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The Future of the Star Trek Franchise

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Text Comments (2823)
arnold oliver (1 day ago)
Kurtzman and Kathleen Kennedy have messed up two great franchises star trek and star wars sad
your mom (5 days ago)
Patrick Stewart is awesome, but he's like 140 years old. Well, he already saw everything. It's too late.
R T/X (12 days ago)
It's a Pathetic Attempt to Save a Once Great but Dying Franchise by bringing back a "Has Been Actor" Let's be Honest Patrick Stewart is NO Sean Connery!
AniMajik Productions (14 days ago)
SJW crap aside. The writing on STD is plain terrible. It's too bad ST has lost it's way, let it die and move on.
Aylbdr Madison (16 days ago)
As long as it's Star Trek, not whatever those crap movies they came out with more recently were.
VauxhallViva1975 (17 days ago)
Interested, yes. But if they script it like they have been doing recently for the likes of Discovery, it would be an utter disaster, filled with the usual feminist and SJW propaganda. WHEN will Hollywood and the TV stations listen to their audience? The people don't fuckin' like being TOLD what to believe in, what to think, what to say..... Most people have had a fuckin' guts full of this shit by now, and any further attempts to do the same WILL fail.
Walter walter (17 days ago)
Wesley Crusher as new captain of Enterprise
SouthCalifas619 (26 days ago)
Racial diversity in the show shouldnt ruin it for you
John Gibb (27 days ago)
Well all I have to say is the superior quality of Stewart's acting just transform's everything and if at some point in the series the Mr Spiner reunion, with Mr Stewart on a Star Trek project should it become a reality we would all be the better for it. I'm obviously not a fan lol but I love all Sci-Fi and everything else to be honest.
Glenn Cox (29 days ago)
A nice TNG miniseries would be great. Maybe 6 or so episodes...bring back as much of the TNG cast as you can, except for Whoopi Goldberg and Will Wheaton of course
eug3nius (1 month ago)
They'll soil Picard like they soiled Luke Skywalker.
Peter Powis (1 month ago)
I would like a Picard series - Patrick Steward is an awesome actor and he really made TNG. Although Voyager was my favourite Star Trek series - the writing got so good after the 1st couple of series, it had some really meaningful and relevant storylines with moral endings - some were emotionally raw (such as the powerful "Latent Image" and the profound "Extreme Risk", not to mention my favourite episode "Counterpoint") - and I really cared about pretty much all the main characters...but I love Picard too, a lot more than the rest of his Enterprise crew. Discovery - I watched 1 episode and was dreadfully disappointed - with KIingons as the main aliens, it seemed like it was all about politics and fighting - that's not why I watch Star Trek....
ogostaboy (1 month ago)
A new real Star Trek will not be allowed by the corporate nor appreciated be the neo-liberal scum.I am willing to watch anything with 7of9 in it.
Karl the Barbarian (1 month ago)
They will just try to get their fanbase to actually watch a differently named Star Trek Diversity. Doubt there will be any focus on an actual storyline.
Maniac742 (1 month ago)
Star Trek has already gotten woke, so now all that's left for it to do is go broke. Ironically, Star Trek was already the "wokest" of the sci-fi series. It's about a fantasy socialist Federation jam packed with minority representation and liberalism. And I was ok with all of that until Star Trek Discovery, when suddenly we weren't woke enough, so we had to go mega-woke. Well fuck that. Saying Star Trek was never diverse before is straight up lying. Now it's garbage. I've never watched Discovery and I never will. I'll skip the new series if it's woke as well. I get to decide where and what I spend my time and money on. Not liberal idiots.
Stu Saville (1 month ago)
TNG was okay but DS9 was by far my favorite
Maxajax (1 month ago)
Maybe now we will get some real Star Trek material instead of stupid action movies or radical left-wing propaganda.
Ash Thompson (1 month ago)
Oh no... star trek having D IVER SIT Y???? Whaaaaaa?????? The first show to have an interracial kiss, a black women and an asian man and a Jewish man in respected positions of power, the show that incorporated cultures ranging from Russian to Jewish to Christian and all the way back round around.... having a .... black... worman........... the femistss are TAKING OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get fucked. Roddenberry was a "sjw", the very first concepts of fandoms were created by women, Martin Luther King Jr was a trekie. Y'all fake geek boys can suck my actual cock.
