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The 30 Best Sinclair Spectrum Games Ever Made

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These are in my opinion the 30 best Sinclair Spectrum games ever made... please feel free to comment if ive missed any of your favorites :-)
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Alan Murray (4 days ago)
Ah the memories... loved my speccy until I tragically fell on top of it from the top bunk bed, circa 1987. Starquake, super Robin Hood, Fred and Finders Keepers (never had a clue what I was doing with that one) would have to be on my list. Oh and Trans-Am
old style gaming (4 days ago)
Hector Mclector (6 days ago)
Head over heels,spy hunter,double dragon
andrew wyatt (8 days ago)
Spickey harald was really good and renegade also blood and gutts. .and ride to kane love the specky days
madmomentsgo (17 days ago)
chase HQ and R-type wow so fast .
Andrew Culley (19 days ago)
Watching this while waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 to install. Oh how things have moved on 🤣
old style gaming (19 days ago)
True but sometimes old stuff is still great....in years to come do you think we will be looking back and feeling nostalgic about RDR or any new games ....I bet we won't . I love new and old but there is something magical about the days when we were young and everything was cutting edge ...now nothing surprises us no more
StillCloser (25 days ago)
Deathchase, Galaxians ?
rus gercin (1 month ago)
But Enduro Racers ,you forgot.
rus gercin (1 month ago)
Add to list pleas Sim Sity, Batman ,Full Throtle,
rus gercin (1 month ago)
By the way, they say that they began to release prefixes Spectrum.
rus gercin (1 month ago)
Why not metion about Batman and Robin.
Uros Djokic (1 month ago)
Lords of the Midnight, Match Day, Prohibition, JetPac to name few missing.
stuntznfx (1 month ago)
Lunar Jet Man, Mr. Wimpy, Barbarian...:)
stevenmitsy1 (1 month ago)
kevin toms football manager was first game i played , amazing at the time. ENDURO RACER best though.great list , bombjack , leaderboard, combat school, matchday 2 , footballer of the year 2, daleys super test, mugsy 1 and 2, arkanoid, commando,match point ,flying shark ,slapflight fist 2
stevenmitsy1 (1 month ago)
id be annoued with myself if i forgot to mention bionic commando , brill
Dario Rossi (1 month ago)
Love so much Spectrum sound effects
Fhshslfskxh Ajakaksbo (2 months ago)
Could have been the 30 worst and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference
a VERY strange top indeed... seems a great fan of ULTIMATE< eh?)) chuckie egg2 should be here! instead of stoopid first game
old style gaming (2 months ago)
stooopid why? cos its not your favourite...that doesnt make it stupid
bobby deol (2 months ago)
I remember playing Ikari warriors in the Arcades. Was fun.
Shane Fitzgerald (2 months ago)
R-type was a fantastic achievement for the speccy Load ""
rus gercin (1 month ago)
Shane Fitzgerald Oooo yes R Type , super game, one of the best.
Colm Meaney (2 months ago)
No "Head Over Heals"? The best Spectrum game ever!
Matt Thorogood (3 months ago)
hobbies spiele (3 months ago)
no *_JET PAC_* ??? :O
Ed (3 months ago)
Hey, what about Football Manager by Addictive Games! :)
Vantage1011 (1 month ago)
I can't believe it's not in the list. Waiting for it to be number 1. I used to turn my back on important matches. The tension was unbearable.
ba55bar (3 months ago)
the comments just show how many great games the spectrum had.
rus gercin (1 month ago)
ba55bar Spectrum forever, days and nights .How many inexpressible sensations. Spectrum my love.
Scott Breon (3 months ago)
Despite the lack of color, Chase HQ was so goon on the Speccy when compared to the C64 version, which seemed like a lazy programming attempt.
Scott Breon (3 months ago)
Thank God for the 128K Spectrum and AY Music
True MUNH (3 months ago)
Put your "best" in your ass! LD HL, adress your fuckin asshole LD A, (HL) NOP
old style gaming (3 months ago)
wtf does that even mean...
MorliHolect (3 months ago)
Highway Encounter, Myth, The Last Ninja 2, Dun Darach, Match Point, Death Wish 3, Split Personalities, Nodes of Yesod, Dam Busters, Raid Over Moscow, Wally, Sceptre of Bagdad, How to be a Complete Bastard, Nigel Mansell's GP
Werewolf by lunchtime (3 months ago)
MorliHolect loved nodes of yesod and highway encounter.
DanceySteve (4 months ago)
20:00 soundtrack of the 80s English youth...Bombjack, Manic Miner and JetSet Willy.
