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Why We Need Middle Shelf Games (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch Nowadays it seems "AAA" publishers are giving us fewer games, and consequently fewer options. That's because they are. In today's all-or-nothing industry, the "middle shelf" game, the kind of game that has a budget but isn't mega mainstream, is a dying art. __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimsterling Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimsterling0 Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation): http://bigego.com/ Bandcamp of the Sax Dragon - https://carlcatron.bandcamp.com Nathan Hanover - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8L7n7l11PJM6FFcI6Ju8A
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GREG E3 EGG (1 day ago)
These are dwindling Jim , it’s a worrying trend for the industry, all that will be left is “mega” games and a handful of indie devs , not good at all
complains about samey sandbox experiences cites god of war as a good example of a unique game, a game that is the last of us/tomb raider/uncharted but in a god of war coat ye, ok
Spinning Teabag (6 days ago)
The videogame industry is heading for a crash.
Fly Hacks (6 days ago)
I just want another Jet Set Radio Future...:(
Flamin Faux (8 days ago)
An engineering professor once told me, "Good enough is Just Right." Thats more or less how I feel about Mid shelf games. Theyre usually good enough, and therefore just right.
GrĪм RЄÂקЄR (8 days ago)
I kinda think the years 2000 til 2009 was the golden age of gaming...then everyone began to get greedy and now there's hardly any good games at all...I can't even name 10 good games that have been made since 2012
Rhaenyra Reigns (9 days ago)
"Shadow of Destiny" mentioned = video "Liked"! ^__~
Rhaenyra Reigns (9 days ago)
I totally laughed at the visualization presented near the 11th minute. There must be something wrong with me. O.o'
James Horsey Walsh (9 days ago)
Dont you get it THEY DONT WANT TO MAKE CHEAP GAMES BECAUSE BIG BUDGETS MEAN OPPITUNITY FOR CREAMING OFF MONEY. Its the same as the film industry. Its all a scam Jim. I thought you were woke?
kris B (10 days ago)
well said Jim. publishers don't care about consumer variety, they'll beat a dead horse into pink mist if it keeps their pockets fat. as far as gaming library goes, PS2 by far had the best selection. every armored core game that came out on PS2 was enjoyable. another great gem was KENGO: master of Bushido, spiritual successor to Bushido blade from the PS days.
Tokoyami Fumikage (12 days ago)
How we see (or at least saw) Video Games: An interactive experience that uses its interactivity to tell a convincing and interesting story that requires physical and emotional investment, hence allowing the story to tell itself more effectively. How THEY see Video Games: An interactive live service people pay for like their Electricity or their Water.
metallurgicarborist (12 days ago)
I’ve been preaching this for a while now. Thank you for doing it louder!
Johnny Thousand (13 days ago)
A great way to find good mid-tier titles is look at any "Top 100 Games Of All Time!" list and check out the 90-100 spots. At the top you'll always get Half Life/<insert Zelda title>/<insert Mario title> etc, but at the other end, (the worst-of-the-best if you will) you'll see games that maybe weren't perfect but probably took an old idea, tweaked it and came up with something that stood out from the banal background static of "AWESOME!". Just my 0.02 ;-)
Chibi Squad (14 days ago)
Mmmmm lost odyssey music in the background while talking about games that put AAA titles to shame while cost a fraction of the development price...
Harry Coatsworth (14 days ago)
Where the hell do publishers think new IPs come from? 'Cause it certainly isn't infinity ward or DICE
Will88RF (15 days ago)
Amen bro!! I loved the ps2 owned at least 200 games . I miss the good old days of games. My favorites where red faction ,bloodrayne,atv offroadfury 1,2 and so many more **** them idoits.
Frogborn (15 days ago)
boglin wank
Lifesizemortal (15 days ago)
This has to be one of Jim's most important and poignant video essays ever
“Nintendo lives in a bubble where video games are still good”
Andrew Kappler (18 days ago)
Singularity was awsome
mrjtfang2 (20 days ago)
Can someone let me know what that one horror game is? Gasmask boy
Thomas Knapp (21 days ago)
Damn, the situation must be dire when Jim Sterling is looking to Nintendo and saying, "Ya know what? You guys might actually have the right idea."
Voidlord (21 days ago)
I would recommend Elex for a mid tier game. Flawed? Yes. Enjoyable? Hell yes
tqbfjotlddltojfbqt (22 days ago)
EA: Evil Assholes for being greedy...I love Dead Space franchise, effing greedy corporations...enough is never enough... disgusting
Sam Whitfield (23 days ago)
Oh god you showing Quantum Theory has brought back traumatic memories of muscular men continuously stuck rolling into walls, forever......
