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The History of Zelda Breath of the Wild

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The complete history of the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. From the Zelda HD experience in 2011 to the demos and trailers at E3 2016. How did we get here from the linear Skyward Sword? Join us, Zeltik and Macintyre in a journey over five years and into Eiji Aonuma's mind to understand why Breath of the Wild changes everything! Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm!: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Macintyre's Channel: http://bit.ly/21B4O0U Zeltik's Channel: http://bit.ly/1SgzAq4 Big shoutout goes to Music Proposition for creating the new intro theme for the channel: http://bit.ly/ZeldaUMusic Outro (Hussars Charge): http://bit.ly/1Rx6yO2
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Text Comments (440)
Jayme Go Boom (1 year ago)
Remember the nx rumours
John Corpuz (1 year ago)
Who's the poor chum with the heavy lisp? It makes the video really hard to listen too... Shame cuz I love their content!
Regirex (1 year ago)
If you put a great game on a poorly selling system in its last year, you might as well put it on both. Otherwise you could only use it at home on the Wii U
ashtindo64 (1 year ago)
12:30 Let's get roooooooooooooight into the news!
IanMarcos Jimenez (1 year ago)
5:38,wait so all the remakes were just to keep us entertained until breath of the wild?
Ducus (1 year ago)
The NX leaks in this are hilarious looking. People thought it was going to be that thing?
aazz0099503 (1 year ago)
What an adventure it has been
B O R E D O M (1 year ago)
I got an ad for BotW on this video.
B O R E D O M (1 year ago)
The mid roll was one also
saltyvideogamer (1 year ago)
damn times have change a lot since that
Nicholas Williams (1 year ago)
turn outs this game is coming out on March 3 2017
Jonas Benn (1 year ago)
Hi. Likee, subscribe, share, repost on twitter and brazzers and show this comment to your cat if you are watching in 2017.
Brian lahey (1 year ago)
Oh god the Soylent ad is fucking terrible. That girl is definitely not a comedian lmfao.
Brian lahey (1 year ago)
Also. Fuck. Zeltik.
Brian lahey (1 year ago)
Also, this game had quite the development.
Brian lahey (1 year ago)
Also, Fuck Zeltik
non-linear play just isn't worth it if the world isn't unbelievably beautiful, interesting and full of little ways to make the game your own...... which is to say, breath of the wild is the first non-linear zelda i'm excited for
-OK Internet- (1 year ago)
Someone help me, I can't get enough Zelda!!! So hyped I can't sleep..
Azathoth Asul morgul (1 year ago)
but also keep its own identity
Azathoth Asul morgul (1 year ago)
and like elder scrolls create entire world for loz with more details guilds etc
Azathoth Asul morgul (1 year ago)
what they should do is expand upon the idea of differant timelines and alternate worlds like were ganon is the hero or the genders are swapped
Orpheus 010 (1 year ago)
so glad I bought twilight princess HD
HurricaneForceGaming (1 year ago)
Orpheus 010 (1 year ago)
+HurricaneForceGaming I'm a bit further. I'm at the temple of time :]
HurricaneForceGaming (1 year ago)
I know! I got it for Christmas in preparation for BotW. Right now I'm in the Water temple with all the Zoras after getting rid of the three twilight realms. Where are you in the game?
BramptonBodmon (1 year ago)
Where did you get the footage seen at 4:25 ?
WASSUPcruz (1 year ago)
6:37 who let Mr. Bean do commentary
TheKer17 (1 year ago)
What is the music that starts playing at 14:25? I've heard them use many of their videos. Please help!
The Derp Knight (1 year ago)
Maybe we will get an online mode with customizable characters. Something like Gta online and minecraft.
*Dead* Hitori (1 year ago)
I would like a port of the Hyrule Warriors to be on the Switch, played the demo at a gamestop and loved it.
Ram1 Chicken (1 year ago)
Who else thinks that Skyrim music would good great with Zelda
SOMEGUY7893 (1 year ago)
16:12 This guys voice, man.
Nuno Marques (1 year ago)
breath of the wild.... its going to be great no doubt but i feel like the hype might be too much and it might just turn out as twilight princess which was an amazing game but was overhyped
Carlon van spijker (1 year ago)
when game producers rush the release date you nerds are whining about a buggie game, and now the producers are working and postponing to make a better game and nerds are stil whining fuck off
Tucktech (1 year ago)
Is that the storyteller I hear?
