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Nintendo's E3 Direct ROCKED! Upcoming Switch Games & RPGs!

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The Nintendo Direct E3 Conference rocked! There are some Upcoming Switch Games and RPGs that I'm really excited to see in 2018 and beyond! The 2018 E3 Nintendo Direct trailer showcase was awesome! There were some upcoming Nintendo Switch RPGs that I'm looking forward to, and a new Mario Party, and a new Smash Bros! They even announced a new game Daemon x Machnia which looks amazing! So many new Nintendo switch games to look forward to! Normally I only care about Role Playing Games, but some of these new Nintendo IPs just look amazing! :)
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SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
Second time I uploaded this, the first time it had a weird audio problem, sorry for the delay! I think Nintendo killed it this year, even though we still didn't see a lot of things I was hoping for.
SuperDerek RPGs (10 days ago)
The new extended demo comes out tomorrow, but the full release is 7/13, sorry if I didn't make it clear I was talking about the extended demo.
Todd Cooper (10 days ago)
I noticed that you stated Octopath coming in a few days, but everywhere else states the release date as 7/13/18
Dank games (11 days ago)
Nicely done, I think this was your best E3 coverage video, Nintendo has some pretty good stuff coming 2019.... now I really need a Switch for sure. New Fire Emblem?! X)
ESCypher (11 days ago)
You also have a grammatical problem. "Upcomign"
Mike Donoghue (11 days ago)
SuperDerek RPGs seeing as you like XBC2 could you do a video on the combat because after finishing the game I decided it was the most tedious thing ever. After playing the octopath demo I preordered it amazing game. The new demo lets you carry your progress over to the full game 😀 that's why it's released so close to the full game. Smash is out in December btw.
Super Luigi (9 days ago)
I’m just glad we got Daisy. But wow, idiot there’s no more. It’s strange. I wish we had more truly
MamaChoco (9 days ago)
Octopath...Fire emblem...Tales of Vesperia...the Xenoblade DLC.....Holy shit I'm going to literally have NO life lol. I need all of these oof
C T (10 days ago)
Yip think Octopath Traveler will finally make me upgrade to the Switch
Pete HrapStick (10 days ago)
Had a problem with this conference was smash took too fucking long.
Artimes X (10 days ago)
So derek whats your plans for gaming. What games are you currently working on and focusing on before you jump into some of the newer rpgs. It seems like you been on a SNES kick lately like me. :p Also gotta go through a marathon of Kingdom hearts so im prepared for KH III.
Obscure Media (11 days ago)
Stellar if Smash is the only game you play. Sure some of the other stuff they showed was fine but we got pretty mic no info on any other projects. It was ridiculous how much Smash there was
dtPlaythroughs (11 days ago)
Fire Emblem footage looked rough. Didn't build my hype. It lacks the level of polish in the recent 3DS games and the low framerate in the animated scenes was weird. The vague "Spring 2019" date tells me they know this and it will get delayed to fall 2019. I wish I could share your enthusiasm for Octopath. I'll give the demo a shot. Maybe that will sway me on it. I didn't realize this Pokemon game is for kids. No random battles and it handholds you through every step of the way (not allowing you to progress unless you have certain types of Pokemon captured that can easily beat the gym master). I never played Pokemon and wanted to get in with this but looks like I'll wait for the actual Pokemon sequel next year. I never expected Nintendo to continue the stride they hit last year so I can't say I'm disappointed. Still looking forward to Mario Tennis!
JackLeveledUp (11 days ago)
I've really appreciated your E3 coverage & perspective this year, thanks Derek!
kevin timperley (11 days ago)
Fire Emblem?? I have to get a Switch for sure
Giuseppe Astrologo (11 days ago)
Is that phantasy star online music on the background?
the patriot (11 days ago)
You forgot waluigi is not coming in smash 😭😭😭
xthecolonelx (11 days ago)
I didn’t see daemon x machina in the video I watched of the Nintendo conference. That game does look awesome! Reminds me of Gundam Wing in some of the designs.
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
I remembered about it and talked about it around the half-way point. the game was rad!