XxXVideoVeiwerXxX (26 days ago)
Stop buying far cry 5's, destiny 2's and such then you big fat fuck
Munquis DeSade (26 days ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if BGAE 2 needs to sell like 25 million copies to break even, they keep overspending and expect gamers to pick up the tab.
Munquis DeSade (26 days ago)
Darkest Dungeon if you like difficult RPG'S lovecraft lore and gothic kick ass art style? Than that is the game for you
7O7-ZOZ (26 days ago)
Would F1, MotoGP, Ride, WRC and Starpoint Gemini be considered Middle Shelf?
7O7-ZOZ (26 days ago)
EA has been selling other titles besides those published by EA only. It's becoming more like Steam or Gamersgate.
Markus Fischhaber (27 days ago)
You Sir, are Right. I loved to play mid lane Games because I can work to a end. All this live services deny me the joy of a end to a story. Without an end it is NO Story at all
WizoIstGott (27 days ago)
You are absolutely right on this. One hope for middle shelf games is the increasing production of games outside the US and Japan, especially in eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is growing really fast in the last 10 years giving us games like Stalker, The Metro Series or the Witcher Games. With the way lower average costs for development in the Ukraine or in Poland compared to the US/Japan it´s a market that will grow.
Gary Frood (27 days ago)
It’s why I never got my psi ops sequel.
Tom (28 days ago)
The current AAA space is like the movie undustry in the late 80's and early 90's. Out of ideas, relying on explosions and star power and putting out everything based on a bland formula which it knows will appeal to enough of the mainstream to make money. It took a massive hit, which was successful exactly because it wasn't formulaic, to finally get the movie industry to accept that it needs to invest some of its money in originality in order to generate the next big thing and accepting that sometimes those things won't make money and I'm afraid that until the games industry has its' Pulp Fiction moment, there's almost no reason for someone who enjoys videogames to give a flying fuck what 2k, EA, Blizzard, Ubi etc are doing..... My money is on that moment not happening at all and on those publishers just going out of business within a decade and none of the morons in charge having a clue why, because market research won't tell them.
CholoHD (28 days ago)
Fun thing ive been playing (electronic) games since the late 70'ies but for some reason i only collect really old games from the 80'ies (on tape) & ps2 games. Sure i have games from other times & systems but at the ps2 era game seem to come out mostly bug free & often at a good budget game price just like back in the 80'ies. From ps3 onwards its been a nightmare with games not working without a download or just outright too expensive. Same goes for the systems in between like Megadrive & saturn. You have to go back to the sega master system days where a budget game like Alien 3 was within a kids spending range & still good fun. PS1 & 360 games may have had a bit of this as well in the end, but not like ps2 & ancient systems did it. Preordering so silly high priced 100 euro game just because it includes season pass or dlc is just crazy.
Naturally Irrelevant (29 days ago)
Jim I don't know if you'll see this or not but last I heard they've put Dishonored on hiatus because it wasn't making enough money. I *could* be wrong but that's what I heard.
zeroblackstar (1 month ago)
What you're describing sounds like a typical industry life cycle (google that for a nice diagram), we've had the introduction, we've had the growth phase and now we've hit the shakeout phase were smaller players get bought out by the leaders or pushed out the market which will is leading to the maturity phase which heavily features cash cow products (i.e. microtransaction infested online multiplayer games). Interestingly enough the only thing differentiating a lot of these games are their IPs rather than their innovative gameplay or gripping story. It's going to be interesting to see if the next phase comes along, the decline of the industry, but I can't see that happening for many many years.
OmniCausticInfidel (1 month ago)
PC is the world of mid tier games
Fullmetalmatin (1 month ago)
a second videogame crash is definitly coming
1983GoldenBoy (1 month ago)
Tgis Fucking The Fuck Bastards eont want to sell produchts anymore, they want to sell service! FUCK THEM!!!