Kill3rCat (1 month ago)
Couldn't agree more. But if the person running the Picard series is the same as the one running Discovery, it's not going to go anywhere. That guy doesn't understand Trek or what people want from it. Or perhaps he simply doesn't care. If only they'd get in the old crew who made DS9 (Rick Berman, Ira Steven Behr, etc.), they could truly create a masterpiece.
SOTOS S (1 month ago)
So they brought Patrick Stewart back
Gaming Dealer (1 month ago)
Should I give those star trek fan films a go, are they any good?
Andrew Spencer (1 month ago)
I’m cautiously interested but one thing that I’m stuck on is the “new Klingons” at least when they changed between tos and tng they came up with a reason. Got to stop myself here before I go full rant but you can probably guess the rest. The only other problem is the direction those series go based off of discovery. While I haven’t touched it myself thanks to this channel and some friends I’ve heard enough to not regret my decision. Especially after the idea that Spock had a human sister. After all we know how much better the series was when his brother was added.
Jose Roncero (1 month ago)
You're too optimistic. This Picard would be an emasculated shell of the character you once knew, a talking puppet of regressive propaganda.
P M (1 month ago)
Bloody right bring him back
Scott Wheeler (1 month ago)
Star Trek's Hail Mary pass? Patrick Stewart's non-Trek work has been finally taking off in a way with X-Men and international audiences but it may be a little too late or just in time to milk the cow. Essentially Star Trek 4 won't happen unless Pine and Hemsworth get paid enough and the Marvel crossover happens. Hemsworth will literally save the Kelvin Star Trek film timeline and extend it's life. Patrick Stewart is meant to save the television access on demand of Star Trek's TV future. I'm satisfied with Trek as it is with 5 great series and yes including the flawed but excellent Enterprise, and with the films except for 5, and of course the TNG ending Nemesis which was more a slap in the face insult to fans and film goers alike. I haven't watched Discovery but I heard it's not that great so no losses personally or financially in that department. When you're trying to survive with 2-3 jobs in the rat race of humanity who has an extra life to watch all this shit anyhow?
Lord Omacron (1 month ago)
I interested in the return of Picard but it will be down to the writers to make a good narrative as mr Stewart can only work with what he is given in the script.
Lord Shadow Z (1 month ago)
I would love nothing more than to have Patrick Stewart return, but not at the price of having Alex Kurtzman at the helm. He is the worst thing that ever happened to Star Trek.
Spulkagent47 (1 month ago)
I would absolutely love to see a Picard series but I'm not going to get my hopes up about this. I'm quite sure that even if there were plans to do something like this, they would eventually be replaced by a Star Trek show with a cast comprised entirely of trans-gendered aborigines.
ComicCommando (1 month ago)
Some of the comments make me wonder which TOS episodes you focused on for the "it was all about diversity". Yes the actors in TOS were diverse in the skin deep department however this rarely showed up in dialogue in the show because the show was about building personal relationships while solving problems together as a group. Not a constant let's talk about why I feel left out of the group. Hell even Spock understood why Bones didn't completely trust him at first but he didn't hold it against him or nag him constantly about it.
Erich Müller (1 month ago)
I know this video is somewhat older. But I wand to add: My first choice would be a series set about 50 years after Nemesis. But I'm ok. with Picard too, but: If that Picard series is in any way mentioning or acknowledging anything from JJ-trek or this STD shit, I'm out. But unfortunately, that is more than likely as long as Kurtzman or people of his crew are involved.
DCxd 5 (1 month ago)
Cool, more sjw propaganda wrapped in pop culture nostalgia .
sgpch1983 (1 month ago)
i would like seeing admiral picard and the adventures of the uss prometheus after voyager is home again.
Brandon Burkhardt (1 month ago)
Picard needs to be a gardener at the academy. The one everyone goes and talks to and gets advice from. That’s is all.
Leonard Lawrence (1 month ago)
Hey, I loved early Enterprise! The Picard thing is supposedly not going to be prime-universe, anyhow, so no joy there. What a bloody mess Star Trek is in!
Stephen Shelton (1 month ago)
But what Picard will we get? The thoughtful Picard from TNG or the shoot-first-ask-questions-later Bruce Willis wannabe from the movies?
