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Final Sochi medal count: Russia wins, Olympics over

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Unfinished hotel rooms, stray dogs, and subtropical weather: this Winter Olympiad really had it all. SB Nation's puppet broadcasting team of Chip, Guy, and Boris issue their final medal count update from Russia.
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The 2 gymnasts (4 years ago)
Total medal count is a stupid way of ranking the nations. Who cares how many times you came in second or third? 
apmflyer08 (4 years ago)
This has come back for the NCAA Tournament or World Cup. Right?
David Galluzzo (4 years ago)
Those aren't the real standings canada finished 3rd
Nåti M (4 years ago)
Those are not the correct finishing ranks..... lol like i give a shit but russia won :D
Geo (4 years ago)
Nope, these dummies totally rigged it by the overall medal count - officially US came in the fourth place, not the second..

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