TR-8R (1 year ago)
Tucktech yisss
Hero Of The Wild (2 years ago)
That trailer part made me cry
29Tries (2 years ago)
Its hard to imagine that I have been hyped about this game for literally 5 years.
DiamondGamers d (2 years ago)
i liket skyward sword...
Theorist (2 years ago)
Blew. My. Mind
MrRandomRobot (2 years ago)
Lol, I thought I was on wrong video when the BBC news came up😂😂😂
RealLoader (2 years ago)
I don't get it why they didn't use the character design of Hyrule Warriors...
LinuxTechTips (2 years ago)
man I can't understand shit from the other guy talking
oc narvaez (2 years ago)
how the song is called the end of this video!!!! is amazing
kael houghtby (2 years ago)
Well in my opinion, I think it is much, much better to put a lot of time and effort into making something good, rather than rushing it. I of course have my doubts, but I want to stay optimistic too. This sounds extremely big for nintendo to do, both in direction and risk. It will mean something good or bad to our beloved company, and of course, we want something good to happen. If they can pull it off well, I will certainly be extremely happy about it. I mean, who isn't excited about open world zelda?
Rob Boutin Jr (2 years ago)
I have yet to finish Skyward Sword due to the motion controls. I would pay $50 if it was released on the WII U without the motion controls and able to use the gamepad. I loved the game otherwise.
bassy plays (2 years ago)
really good video
Jab S (2 years ago)
The Sheika Slate is the NX :)
Yves Côté (2 years ago)
Question, have you a theory about the meteorite at night? Is Nintendo will think about let moving the stars in the sky as in real world? Actually only the sun and the moon move as in the reality.
DevinAK49 (2 years ago)
You guys do such a fantastic job with these videos.
DevinAK49 (2 years ago)
You guys do such a fantastic job with these videos.
Diego Gatica (2 years ago)
This game is a perfect example of the expression "shut up and take my money!!"
MandyleePlays (2 years ago)
I rather them delay the game and make it great then rush it to get a bad game I love all the Zelda games some more then others but open world or liner story line or new wii control game play or using the 3Ds stylist or riding on the great seas every Zelda game is fun to me in there own way
Drake Troy (2 years ago)
Not another game spoiler what's up with u therorist and spoiling games I mean ur like the third person to ruins he whole story
Fire Blades (1 year ago)
Gabriel More (2 years ago)
I don't know who the second narrator is but I can't understand half of what he says...
ruddha2 (2 years ago)
I'm so looking forward to this.
Andrew Ward (2 years ago)
Wait link is a girl? I thought he was a dude
Tom Pirotte (2 years ago)
All these delays were completely worth it I think
AJ Grant (2 years ago)
Have you guys seen people create catapults in this game?
Ryan Clay (2 years ago)
Giancarlo Vega (2 years ago)
one if these guys voice reminds me of yoda
Marcus G (2 years ago)
I'm a huge fan of your channel
O CÍRCULO (2 years ago)
Try to keep to one VOICE OVER... the one at the mark of 12 minutes is the far by far... sound like the intro guy from Star Fox 64 o/
that guy (2 years ago)
what happened to the audio here? 20:15
Cindy Avelino (2 years ago)
I love this channel.
Tynette Chandler (2 years ago)
i miss zelda music .. that is all
Eddie Curtis (2 years ago)
It can only get better from here!
A raptor Wearing a hat (2 years ago)
I'm hoping breath of the wild will look good on the wii u
alan bane (2 years ago)
skyrim has nothing to do with it
alan bane (2 years ago)
compleat CRAP zelda 1 was open wolrd and all real zelda fans had got sick of puzzle zelda
Jah Rule (2 years ago)
The Souls series > Elder Scrolls series. Hopefully the new Zelda is more Souls and less Scrolls.
yoshifan2334 (2 years ago)
I haven't been keeping up on breath of the wild news, why is wolf link (or a lookalike) in the game?
yoshifan2334 (2 years ago)
EDIT: just finished the vid and now I really want a wolf link amiibo even though I don't have TP HD
Tomaius2000 (2 years ago)
1 of the commentators is just flat out incomprehensible, not Zoltik or MacIntyre but the third guy. It's an effort listening to the bloke. Not hating, what he is actually saying is interesting, but he needs to work on his speech, it just drags the quality of the video down otherwise.
Oisin Hunter (2 years ago)
what is that song at 13:01?
Andrew Porter (2 years ago)
Whats the name of the song used at 19:10 ?
