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Why We Need Middle Shelf Games (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch Nowadays it seems "AAA" publishers are giving us fewer games, and consequently fewer options. That's because they are. In today's all-or-nothing industry, the "middle shelf" game, the kind of game that has a budget but isn't mega mainstream, is a dying art. __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimsterling Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimsterling0 Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation): http://bigego.com/ Bandcamp of the Sax Dragon - https://carlcatron.bandcamp.com Nathan Hanover - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8L7n7l11PJM6FFcI6Ju8A
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Ak Hannar (1 day ago)
The last time I bought a proper AAA game was Shadow of Mordor, a few months before Shadow of War premiered. Seriously, somewhere after that mark AAA games just stopped being fun or interesting. Yeah, we get an actually interesting AAA game once about every 10-15 AAA titles, but I was taught by the AAA publishers to be very careful with buying their products (to the point of not doing it at all). Also, the bullcrap about EA claiming that Dead Space 3 needing to sell 5 mil copies to be continued as a series is a blatant and transparent attempt at guilting/ ransoming players into buying the game. "WE need to sell 5 mil copies of DS3 in order to make a profit, so make sure you buy one or we will have to kill Visceral". I mean, who honestly believed this crap considering that the fucking thing had microtransactions in it on top of it's actual price?! And they still needed 5 mil copies sold?! That single announcement was to me the best proof that EA thinks (and has thought for years) of their actual customers as morons, not worthy of respect, and only good for squeezing money out of.
Vanessa Colquhoun (8 days ago)
Somebody needs to make a spiritual sequel to Metal Arms: Glitch in the System already.
TBrian (12 days ago)
Dad of Boy was awesome, can't wait for the trend to pick up: Gears of Boy, Dawn of Boy, Metal Boy Solid, Boy May Cry etc.
Syxx6 (15 days ago)
I've now realized why there are so many games these days that I just never complete. The lack of a simple linear story driven games outside of RPGs is certainly a major contributor. Example - Outside of Nintendo titles I can't think of a game I've beaten or thoroughly enjoyed in the last year or two other than Hollow Knight. I'd say the first Tomb Raider Reboot really grabbed me in a similar way and the Bioshock series. It's sad we are seeing less and less quality just for the sake of quantity in the sense of open world and "live services".
YevonZ (20 days ago)
I fucking loved shadow of destiny that was my summer when i was 13. Coming soon: Shadow of Destiny pachinko machine
Genxtasy 99 (20 days ago)
Indie games are NXT And Ring of Honor
James Laidler (1 month ago)
Can you imagine how funny an animation of this show would be?
Dante Lectro (1 month ago)
What's the game between 5:25 and 6:10 ?
Victorya Kujisawa (1 month ago)
a good mid tier game is also good for recovering trust in a publisher
Urameshii (1 month ago)
I have to agree with pretty much everything you said, it's really sad that there's not really a middle tier of console games on the current market. I love how Nintendo gets an exemption because they really are about the only ones making good fairly priced games anymore, I pretty much only buy Nintendo stuff at this point because I know (for the most part) they will deliver and not try to completely fuck over their fanbase.
Caroline Davis (1 month ago)
My favorite PS2 game of all time is a Midshelf Game, NIS's Grimgrimoire, a charming RTS that didn't exactly reinvent the wheel, but played well and had a cute, distinctly Nippon Ichi flavor.
Rift Dancer (1 month ago)
10:42 I'd buy that for a dollar!
Peter Markstone (1 month ago)
so. one point that i got understood.... beyond Good and Evil will be shit, not linear story driven game... FUUUUUUUUUUCK!
FrMZ (1 month ago)
One of the worst aspects of this trend is that when you have a franchise that's meant to be medium-sized getting a new installment you will already have some people disappointed that it's not going all out with the budget, graphics and features.
Cameron Field (1 month ago)
My favorite Middle Shelf Games back in the PS2 era: -Onimusha -EOE (Eve of Extinction) -Rogue Galaxy -Backyard Wrestling -Bully (Yes, it was considered a middle shelf game because it was a rated "T" GTA) -God Hand (Which I want a sequel for, dammit!!) -Destroy All Humans And those are only a few I can name off the top of my head.