Stephen Shelton (1 month ago)
It's only set 20 years after Nemesis, so that shouldn't qualify him as elderly. Remember in the 24th century medical advances have allowed humans to live 140+ years. It makes sense and is already cannon as Dr. McCoy was about 140 in the TNG pilot. A 70s Picard should be a spry as a 35-40 21st century man.
Mr. Orange (1 month ago)
Iam afraid captain Picard will receive similair treatment as Luke Skywalker did in the last jedi. He will only serve to justify and enforce the rubbish we know as star trek: diversity. Also i have seen speculations about the different star trek timelines that we currently have, to be merged and thereby destroy the TOS timeline that the fans love the most, removing any hope for a new show set after Voyager. Youtuber Midnight's Edge has a video about this.
jimdraw.com (1 month ago)
Nothing wrong with Star Trek Diversity, the diversity bit is the cornerstone of the initial inception of Star Trek, inclusion, everybody getting along. The problem is that is was okay and not great, had its moments, time to build up i think, though it did piss around with canon a little. This Picard thing seems like a desperate move, if they make something of it with great writers and directors, fantastic. If they are slapping it together, please, number 1, disengage.
RuleBritannia1987 (1 month ago)
It doesn't matter what they do or who they bring back it'll still be infected with social justice crap.
vivi Wells (1 month ago)
The Oroville was closer to the original Star Trek, we, the fans, loved it. Discovery sucks. There's NO good qualities in it at all. Picard series? SURE...so long as it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH DISCOVERY.
Urban Fisho (1 month ago)
A post Nemesis Picard Trek would be good too! Make it so!
Urban Fisho (1 month ago)
People who cry like butt hurt children over Discovery, have NOT watched it!
chromosome boo (1 month ago)
Hi Dave, as much as I would love this series to be great... I just fucking hate Alex Kurtzman. Anything that he has touched with the name brand, Star Trek has thus turned out to be nothing more than a giant middle finger to its namesake. I personally won't begrudge Patrick Stewart for agreeing to work on this project. I am sure that he has looked at his booking schedule and found it less and less varied. Also, he probably stands to make a lot money and generate some attention for coming back to Trek after all these years. So good on him. Like Mark Hamill, he has probably figured out that the years are few and it is far better to just cash in during his twilight years. RIP Trek. and fuck CBS!
Lord Inquisitor (1 month ago)
Careful they are going to lure you in with Patrick steward’s return and then backstab you with sjw nonsense
PWN4G3FTW (2 months ago)
Am I interested in a Picard series? Hmmmmm..., FFFUUUCCCKKK YEAH! As long as the episodes are written well, entertaining and a bit thought provoking Im very much on board.
bruce burn (2 months ago)
All I ask is that star trek is not woke.
Fuxiao Bai (2 months ago)
Hi, have you checked out that show Killjoys yet? Would be curious to see what you think.
Dana Regan (2 months ago)
No credibility when you call the show "Star Trek Diversity"
Andrew N (2 months ago)
Great. We're getting the star wars treatment. That has gone well...
Going Ape (2 months ago)
I'm thinking Evil Picard from the mirror universe.
BlackYall (2 months ago)
I can't wait for another character to be ruined.
Rory Morris (2 months ago)
TNG was the best
See'my channel.
baseballboy (2 months ago)
i am hoping they are gonna make the series take place after the dominion war/ voyager returns and those movie. I am interested if their gonna make another deep space station series, a federation one, i wonder, what does it look like? (my idea) Since i am kinda following the star trek online, and the fall of the Romulan empire, maybe the Federation star base is a critical base to help out the Romulan Republic and maybe later tension rise with Klingon Empire and maybe war?
David Hohman (2 months ago)
Is he the New Admiral of the Space Force?
Duncan Hunter (2 months ago)
Dude there’s this 24 minute video you should watch by captain midnight. It pissed me off after watching cuz I know it’s gunna happen fucking cbs
rkmugen (2 months ago)
Axanar and Renegades represent the TRUE Star Trek. Not the sloppy roadkill that CBS is trying to shove..... piss..... stream down our throats. What. I'm not sorry I said that.
Vince Bell (2 months ago)
Chris Pine looks similar to Jim Carrey.
Summers Winterer (2 months ago)
I would love a TNG animated if that was the way the cast could be reunited. They did do animated show Gargoyles.