Andrew Porter (2 years ago)
thanks its the song from connan steel riders i think.
Christian Graulau (2 years ago)
Twilight Princess reveal trailer
Sozin (2 years ago)
What is the song that starts at 19:10, I NEED THAT SON
Alise AnimeLover (2 years ago)
Zelda learned me english and made me wanna learn english better. im greek btw
Alise AnimeLover (2 years ago)
All thanks to the legend of zelda^^
Alise AnimeLover (2 years ago)
+Jack Night thanks! im 13 now and know the english language fluently
Jack Night (2 years ago)
That's so cool!😁
Jared Zett (2 years ago)
What's up with the cutting @ 20:14, lol
CK'sGaming Channel (2 years ago)
DevinAK49 (2 years ago)
Speak for yourself. Nintendo likes art styles. They don't do the "everything is grit" philosophy like everyone else. You saying kiddie graphics suggests that you're a kid.
Gabriel Karapondo (2 years ago)
the guy at 2:12 is impossible to listen to. sounds like he's talking through his teeth and doing a kermit impression
Nil (2 years ago)
thought the same lol
sean (2 years ago)
the voice that says open your eyes link sounds like lapis from su
Jxkunk234 (2 years ago)
So do wolf link's hearts depend on save data from Twilight princess?
talktal (2 years ago)
this is not only going to be the best zelda game, it will be the best game EVER!!!! i never thought id see that in my lifetime. after this game, they should close down all game factories.
Zephan Sullivan (2 years ago)
Zelda's issue is the platform, no one I know including myself likes the Wii, and I love Zelda but not enough to where I would have to purchase a brand new console just to have the experience, it they made Zelda for the Xbox or PS, than they would make so much more money
Phil (2 years ago)
I still haven't completed Skyward Sword lol
Nagasaki (2 years ago)
Eiji anouma learned more than just exploration from skyrim, he learned how to lie like Todd Howard.
Sean Paints (2 years ago)
Omg haha how many different narrators are there? 6, 7?
DarkKnightCessi (2 years ago)
I don't think Epona is in the game going by how Bill Trinen reacted when asked if she was in during this last e3. Also, sure the horse he's been shown riding is a bay, but it doesn't have the white mane and tail Epona is known for.
Litten Fire (2 years ago)
I looooooove impressionism. I feel like it looks like a painting brought to life. I don;t like the Cell shaded look of the models in Breath of the Wild
Israel Ridley (2 years ago)
Macintyre's voice is the most cancerous thing ive ever heard
Tyler Lehnert (10 months ago)
Zeltiks is pretty nice
Jase McDonald (2 years ago)
I mean the voice itself isn't awful, it's just the monotony.
Israel Ridley (2 years ago)
PereTimo (2 years ago)
Commonwealth Realm's not better ... I mean I love the videos ... But man these voices make me shiver in disgust
Leafstormblaze (2 years ago)
Guys something is weird with the goddess statue I had done a video on it but no one else seems too. :l
Xinaman (2 years ago)
Where did you get toe fotage at 19:12 ? About the activation of the resurrection tower.
Blaizeatri (2 years ago)
Hi storyteller
A.S .M (2 years ago)
I like this video but every video I see all say things that make story drivin things.
Jonathon Goodrich (2 years ago)
My Body is ready for zelda Botw. (had to make that ref.)
Drendronix (2 years ago)
Why ppl say that wolf link amibo 60$ day 1 DLC is a good thing? Wouldnt you rather get this wolf companion in a normal way, by playing the game? How fagget you have to be, to be excited for that DAY 1 DLC?
Drendronix (1 year ago)
Dominique I suppose u r very talented for sucking nintendos dick and writing a comment at the same time. I guess u r also happy that u finally will be forced to pay subscription fee to play online on switch
Dominique Halliway (1 year ago)
Drendronix you're not the brightest slice of bread are you?
Drendronix (2 years ago)
You dont seem to be aware of anything in the most general meaning of this word. Im tired of repeating myself to a brick wall, bye
Mama Lunar (2 years ago)
What does it even matter anymore. You lost credibility the moment you started slinging insults. If you honestly want a link to this thing then fine I'll give it to you. One quick google search is legit enough. I don't see what other facts need to be given to buy it. I'm also completely aware of comments before this one. Regardless of what was said, it doesn't matter at this point because you're convinced that anything I say is not important. So I'm kinda giving up. All I wanted was to let you know you can buy the dang thing cheaper. I'm done with you and this tbh. You're not worth my time anymore. But I'm flattered that I am worth yours. Have a good one, buddy. PS. Do you even know what salt looks like? Cuz this ain't it, my guy.
