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Sinclair ZX Spectrum Collection | MrBads_Games

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum Collection Welcome to my forth collection video! I talk briefly about my Sinclair ZX Spectrum computers, and also chat about the games I have for the system. An Introduction: 0:22 The Hardware: 3:41 Sinclair Spectrum Ad: 9:15 The Games: 9:56 Conclusion: 32:23 Thank you for watching!
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Excalibur32 (2 months ago)
My gaming life started with the grey 128k+2 buddy. I Used to love going to my local star shop and buying crash or your Sinclair with my £3 pocket money to get the free game lol. Managed to pick a minty spectrum +2a of craig(craigshereagain) you have some nice stuff in your collection mate ive ive subed
MrBads_Games (2 months ago)
Thank you for subscribing!:) I do miss those days! Like you I loved picking up the monthly Sinclair magazine, it was Sinclair User for me though, which I've come to realise, became the weaker of the three mainstream Spectrum magazines :( I still have some parts of my original +2, fortunately :D I look forward to more of your videos :)
MetalMickey (4 months ago)
That was a great trip down memory lane. Roller Coaster, Wheelie, Penetrator, Splitting Image are worth checking out
MrBads_Games (4 months ago)
Roller Coaster is the only one I've never played. The other 3 I spent a lot of time on as a kid. Thank you for watching, and leaving a comment :)
Squidwerth (6 months ago)
Mate that was an amazing video and subscribed, luv people’s specy storys! Grew up on a 48k then got a 128k plus 2. In fact just been playing on one today, manic minor and jet set willy! Can’t wait for your next instalment mate
MrBads_Games (6 months ago)
Thank you mate! I grew up on the same systems, the 48k plus and then the 128k plus 2. I loved them at the time, and I still do today. I spend a lot of time replaying old classics, especially Manic Miner :D Thank you for Subscribing! :)
Liked and subbed, great video mate. Will have a look through your other videos when I have more time, I also started with the spectrum + but sadly long gone. The only console I've managed to hold on to from new is my dreamcast, everything else has been replaced. Great game collection, some I have, some I want, a few I've never heard of. I have a serious aversion to dizzy, people keep asking me to cover them for some reason 😞 Airwolf was one of the 1st games I was asked to cover, I was useless. The first game I heard speech in was the darts title 180. Batman the caped crusader has my favourite loading screen and artwork. Just finished doing a video for knightmare, it didn't go well 😞. Amazing collection, very jealous.
MrBads_Games (7 months ago)
Thank you for the Sub David! I was lucky to salvage my 128k+2. My cousin nearly chucked it in the bin. It's a shame that all my original games had gone. I'm not a Dizzy man either mate, never played the blooming things. They are very popular though. I could never play Airwolf, period. :) I am still shocking today. I can't get past the bleeding wall :( A lot of Bob Wakelin's artwork is superb, some of my favourites are The Vindicator, Operation Wolf, Where Time Stood Still & Renegade. Knightmare is another game I can not play, I should read the instructions really :D Cheers David:)
Hey there -I enjoyed that.... watched some of the start and listened to your stories while playing 'Armageddon' (ocean) at the same time! (which I just bought). Did I see a lack of 'Digger Dan' by Ocean there? or Rainbow Islands' (also Ocean) ? I ask as I just bought a couple of Ebay job lots n those are in them - which I don't need... (duplicates) so if you fancy a swap I'd be open to one. 'Rainbow Islands' is amazing. I basically just collect games I happen to like... but you do have some rare ones in there ... 'Madballs' for instance goes for quite a bit, also - as far as I'm aware - Ocean bought out Imagine - but kept the name - so the later Imagine games you have there are actually Ocean games anyway!
MrBads_Games (8 months ago)
Thank you for watching the video. I'm glad you enjoyed it:) I recently got hold of Rainbow Islands for the ZX Spectrum. I don't think I have Digger Dan, I'll have to check. I am after a full Ocean/Imagine collection which in itself is no mean feat. I will keep you in mind if I get some duplicate cassettes to swap out.
PokemonPidgeyCards (8 months ago)
I also own 'The Birds' very rare, have you got information?
MrBads_Games (8 months ago)
I'm not thanks.
PokemonPidgeyCards (8 months ago)
Are you interested?
MrBads_Games (8 months ago)
I have seen the game before, definitely a hard to get title http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0000538
PokemonPidgeyCards (8 months ago)
Hey, I own a game called 'Survivor' on spectrum. Is it rare? I can only find 1 online...
MrBads_Games (8 months ago)
MrBads_Games (8 months ago)
Another difficult one to get http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0005081
Gazmonster1 (11 months ago)
A trip down memory lane there! Loved Codename Mat, Killed until Dead and Hunchback.
MrBads_Games (11 months ago)
I spent hours on Codename Mat without ever knowing what to do :D I was young and didn't read the instructions! I thoroughly enjoyed Killed Until Dead as I used to love Cluedo! I think it is a hidden gem and I would love to give it ago again real soon. I played Hunchback on the C64 and thought it was good fun! Thank you for watching :)
Jonny Retro (1 year ago)
The dizzy series is great you should try it, awesome collection and another great video!!
MrBads_Games (1 year ago)
Cheers mate :) I have promised myself that one day I will get around to playing the Dizzy franchise.
Bazza H (1 year ago)
Nice vid always great seeing speccy stuff....Nice bundle of games there too some real classics in those mastertronics....storm and action biker are poor though...and bmx racers 😄
Bazza H (1 year ago)
MrBads Retro Games bmx Sim IS a fun game, but it doesn't half make me swear.
MrBads_Games (1 year ago)
Indeed, Codemasters released some crackers! I used to enjoy BMX Simulator and would play it loads with my mate! Joe Blade was another classic! I love the "Toast Rack", it is a fine looking machine!
Bazza H (1 year ago)
MrBads Retro Games I know what you mean there, it's the same story for me, and why I have my channel. Of course, later on some of the budget labels - not just mastertronic - released some absolute classics.....motos is one of my favourites. In the collection you had there, I spied pippo too, that's a really fun little game to. Love the toastrack 128 too....not jealous at all.
MrBads_Games (1 year ago)
Hi, thank you for taking the time out to watch the video and leave a comment! As I said, it is the computer I grew up with as a youngster so I have so many fond memories of it. I used to love picking up Mastertronic games from the newsagent on the way home from school. As you say, there are some right howlers,

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