Ryutekken (1 month ago)
We talk about the PS2 Era like it was the golden age... Yes FOR CONSUMERS... Not for the developers. How many dead developers are there or were bought up by publishers and them dissolved? The 2000s were the wild west of games. They took risks and paid the price... Hundreds of companies came and went and thousands of people going without work. They threw everything at the wall and saw what stuck and tons of it didn't... A MAJORITY of it didn't... They failed and lost everything. For us as consumers to DEMAND that companies return back to that way of making games by risking it all every time on "new IPs" is not only selfish but naive "Just make something new and different." Yeah come on companies... Just risk bankruptcy with every release. What do you think happened to all those middle shelf companies? They began to fail, were invested by a big publisher to keep them afloat, they didn't meet their goals and they were then hostile-y taken over, and then they were dissolved for assets since they couldn't provide to the terms THEY SIGNED for. This has happened to DOZENS UPON DOZENS of beloved developers in just the last few years. Yeah let's keep asking the little middle guy to continue to risk it all or nothing and HOPE they strike at gold with every new game release. What a stupid fucking sentiment.
neednolife (1 month ago)
Not just the PS2 but the Xbox 360 as well. I have so many games for that console and not all of them were the best games ever but they were amazing all on their own. Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen is still one of my favorite games of all time and it would have never existed if they didnt try new things. What the industry desperately needs to understand is that the games that make it big are usually the games that tried something new. PUBG (before being beaten out by Fortnite) set the current trend and had the authority to pretty much print money.
GeneralBolas (1 month ago)
I think the perfect analogy is the film industry. As much as it may be driven by the big-budget blockbuster, that industry isn't split between mega blockbuster contenders and tiny indie films. Every movie studio has *loads* of projects, from those they expect to make billions in ticket sales world-wide, to those where $30 million would be perfectly fine. Filmmakers know that you don't spend $100 million on a horror movie. You don't spend $100 million on a comedy. And so forth. But you still *make* those films; you just don't spend the same amount on them that you would on the average MCU release. I think a big part of the problem is that, if you look at the kind of films that get big budgets vs. the kind of films that don't, you'll notice something. Our AAA videogames look a *lot more* like the former than the latter. Certainly, this is true of the most popular big-budget games. They tend to be action games on some level or other, much like big budget movies tend to be action films. If you want mid-tier games, you have to look to game genres and spaces which would not be *improved* by adding to their budget. Strategy games don't get better by spending gazillions spent on celebrity voice acting or ultra-detailed graphics (indeed, I argue that CivIV's graphics work better than CivV or VI *because* their not as detailed). The same is true of other genres. And even within that those genres where more money would give you more quality, the film industry shows how to handle this: do what you can within a smaller budget. District 9 is probably the most successful example of a low-budget Sci-Fi film, with a game like Dead Space being the equivalent in the videogame space. But the AAA industry won't do that. Why? Because playtime is limited. While it is true that the videogame market is larger than ever, for the traditional AAA games, the market hasn't dramatically increased. The increase in the market has been primarily for non-traditional genres of games, dominated by mobile games and the like. Given that, the amount of time a player spends playing games is your basic limitation. What good is releasing a Dead Space if 30% of your potential playerbase are too busy playing some MMO or Skyrim or whatever to bother buying it? That's one of the principle reasons for going the open-world, games-as-service route with microtransactions and the like: because it gives publishers more money per unit playtime. So long as they're stuck in that mentality of going after the traditional AAA playerbase, games-as-service is just a safer bet financially speaking. And to make that work, you've got to spend lots of money up-front to make the experience *seem* as good as possible.
HDZK (1 month ago)
As much as they aren't mid tier games, I seriously bought a Nintendo switch just to play Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild whilst now-a-days actively avoiding most AAA games. Just because i don't want to waste my £40-60 on a game that is functionally identical to most of the stuff i already own but this time set in world with a slightly bluer sky, and isn't going to make me quit due to boredom 10 minutes into the experience. The day that people finally get bored of this shite and stop buying it forcing AAA developers to actually have to make a good game will be the day i go bankrupt just because I'm so happy to actually be getting my money's worth after so many years.
Andrew N (1 month ago)
Fuck you, Sterling. Jericho is a god.
embermonkey (1 month ago)
Armadon4lyfe.. bring it
Lost Odyssey music around 7:50!
John O (1 month ago)
I think indies are gonna be the next mid shelf games. Nintendo is killing it with their indie partners right now. There are more awesome looking indies than I have time to play. I think one issue is most of them are still stuck in the 16 bit era. I think as indie developers start making more profit and learn more, they will get to a more modern standard. Then I believe we will see everything between 8-bit tributes to AAA developer competitors.
doombunny84 (1 month ago)
Casually dropping Shadow Hearts footage in there eh?
Kristofer Paul (1 month ago)
I miss my "guilty pleasure" games. Bloodrayne, Dungeon Siege, Castlevania:Lament of Innocence, Turok: Rage Wars to name a few. I want a PS4 Fatal Frame!