Heather Vandermeer (1 month ago)
The current AAA developers are a lot like Manhattan. Impressive and expensive, hey roll out huge sums of money while grabbing cash from anyone with pockets. Until you realize most of the island is built on garbage. Literal garbage.
I miss the Tenchu series
Daniel Maier (1 month ago)
These games are rare because FUCK YOU GIVE ME MONEY! ALL OF IT!
I. Ghiorghita (1 month ago)
10:42 cleavage.
Achilles Immortal (1 month ago)
Thank god for you Jim. Singularity's one of my favorite mid-carders, along with Medal of Honor Airborne. MoH:A specifically is one of my all time favorite games ever made. It has only a half dozen maps in its campaign and the multiplayer never existed, but its absolutely one of my favorite moment to moment gamplay shooters that's ever been. And it kills me because MoH:Teir 1's cost to produce was so high and it's impact so dreadful that a lot of the creative people from MOH no longer have a job in the industry. They took a decent midcarder, changed his stitck, and stuck him in the main event before he could get over. Lead to disaster, firings, and the company scatching it's head, blaming its talent, refusing to accept their part of the responsibility, and continuing trying the same shit with the same exact results.
Mister Twister (1 month ago)
Pour one out for Scalebound.
RainingMetal (1 month ago)
Also interesting to note that Nintendo kind of did the same thing despite Jim's footnote. There weren't many mid-tier Nintendo IPs being used a few years ago, but there was a reason to it. Because the Wii U underperformed like crazy, they COULDN'T afford to make such releases. I hope this turns around with the Switch.
RainingMetal (1 month ago)
I miss Timesplitters and other such sixth-gen gems.
Nick Alphonso (1 month ago)
I still play ps2 games on the emulator i find it better then the half assed aaa shit they try to shove down our throuts
Robert Stuart (1 month ago)
Games are where the movie industry has been since at least the 90s. "Dump fucktons of money into this big flashy blockbuster, and it better sell or we're screwed!" Instead of stepping back and making more lower-budget awesome films like "The Nice Guys"..
Nick Alphonso (1 month ago)
U deserve more subs
uutarn (1 month ago)
Jim "mainstream appeal" Sterling
Nox Luxe (1 month ago)
Ugh, why do people always blame businesses for acting like businesses? No amount of outrage or moralizing is ever going to instill a global industry with ethics. It's the nature of commerce for marketeers to follow the paths of least resistance and exploit customers exactly to the extent that the customers collectively allow it, sometimes to their detriment in the long run, with exceptions only being so specifically to distinguish themselves from among their competitors for extra PR brownie-points. Instead, how about taking some responsibility as customers and blaming all those franchise-addicted, collectible-mopping, lifeless layabout teenagers who can't tell crap from quality and support these tendencies with their parents' money, and who can't be bothered to think about, let alone take responsibility for, the natural consequences? Or blaming their parents for sponsoring such an unhealthy behavior just to keep their kids occupied? Or alternately, accepting that your ideas of particular qualities are becoming inevitably outdated and will eventually be of academic interest alone no matter what you say or try to do about it because that's just the way of the world? Any of those would certainly be more productive for everyone, or anyone, than blaming businesses for trying to maximize their investment-to-income ratios as they've done right since the first hunter-gatherer collected a surplus of animal skins and decided that there was a profit to be made in bartering them away, and then proceeded to run less than perfectly optimal business models according to his personal, flawed understanding of his costumers and long-term market sustainability.
Saizetsu (1 month ago)
My games library has changed and gone down, it was small with the super, and genesis and grew with the psx and ps2 but then shrank with ps3, I had over 200+ games on ps2 but with ps3 I barely had 50, i dropped consoles because the variety in it was vanishing over the years. I really enjoyed Arc the Lad and Rogue Galaxy even Radiata stories, PSP had the Soul Sacrifice games, and those were nice, low budget good games.
