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How to run Quake 3 Arena in any resolution!

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In this video i show how to run Quake 3 Arena in any resolution! P.S. You need to open a console to write console commands.
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Text Comments (6)
random linux nerd (1 month ago)
hello i am form a land far far away 2018 and i want the game to run at 1080p we have windows 10 now oh wait this video was made in 2017 ok bye
Hammer Smashed Face (4 months ago)
Super hamster (5 months ago)
Русский Язык :D
Comrade Ranger (6 months ago)
Лол, видео английское, стиль российский)))
Stormy16th (9 months ago)
thanks that really helped me out ;D
Tigran161 (10 months ago)
wtf руский стиль , а видео на британском XD

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