Scott Morel (1 month ago)
Tony Hawk baby!
Prophetic Rain-Maker (1 month ago)
Demons Souls was the first game I thought of. The fact the next Dark Souls could be turned down as it lacks "mainstream" appeal, is sad.
Jon dow (1 month ago)
OmegaVideoGameGod (2 months ago)
Sadly most underrated games are in foreign games are in foreign countries, thankfully, I'm telling people about video games that nobody has heard of.
OmegaVideoGameGod (2 months ago)
I could live without aaa games.
Storm Blessed (2 months ago)
Like Shadow Warrior 1 & 2.
Dragon Warrior (2 months ago)
While the "AAA" industry isn't doing these "middle shelf" games, at least there are still some companies that make them, like Bandai-Namco, Nippon Ichi Software, and Sega. They are just hidden under the indie shit pile and "AAA" hot garbage. It's just sad that only the Japanese seem to understand this and not the American video game industry.
Er Er (2 months ago)
Game companies don't choose the cost of the games they make as though they are building a fucking car. They aren't choosing to make a certain quality game, they are making the quality of game they know how to make (and have the software for), period. They can't choose to make a game less "good" then they know how to, they can only choose to create a smaller game with less content, and development time. The cost of game development largely goes to salaries. So you can fairly express a game's development cost as salaries * development time. Developers calculate the amount of development time a game gets against expected ROI. Since larger games statistically generate a greater ROI of course they are going to extend the development time to make the game with the largest mass appeal they can afford to. Thus increasing it's development cost. You might be thinking "well why not split your studio and develop two shorter games?" Or maybe you're not, I don't care I'm answering it anyway. For one, all employees don't share the same skill set. A studio may only have 3 to 5 graphic artists and requires all of them to create the assets a game needs regardless of the amount of time spent, they are simply already the correct ratio to the other departments. And for two, again a single mass appeal game will still bring in, statistically, more revenue then two smaller, less successful undertakings, which also have a larger chance of utter failure.
Buddy 1 (2 months ago)
Outstanding vid, Jimmy! You bring up very, very great points. I couldn't agree more, with your statements
Cajun Cooked (2 months ago)
You can't just name drop Shadow of Destiny like that. It may just be the perfect example of the type of game you're describing. What a great, unique adventure game. You can only find something like that on the PS2.
GryphonICD (2 months ago)
This is why I collect for PS2. It just feels like the last generation of consoles where people took chances and created a broader spectrum of quality games. Even today I'm discovering new PS2 games I'd never heard of that are worthy of spending a good 50-100 hours on. The main bulk of PS2 games were middle shelf stuff, and goddamn we loved them. There's only 2 mentalities these days; EPIC MEGA GAMES FOR MONEY or acceptance you wont get much money back, so create something passable with a good concept (hopefully). Funny how we've pushed graphics so far, people are turning to 8bit graphics for a great story instead.
bob mcbob (2 months ago)
i'm ok with the lack of innovation... but that is because I think creation comes from the death of old big business to bring rise to new innovative ones only for the cycle to continue again when they also become too big
Kronomacchioloso (2 months ago)
Most middle shelf games of yesterday are the big AAA titles of today. Or the most well known games you can think of. Crash, Spyro? 373626 other games of today? Middle Shelf games that made their studios what they are now. Call of Duty, even. It was a normal, even sub par title during Ps2 era, but it had its public, and it became the giant it is today. GTA? Nothing is born AAA, if you force it it just feels like what it is, forced.
HAZE_productions (2 months ago)
I always refferred to mid-shelf games as AA games.
JJ S31 (2 months ago)
The Mid-Tier game is dying in in America publishers. Mid Tier games are still a thing when it comes from overseas publishers. Look at the PS4 Library, and to use your example look at a lot of the publishers from the that PS2 Library are a lot of overseas publisher and a lot of those American studios were very small during those ages.
Gormathius Nightstrider (2 months ago)
3:23 Welcome to Whose Game Is It Anyway? where the stories are optional and the worlds don't matter!
Thomas Krogh (2 months ago)
We need AA, A, budget, game we can't live have a ego system that that all it is AAA, indie tittles
Mucous Membrane (2 months ago)
I agree wholeheartedly. Mid tier titles were what brought me to video games in the first place. Without games like that I've found myself becoming bored of gaming in general. The market is so oversaturated with the same repetitive bullshit that I don't even pay attention to most triple A games when announced.