Dave Rogers (4 months ago)
New version of both Skool Daze and Back to Skool now released :- https://store.steampowered.com/app/524430/Skool_Daze_Reskooled/
Lee Davies (5 months ago)
The best was Star Quake and 2nd best Feud for me. Then Great Escape.
barbarian zg (5 months ago)
you've missed Jet Pac,Match Point,Match Day,Glug Glug,H.E.R.O.,Dracula,Cookie,Pssst,Cyclone..and fabulous Uridium,Highway Encounter..lol
Christopher Coey (6 months ago)
A lot of great games in this list. Subjectively I would have also had Jet Set Willy 2 and at least one of the Monty games, probably Monty on the Run. I would also have picked Quazatron, World Games and Winter Games. Also Bomb Jack and Green Beret which are musts for me. I also might have picked Emlyn Hughes and 180 darts and of the Ultimate games gone with Head Over Heels. Heyho - good list regardless.
DRTY D (6 months ago)
the way of the exploding fist was one of my favourites to play with my friends. :-) but underwurlde was my most favourite game ever on the spectrum and now got it on xbox one so im happy.
Joaquín Valetta (6 months ago)
Jetpac was the best game for spectrum!
John Sidsaff (3 months ago)
Joaquín Valetta try moon alert or ant attack, robocop or sabotage and your sorted
MephProduction (6 months ago)
Nah, not sure how Manic Miner and Knight lore got so high up when so many better games. Well to be honest out of those 30 i only liked 7 or 8 lol
Alister Lockhart (6 months ago)
A lot of traditional favs here- may I add Uridium, Starstrike, Sweevo's World, Spy Hunter, Jetpac, Cauldron, and my all-time Spectrum no.1: Firelord.
JaX Madison (2 months ago)
Uridium was an awesome port to the Speccy
Matty Rose (4 months ago)
Alister Lockhart Big thumbs up for Uridium!
old style gaming (6 months ago)
ive only played Uridium and Spy Hunter out of those but im adding the rest to my list of games to check out
SW400SM (6 months ago)
JaX Madison (2 months ago)
Nice one, what a game
Joaquim Jesus (7 months ago)
the worst part on Spectrum games was the keys and some didn't lets change the keys. great video. thanks
World of Retro Gameplay (7 months ago)
The Spectrum seemed like a decent computer. Sadly, the Spectrum didn’t sell well here in the States. The Apple II series and the Commodore 64/128 were the popular computer choices back in the day.
Ryan Bunce (7 months ago)
Kind of garbage but charming
Ed (3 months ago)
Ryan Bunce They only had 48kb. Could you do better?
Steve Nugent (9 months ago)
Oh and camelot (not camelot warriors) , which noone seems to have heard of.
Steve Nugent (9 months ago)
My list would include, saboteur, Back 2 skool, Trashman, transformers, spitfire the magic knight games and bobby bearing. loved my spectrum.
Turbogeiser Kaiser (4 months ago)
Steve Nugent and what About paradise café?
Jason Lam (9 months ago)
People keep missing Starglider and Dark Side.
John Doe (10 months ago)
And all these games where loaded form a cassette tape?
JaX Madison (2 months ago)
Ah the good old days, 3 mins of loading from a cassette player and away you go. No 3 hour installs, non stop patches and updates, dropping latency or kicked outta multiplayer. Just pure fun for the kids.
old style gaming (10 months ago)
John Doe in the real world yes. But these are emulated
9ElevenGamer (11 months ago)
Awesome video, thanks!
Quimper111 (11 months ago)
Good memories. :) Also add: Spy hunter, Commando, Saboteur, Impossible mission, Spy vs spy, Fairlight As for "Ultimate play the game", about 90% of their games belong on every top 10 list.
rus gercin (1 month ago)
Quimper111 yes yes of course unforgettable saboteur which killed a lot of hours, it was certainly something fascinating in the Spectrum.
Turbogeiser Kaiser (4 months ago)
Matty Rose portuguese game look it up on YouTube.... But it's a slightly pornographic game albeit a very funny one.... Hahahahah...
Matty Rose (4 months ago)
Turbogeiser Kaiser Never heard of that one.
Turbogeiser Kaiser (4 months ago)
Matty Rose paradise café
Matty Rose (4 months ago)
Fairlight! I forgot about that. Total classic of a game.
Patric Verona (11 months ago)
Pedro Teixeira (1 month ago)
Rick Dangerous...
Simon the truth detector (4 months ago)
Ricochet, Ghostbusters.,leaderboard, dizzy 2+
Steve Nugent (9 months ago)
yeah, it's missing a lot.
The Gaming Paladin (11 months ago)
from one that is unfamiliar with the Sinclair (ZX) Spectrum, i say that the console tried to be colorful and works in most retrospect, but some games as i have seen use the color scheme terribly, not in this video mind you, but some of your other videos, like the Double Dragon comparison.
II II (3 months ago)
The Gaming Paladin Well the Speccy has 15 colours max. The new multicolour engines improve the graphics quite a bit though. They tend to have music too.