Rogue Rifter (11 days ago)
I was hoping for some new RPGs to be announced but oh well. At least I'll have plenty of time to pre-order Fire Emblem.
shiningwizard327 (11 days ago)
Nintendo's reveals was the weakest out of the bunch. Microsoft and Sony did way better in my opinion. All Nintendo had was Smash and Smash isn't even a fighting game I care about so yeah. The only Fire Emblem game that ever mattered was Sacred Stones.
ShadowArtist (11 days ago)
Daemon is pronounced day-mon. The game looks awesome, and so does Octopath Traveller
DubiousGamingOnline (11 days ago)
A Syndrone (11 days ago)
I was annoyed with how little they had other than smash, but fire emblem and octopath still look cool!
Keith Lavelle (11 days ago)
Hollow knight was realised after the direct. £10.99.
Shatteredglass 23 (11 days ago)
Dude, I'm sorry. I love LOVE LOVE jrpgs but Nintendo E3 wasn't good. But be fair, I've never played fire emblem games playing rpg's during the ps1 through ps3 and xbox days, but Nintendo gets a D-
Paul Cerda (11 days ago)
I liked how you edited in some game footage, we need the visuals! Great work!
thePaperDinosaur (11 days ago)
SuperDerek what game(s) would you say is best diablo-clone for PSvita?
Bryan Paduwan (11 days ago)
Idk man, octopath might be the one to make me get a switch. 🤔
Tyler Edlin (11 days ago)
I have never been hyped for fire emblem before. But now I really am !
Tyler Edlin (10 days ago)
looked like a bigger better version of fire emblem. also it seemed to drop the partner system from awakening. i didnt like that aspect of gameplay
Selgorn (10 days ago)
Why? The trailer was very superficial.
Dysth Ymia (11 days ago)
it being a Smash 5 direct basically was good? im happy finally showing more of Smash sequel etc but........that was the most focus. FE iii Haus shown excellent, story, gameplay, new mechanics, old mechanics was near perfect but then got delayed smh. omg i got Cyberpunk 2077 ad mid video, best ad i never skipped <3
Professor Vector (11 days ago)
Wasn't part of E3, but recently Limited Run announced a physical version of Golf Story (a Switch exclusive). Have you played this? Seems like the type of game you'd really like...a very unique RPG, and one of my favorite games of 2017.
jm8080 (11 days ago)
you the smash direct
Mr. Creature (11 days ago)
My youtube page is flooded with super D . Your giving it your all thats for sure . I lovr the enthusiasm my friend keep it up and youll have all your dreams .
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
Thanks man, I'm truly drained after this weekend, but tomorrow I've got stuff to do in prep for the new schedule! I'm still so excited! :D
Jay Vee (11 days ago)
Imagine playing that Daemon X Machina game with the Nintendo Labo robot kit, hahaha
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
lol, I can imagine accidentally punching my TV and kicking my cat trying to keep up with Daemon X Machina with a Labo kit! xD
Badger's Game Room (11 days ago)
I really didn’t get excited over anything Nintendo showed. Im not into Smash Bros. or Mario Party. The RPGs are cool but nothing to go crazy over. I was expecting Metroid news, or even Skyward Sword HD. That being said I feel like Microsoft nailed it this year with a solid lineup and solid developers. Sony was meh
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
Skyward Sword HD would have been fantastic to see, for sure! Heck, even a port of XC1 or XCX would have been nice.
Drewsefer89 (11 days ago)
XC2 Torna the Golden Country really impressed me. Can't wait to play it. That Fire Emblem trailer looked amazing. That was a big part of the conference for me. More Octopath is always good. Mario Party looks like they revived it cause it wasn't good on Wii U. SMASH knocked it out of the park. Overall, we could've used more announcements. Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, Animal Crossing, Yoshi. But what we did get was all really solid. Overall B+.
Yoshi Knuckles (11 days ago)
I actually hated this Nintendo direct... But I don't like Smash bros. I am excited for the Xenoblade 2 content and Fire Emblem. Nothing else really interested me. However, having 2/3rds of the direct being on Smash Bros, that just ruined it for me. I sat there waiting for them to move on to another game, and just got more and more smash bros and kept getting more upset with them. They basically wasted tons of time on patch update notes. I was angry at Nintnedo by the end of it. Now I'm just disappointed with them this year. I bought in to the hype for Smash 4. Bought both Wii U and 3DS versions. I got burned, and disliked both of them. Not falling for it again with Smash 5.
