekar Sivakumar (6 months ago)
Pls say about necessary of ESP
Yasir Nazir (6 months ago)
Plz show the water laig
Boiler Power (6 months ago)
Boiler eng Library download boiler books manual https://boilersinfo.com/
Chilakapati Bharadwaja (6 months ago)
Nice Vedio
Shubham Patil (7 months ago)
I am one of the subscriber of ur channel I like ur videos but I ask u aquestion Which softwares or applications u use for sound????plz help
Digital Art Kalgaonkar (7 months ago)
Very very thank you to learn engineering. Very high quality animation.
Sifiso Dube (7 months ago)
M very happy about the video
Faizan Ashad (7 months ago)
most suitable video for thermodynamics
Aruntech Ltd (8 months ago)
It is very useful video. Any one can understand the concept. Thanks for your hardworking.
Nicholas Tan (8 months ago)
A young kid watching this.. Well.. Formulas... But I love it.. Although it's hard for me to understand
the classic lover (8 months ago)
Sir please make an app for mobile users for ur vedios
Aniruddah Alam (9 months ago)
very helpful video.thank you very much.
Retto OO (9 months ago)
You didn't mention how the coal is heated.
brknspacebar (10 months ago)
Very Well Done, Best Video Explaining Boiler Feedwater Flow and Steam. Thank you.
aditya sharma (10 months ago)
Cleared my doubts
anand verma (10 months ago)
Very good video Sir, I was searching for this.Thank you for sharing this.
ooo really your video helpful
MSD TECH (11 months ago)
NTPC Boiler exploded in Uttar Pradesh https://youtu.be/rL3DIcio-9Q
MSD TECH (11 months ago)
Why NTPC Boiler exploded. Share and like video. https://youtu.be/rL3DIcio-9Q
Kamalesh Bodana (1 year ago)
Sir tell how speaker works
Stephen Booth (1 year ago)
its an excellent Youtube, bexxon global pte ltd appreciates
Mohamed Ahmed (1 year ago)
Amazing video
강은영 (1 year ago)
What a amazing video it is! thanks a lot. I wonder could i get a script about videos..
Marsaban Munandar (1 year ago)
anjay keren
celal ceyhan demir (1 year ago)
It is very useful video . Thanks
Gear Crew (1 year ago)
please help me. I have measuring points I want to use a sensor in boiler, turbine, and furnace and I have bourdon tube, diaphragm and bellows bell gauges. what 's the best sensor of them I can use it ?
Time Relativity (1 year ago)
Lucid Explanation of whole Boiler Control System :) https://youtu.be/I3C59TR9OBQ
Siraj ul Nabi (1 year ago)
very good,thank u dear
Ahmad Hussain (1 year ago)
Sir i have a Q that if the inlet pressure of water lets say 1 atm must be equal to outlet pressure of steam generated , in this case we will be producing a steam at 1 atm? My Q is then how to increase pressure of steam in a boiler?
aryan meel (1 year ago)
reheat does not increase efficiency, it only increases net work output.
Afriter (1 year ago)
jesus fuck that guy is nightmare fuel.
Denis Fedotov (1 year ago)
лайк, если пишешь аудирование у ушаковой
Syed Amir (1 year ago)
I'm new to boiler and have doubt in the pressure of the generated steam. In the video it is stated that water is pumped at high pressure, does this means that the vapor pressure of the water depends on the inlet pressure of the water? Let say the water is pumped at 9 barg thus the water will starts turning into steam at about 180 degC. Is this fact correct? If no could anyone advice?
Koray Gun (3 months ago)
Yes it is. https://www.ohio.edu/mechanical/thermo/Applied/Chapt.7_11/Chapter8a.html
John Doyle (1 year ago)
The feed water pump has to generate at least slightly more pressure than the boiler pressure, otherwise no water will enter the boiler, so a boiler set to generate 9 barg steam will require a feed water pump capable of 9+barg. For a low pressure boiler say 10 bar, then a multistage centrifugal will work, for higher pressures you need a positive displacement pump. Sorry if i misunderstood your question.
Diki Darmawan (1 year ago)
nice vidio, What software do you use?
Abdul Khaliq Khan (1 year ago)
amazing, it was really helpful,
Bastin Premkumar (1 year ago)
very good
Diego Damasceno (1 year ago)
Great video!
Chauhan Yagnesh (1 year ago)
very nice
Sharaf Z. Muhanna (1 year ago)
i like it .....what is the program you use it to make this video
2112dim (1 year ago)
When using an economizer, we can avoid the use of additional feedwater heaters, or they can be used simultaneously?
Nick Seidel (1 year ago)
2112dim They can be used simultaneously and regularly are for large applications.
Melanoma (2 years ago)
I'm no engineer but can the boiler be driven by two different heat sources? There's this idea that if intermittent renewable energy were instead used to co-supply heat in such a system, it could more effectively displace fossil fuel consumption without threatening the grid's stability. I hear that Rankine Turbine Generator output is inflexible but what about the fuel feed?
FarzanTheTechGuy (2 years ago)
thank u sir
Meer khan (2 years ago)
Thnx nice explanation.
