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How Did Treyarch Become Everyone's Favorite COD Developer?

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Call of Duty is a divisive series. It's also spearheaded by TWO iconic development studios. How did Treyarch become so popular after coming in 3 games late? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (5 months ago)
What was your favorite Black Ops zombies map?
Codmemes (1 month ago)
Kid_Radical it seems like you joke but if you aren't then you should really join the gameranx team because you know nothing about video games
Codmemes (1 month ago)
That One Filmaker No One Knows respect. It takes a good zombies player to be good at that map
9,920,318,002 Views (3 months ago)
World at War.
SirEvilestDeath (4 months ago)
Der Eisendrache is best zombies map at least by Treyarch. I am a massive fan of that company specifically because of zombies. The overall work they put in that game mode I have never seen another company top yet. The only exceptions I have found is the concept but not execution due to lackluster additions to the well paced Extinction Mode in Infinity Wards Ghost title and Sledgehammer Games zombie map Decent with an honorable mention to Carrier for setting up and testing out quite a bit of what made Decent by far one of the best survival mode maps in any game ever. Infinite Warfare zombies utterly failed trying to emulate Treyarch's zombie mode but without the originality and new ways of playing like Advanced Warfare had for its survival mode. I wish they had just done more Extinction and stuck to that modes formula instead of trying to pander to a different series audience.
Andy Brinegar (4 months ago)
Zetsubou no shima
AndyXP (4 months ago)
Cuz dei gud moan
Coldmanmoran (4 months ago)
As of right now I don’t like bo4 I kinda feel they went way to far
Nick Nowlan (4 months ago)
This video may be invalid after today and that really saddens me. They were my favorite even back in the day since World At War.
SirSirupy (4 months ago)
They don’t cut (as many) corners, that’s why I like them the best.
Tim McDo (4 months ago)
The best call of duty is Titanfall 2
Spy C (4 months ago)
Nothing can beat zombies in Treyarch games
Simple. They didn't disappoint. Not once. I'd be cool with CoD coming out every three years if Treyarch was the only company making it
Mazen Saleh (4 months ago)
Paul Sackery (4 months ago)
I like Infinity Ward better.
Ballistic (4 months ago)
they just trigger me cos they don't like to update certain things in there games sometimes
K W (4 months ago)
Prefer IW games, don't care about zombies and the gunplay/hit reg in IW games are better
It's Mythi (4 months ago)
“Anti cheat system” go play bo2
It's Mythi (4 months ago)
Bo3 zombies is trash. ...I’m trying to survive not play the Easter egg.
Dave Duffy (4 months ago)
HowToJohn (4 months ago)
They are not my faviroute lol. Black ops 3 was awful
Kevin Z (4 months ago)
I still consider BO1 as my favorite COS game with MW2 a close second and BO2 at #3 there is no #4 for me
tazai123 (4 months ago)
CoD isn’t bad. You’ve just grown up now and you’re blinded by nostalgia and the fact that today you’ll get salty every time you die but back then you were fine getting mowed down in your spawn because you didn’t know any better.
tazai123 (4 months ago)
Why can’t we all just eat ass and get along
Wight Kid (4 months ago)
My favorite developer would be the guys that made CoD4 and MW2.
Solar Aqier (4 months ago)
treyarch is my favourite since waw. always loved their cods more than any other one.
Comrade Doge Jackt (4 months ago)
Treyarch is that one chill OG dude who listens to the people, along with Infinity Ward.
Levi gromaski (4 months ago)
Cod 2 big red one > every other cod
SuperGamer Uchiha (4 months ago)
Treyarch is the best to me sences WAW but I say it couse Infinityword fall out sence MW2
Peter De Angelo (4 months ago)
In Treyarch We Trust
Dylan Adams (4 months ago)
Preached this since bo1. I’m not a big fan of cod.. but love zombies and it’s encompassing story! Even the other developers that do still zombies from Treyarch never do it as well.