Yoshi Knuckles (11 days ago)
At least... I'll finally be able to sell them off for a decent price?
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
Ouch! That's gotta sting, since this new Smash is just a port of the previous with some extra characters and places.
Modesty Blaise (11 days ago)
I honestly found it quite poor. With 25 minutes of Smash out a total presentation time of just 43 minutes, it really should have been called 'Smash Direct'. No news on Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3 or Shin Megami Tensei. We already knew about Octopath which is soon to release and FE was previously stated as being a 2018 game.
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
Yep, I knew that much. I think they were still very early in production of SMT5, I'm guessing they still might not have much to show. I remember when P5's first trailers came out, they looked nothing like the P5 we eventually got, and it took quite a long while. SMT is still definitely a ways off. :-\
Modesty Blaise (11 days ago)
SuperDerek RPGs I hear you, but if you look back at the initial Switch presentation back in January of last year in Japan, SMT was shown as one of it's featured releases but it's gone a bit quiet since then.
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
I'm not expecting much on SMT5 until 2020 or so, but I am definitely interested in what Atlus has up their sleeves these days.
Ircha Gaming (11 days ago)
I know, Fire Emblem looked SO GOOD! JUST... SO GOOD! Hyped!
Rickno7 (11 days ago)
Just like you said, Octopath and Fire Emblem may get me to grab a Switch. My first Nintendo console since N64.
Dysth Ymia (11 days ago)
"since N64" x___X YOU'VE MISSED SO MUCH
I'm definitely looking foward to Fire Emblem in 2019. Too many RPGs this summer. I already finished paying off Shining Resonance Refrain, and i will preorder Tales of Vesperia as well.
Gaming Churro (11 days ago)
Please do an impressions video for Octopath demo if you haven't played the first one. So far it's a lot of fun, would like to hear your thoughts
JAMES C (11 days ago)
Great video! Keep it up!
Billyisyourdad (11 days ago)
Loving your E3 coverage man, and I'm looking forward to the future. Been watching your channel for a couple years now and it's getting even better!
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
Thanks man! I hope I can keep up this momentum! :D
StillAtMyMoms (11 days ago)
What are you talking about? Nintendo sucked at E3 this year. No Metroid Prime 4 announcement or other surprises. Just expected installments of popular 3DS franchises. The Nintendo fanboys are delusional.
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted out of the conference, I know how that feels. Trust me, I didn't get what I wanted from Square Enix *or* Betehsda. But we still got some good games to look forward to.
Hud dy (11 days ago)
Hallow Knight is amazing, if you get it, it will be the best $15 game you'll ever play. Also, Octopath comes out July 13th not in June.
Thomas Yarbrough (11 days ago)
octopath is the game I'm most excited about. It's so pretty
Eric Davies (11 days ago)
Man that was a cool Nintendo Direct. Wish we could have seen more games but I always feel that way. I am really looking forward to your review of Xenoblade Chronicles 2
dAda313 (11 days ago)
There are many dereks - but there is only one superderek !!
Matt Allen (11 days ago)
Music is a great touch. Your videos are getting better and better. Keep pumping them out bro!
Duo Beard (11 days ago)
Just got off my meeting, and I’ve missed so much
Duo Beard (11 days ago)
SuperDerek RPGs - just confused, yes! haha
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
Are you feeling like Fry from Futurama? :)
jidar (11 days ago)
Nintendo Rocked E3? Wow. It's weird how perspectives are different. Octopath and Fire Emblem we've known about but seeing Fire Emblem was really cool... after that... I mean 30 minutes of Smash Bros being ported to switch is not rocked. If I had claimed that Nintendo was going to spend over half of their conference showing the special moves from every character in the Smash lineup no one would have believed me and rightly so because that's a ridiculous thing to do. I mean I like Smash okay but like the vast majority of players I'm a casual fan at best so I don't need all of these details, especially considering I wont think about the game much until release so I'm guaranteed to forget all of this anyway. It almost seems that for some crowds Nintendo really can do no wrong. Similar to Apple.
