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GOD OF WAR - 10 Things You Need To Know

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God of War (2018, PS4) is dropping soon, and we want to round up some things you should know about the game before dropping in. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (8 days ago)
Favorite game in the series? GO:
Deonta Love (1 day ago)
God of war 3
gameranx 2
DrLucifer (3 days ago)
kratos son is born in midgard but his name sounds Greek
RetardedTurtle (3 days ago)
gameranx 3
The_Sly _Flyer (4 days ago)
The played the other god of wars when I was like 4, 1 and 2 to be exact. So I'd have to say this will be my favorite
Black panther gaming (19 hours ago)
I have the game, picked it up at 7 am on the 20th! The first hour of the game was better than any other game I've played this year.
The King of Nerds (1 day ago)
I hope they come out with all the god of war games on one disk or something. Kinda like halo master chief collection.
Gaq ThegreatYT (1 day ago)
I just got the game today and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG!! It just got released from the Philippines yesterday...
Knavery (1 day ago)
I've never played GoW, because I'm more of a Souls fan. I like slower combat. Although still much faster than DS games, it's much better combat than the lightning fast combat of the other GoW games. This is more up my alley.
patrick watkins (1 day ago)
does anyone know if the game has any points of no return?
CobraVenom27 (1 day ago)
A lot of games seem to be doing soft reboots for their franchises, God of War, Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, you could even argue COD. And for the most part it seems to be working for them. I like that developers are really learning how to make great games and I hope they keep it up.
Diego Moreno (2 days ago)
I want to buy this game but its the first god of war because i dont like to fight 50 thousands huge gods and monsters for hours
tyler lewis (2 days ago)
Kratos went from saying "i am the god of war!" To "BOY" lol
Brandon Madriz (2 days ago)
Just got it and my “cartridge” having a fucking blast on 420
Saito Takanashi (2 days ago)
The God of Us anyone?
Raaampage (2 days ago)
Not PC, bad game.
Rain Tuato'o (2 days ago)
Sigh...It's a Sequel. you're thinking too hard.( - _ -)
Rad Ken (2 days ago)
Kratos is 10 feet tall you're welcome😁
Corn Pop (2 days ago)
Just finished far cry 5 on the OneX Brilliant game, might get god of war , never played any of them. Will i be disappointed ? and do i need to know his back story >?
ShardEye (2 days ago)
Did you call it God At War right at the end there?
Ashwin Thiagarajan (2 days ago)
4/20 about to be LIT
Johnny Rage (2 days ago)
Just got off work and on my way to pick it up!!!!! Can’t wait...🤤
JOHN AGUON (3 days ago)
100% buying
Tom Blake (3 days ago)
Atreus is Zeus' grandson?! Thanks a lot! I watched a lot of other videos about this game before this one and they were all good about not letting spoilers slip. I wish I had never come across this video now!
Nightmare Dreams (3 days ago)
12 more hours I can't wait
Gabriel Guillen (3 days ago)
Singh Manveer (3 days ago)
I dont know but i have a feeling good of war will be like metal gear survive
Michael Murff (3 days ago)
When will we get a Beofre you Buy review for God of War?
Ash (3 days ago)
i really wish they would remaster 1 and 2 and ascension.
Big Kahuna Burger (3 days ago)
If only I was around at the time of the classic God of War games man I’ve missed a lot of good stuff 😭
Artemis 2D (3 days ago)
well, boats in this game are not life-saver like Wooden Pallet in the motherf***ing last of us :p
fishdick2006 (3 days ago)
They have said there aren't any micro transactions but the whole armor system is looking very suss
Tristan Fareel (4 days ago)
I fucking love my PS4
Mariano Santos (4 days ago)
i can't wait for god of war 4 i played all the other god of war 1,2,3. and god of war ascension, ghost of sparta, chains of olympus. i have them all i still love the old kratos with the two blades of chaos i still play it now and then and now this one's gonna be a new test for me.
