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10 Best First Person Shooter Games Of All Time

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Being one of the most popular gaming genres, Shooters place the player in the center of the action making him feel like a real hero. In this list we will include only First Person Shooters since they are the most engaging type and they create the illusion of reality in the best way possible. Some of the criteria the selection was made on are popularity, innovation, graphics and historical relevance in the gaming field. We’re also sticking to only one entry per series for games that had multiple iterations over the years. http://www.fraghero.com
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Text Comments (1635)
GamerSame (1 day ago)
are u kidding me?
CCabelVV (3 days ago)
CS 1.6 / Postal 2 / METRO2033 RiP :/
Black Wolf (5 days ago)
where is freedom fight, IGI and delta force?
Jack Wolf (22 days ago)
All these games look stupid and graphic suck like a 30 years old game, COD4 and World at War are the only two game are great
Avijit Tech Tips (1 month ago)
Where is IGI bro??
enonsages (2 months ago)
Best FPS = The most cancerous FPS
Bojidar Kaloyanov (2 months ago)
0:15-0:20 game PLZ!!!!
Lt. Riku (2 months ago)
Where's mention of tactical fps such as project igi
Were is zogs nightmare and night of bushes capturing Were is ethnic cleansing
Cherrered Amine (2 months ago)
0. Half life 1
Sumantra Bose (3 months ago)
Black ops2 is pretty good too
MrZeljko88 (3 months ago)
Unreal tournament. I played that for 15 years.
MrNiuxe (3 months ago)
Operation Flahpoint (cold war crisis / Red Hammer / Resistance) is better than Battlefield 2 ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Flashpoint:_Cold_War_Crisis
way2faded (3 months ago)
Doom2016...no CS:GO....no Black....no
ALEJAMBICHO (3 months ago)
Wolfenstein :)
Ahmad Asgari (4 months ago)
so where is I.G.I ? where is Rainbow Six ? where is Overwatch :(
RobertsDigital (4 months ago)
BATTLEFIELD 2 is probably the best multiplayer military FPS game in the entire history of FPS gaming. Based on gameplay not graphics. It's a game that you can enjoy playing a lot. You never get tired of it. The helicopters and jets are easy to fly. You can climb hills and hide in bushes to snipe. You can take off with a Jet from aircraft carriers. You can plant mines on the road and wait for enemy players to drive over them with their tanks. You can blow up a bridge with enemy player vehicles on them. All on multiplayer. It's basically an air, land and sea game.
Pardhu Lucifer (4 months ago)
why is the title best fps games and the list is full of best selling fps games? best selling games can be googled but, best gameplays can only be experienced.
Dikota David (4 months ago)
Cock of Doody 4: Modern GayFuckStupid
AUBURN 15CHAMPS (4 months ago)
I'm glad CS:GO is #1.
TheAnanaki (4 months ago)
Perfect Dark > Goldeneye
shortarse introvert (4 months ago)
where's unreal tournament 1999
Dominik P. (5 months ago)
doom 2016 haha yes for sure ... this game was 80% kill move cut scences ...
Lars B (5 months ago)
I miss Battlefield 2 This Is My Favorite Game of the all
Aselene (5 months ago)
Battlefield 4 should take the top spot, huge maps, huge customisation, variety of ground, sea and air vehicles. There is nothing that can top it with it's destructible environments, fluid, quick gameplay, weather dynamics etc. What you get for your money is terrific, cheap as chips now it's getting on in years. Personally having started with the very first Dooms, quakes and unreals, BF4 is where it is at. Hopefully BFV will surpass it but I doubt it. Smaller mapped fps's hit their peak with The Modern Warfare CoD series, everything that came after was just variations of their brilliance. I know counterstrike came before but it's no different and less impressive. BF4 holds the title for me as it gives a far wider scope for a variety of skill sets, engagements and skirmishes. Honourable Mentions from me, Crysis 2 and 3 Multiplayer, COD:MW3, Battlefield 3 and 1, yes the Dooms Quakes Unreals etc
Profit187 (5 months ago)
HL2 proof from choice 1 they have no idea what they are talking about
Generation Noise (5 months ago)
ooooh i got 4 but its always the same 20 fucking games on every list....blah blah ...gaming is getting lame man.