Degrelle Holt (2 months ago)
Curious, yes.  Interested, not really.
Jim Talor (2 months ago)
I am for Capt Picard coming back as long he doesn't catch "STD"!!
W (2 months ago)
I really wish they wouldn't bring back Picard in this horrible PC era. They are incapable of writing in the actual spirit of TNG. Their brain just cannot conceptualize that world. Look what they have done with Discovery and Star wars! I love TNG too much to damage it with any of these new projects. I'm out.
Gary Hart (2 months ago)
I am interested, but if any series is just on NetFlix or Sky etc... That is no good to me !
Mike Rogers (2 months ago)
Patrick Stewart said at a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas that he would be reprising his role as Jean-Luc Picard, but he won't be a Captain since the new series is set 20 years after the events in Nemesis.
Brian C (2 months ago)
I'm guessing by the context and tone used, "Star Trek Diversity" is intended as an insult.. WTF??????? Have you never seen Star Trek before? - All Star Trek series are on Netflix right now. Exactly how is STD more "diverse" than other series? Nothing unique about female captains going all the way back to Star Trek IV in '86, granted gay main characters are new as I cannot think of a single gay main or regular character from TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT
Maestro Drake (2 months ago)
(Fill in naive statement here) Chris Pine: Hold my beer. I'm on vacation.
John C. (2 months ago)
I thought star trek continues was fabulous. Well done Vic.
Chris Cunningham (2 months ago)
I thought Enterprise was pretty good. I was sorry it never built a good viewer base ended.
Rich Sunhill (2 months ago)
I am not a fan of the JJ Trek Movies, but they kept the franchise alive. Without the great success of Discovery, i am not sure they would do more Star Trek Series, certainly not with an aged but awesome Patrick Stewart. ST Diversity? Yes, because this is the Star Trek Spirit! Rather too much than too little! Especially in this "Rollback-Times" of the 21st century.
Mr11ESSE111 (2 months ago)
he is best captain while those who acting Sisco are most boring just like that ST series with Sisco
P S (2 months ago)
No sir. Im over and out of star trek and star wars...thx for the memories
Sally Kaiser (2 months ago)
I need a contact number// afdress please
DudicalDudeMan (2 months ago)
I don't know about this -- Patrick Stewart indicated he agreed to the return of Picard because of the "bad" things currently going on in the real world -- as Stewart is a big anti-Trump leftist, I think he means by this the rise of Trump and nationalism in parts of Europe as the "reason." The greatness of the Picard character depends as much on the writing as it does on Patrick Stewart's top-notch acting, and if the writing of the new show is motivated by anti-Trumpism/pro-SJWism/ etc., -- well let's just say I hope we don't find out that Picard has actually been secretly homosexual the entire time, for instance (as just one possible way the SJWs might besmirch TNG's / Picard's legacy)
Mortaryan (2 months ago)
They originally tapped the creator of Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski, to helm Enterprise. After doing a treatment for the series, in the end he rejected the position because he felt they wouldn't let him take the series where he wanted, that was a major mistake on Paramount's part...they, Paramount and CBS, really need to get J. Michael Straczynski back to reboot the whole Star Trek franchise. Gene was a man of vision...Mr. J. Michael Straczynski is the only person that can match, if not exceed, that type of vision today, AND he is a fantastic writer, something Gene wasn't. Most of the writers involved with Star Trek today don't even come close to mediocrity, let along adequate.
Mortaryan (2 months ago)
Completely smacks of desperation, and no surprise. I haven't watched Discovery (which is I don't know what but it's definitely not Star Trek), and I'm not going to ever watch it (or their corporate pharmy mind set about forcing people to pay to watch star trek while the rest of the world can watch it for free on Netflix international (an utter fan base betrayal). All that is saying a lot from a 45 year Star Trek fan, of all the series up until Enterprise...and I find it utterly hilarious, and telling, that Discovery's initials are "STD", because that's what it is, and if you ask me the Trek gods were trying to tell them something by it. They need to get rid of all the post-modern leftists propaganda and SJW bull shit, if they are to overcome the abortions of J.J. Abrams.
Chris Trevor (2 months ago)
i have no faith in this. there is a zero percent chance that this is good and not a flaming pile of trash.