Marwan El Malhy (2 years ago)
thank you
omar ayub (2 years ago)
very good explanation
Anushka kalamkar (2 years ago)
really helpful! Thank u so much for explaining so clearly..hope to see another such videos :)
Ray Hagan (2 years ago)
This is an excellent video. I have worked as an operator and now teach power plant operations, as a consultant. I am very impressed with the quality of your video. You might consider revising the narration regarding superheated steam. By definition, steam does not become superheated until all moisture is vaporized. Likewise, it remains superheated until it again reaches saturation. At saturation, there might be some moisture. Below saturation is liquid. Just a small point, but there can be no moisture in superheated steam. I hope you have been able to continue you work. This is a truly fine animation for teaching.
Abid Mahmood (16 days ago)
Excellent video. Pressure also increases because against a saturation pressure, there is a saturation temperature.
Mahabubul Haque (9 months ago)
Hi I'm Mahabubul Haque from Bangladesh n working in power sector for foreign manufacturers/suppliers generation, transmission n distribution products marketing through international tender. In our country there are many sugar mills n there small type power substation. But we need your support for production of energy in our sugar mills. I am eagerly waiting for your reply through my email address - mahabubul.ventures@gmail.com
Lucas P (1 year ago)
Hey Ray, what do you know about advanced ultra super critical technology?
Sitong Boiler (1 year ago)
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Spacetoon_fan (2 years ago)
An excellent video. I just have one question and I hope you answer me. I did not understand the idea of the moisture content. What will happen or the effect after reducing it?
rahul gorde (2 years ago)
Great work
College ChemE (2 years ago)
Nice video! Thanks! Subscribed.
Ansari Safwan (2 years ago)
thanx for sharing small yet important information. ....
Paweł Kruk (2 years ago)
The burners in the bolier in your presentations They are directed against each other, bu in real life burners are oriented at an angle that the flame was swirled(greater surface area of the flame). Am I right or not? I was inside in Bolier in the power station when boliers was in renovation. Great video!! We can see how works the boiler ;)
hk hamzi (2 years ago)
very nice animation , Sir Plz tell me what type of animation softwares you are using in your tutorials , plz guide me I am waiting for your feedback . thanks
Huntracony (2 years ago)
A lot of things that produce power end up comming down to heating water to make steam (including nuclear reactors and solar collectors, which are different from solar panels).
ostrowulf (2 years ago)
Thanks, the more videos on this, the better for me. I am taking Power Engineering right now, so the more I see the better I understand how it all works together.
Glady sanane (2 years ago)
great great Absolutely great explanation for engineering studies.Keep it up well done
Rebecca Farquharson (2 years ago)
To think about it yes it makes sense that the water pressure in a boiler doesn't rise due to flow. That was interesting.
Hazem A (2 years ago)
This channel is amazing
Heavenbound Daughter (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure that all viewers who watch this channel can donate $2 or $3 a month. With a combined effort, we can do it and LE can reach its' goal. Let's do it people!
Lucas P (1 year ago)
What about video on advanced ultra super critical technology? I would love.
Learn Engineering (2 years ago)
+Heavenbound Daughter Let's hope so. We have already reached 1/3rd of the sustainability target thanks to our patrons :)
Koti Koti (2 years ago)
very use full message. .thanks.
OKOK GG (2 years ago)
Very clear thank you
THEstupidANT (2 years ago)
I can't donate but I've been informing others of your channel and hopefully that helps.
Learn Engineering (2 years ago)
+THEstupidANT That is great, Thank you :)
Jayu Suzia (2 years ago)
It will be great if you make a video for supercritical boiler, because they are being developed in many countries
Learn Engineering (2 years ago)
+Jayu Suzia Yes, supercritical boilers can give power plants a greater efficiency. We really want to make a video on it. However, I don't know whether we will last till then :(
Jacobo Pindado (2 years ago)
great video. I've benn wondering how the generators(the actual machine that creates the electricity) works and i'be be really cool if you explained it in a vid.
Learn Engineering (2 years ago)
+Jacobo Pindado We have video on alternators. Please check it out !
Sarju017 (2 years ago)
this is really nice..... planning to study power plant engineering
Learn Engineering (2 years ago)
Dear friends, We hope you liked the video. Currently we are in a financial trouble and planning to stop our service after winding up the current projects ( 3-4 month) . If you would like to help us, please visit our Patreon page. Thank you ! https://www.patreon.com/LearnEngineering
MODESTO (1 year ago)
How fast can water be turned into steam?
Bartłomiej Pałus (2 years ago)
also hoping you overcome the obstacles. I love the way you explain things graphically. Best engineering channel on yt undoubtly.
Learn Engineering (2 years ago)
+Aminus Vox Let's hope for the best.
Learn Engineering (2 years ago)
+Farhan Shakeel Thank you for the well wishes :)
Farhan Shakeel (2 years ago)
Your videos are really amazing, and I prefer these videos more than my university lectures. I hope you come out these financial crisis soon. God bless you :)
BF MARSHAL (2 years ago)
I really like your content guys it's very helpful. And i really appreciate your hard work.
A JAYI (2 years ago)
thats so cool!! i mean the explanation is well DETAILED. thanks does anybody beleive that too?

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