Tyger N. Tearington (4 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpshqUtoY7w This was my take on it and though there's some positivity in my video it mainly stated a lot of things that they could've done but didn't!!! Yes, the over 20 minutes on Smash was ridiculous!!! But seriously why no REAL DLC for Super Mario Odyssey or Tropical Freeze??? No new Punch-Out!! either... This was in my opinion the WORST showcase that Nintendo has ever had at E3!!! Yes, some good games are coming but not enough hardcore Nintendo stuff was announced!!! They played it waaaay too safe!!! :(
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
I'm tired of being let down man. I just went in expecting nothing this time, and just let myself be happy with what we got. I've learned my lesson this E3. Nothing they can do can compare to my wish list, and maybe that's not fair to hold them to that?
Pimpzilla (11 days ago)
I was going to pass on the Octopath Traveler demo since I'm sold already but save data transfers to the final game so I will give it a go.
Juomaru (11 days ago)
can't wait for Fire Emblem Three Houses, i prefer the new improvements with full 3D over the traditional FE style, really welcome this change.
Anthony B (11 days ago)
Downloading Hollow Knight right now! Nintendo knocked it out of the park for me. The Xenoblade DLC looks fantastic - new playable characters, new storyline? Yes, please! Fire Emblem, Octopath, and I'm also interested in Daemon x Machina. The Mario Party game even looked fun, and I don't even *like* Mario Party games, really. SUre, there are titles I hoped to see (Metroid Prime, Bayo 3, maybe a resurrected title like Waverace or VIewtiful Joe or something,) and I get that it bothers some that it was half-Smash. Really though, it's their biggest upcoming game until the new core Pokemon drops, so it's what millions are looking for. Also, to Smash fans, it was absolutely fantastic to see. The scope, bringing every single character back, it's a love letter to fans of a long-standing series. And Ridley. Ridley! Made me giddy! Nice coverage, and it's been cool hanging out on stream with everybody the last few days!
sheepnoisebah (11 days ago)
will buy: octopath traveler, fire emblem, smash bros ultimate, xenoblade 2 DLC (haven't played XB2 yet) free: fortnite (will probably try it) interested: super mario party (if there's online. not enough friends), starlink, pokemon
MrValkilmer35 (11 days ago)
Funny how your RPG perspective made this a great direct for you. Lol most people say it's a dud for them not announcing anything new. I was crushed by fire emblem delay...
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
After months of silence, even a delayed date seems like good news to me! xD
Mark Phillips (11 days ago)
Got to agree. As an Englishman of a certain age I am not prone to being 'hyped' but there was some sexy stuff revealed here and I am, well, hyped :D
Aamir Sahil (11 days ago)
Have anyone else noticed wasteland 2. Don't miss out on it, unlike wrpgs, crpgs are really good and I believe it will resonate well with jrpg fans.
Aamir Sahil (11 days ago)
jidar sorry, I thought it was apparent within the context. I used the term wrpg to mean games like Skyrim and crpgs for games like icewindale. And this being a jrpg channel when I said good it means good in the eyes of people who consider jrpgs to be good. Aside from story jrpgs have great party based tactical combat and great world to explore both of which are done well in crpgs.
Dysth Ymia (11 days ago)
did that fix the bullshit accuracy percentage mechanic?
jidar (11 days ago)
Unlike wrpgs crpgs are good? What? Most wrpgs are crpgs including.. wait for it... Wasteland.
Aamir Sahil (11 days ago)
MrValkilmer35 I didn't know that, thanks for telling me. The beauty of switch is that it's the perfect system for rpgs. Was planning to get it on pc, guess I will just wait for the switch version ( hope controls would work well ).
MrValkilmer35 (11 days ago)
Aamir Sahil Pillars of eternity 2 was announced for switch this year too!