Drendronix (2 years ago)
Well mama ur first and every next comment was wrong, ur a dumb bitch, because u are convinced that ur "quick google search" was accurate and have no arguments. Its not an insult, its a fact, really. Maybe u could benefit from first reading the whole conversation, and then thinking that u are adding something to it, with ur shitpost, because ur not. All of ur comments are worthless, everything u said has been addressed, like me being whiny and mad, how much the dlc costs and if we can even call it dlc, is wolf, just a wolf. And then u came with ur shitpost adding nothing and ignoring all comments before yours, why would anyone take u seriously? Btw, I have a reason to be angry, the fact it is day 1 60$ dlc and what u said "Have fun being angry over something no one else is pissy about" I was angry about this 2 things, Im over it though after talking to Pharoah, she has no reason to be angry and acted really cool. And why are u so salty in ur posts?
Black Burgandy (2 years ago)
lol is it weird that the Skyrim theme matches when you show Link when you played it
TAP (2 years ago)
Nobody is questioning that there's no cloak in the new info?
TAP (2 years ago)
i ment the gameplay
Commonwealth Realm (2 years ago)
Link has it when riding Epona. (probably a stealth feature)
Jonathan M (2 years ago)
I'm glad the release pushed back, I'd rather it be delayed and be great then come out now and be sub-part
Stupidadi (1 year ago)
Gustavo Paz lol
Gustavo Paz (2 years ago)
Well, Duke Nukem Forever was delayed many times and it was still bad. BOTW may suffer the same fate
TAP (2 years ago)
Genos (2 years ago)
+Seth Blackwell they won't, all features have been implemented
TAP (2 years ago)
Blue Nothix (2 years ago)
Great video guys! You guys pretty much inspired me to do a Zelda oriented channel as well! I hope that my channel can be successful as yours one day!
Martin Collins (2 years ago)
Song at 14:30
Martin Collins (2 years ago)
Totally worth the wait
CJ G (2 years ago)
I sometimes wonder if there is going to be a timing mechanism in this game. Not like there was in Majora's Mask though, no rewinding time or speeding it up or slowing it down. Say you have one decade (or however long, in game time of course) to take out Calamity Ganon before he gets too powerful for you to stop him. The whole time he could be gaining power, more difficult to beat with each passing year from the beginning on. If you don't stop him in time, it's game over for real and you must start over from scratch. The reason I wonder this is because this game seems to be taking a more 'realistic' (as far as a Zelda game goes, anyway) approach to things than ever before. Having such a pressing deadline, knowing that Ganon gets stronger with each passing year, etc sounds like it would be very exciting. Each time you fail and start from scratch you've at least learned things that you can use to your advantage the next time around to speed things up a bit. Perhaps like in Majora's Mask every different action you take has different consequences that last the remainder of the timing cycle. It would add a ton of replay value going forward from there to see all the different possible outcomes to everything, all of the different side quests, etc. Just an idea I had recently about this game, anyway. I know if it exists it's never once been mentioned and all that. Maybe it's just more wishful thinking. The time element to Majora's Mask is one of the reasons it's my favorite Zelda game, after all.
CJ G (2 years ago)
Nice touch with the Chopin sonata.
cj wars (2 years ago)
wish netendo go under scammers
h (2 years ago)
I love the nostalgia level of this video. Zelda is my favorite video game of all time! Thank you so much!
Dmen05 (2 years ago)
jesus the downgrade is hardcore from 2014, i hope the nx Version still looks like the original reveal
Madchimpz (2 years ago)
I don't think they were downgraded, it was just that we were given a different perspective, or some trees look better than others. The first reveal had a big open field with grass, that's an easier way to make the game look visually impressive.
Dmen05 (2 years ago)
+WH1T3 L1GHT lolno i mean the game still looks nice and i will get an nx for it but lolno sorry gotta disagree.
WH1T3 L1GHT (2 years ago)
If anything it's an upgrade, everything has been revamped from the original reveal.. Including the graphics
Dmen05 (2 years ago)
+RadicalMongoose i like the current link more but the environment looks way worse now dude gotta disagree there, expecially the trees and textures *barf*
Skullomadness (2 years ago)
I think the reveal demo looks worse.
Atlas Enderium (2 years ago)
Zelda 1080 lol

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