Kevin Meyer (2 months ago)
Nice Lost Odyssey OST in the background there in the middle. One of my favorites from the 360.
Ak Hannar (2 months ago)
The last time I bought a proper AAA game was Shadow of Mordor, a few months before Shadow of War premiered. Seriously, somewhere after that mark AAA games just stopped being fun or interesting. Yeah, we get an actually interesting AAA game once about every 10-15 AAA titles, but I was taught by the AAA publishers to be very careful with buying their products (to the point of not doing it at all). Also, the bullcrap about EA claiming that Dead Space 3 needing to sell 5 mil copies to be continued as a series is a blatant and transparent attempt at guilting/ ransoming players into buying the game. "WE need to sell 5 mil copies of DS3 in order to make a profit, so make sure you buy one or we will have to kill Visceral". I mean, who honestly believed this crap considering that the fucking thing had microtransactions in it on top of it's actual price?! And they still needed 5 mil copies sold?! That single announcement was to me the best proof that EA thinks (and has thought for years) of their actual customers as morons, not worthy of respect, and only good for squeezing money out of.
Vanessa Colquhoun (3 months ago)
Somebody needs to make a spiritual sequel to Metal Arms: Glitch in the System already.
TBrian (3 months ago)
Dad of Boy was awesome, can't wait for the trend to pick up: Gears of Boy, Dawn of Boy, Metal Boy Solid, Boy May Cry etc.
Syxx6 (3 months ago)
I've now realized why there are so many games these days that I just never complete. The lack of a simple linear story driven games outside of RPGs is certainly a major contributor. Example - Outside of Nintendo titles I can't think of a game I've beaten or thoroughly enjoyed in the last year or two other than Hollow Knight. I'd say the first Tomb Raider Reboot really grabbed me in a similar way and the Bioshock series. It's sad we are seeing less and less quality just for the sake of quantity in the sense of open world and "live services".
YevonZ (3 months ago)
I fucking loved shadow of destiny that was my summer when i was 13. Coming soon: Shadow of Destiny pachinko machine
Genxtasy 99 (3 months ago)
Indie games are NXT And Ring of Honor
James Laidler (4 months ago)
Can you imagine how funny an animation of this show would be?
Dante Lectro (4 months ago)
What's the game between 5:25 and 6:10 ?
Victorya Kujisawa (4 months ago)
a good mid tier game is also good for recovering trust in a publisher
Urameshii (4 months ago)
I have to agree with pretty much everything you said, it's really sad that there's not really a middle tier of console games on the current market. I love how Nintendo gets an exemption because they really are about the only ones making good fairly priced games anymore, I pretty much only buy Nintendo stuff at this point because I know (for the most part) they will deliver and not try to completely fuck over their fanbase.
Caroline Davis (4 months ago)
My favorite PS2 game of all time is a Midshelf Game, NIS's Grimgrimoire, a charming RTS that didn't exactly reinvent the wheel, but played well and had a cute, distinctly Nippon Ichi flavor.
Rift Dancer (4 months ago)
10:42 I'd buy that for a dollar!
Peter Markstone (4 months ago)
so. one point that i got understood.... beyond Good and Evil will be shit, not linear story driven game... FUUUUUUUUUUCK!
FrMZ (4 months ago)
One of the worst aspects of this trend is that when you have a franchise that's meant to be medium-sized getting a new installment you will already have some people disappointed that it's not going all out with the budget, graphics and features.
Cameron Field (4 months ago)
My favorite Middle Shelf Games back in the PS2 era: -Onimusha -EOE (Eve of Extinction) -Rogue Galaxy -Backyard Wrestling -Bully (Yes, it was considered a middle shelf game because it was a rated "T" GTA) -God Hand (Which I want a sequel for, dammit!!) -Destroy All Humans And those are only a few I can name off the top of my head.
Heather Vandermeer (4 months ago)
The current AAA developers are a lot like Manhattan. Impressive and expensive, hey roll out huge sums of money while grabbing cash from anyone with pockets. Until you realize most of the island is built on garbage. Literal garbage.
I miss the Tenchu series
Daniel Maier (4 months ago)
These games are rare because FUCK YOU GIVE ME MONEY! ALL OF IT!
I. Ghiorghita (4 months ago)
10:42 cleavage.