Generation Noise (5 months ago)
b4 i watch this video let me see if i can predict the same stale outcome that everyone else sees as the top shooter , wolfenstien , cod, quake, doom, ghost recon , crysis , far cry , titanfall, destiny and that steam game , you know that damn multi player crap , lets see how many i get right . I would think even half is a damn good prediction.
Daddy Famlittle (6 months ago)
Goldeneye changed EVERYTHING!!!!
Yacine Kouitini (6 months ago)
Black you are right I loved that game man
Kristin Morrill (6 months ago)
Cod should have been first
William Goggins (6 months ago)
What about Time Splitters 2? PS2?
jeff wimer (6 months ago)
Medal of honor warfighter was better that cod4
SevenSouls (6 months ago)
Unreal Tournament 1999 (do not forget about childhood) ;)
TooLongToBeAUserna (6 months ago)
Really disappointed insurgency didn’t make it. The amount of fun I had lighting up objectives and clearing buildings of enemies while the rest of my teammates are smoking out all entrances and shooting up anyone trying to come inside. The amount of realism and fun would never get matched.
Jordan Richards (6 months ago)
Yup, halo should have been higher. A lot higher...
A I Gaming (6 months ago)
No Unreal tournament ?
technical indian yash (6 months ago)
are you joking where is battlefield 1 and cod ww2
Senor eggnogs (6 months ago)
you get a downvote when you put anything from halflife at no 10
james Siegel (6 months ago)
where the hell is R6S?!
bankroll kd (7 months ago)
1 like this comment=9 views 3 like this comment=30 views 9 like this comment=107 views
John Paul Benedict (7 months ago)
where is Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre?
David Strickland (7 months ago)
Cold winter, Area 51, and XIII are really good first person shooters. Cold winter is really challenging like Black is. You can only carry two weapons at once.
CyDsV1Ds (7 months ago)
Any FPS all time list that doesnt include any Unreal Tournament in it is a joke. Better Graphics better movements. 9+ weps with dual firing modes and BOTS. Add to that the engine was shipped in the box and a mod community that is still going today. What a shame UT isnt on this list.
Anthony Perry (7 months ago)
He'll no bo2 is the best cod game
Lukas Duszak (7 months ago)
buahahah csgo :D
Jay Roy (7 months ago)
Unreal tournament .... cs.16 was way more popular than cs go also quake 2 was better than quake 3 arena
CPUs (7 months ago)
portal 2?
Roga atnine (7 months ago)
So many great games not even mentioned
where is BF BC 2 ?
Arsalan Khan Yousafzai (8 months ago)
Why isn't anyone talking about Project IGI. It is abviously the bestest game ever.
Nibek PL (8 months ago)
Cmon All time should be Wolfenstein, Quake 1, Half Life, Unreal, Doom, Hexen, Heretic and more..
Lukas Beinhauer (8 months ago)
omg thats horrible , where is medal of honor? i want play new better game
Monty Jaswal (8 months ago)
best game https://wf.my.com/promo/invite/en/?ref=1j9b0a
Fa Kenews (8 months ago)
I always liked Quake 1 best. No game speedruns like Quake 1
Fa Kenews (8 months ago)
Did you record your voice in more than one location? Audio quality is up and down
Peter Clarke (8 months ago)
Could not disagree more with the number 1 ...and quake arena? Why not quake itself?
Noob Gamer (8 months ago)
shit games of all time
Remie Stronks (8 months ago)
Unreal Tournament and Destiny 1 (including all dlc’s) are missing on this list for me.