David Gilkey (2 months ago)
tired of reboots jj abrams is brilliant but payed out.
wrexshunt (2 months ago)
I just come
Steve Crane (2 months ago)
I lost interest with Star Trek after DS9"s seemingly rushed and ultimately disappointing ending wi the Dominion. Wverything since then has been quite boring sadly
subliminal1284 (2 months ago)
They could easily explain the older looking data/B4 because data was always aspiring to be more human like, its not unreasonable that data/B4 would willingly alter their look to give an appearance of age so this problem is really a non issue
Michael Dignum (2 months ago)
They will mess it up..The JJ Verse is to be the prime cannon so he will have to deal with that..From the people who gave us STD, i dont think so.
Steve P (2 months ago)
I don't care if Shatner, Stewart, and a re-animated Nimoy are on it. If it's on CBS All Access, I'm not watching.
Vince Bell (2 months ago)
Picard looks good with a beard.  Very wise.
Joseph Adam (2 months ago)
I'd love to know what blackmail information Kurtzman has over the execs. This man has had a string of failures and is widely despised by the fan base but they keep trotting him out... even mentioning his name as a PLUS in all the press releases, as if they expect applause. "Oh, yay! The Mummy guy! YES!" Whose wang is he sucking?!
hitchpster (2 months ago)
I'm scared shitless that they are going to ruin Picard too, with cheap, unbalanced, predictable moral lessons. I doubt Stewart alone can steer things in the right way. Compare it with the bold, nuanced and balanced episodes of The Orville with topics like gender identity and religion, true to the ST spirit, challenging all positions, left ant right at the same time.
Luciano Granie (2 months ago)
I agree with you in much of what you say. I have boycotted Star Trek after the draconian rules against the great Star Trek fan made films. I might watch these new films but that would happen many years in the future. When hell freezes over.
SeraphinaAizen1 (2 months ago)
I just hope that what happened to Luke Skywalker isn't done to Picard; where they take a beloved character who was beloved for his upstanding moral fiber and turn him into an angry, bitter old man that everyone will hate. The only thing that'll do is make people hate it. People don't want A Captain Picard back, they want THEIR Captain Picard back.
huberfloover (2 months ago)
Wait..he's not doing "Blunt Talk" anymore? DAMN! I liked that show. And I liked the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies as well...
David A Mannock (2 months ago)
Look at Star Trek Continues. It's very good!
Zachary HIcks (2 months ago)
I wanted to see something different, what happen to voyage??!! Garret Want `harry kim` said this in 2015 comic con.
nicholascremato (2 months ago)
I don't know where to watch Star Trek Discovery!!! I don't have cable and I love any and every star trek I just don't know how and where to watch it!!.
J.R. Vasquez (2 months ago)
Sir Patrick does NOT need the cash... ;) He was in my humble opinion, along with Spiner, the only reason the show was given a chance to survive and grow at the very beginning.
Bo Danville (2 months ago)
Loving the fact Patrick Stewart is back on board. Its work he was extremely proud of even the movies that sunk like insurrection and nemesis both of which i enjoyed. After Nemesis would have been the time to do a mini series to tie up the loose ends. With it being so long since that last move year 2379 so 16 years later 2395 either being set in the Academy or on board the Enterprise which is unlikely. But when James Kirk gave Picard the advice never let them promote you im sure he still is hanging on to his chair. Also the movie could be set just a year or few years after and with all the advances in computer technology bringing back actors 16 years older is not a problem as they can be de-aged. Roll on reunion.
Jamie Townsend (2 months ago)
Wait... You have the same intro as clash with ash... what's going on?
Richard Johnson (2 months ago)
Make a all new star trek with grandchildren of captain Kirk and crew.
M_ Hub (2 months ago)
ST:D killed Star Trek
sufian2k6 (2 months ago)
I stopped listening when you moaned about diversity. Seriously dude. It's 2018. Get over it that there people of colour out there who can be part of the trek universe and it doesn't have to be all majority white.
Praestigiator (2 months ago)
If your largest critique of any show is that it didn't have enough white men in it then that show must be pretty good.
alexander rogers (2 months ago)
God you talk shit!
Future Global (2 months ago)
unless Brent Spiner is hard up for money, there's no way he ever plays "Data" again.
trha2222 (2 months ago)
They could make a digital Data with him, though. Like they did for Princess Leia. Or Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy. Or Kathy Griffin.

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