Achilles Immortal (4 months ago)
Thank god for you Jim. Singularity's one of my favorite mid-carders, along with Medal of Honor Airborne. MoH:A specifically is one of my all time favorite games ever made. It has only a half dozen maps in its campaign and the multiplayer never existed, but its absolutely one of my favorite moment to moment gamplay shooters that's ever been. And it kills me because MoH:Teir 1's cost to produce was so high and it's impact so dreadful that a lot of the creative people from MOH no longer have a job in the industry. They took a decent midcarder, changed his stitck, and stuck him in the main event before he could get over. Lead to disaster, firings, and the company scatching it's head, blaming its talent, refusing to accept their part of the responsibility, and continuing trying the same shit with the same exact results.
Mister Twister (4 months ago)
Pour one out for Scalebound.
RainingMetal (4 months ago)
Also interesting to note that Nintendo kind of did the same thing despite Jim's footnote. There weren't many mid-tier Nintendo IPs being used a few years ago, but there was a reason to it. Because the Wii U underperformed like crazy, they COULDN'T afford to make such releases. I hope this turns around with the Switch.
RainingMetal (4 months ago)
I miss Timesplitters and other such sixth-gen gems.
Nick Alphonso (4 months ago)
I still play ps2 games on the emulator i find it better then the half assed aaa shit they try to shove down our throuts
Robert Stuart (4 months ago)
Games are where the movie industry has been since at least the 90s. "Dump fucktons of money into this big flashy blockbuster, and it better sell or we're screwed!" Instead of stepping back and making more lower-budget awesome films like "The Nice Guys"..
Ravenpy (2 months ago)
I think it's actually worse than today's motion picture markets. We still have setcoms, Lifetime movies, direct to blu-ray movies, and all the small budget thriller, Horror, Gore exploitation, sexual appeal exploitation campy B movies. You can find the equivalent in modern day AAA gaming industry. The only game somewhat resembles a good mid-shelf game of yesterday in market status that I can think of is Warframe., but that's a F2P game which is a totally different thing all together.
Nick Alphonso (4 months ago)
U deserve more subs
uutarn (4 months ago)
Jim "mainstream appeal" Sterling
Nox Luxe (4 months ago)
Ugh, why do people always blame businesses for acting like businesses? No amount of outrage or moralizing is ever going to instill a global industry with ethics. It's the nature of commerce for marketeers to follow the paths of least resistance and exploit customers exactly to the extent that the customers collectively allow it, sometimes to their detriment in the long run, with exceptions only being so specifically to distinguish themselves from among their competitors for extra PR brownie-points. Instead, how about taking some responsibility as customers and blaming all those franchise-addicted, collectible-mopping, lifeless layabout teenagers who can't tell crap from quality and support these tendencies with their parents' money, and who can't be bothered to think about, let alone take responsibility for, the natural consequences? Or blaming their parents for sponsoring such an unhealthy behavior just to keep their kids occupied? Or alternately, accepting that your ideas of particular qualities are becoming inevitably outdated and will eventually be of academic interest alone no matter what you say or try to do about it because that's just the way of the world? Any of those would certainly be more productive for everyone, or anyone, than blaming businesses for trying to maximize their investment-to-income ratios as they've done right since the first hunter-gatherer collected a surplus of animal skins and decided that there was a profit to be made in bartering them away, and then proceeded to run less than perfectly optimal business models according to his personal, flawed understanding of his costumers and long-term market sustainability.
Saizetsu (4 months ago)
My games library has changed and gone down, it was small with the super, and genesis and grew with the psx and ps2 but then shrank with ps3, I had over 200+ games on ps2 but with ps3 I barely had 50, i dropped consoles because the variety in it was vanishing over the years. I really enjoyed Arc the Lad and Rogue Galaxy even Radiata stories, PSP had the Soul Sacrifice games, and those were nice, low budget good games.
Esther Mahiques (4 months ago)
It's been many months since I bought a non-indie game. This video has explained a lot of why that is the case. I had thought I was losing my interest in gaming because no games were appealing to me but I think it's the continued push of "games as a service" with endless empty sandboxes.
FolkerHQ (4 months ago)
May I ask you, if a new Wii game in 2018 could impress someone? I mean, the OUYA e.g. is in hardware power like the Wii, but with FullHD and when it was announced in 2012 it had the same price like the Wii Mini. But for most gamers the Wii and maybe also the OUYA where more casual. So they got sad. To test a game on a PS4 you have to get an expensive Devkit. And maybe also the Nindies will have to fight against shuvelware ones again. So the alternative would be Xbox One? Not much exclusives, but also easy to develope for. Or could there be a comeback of the OUYA in anyway?

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