Esther Mahiques (1 month ago)
It's been many months since I bought a non-indie game. This video has explained a lot of why that is the case. I had thought I was losing my interest in gaming because no games were appealing to me but I think it's the continued push of "games as a service" with endless empty sandboxes.
FolkerHQ (1 month ago)
May I ask you, if a new Wii game in 2018 could impress someone? I mean, the OUYA e.g. is in hardware power like the Wii, but with FullHD and when it was announced in 2012 it had the same price like the Wii Mini. But for most gamers the Wii and maybe also the OUYA where more casual. So they got sad. To test a game on a PS4 you have to get an expensive Devkit. And maybe also the Nindies will have to fight against shuvelware ones again. So the alternative would be Xbox One? Not much exclusives, but also easy to develope for. Or could there be a comeback of the OUYA in anyway?
Rex Remedy (1 month ago)
smart people play mid shelf games. i only played mid shelf games my entire life...
TotallyToonsTV (1 month ago)
I think Binary Domain is a prime example of a mid level game. You never hear of it now and it didn't sell brilliantly but it's a superb 3rd person cover shooter with a pretty good story and even characters that you want to care about. So good in fact I'd REALLY love a sequel but what are the chances of THAT happening? Splatterhouse (2010) and WET were also some pretty good mid level games.
HALFxLIFExII (1 month ago)
whats the game shown at 5:25? A silent hill game or Shadow of Destiny which Jim mentioned?
MageroSTC (1 month ago)
Absolutely agree with this. I mean, Dark Souls didn't become the sensation it is because of a big budget, it was just... another fantasy hack and slasher, cut to a few years later, and DS3 is a big shiny particle effect filled bucket of contextless STUFF purely for content's sake
Gary Reniker (1 month ago)
The Triple-A companies are using the term "Live Service" completely wrong. Dropbox is a live service, also Netflix or any streaming media is. Live Service is their market-friendly way of saying Always-on DRM in my opinion.
Brandon (1 month ago)
Calling the current game market trend a "fad" is way too optimistic. They adopted the microtransaction/loot box system because it's what makes the most money, and people will still play the game. For what EA (and other huge gaming companies) are shooting for, they can definitely benefit from investing all their money and time into a game with a massive budget if it means more people will buy it, which they will, and currently do. Mid tier games are certainly the best in my opinion, but Triple A titles attract the most players and money, given the fact that a lot (but probably not most) of the people who play these don't care that they're being preyed on as a consumer and will just buy loot boxes and countless DLCs for a game that they already payed full price for. And don't take this as me attacking everyone who pays for DLCs for a $60 game, I'm not calling you stupid, I certainly did that for all 4 Destiny DLCs, and I'd say it's probably even okay to get like one or two cosmetics if that's what makes you happy. But what isn't okay is whales that go ahead and buy the season pass, every cosmetic, and go through with every single micro-transaction just to look a little spicier than the average player or something like that. And if you are one of the people who buys those booster packs or progression packs or whatever, you need to just fucking stop, you are effectively getting nothing (except feeling cheated out of progressing through the game normally I guess?) and you're supporting shitty publishers for allowing players to do such a thing. Anyways, coming back from that slightly off-topic rant, mid-shelf games were always innovative and opened up players' eyes to a new interesting style of gameplay that they've never seen before. For example, Dark Souls popularized this idea of an incredibly difficult pseudo-linear RPG game with one of the most unique systems of story telling that no one had ever seen in any game that had come before it, to the point where nobody actually knows the whole picture about the story of the game, and not because it is confusing and pointless (*cough* both Destiny games *cough*), it's just that it is told in such an intentionally vague and interesting way that the further down the rabbit hole you go, the more difficult it becomes to piece together new information. On top of that, the game was released at a price of only $40, with the Artorias DLC being like $15 or $20, so they aren't selling you a full-priced game and then making you pay extra for more content, you can 100% the entirety of the game by paying $60 for it, and there are no microtransactions, no cosmetics, and no loot boxes anywhere to be seen (even though this game was made in 2011, before any of those things were even remotely popular). The gaming industry as a whole has grown to be very corporate and industrial, treating their customers as if they're just wallets with opposable thumbs, and not real people who love video games. It's even worse that gaming giants like EA and Activision will take companies that actually give a shit about gamers, then buy them out and turn them into the same money-hungry monsters that they themselves are (eg. BioWare, Bungie, DICE). Not only does this tarnish once-great video game companies, but it fucking puts those of us that actively oppose these huge companies' business decisions into a stranglehold where we either have to choose to not support EA/Activision in their horrible campaign to ruin gaming, or support them anyways because they now own your favorite gaming company, like how EA is currently running BioWare into the ground by essentially forcing them to make what will probably be a Destiny clone and a massive failure. People on the dev team for Anthem are already jumping ship while they still can, because they know their fans won't be impressed with EA making them pump out another "live service" game that doesn't do anything new or innovative for consumers, which is something that we know BioWare CAN do, but the fucking corporate suits are forcing their hand. I sincerely hope there is a major shift in paradigm within the next 2-3 years so video games can be great again, because I don't like the way things are going now. But I don't know if there's much of anything that can stop these people from getting what they want...