Kevin Kohtz (4 months ago)
The Black ops series has the best call of duty games, I completely agree with you
L B (4 months ago)
IW still my favorite devs
Floris Meulenbelt (4 months ago)
Editor nonetheless vision obtain pepper mask gaze significantly fluid.
insanelycoolboys (4 months ago)
The thing is that treyarch isn't my favorite.
Misa Protic (4 months ago)
Infinity Ward FTW!
悲しいWecez (4 months ago)
1:32 it should have dou
ZeroXII (4 months ago)
Lol nah, infinity ward made the best cod titles, black ops 3 was one of the worst games I’ve ever played I’m surprised you liked it
Sasha Pascu (4 months ago)
COD WW2 is not a let-down at all. Because of Fornite blowing up, COD WW2 has monthly events and a lot of updates. If at the start it was shit, now it's a great game
Just another troll (4 months ago)
Everyone’s favorite? So mine? Hell no. Don’t assume it’s mine. That’s a total douchebag move . This is by far the least talented group with the most brainless people following it. These untalented burger eating fatasses can learn a thing or two. This is your ONLY warning.
Shroomy Penguin (4 months ago)
They aren’t ?
SlinkySlim (4 months ago)
Please god just no more futuristic jet pack jumping laser shooting space bullshit.
CozmicK G (4 months ago)
BO3 was the only decent jet pack cod.
Peter Perez (4 months ago)
BO1>>> BO2 BO3
Critical Reviews (5 months ago)
Great video!
Liam Noble (5 months ago)
We used to talk shit about Treyarch in middle school 😂
nicholas collins (5 months ago)
Easily my favorite. If it's not treyarch I don't play it
Nekro Corky (5 months ago)
My favorite cod zombies map was call of the dead
Jip Squad (5 months ago)
All hail Treyarch
Jennifer L (5 months ago)
As the odd man out who only plays the Campaign, it’s whatever the story is that appeals is me. I miss the OG Medal of Honor cos of the story, so I have to go with Infinity Ward, because of how amazing the Modern Warfare story was, and how I actually recall it.
Baz Shaw (5 months ago)
Zombies? And because infinity and sledgehammer became rip off merchants? Haha
CrystalEmbrace (5 months ago)
I don't like COD just watched to listen to you talk XD and to waste my afternoon :/
Ariel Betances (5 months ago)
I didn’t hear about how a lot of the main people from infinity ward left the company leading up to infinite warfare in this video, making it essentially not the same company it was when the mw’s was coming out..... MW always had the better graphics and overall gameplay
Rolman Gonzalez (5 months ago)
one word: ZOMBIES!
iMatrix DK a.k.a CiCo (5 months ago)
Im getting goose bumps thinking about all the treyarch call of dutys that i played, all the hours i spend playing those game, especially black ops 2, bo3 i those were the days.
King Koala (5 months ago)
He says they are the one who risk it the most i fucking laughed ive been playing since CoD 2 and honestly all studios are good but honestly lately Sledgehammer has had some steel balls becuase honestly Advanced movement?? That took some balls to ridk it all specially in their first year and now ww2 they risked it hard
redsquirrel0249 (5 months ago)
Treyarch is the only one really worth the AAA purchase price + DLC.
ComicDude Baby-Miku (5 months ago)
Treyarch cause the zombie maps Jason Blundell makes are fucking amazing Mob of The Dead is my all time fave and Origins is 2nd with so many amazing things especially on black ops 2 with the best feature aka Fog rolling in as Jason blundell introduced 1000 foot fog rolling in and that's what I love Treyarch and Jason Blundell
Billy McGee (5 months ago)
I’ve loved every cod since MW2(I was 12 when it came out so I didn’t play any of the earlier games). I get excited for every game they put out. Also I’ve accepted I’m a caveman gamer. I like what I like.
BLAST art (5 months ago)
But my fav developer is G.O.W Cory
Ivan Tafolla (5 months ago)
Treyarch is the last good one
Mr Mankey (5 months ago)
Could you please make a video about how the xbox one is overhated?