Ash :D (4 days ago)
Glad I could play this game early
simeon jones (4 days ago)
Can't wait until kratos crosses over to Christian mythology
James Sikes (4 days ago)
The more I look at this game the more I realize that they've been very inspired by LOTR Shadows of War gameplay and mechanics. Definitely see the similarities. Even with the armor upgrading.
Xejerym (4 days ago)
Idk if I'm happy about the whole customizable armor pieces and skill tree for this game. They're usually great things, but that's not why I play GoW. GoW has always been just a simple and fun hack n slash for me. If ever I wanted more, I would play something else. I just hope this system doesn't take away from the fun action of typical GoW games.
Terry Kennedy (4 days ago)
Dual Weild them axes
Matt Watts (4 days ago)
at 0:22 "...it IS a direct continuation..." at 0:28 "...even though it ISN'T a direct continuation..." contradicting themselves faster than Donald Trump lol
J. Smith (4 days ago)
30fps and the FOV hurts my soul but this is still going to pull off a game of the year nominee for sure
RoxasWasTaken (4 days ago)
Number 11: Catch me playing God of War on 4/19 (Thursday) at 9:30PM EST over on Twitch.Tv/RoxasWasTaken Drop that follow for that early stream, you won't wanna miss it!
camgaming ! (5 days ago)
God of war acension is the best in the series
Ryan Racioppo (5 days ago)
I'll definitely miss the combat from the games before it, but it looks like they did an amazing job with this.
G G (5 days ago)
thor had an axe too mjolnir wasn't his first weapon.
Eric Eric (5 days ago)
Platinum worth!
Axophyse21 (5 days ago)
Alec (5 days ago)
Can't wait to experience huge boss fights with this new combat system.
Bree jordan (5 days ago)
Even with the praise I was hype for it. And no one is spoiling anything so that’s also a plus
INDEFLATE (5 days ago)
Im so excited! 😀 and I just cant hide it! 😁
ad94 (5 days ago)
Looks amazing but I just hope they have more weapon options!
Notorius45 (5 days ago)
If the game plays like Assassin's Creed Origins ill be very happy
1Piecer (5 days ago)
With all the action Kratos did when he was angry, you know he will have a kid at some point
Dirt Mafia (5 days ago)
Soon as this game drops. Cutting out all the lights. Covering all the lights. Locking all doors. Phone off.... probably have to break up with my Gf 🤔 before she does lol. CANT WAIT.
Joris Silverans (5 days ago)
I'm not buying anything before I see a before you buy
Nur Chua (5 days ago)
Kronos zeus kratos and i dont know
ComedyWolf 360 (5 days ago)
Jak and Daxter Remastered?
rob dogg (5 days ago)
Just bought the pre order. If its anything like the other games it's going to be fucking AMAZING
Noelia Encarnacion (5 days ago)
I would love to play this game though I never played any of the previous God of War games so will I be able to play this game or do I need context from the other games in order to play?
Donald kennedy (5 days ago)
Game of the year I bet
ICE Gaming (5 days ago)
Assassins creed was ruined when they added boats... Just saying
Joey idc (5 days ago)
just better not make me wait for like 10 minutes to get to the next fight if its just cutscenes
Gamer T (5 days ago)
I wish they make a God of War collection with on the previous God and war games
Firedragoon 77 (5 days ago)
Hmm make him play the way I want him to play unless I can play like the original Kratos I can't make him play the way I want him to play plus I'm really not liking the Last of Us mechanics I'm seeing scattered throughout this game I love God of War but I think this one I'm not going to like at all
Jas (5 days ago)
We haven’t seen Atreus throw thunder, I think is his bow since one of the dwarves give Kratos an item filled with lightning to put on his bow
israel mota (5 days ago)
The FlashPoint (5 days ago)
That game is gonna be very very very very very huge .... Really . I like the "rpg" side and this story OMG , Hype
FRazor8654 (6 days ago)
personally I hate the shoulder button attacks there is no need for it and its stupid. shoulder buttons since the beginning of video games has been for block parry special attacks and sometimes weapon variants or attack variants for example holding l1 or r1 to change ur moveset like in ufc. devs need to stop with this stupid control set up and I will b very disappointed if you cannot change the controls to the generic version in this game
THUNDER CLAP (6 days ago)
The Stranger is a badass
Donald Gunter (6 days ago)
Honestly I wish this would at least come to PC.