Konkoly (1 month ago)
Wait. Isn't this the old intro song?
Sina Madani (1 month ago)
Some of the best, most innovative and memorable games I've played were "middle shelf". Sadly, these kind of games wouldn't work well as franchises. Games like The Godfather, Mirror's Edge, Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, The Talos Principle, Project Gotham Racing, Test Drive Unlimited (1 and 2), Remember Me (bordering on "bottom shelf")... I just don't think it's possible now to make a truly innovative game without it being a one-off. You can't expect anything new from a franchise nowadays.
Demonic Akumi (1 month ago)
Yeah, my library for PS2 games was/is insane. A lot of it was "mid tier" shit that I still like to this day. Same can be said for the 1st half of the last gen on things like the 360 and the Wii. The only game I cared from Ubisoft was a mid-tier game(s) known as Evolution 1 and 2 on the Dreamcast. Evolution Worlds was good on the Gamecube too, but it removed like half of the content of Evolution 1 within it.
Jose S (1 month ago)
There HAVE been games like this. YS 8, Evil Within 2, Persona 5, Digimon CyberSleuth, Tales of Berseria, Nier Automata. These games came out fairly recently and are NOT AAA games. They are mid-tier games and there are still alot of them just not from the "big guys" like Activision, Ubisoft, etc. But they're not indie either, they are still being made by mid-tier companies like Atlus, Falcom, Namco, Sega, etc. And the future? Octopath Traveler, Shin Megami Tensei V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and more. Not first party. Not Live Services. I think this "live services" thing is being blown out of proportion.
zeugfilms (2 months ago)
exactly this. I only really like mid-tier games. It took me years to move from my beloved ps2 to ps3 because the ps3 just didn't have the roster of games to draw me to it. and I think its possible that will be it for me. unless something changes dramatically about the industry, people like me will be permanently squeezed out of it. I've moved on to board games, which unlike video games which seem to have entered a dark age, board games are in a golden age of innovation and experimentation. no DLC bs and games as service are near impossible. (admittedly some come close like the LCG etc.)
Adam Chapman (2 months ago)
Went into a physical GAME store the other day for the first time in years. Theybhad about 50 games in that store. On xbox and play station.... There used to be loads of games on many different consoles. The pre-owned bin of 2 pound goodies or, hell forbid an actual PC game. What happened? :*(
Elyseon (2 months ago)
Those retards in suits need to get the fuck out of the gaming industry.
WIllIam Legg (2 months ago)
This is every bloody industry mate. Shit, this is life.
Roxor128 (2 months ago)
If I were made CEO of a publisher like EA, I'd set a policy of having at least one game with a budget in each order of magnitude where you can actually make a game. For every $100M game, have two $10M, four $1M, and eight $100k games. Something in every budget-bracket and price-bracket.
Almightysloth (2 months ago)
The problem with this is if the big companies put out mid tier games that could potentially take away players from their AAA game as a service when they want people on it everyday buying loot boxes
kandyt2ntr (2 months ago)
chibi robo switch when
winKoneR - Music (2 months ago)
Focus. Home. Interactive.
