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How To Take Great Screenshots In Overwatch! Video Tutorial

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Full Album Here: http://imgur.com/a/di4c9 Hope you are having fun in Overwatch! I'll likely be taking more screenshots of my adventures in the games I play and I'll post them to twitter and stuffs, so follow me @skylentshore
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Text Comments (28)
Chriffendor (11 months ago)
what are the buttons
Corbin Aspenlieder (1 year ago)
how to i take it with GeForce on?
Wojtek (1 year ago)
Hello, this is a great video, as I understand lots of time have passed and you can no longer create custom games, any solutions to that? also is there a way to position a bot somewhere on a map for pose?
OrganizedKhaos (1 year ago)
No Problem
Wojtek (1 year ago)
SleepyWerren oh I see, thank you
OrganizedKhaos (1 year ago)
You Can Still Make It Go TO Arcade And Go To Custom Game
lizzie (1 year ago)
i wanna take cool screenshots of characters but i have no one to model for me :(
Skyakin Gamer (1 year ago)
during live gameplay u can take screenies of urself n such by screenshotting at the eight moment when u go into the emote menu theres a second where the hud disappears
ItzRonan (1 year ago)
I can take screenshots on my mac but I dont know where they're going to?
Vanessa Vanier (1 year ago)
hey i tried to fall ou of world bht i cant seems to do it... was it patched ?
can you disable hud on ps4?
Rhino Naive (1 year ago)
Trying to find out :I
Hugh 1002 (1 year ago)
Can u hid the HUD on console?
Bálint Bencze (1 year ago)
Nice screenshots :D
Gustav Kviberg (1 year ago)
where do u press to take screenshots? that's what I wonder
MashDrum (2 years ago)
What button would I press to take off the overlay?
LoliZilla (1 year ago)
alt + z
Junyi Chen (2 years ago)
how do u take one
Junyi Chen (2 years ago)
what hotkey
:thinking: (2 years ago)
what key to screenshot (i am ashamed of myself ;|
Junyi Chen (2 years ago)
Well, what is the button. I play Overwatch on my laptop, so does it have the button???
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
its a button on your keyboard that screenshots your screen. Copy paste when you get into a photo editing program like Paint and it will show up.
Junyi Chen (2 years ago)
+Skylent Games what's print screen
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
Print Screen : saves to documents/overwatch/screenshots
Harry H (2 years ago)
Nice screenshots :)
Ryan Boudreau (2 years ago)
first =3
Titty Smack (2 years ago)
I don't like u

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