Selgorn (11 days ago)
I do not comprehend your enthusiasm for this Nintendo Direct. They almost spent the entire show on Smash Bros. I do not mind watching some games that I am personally not interested in (would be stupid to expect just games that are aiming for oneself), but it was ridiculous how much they got into details: They made a point of showing that the face textures of the Fit Trainer look slightly different now! : / As for Fire Emblem (the only interesting revelation here): I am happy to finally see a sign of life, but the footage was rather static and sterile. It almost looked like a spinoff of FE Heroes when they surrounded the central units with a swarm of clone soldiers. However, I will take any lackluster technical aspects as long as they FINALLY write a decent story again. I love the narrative (story and characters) of the GBA Fire Emblem titles, but the narrative of Fates and Awakening was just ridiculous trash (shiny good guys VS reeking eeeeeeevil bad guys while giving you a dull harem of anime stereotypes to choose your waifu from). Meh, I just hope they get finally back on track now. So far we cannot judge any story aspects, of course. ^Puh, did not mean to nag that much. Sorry.^^ I just want to point out that Microsoft and Sony were a lot more impressive to me. MS showed many, many games, including completely new ones and Sony took its time to deliver some impressive impressions on their few selected titles. Nintendo pretty much sacrificed the whole show for Smash Bros.
Selgorn (11 days ago)
Unfortunately, I never played 9 due to a lack of Gamecube/Wii. Yes, I was also glad to see that FE made a successful comeback on the 3DS by Awakening with a fantastic gameplay development. But on the narrative side, the whole game was just a childish joke (it suddenly felt like they aimed for 10 year olds with a tactical, challenging game, which is a bizarre contrast). And Fates was even worse... I played the fanmade modules on the GBA and it was kind of sad to see that a fan invented with Requiem a story that easily surpasses the official ones.
yangusis (11 days ago)
Selgorn I can agree with the story and characters for the most part. I think it's an over generalization and I'm slightly biased as I will always hold FE13 in high regard for saving my favorite franchise. I'm hoping for support conversations from like 9. They really fleshed out characters there
Selgorn (11 days ago)
Yes, the premise is usually the same cliche: 1. Fight an aggressive Empire 2. Then Fight an ancient Evil That was indeed also the case in FE 8. However, the characters in FE8 had A LOT more depth than the harem of stereotypes in the 3DS games. Lyon was not just evil for evil's sake. His obsession with magical research was a huge topic in the story (do not want to spoil here, but you know that there was more to Lyon than just the boy himself). ^That can also be seen in the support dialogues. In FE8 most couples actually make sense and you actually get interesting background info from them. In the 3DS games, it is just flat jokes by making two stereotypes clash. However, I exclude Valentia from my rant about the 3DS games. Have not played that one yet and heard that the narrative is better there. Also: I love the gameplay of the 3DS games. It is a huge improvement after the GBA era. I just really, really hate the cheesy and childish narrative. : (
yangusis (11 days ago)
Selgorn Just wanted to heat things up. You did play FE8 right? That was the exact premise lmao. Lyon was as bad as it got imo. This looks more like a return to 9 and 10, and I assume they'll take successful systems from the 3ds games.
Selgorn (11 days ago)
Yeah, that is true. Personally, I did not care about Exclusives since all interesting games (for me) are also coming to PC (or PS4).^^ I think my Highlight of the E3 (so far) is Ghost of Tsushima. It looked really amazing.
SupaPixelGirl (11 days ago)
I'm excited for Ridley!
Ahmed Falahy (11 days ago)
Ridley is a sadistic murderer. Just how I viewed him in Metroid.
SuperDerek RPGs (11 days ago)
Yeah Ridley's announcement was gnarly! :D
kirbyboy92 (11 days ago)
I’m glad you and I agree Derek cause a lot of people are pissed.
Ahmed Falahy (11 days ago)
Nintendo PWNED everyone else in E3....just like every time. Hyped for Smash Bros Ultimate, Fire Emblem The Three Houses and the DLC for Xenoblade 2 What a great time to be alive 😄
Duo Beard (11 days ago)
Ahmed Falahy - oh Hell yeah!!
Tom W (11 days ago)
Looking forward to see what waifus I can romance and pet using my joycons in Fire Emblem.
Duo Beard (11 days ago)
Tom W - I hope it’s like Echoes(Gaiden) to be honest, I was a big fan of Awakening, not so much Fates

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