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Minecraft Mobs: Ghast

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Let's explore Minecraft! We bring you detailed block-by-block information for our site http://www.minecraftwiki.net
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Text Comments (71)
Jeremy (6 years ago)
A ghastly can drop 5 gunpowder
peacefullywritten (6 years ago)
The Size, the biggest is the EnderDragon
1 800 GO FAST (6 years ago)
When he says. The 2nd biggest mob, does he mean, in size or in popularity.
Max Zhu (6 years ago)
It's still a mob.
Elinor Armenzo (6 years ago)
they were removed from minecraft updates ago
Max Zhu (6 years ago)
What about giants?
Elinor Armenzo (6 years ago)
enderdragon probably
xenezort (6 years ago)
what is the biggest mob?
ASGFilip (6 years ago)
I killed a ghast with a sword before
Lucas (6 years ago)
What blocks can Ghast's destroy?
tehhotdog2 (6 years ago)
one crazy ass cat.
MSTVD (6 years ago)
make a video bout humans and giants! plz??
Thelitchlord (6 years ago)
If he did that, I would never sleep.
Nick (6 years ago)
Apparently that's the sound his cat made when disturbed in his sleep.
Thelitchlord (6 years ago)
Really? That must have been one sick cat if it made noises like that.
ilikeswishcheese (6 years ago)
ghasts set fire to blocks ...welll adele sets fire to the rain!!!
TheVJackV (6 years ago)
Oh, sorry, I thought you were conveying sarcasm. My bad!
custos364 (6 years ago)
TheVJackV (6 years ago)
He didn't use his "cat" to record it. He used his cat to record it.
Dragon Actual (6 years ago)
can you make a video on magma cubes
Eaea4242 (6 years ago)
Comment removed
Jon Stark (6 years ago)
0:21 Flaming fireball facepalm
ChuDontDew (6 years ago)
yea me too lol
Dragon Actual (6 years ago)
so dark in the video
miniclu1 (6 years ago)
MaxzMoviez (6 years ago)
@terrariamaster101 Is that true? Becouse that's really epic XD
zZ_Barack Obaabma_Zz (6 years ago)
but the question is, will it bled?
CubeXtron (6 years ago)
@CubeXtron or a creeper..
CubeXtron (6 years ago)
@Justas59 Of course they would make a video about a ghast, they make videos about fucking everything, and ghast is the most shitty mob in the game. I prefer enderman.
CubeXtron (6 years ago)
@ihave7cats Of course.
CubeXtron (6 years ago)
@bradleyboy36 Under 4000 club.
ihave7cats (6 years ago)
most of the "under" commenters are most likely under 12
Justas Černiauskas (6 years ago)
Holy shit guys! Ghast is my favourite mob in Minecraft, and I was so happy, when I saw that you guys made this video :D
rjc0234 (6 years ago)
ah yes. dragon is the biggest. what a hur de dur moment for me. herp.
Anders La Cour (6 years ago)
second biggest mob?? what is the biggest then slime?? or ender dragon
Falevere (6 years ago)
whats the biggest mob im just having a mind blank oh wait probs ender dragon
Devon (6 years ago)
under your mom club
blizzardof2011 (6 years ago)
block exploration video?
Harm0nicCha0s (6 years ago)
The (6 years ago)
under 303 club :D
Donaldo Moreno (6 years ago)
Under your mom´s ass!
Krazaz (6 years ago)
the Over9000! club!
Dragon Actual (6 years ago)
i notice the counterparts(smilairties) between hostile nether and overworld mobs creeper's counterpart is the ghast magma cube= slime blazes= human(look closly at the blazes body its a human body with fire texture) pigman=pig
Scoobs Hub (6 years ago)
@fligabob The ghast hitbox is bigger then the enderdragons so yea thats how there bigger
fligabob (6 years ago)
Pretty sure ender dragons are bigger than ghasts
Henk-Jan Bakker (6 years ago)
@scoobsterinc Well... you aren't and I'm not so.... it's just you. ;^)
Henk-Jan Bakker (6 years ago)
WOOHOO. A video with two working links at the end. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!!
Scoobs Hub (6 years ago)
Is it just me or does everyone try and proove them wrong?
Orochikaku (6 years ago)
under 1,000,000,000,000
Dan Lapid (6 years ago)
@TheSpyingMeerkat ill check your channel but seriously relax on the capital letters nobody likes it when every word is capitalized, especially on such a long text
Nick Venuto (6 years ago)
playboy club!
EricMichaelLP (6 years ago)
you can deflect the Cannonballs with anything even your hand. Unless they have fixed that now :)
Gagged and Bound (6 years ago)
They forgot to mention that they have 5 hearts of health. Also, they could have mentioned that bows do 4.5 - 5 hearts of damage. Bows + Ghast = Tears.
MrWheelman82 (6 years ago)
@cowsaysmoo122 enderdragon
A random Wallaby (6 years ago)
@cowsaysmoo122 giaent
cowsaysmoo122 (6 years ago)
2nd biggest mob then which mob is the biggest?
MegaFevi (6 years ago)
planetRown (6 years ago)
@rjc0234 Enderdragon.
MegaFevi (6 years ago)
111 viewer 0.0
rjc0234 (6 years ago)
second biggest? what is the biggest mod then?
matra11ramaks (6 years ago)
Imperfect (6 years ago)
so many vids on the same day
bigg smalls (6 years ago)
bigg smalls (6 years ago)
TheMADSteeleified (6 years ago)
LOL im viewer 69
Alexander Mathers (6 years ago)
they are basically the little flying kids that scream at you.
TheLightbender12 (6 years ago)
ZenithRadProductions (6 years ago)
Contego (6 years ago)
Under 100 club!
FunkyChickenz (6 years ago)
Arselias (6 years ago)
third viewer

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