Ray Pen (6 days ago)
god of war is dead this is not god of war it’s a sad sim
Officer Doofy (6 days ago)
I need this game in my library of titles...
Nick Lolos (6 days ago)
Rusty Beaver Gaming (6 days ago)
"soft reboot" I disagree with that
slickcross (6 days ago)
Damn. The PS4 is killing it this generation cycle. Just finished playing Horizon Zero Dawn and it was amazing. Now we're getting a new God Of War and a new Spiderman game.
The Bad Guy (6 days ago)
you can upgrade your defense? dont make me laugh
The Bad Guy (6 days ago)
i got a GOW ad on this
The Dude (6 days ago)
Corey Mckee (6 days ago)
Is the whole map traversable seamlessly with no loading?? Aka: like skyrim etc
Taher Omar (6 days ago)
4 days...
Corvidus (6 days ago)
I've never played a God of War game before but I think I might try this one
DivinityOfBLaze (6 days ago)
He killed all the Greek gods. How are these whimp non-Bosses going to be a threat if at all?
Tony Sidhu (6 days ago)
What about the blades i have a video of kratos wear blades agiain I still have and athena was there too in gamecutscene
The Pixelated Rebel (6 days ago)
Spider-Man, Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, Yakuza 6, The Last of Us: Part 2, and God of War. Damn PlayStation your kick‘n ass left and right!!!!
Matt L (6 days ago)
I'm just excited it's Tealcs actor voicing him this time
PixelGunner3D (6 days ago)
PixelGunner3D (6 days ago)
Yall always make it sound lika its do badd Mt( n
Conor O'Doherty (6 days ago)
The Last of Us and Shadow of War had a beautiful baby!
The Turbanator (6 days ago)
I'm going to be uploading this game on my channel
Im on a boat
im da bes (6 days ago)
At the end of the E3 trailer there was a dragon. I wonder if there'll be any dragon boss fights.
Andres Rincon (6 days ago)
This game looks so amazing, I can't wait to play it. This is the first pre-order I've ever purchased, that's how excited I am. I feel like Norse culture will influence this game a lot, Kratos seemingly more calm and channeling his anger towards combat seems like the perfect Norse warrior. Pretty conscious about battle, chill attitude, because in those unforgiving lands this was the way to be, opposed to his Greek counterpart that was all about glory and triumph. This looks like a refreshing title.
Mackenzie Willard (6 days ago)
One of my favorite series! Beyond excited for this new game. My favorite in the serise was GOW3
Eli Jones (6 days ago)
*4 more days boys!!!*
craig mabbith (6 days ago)
When it will release on PC?? anyone?
Dusk Is Dead Inside (6 days ago)
Christopher Arocha (6 days ago)
Sushi Uchiha (6 days ago)
I feel like Kratos or his son will die at the end of the game.
Sushi Uchiha (6 days ago)
3:50 uh-oh...I smell loot boxes...
Sushi Uchiha (6 days ago)
One thing I've always hated about the GOW games is that you can't control the camera angle. It's alsays bugged me so much.
Young Kami (6 days ago)
It's getting 10s everywhere that's all you need to know
Watchman Willowyre (6 days ago)
6/10 Too many boats
lone wolf (6 days ago)
Can we remove the health bars
king G (6 days ago)
how is he back alive tho can some one tell me

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