SpartanPlays 117 (8 months ago)
tf2 or halo should be on the top 3
xd SandMPecao YT (8 months ago)
Halo 3?!?!?!
3002-allunn-2003 Beats (8 months ago)
Cs go Is trash
husor (8 months ago)
Wtf csgo 1st?
Frank James (8 months ago)
wow .. yuor wrong half life 2 should be in the top 3
Black_Booger (8 months ago)
op is an idiot and has a 5 minute memory, mention CS:go when refering to CS:S is a good way to get your ass beat
MrZeljko88 (8 months ago)
Unreal Tournament
Major Ingram (8 months ago)
very bad list..
FelixFTW (8 months ago)
Bruh CS:GO as first place?
Hgamer909 (8 months ago)
Half Life 1>Half Life 2 Halo 3>Halo 2 Otherwise not bad
Uther Pendragon (8 months ago)
Ghost Recon 1
tomatobros (8 months ago)
CSGO hahahahahah how u doin cheaters
bobnab (8 months ago)
no doom or hl1 = joke
Meow woeM (8 months ago)
7 minutes of complete shite. you missed unreal tournament. you guys are clueless n00bs.
Analkande Svert (8 months ago)
CS:GO killed the Counter-Strike series. CS 1.6 should have the first place on that list.
Der Rümmelnator (8 months ago)
6:12 "this game is about updates..." LMAO
Kristof Balogh (9 months ago)
I understand why you chose Counter Strike, but I have to say everything you listed from 6:09 to 6:16 applies to almost any game out there.
burak acar (9 months ago)
Cs go is not best maybe 8 or 9
Collins Cedrics (9 months ago)
u did not mention left 4 dead 2
Alexander Syvertsen (9 months ago)
Titanfall 2 # 1
A squirrel (9 months ago)
this list is shit
Anthony Vitera (9 months ago)
The best part is some of that footage from CS:GO Sincerely looks like aim boting.
Anthony Vitera (9 months ago)
Bl.......Black? Man if you're just going to spout your personal opinion, at least make that clear. I've been playing shooters for like 15 years and have heard of black MAYBE twice.
White Devil (9 months ago)
Agree with all except Battlefield 2, because Battlefield 3 was the best of the franchise.
Rich Ray (9 months ago)
Black was amazing loved it on PS2 miss it a little
Genesis Vanessa (9 months ago)
/ñ/ Download PC Games http://tiny.cc/cbzsqy
komatoxic (9 months ago)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. !!!
SAFA SHAHABUDDIN (9 months ago)
What about fallout and farcry series
Alpesh Srivastava (9 months ago)
Bitch please Minecraft is the best! - Every 9 year old kid ever!
Thom Bos (9 months ago)
battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4 battlefield 4
Tay Xu Zhi (9 months ago)
I think halo should have been higher
flashmhp (9 months ago)
Unreal Tournament?
Where is tf2
A RAVING REVIEWER (9 months ago)
csgo is the best
K3NNY O (9 months ago)
even though the original DooM is old, I still love it. but you need the 'Brutal DooM' mod vers 20.0. it's an awesome mod, changes the whole game, graphics, audio, gameplay. very cool. and free!
markus p. (9 months ago)
I miss perfect dark for N64........ :(
Jakub Načeradský (9 months ago)
Ok list... But i missing many my shooter loves :D a Soldier of Fortune, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolf 3D :D , Medal of Honor Allied Assault+Pacific Assault+Airborn, Call of Duty 1+2, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Vietcong (made by my homelanders).
Zuleo Amen Ethreo Ra (9 months ago)
what game is that at 6:32
illegalodin675 (9 months ago)
Man, I gotta pee Video pee Video pee Video pee Video pee Video pee Video pee Video pee Video pee Video pee
superpsion (9 months ago)
Battlefield 2 is one of the best maybe ...shooters ever Made ...and also ...Try "Project Reality"... this is something outstandingly good ... and u forgot something ... UNREAL TOURNAMENT !

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