The Gaming Paladin (11 months ago)
lol havent watched that comparison video yet, will get there though, i plan to give every video a view.
old style gaming (11 months ago)
or the golden axe one i think that one is terrible
fack utubenoseyjerks (11 months ago)
I remember playing most of these games! the were great fun.
punkoid76 (1 year ago)
Jet Set Willy at 14? Below Horace Goes Skiing? What’s wrong with you?
MephProduction (6 months ago)
Should never been in the list, rotten games. wouldn't be in my top 100
Ima Englishman (1 year ago)
'Turmoil' was very under rated IMO ;-)
The Rad Man (1 year ago)
Lords of chaos was the bomb but not many got to play it :(
No-Knickers-Emma (1 year ago)
Surprised Lords of Midnight isn't on your list which was my favorite along with Elite and attic Attack.
rus gercin (1 month ago)
No-Knickers-Emma And Stalingrad, Batman and Robin , Barbarians .
Turbogeiser Kaiser (4 months ago)
Brighton fan hotel paradise
Leonardo Antonio (1 year ago)
Not a bad system, pretty affordable for people in the 80s (the best decade for everyone except for panama), but some special effects from the games really hurt my hearing!
Ed (3 months ago)
Leonardo Antonio "Not a bad system"? The Spectrum was a massive part of the home computer revolution in the UK. It was nothing short of a phenomenon.
Scott Breon (3 months ago)
Dava Arvarabi *hear
DanceySteve (4 months ago)
Should've heard them loading... 😁
Dava Arvarabi (8 months ago)
Leonardo Antonio atleast you couldn't here those sound effects loudly on real Speccy.
John Worsley (1 year ago)
Mine are:- Where Time Stood Still, ATF, Target Renegade, Barbarian, Into the Eagles Nest, Arkanoid, Batman Caped Crusader, Cybernoid 2, Gunfright, Spyhunter, IK+, ZOIDS!!!
JaX Madison (2 months ago)
Arkanoid, oh yes. Great pick
John Worsley (1 year ago)
True on Head over Heels, Batman and Robocop were good to have. Oh and Dizzy and Treasure Island Dizzy!
old style gaming (1 year ago)
they all great games especially Target Renegade :-)
Matt Davies (1 year ago)
Horace goes skiing??? Really?
Michael Creevy (1 year ago)
How is Chaos not here?!
steveetienne (1 year ago)
+old style gaming dude!! chaos!! one of the all time greats
old style gaming (1 year ago)
Ive never played it but ill check it out :-)
Steven Allen (1 year ago)
My list would have to include Turbo Esprit, Head Over Heels (surprising omission ), Vulcan, Spy Vs Spy, Saboteur, Target Renegade, Dan Dare Pilot Of The Future, Jack The Nipper and Thanatos. A lot of great games on the system.
FT. CH. (5 days ago)
ATV، Rambo, Commando, Cobra, Jet Pack, Saboteur, Flying Shark, Target Renegade and more of legendary games
Andrew Culley (19 days ago)
Turbo Esprit was amazing
JaX Madison (2 months ago)
Great list right there
Libor Tinka (2 months ago)
Terramex and Shadowfire were my favourite ones
Matty Rose (4 months ago)
MephCom Good additions, but I would also have Highway Encounter, Gunfright, Iridium and Lords of Midnight in my top 30.
gary brown (1 year ago)
jesus I remember trying to play tetris with that background and the shadow the bricks cast on it. it was so headache inducing after only 5 mins or so. lol
Inaflap (1 year ago)
+old style gaming Only two colours per 8x8 pixels was a compromise to allow for 8 colours (15 including brightness) on a 256 x 192 screen, whilst only consuming 7KB of RAM. You could only get 2 colours for each 8x8 pixel block, so any graphics that overlapped had to share the same 2 colour attributes. Neither was there a graphics processor to provide hardware sprites like the C64. Other machines of the day provided blockier graphics when they displayed colour. Often they would have a much more limited palette of say four colours. The BBC model B had a high res graphics mode, but it was monochrome. The Dragon 32 frequently used a mode with only 4 colours... most games looked very green. The Amstrad CPC 464 was one of the better machines graphically, because it had 16KB of dedicated VRAM. This meant more colours could be displayed for each pixel. The problem was much of the Amstrad software was ported over from the Speccy... so it had the same monochrome screens.
old style gaming (1 year ago)
gary brown I know what you mean :-)
gary brown (1 year ago)
old style gaming it made up for it in other ways, I could listen to that robocop bgm on loop all day
old style gaming (1 year ago)
gary brown yeah the spectrum was great graphics wise....but then for some reason they gave up on solid colours...ie player blended into background ....giving that headache effect .. still good memories though :-)

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