Philo Reijnen (2 months ago)
Now I'm sad because I remember the awesome original Beyond good & evil. That title really got me into gaming
Silly Sausage (2 months ago)
RED SEA GAMING (2 months ago)
Maybe spending a lot of money on the game is a way of the game companies ensuring that they keep the investors money by spending it as quickly as possible on the new games. I don't really know what inspires a game developer or publisher like Ubisoft or Electronic Arts or Activision to focus on just one successful game. But when those games are no longer popular what does Activision or Electronic Arts or Ubisoft have then?
Gabe Villarreal (2 months ago)
I agree completely. I hope the game industry goes back to having mid-range games. They are some of my favorites.
Kurisutina (2 months ago)
While I agree with your overall message you contradicted yourself bringing up Nintendo and Sony and referring to God of War. Microsoft of the big 3 is the one doing the Mid shelf game, with titles like Super Lucky's Tale and even State of Decay 2. Plus they're actually pushing marketing money on those games, especially in the case of State of Decay 2, a title you said you're interested in. God of War had no place in this discussion or video, it's AAA in every sense of the word with marketing to match. Lastly, the "hardware" exclusives point you bring up, when was the last time Sony published something like Legend of Dragoon? They've been going with their own super safe bets in the area they're comfortable with. Just like Nintendo's been doing, they're not trying to bring the variety you're asking for.
Chip Kimble (2 months ago)
At 9:05 there is a screenshot of a game with this kid and a giant ogre. I remember playing this game, but for the life of me I cannot find the title of the game. Anyone know it?
Armadon2000 (2 months ago)
I agree so much with this. However, in today's current gaming industry if a middle shelf game succeeds wont they simply just transform the game into a triple A game for its sequel like you mentioned with many examples thus making this issue never go away? I mean game devs barely bother making new IPs nowadays as they lack creativity and instead they just milk their already existing ones
WushuKnight19 (2 months ago)
Remembered when Middle Shelf games were showing left and right in G4TV. Those were sweet times we lived in...I hate this generation of how they treat those games.
seismis (2 months ago)
I wish Jim Sterling had a more Mainstream appeal. F-for a Friend.
David O (2 months ago)
I love using the lost Odyssey music while mentioning good games that are not triple A... The games really a hidden gem
Omega Stray (2 months ago)
Mid tear gaming is my childhood. It's why I moved to pc gaming too. There's very little left like Shadow of Memories, Beyond Good and Evil, Shadow Hearts, Soul Reaver... *Sinks into nostalgia*
MarcAFK (2 months ago)
Battletech. Released at $40, Middle shelf game? Well-Polished, no obscene DLC or monetization, a little bit janky but was obviously released after proper testing. Theres not all that much game there, and you can waste a hell of alot of time doing boring procedural skirmishes, but it's a solid effort and well worth the middle shelf price tag.
rabidrodent (2 months ago)
It's like Scotty 2 Hotty. He was never gonna be a top star, he was never gonna carry the company, but goddamn if people didn't love it when he did The Worm.
The PS2 library is overrated. As someone who has actually looked through every North American PS2 release, I feel confident in saying that; it's a lot of crap. There was certainly variety to be found in the stuff that WAS worth while. The DS, now THAT'S a library.
Alex M (2 months ago)
Demon Souls' Calibre... I see what you did there.
Coeal Firren (2 months ago)
this is why i love companies like Obsidian and Larian Studios. they, for the most part, only build their games off of support backers and green light. they build their games to a strict, cheap budgets. yet you GET AAA game quality from them.
PhilfreezeCH (2 months ago)
How about Total War, does that count?
RepleXTA (2 months ago)
Isn't that Bravely Default OST?
LyR (2 months ago)
To make one thing clear, even mid-sized games are expensive to produce. They were quite risky and expensive back in the days and are still now. Let's not get delusional and re-write history. Secondly, while I agree mid-sized games were lacking during the 360/PS3 era, that's definitely not the case anymore with this Gen (kinda standardised) hardware and Distribution Platforms. The major issue is the hypocritical gobshites like this fatso and the (new and old) gaming media in general give ZERO attention to great mid-sized games like Outcast Second Contact, Ride 2, Spintires, simulation games like City Car Driving, Rise of Flight or DCS. You have none esle to blame but yourself if you don't bother to do a little research and look over the pond at least a little. Like don't complain about todays awful Charts music if it's the only thing you are listen to... and then there is another layer with experimental (indie) games...
Exquisite Corpse (2 months ago)
Roughly the same thing is happening in film: There are mini-market indie movies which tend to be straight-to-stream or festival darlings, and then there are BLOCKBUSTERS. Something like the Friday the 13th series isn't possible now because $10 million features are simply not made.
marky666thebeast (2 months ago)
When you said wwe today I was thinking of games workshop XD
Aaron Booth (2 months ago)
Shadow of Destiny!!! Thats one of my fav games of ALL TIME
Stanetti Els (2 months ago)
Thank god for you. I pissed myself at the bird skull mask and pogs flying everywhere. 😂😂
XlllLeon (2 months ago)
modern version of the perfect sauces rather than perfect sauce argument is what this video feels like either way its still true we need variety not cookie cutter games
Fusilier (2 months ago)
We've seriously reached the point where a flamboyant showman entertainer on Youtube who has sex with pogs (allegedly) is having to lecture besuited grey fucking soulless executive old men who don't actually care about anything except money, on how to manage their money sensibly and not run off into absurd massive risky schemes one after the other purely on the basis of 'maybe I'll win the moon this time'. That's where """""""""""""""""""""""""""""AAA"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" gaming is.
neko791 (2 months ago)
My god someone else played shadow of destiny i loved that game.
Onsokumaru (2 months ago)
It's really sad that we can't have nice things anymore
Deapcrash (2 months ago)
I hate the generic open world games that get pumped out as much has the next guy. But I feel like a lot of people are seeing all these terrible open world "sandbox" games, and are equating it with "all open world sandbox games are bad." Witch is unfortunate, people are forgetting that there are good ones, and if this continues, it may kill the genre in the future. Open world sandbox games are relatively young, and there are still many unexplored concepts for them. We shouldn't just brush them all aside as a fad. I know this comes from the feeling of stagnation, but we still need to keep an open mind that there is potential.
Syrus Coy (2 months ago)
Jim Sterling: "There are not enough games, I want more variety!" You will get your variety. Indie games will grow to become legit companies and start making your "mid-tier" games. Just give it a few more years.
Arthur (2 months ago)
Screw your Shadow of Destiny! Konami, when it gets off its ass, needs to make Suikoden first!
Alan Garcia (2 months ago)
Besides GOW and NieR, I've been quite bored with current games. So I went out and bought a PS2 again and it was the best decision I've made in a while. God Hand, Max Payne 1&2, Tenchu etc. All amazing single player experiences with interesting gameplay mechanics. I'm basically amazing, is what I'm trying to say.
Meppho (2 months ago)
Fuck the redbull guys, I loved those "cardboard monstrosities".
Meppho (2 months ago)
Btw, Shadow of Memories is still one of my favorite games ever. I'd buy a remake day 1, I'd just want tech improvements.
ShabbaRanks MF (2 months ago)
I can’t believe EA put so much time and resource into Dante’s Inferno and, what was, the truly awesome first two Dead Space games just to ditch the IPs and Visceral altogether. What a huge waste.
Zalseon (2 months ago)
we would have Perfect Dark 2 and Armorines 2 and Red Alert 4 if Mid-market games wern't so unpopular with publishers.
The Sneaky Russian (2 months ago)
I couldn't agree more, this is why I keep going back to PSOne and PS2 and using emulators to re-play old games. I don't care about shiny, brilliant graphics, being able to play games online or how big the world is. I care about the game-play, the story-line and the originality of the game. Sure back in the day it was exciting to see games that sported open worlds where you could go and explore, but this feature has long since lost it's punch especially when there is no content in said open world. I am no longer as excited about new games, sure there's a few that I am looking forward to playing, but even then I approach with caution and never do I buy a game for it's full price anymore let alone go to a midnight launch for one. This is a massive contrast to what games used to make me feel like, how excited I was at the prospect of a new Metal Gear Solid or GTA, how I religiously followed video game news. When I used to buy my games I would ask for recommendations and try new and original games which most of the time brought me new experiences and enjoyment. However this is now nothing but nostalgia and I am very disappointed with the path the video games market is going.
badpope (2 months ago)
I guess the Bayonetta series would qualify as mid-shelf games. They look and play great but you can tell the budget isn’t insane.
Randal Jeffrey (2 months ago)
The only way we're going to get mid-tier games is when indie developers get more of a budget. Imagine that level of insane saturation with more effort (or at least higher quality assets) put in.
Agred (2 months ago)
Pvt. Relic (2 months ago)
2001 Eddie... mid card for sure. Val Venis, D Lo Brown...
JDINCINERATOR (2 months ago)
So NXT is essentially the Nintendo of the WWE then?
roax206 (2 months ago)
I think this was one of the big problems with publishers designing games around having sequels. If you pour all your money into something and it doesn't sell your just throwing away money but if you create a number of different games with a smaller budget which don't all have to succeed they can have the freedom to be creative and scope the market and then you can release a sequel or two for the games that become popular and use them to fund the development of more of the interesting and creative smaller titles.
Daniel Mihalko (2 months ago)
You can't have an Asian I guess that's too close to white, every new protagonist has to be black.
KdogPrime (2 months ago)
I love Singularity. It was fun.
jman (2 months ago)
We need more games like Vexx, Anarchy Reigns, and WH40k: Space Marine.
James Plack (2 months ago)
how come when ubisoft dose it it's bad but nintendo did it with breath of the wild it is the greatest game of all time. it is farcry zelda removed everything zelda then claimed that a fully open world with a verity of weapons was OG which in the Original zelda you only got like three weapons rest were tools, did not brake and then the shrines they are not a dungeon no. stupid boring aperture science world with no real reward only a random item and a shit orb that replaced heart pieces. and korrok seed just suck who actually like getting the flags in ac1 or even getting every rare blade in xenoblade 2. plus the puzzle for them are not fun nor a challenge, look at games like GoW and DS instead of hundreds of collectibles their are few and they matter in BotW you can literally just walk up to the final boss and face him without the sword of evil's bane. no real bosses sed for Ganen + when you think zelda games it is not 1 or 2 but 3,4,5,6,7 and so on. the first was experiment, BotW was one too one that was look at what evryone else is doing, lest copy them. and you all eat it up. how dose it innovate the tower explore genera? how dose it innovate zelda games? and I could not care less for the story, and I loved almost every zelda game seance LttP sed for SS,LbW. also this is suppose to be a high European fantasy so why is their lintier society based on a Asian tribe that was a secret and died out with no real impact on the region in Oot? I mean in every other zelda game the almost don't exist. only impa is the thing keeping them relevant. whom originally was just a hand maid. sorry but I hate how every one love BotW even though it is just the legend of Farcry. that in it's self is Farcry not just the open world but the psudo-reboot is what the first 3 farcrays where created around. or in other words insanity. hope some fan destroys this. very easy not much effort in this.
Hiroshi Mishima (2 months ago)
Oh dear gods, Shadow of Destiny was such a good game. I found a PC copy a couple years after the PS2 version came out, and I thought why not and bought it again. It was 5 bucks but I just wanted SOMEONE out there to realize I liked it enough to buy it twice. It was a great example of a middle tier game. Another amazing example is Squaresoft's Threads of Fate on the PS1. It got pretty much no marketing but was one of the best games I'd ever played up until that moment.
Thomaz Lima (2 months ago)
my dreams of a new vanquish or binary domain games are gone
John Hartman (2 months ago)
Excellent use of dynasty warriors music i lol'd
Dude.Man.Guy (2 months ago)
I really needed to poop during this entire video.
Pickatjau (2 months ago)
All i want is a jackX remaster all i need
DJ Rec01 (2 months ago)
"Nintendo exists in that weird little bubble where games are still good." HELL YEA JIM playin Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze on switch in portable mode while watching your vids :D

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