Snapper 828 (5 months ago)
Look man. Bo3 was not that good. The only thing That was actually good in bo3 was zombies. And it wasn't just good it was excellent! Ww2 smokes bo3 in campaign and definitely in multiplayer. Especially after last patch fixing soo many bugs an overall issues. Bo1 & bo2 were both waayy better than bo3 besides the Zombies. It amuses me when a bo3 multi fan says they dislike IW's multi because they were basically the exact same lol. Ok the guns an maps were different and bo3 had specialists but they were the same game with a few changes.
jhilar cruspero (5 months ago)
World at war needs to be remastered
BigEarl 2000 (5 months ago)
We all know WW2 is better than BO3... FANBOYS TRIGGERED!!!!
slorr55 (5 months ago)
Cod waw was amazing, the story is compelling, it is gory and it has amazing moments, i dont feel they “played it safe” and lets not even talk about zombies, an extra thought that was at first and now it is even bigger than we can even explain, bo1 builded over waw with amazing campaign and even better zombies, so we gotta respect waw
Saiyan God (5 months ago)
I only play the zombies barely touch the multiplayer. I have had bo3 for a long time and i did play the multiplayer because i wanted to have the skins that transition into zombies.
My Man (5 months ago)
What’s funny is, if, all these rumors about BO4 are true, Treyarch is going singlehandedly ruin CoD.
PatientPawn 789 (5 months ago)
You hit a lot of notes I agree with. I like couch gaming with friends or family. WaW had a split screen campaign and 4 player zombies. CoD4 had a great campaign, but not splitscreen. Black Ops had 4 player zombies and was the first CoD with offline TDM and DM with bots. BO2 was the first with all modes offline with bots. BO3 brought back split screen campaign. I really appreciate these features. I thought BO2 was the most offline friendly CoD game except for the campaign only being single player. That’s why Treyarch has my vote.
Rafik Benkrid (5 months ago)
tryech make the best zombies mode
Saksham Darolia (5 months ago)
Every developer is damn good, we can't neglect the fact all are developing 'THE CALL OF DUTY' #callofdutylover
DamnMyMeatSmall (5 months ago)
It’s because Black Ops is really fun, and it’s been fun every time, plus Zombies has a community that rivals that of complete other games.
Rhys Gross (5 months ago)
Origins or Der Eisendrache
Vagelis Tasiopoulos (5 months ago)
No watch Treyarch betray us all and removing the campaign and returning the series to the EXO B.S smh
EnclaveTesla (5 months ago)
Me and my brother would always pick sides on which developer was better. He would say Infinity Ward and I would say Treyarch. But after the recent games such as Black Ops 2 and Black 3, I would say Infinity Ward is so much better. At least they listened to the community
Fabian s (5 months ago)
Mine is infinity ward :)
Trevor Houff (5 months ago)
Multiplayer is usually pretty solid, and then obviously zombies is great too
Derek Crum (5 months ago)
Infinity ward made the best call of duty while Treyarch perfected it
David coombs (5 months ago)
Infinity ward, they kicked off what modern shooters are today. Granted it’s gone a bit over board, they’re still the inspiration.
L T L B (5 months ago)
If the no campaign thing is true thats gonna suck. Rip Treyarch
Masculist Frequency (5 months ago)
I don't care about the developer, I can usually just enjoy current CoD, which is why I find Treyarch elitests so annoying. I don't care if people prefer BO3, but many elitests were demonising the experience of Infinite Warfare and WW2 for its fans. Quite frankly, I think BO4 is gonna be a fuck up based on a lack of campaign, but other than that I'll probably enjoy it. Its just something that pisses me off when someone ruins an experience for someone else based on different opinions.
Tomato Dragon (5 months ago)
Hey Gameranx, why do developers sometimes choose to tie game logic with framerate?
Lemon Cat (5 months ago)
They’re my favorite bc black ops is the greatest series in all of shooters.
BlueTiger411 (5 months ago)
Zombies. There answered the question with one word.
Brandon Schnurr (5 months ago)
I think Treyarch is the best developer, but they're losing it by the looks of it. Black Ops 4 is too far, they need to let Black Ops die already. It served it's course and it just seems like an attempt to cover for the crappy campaign of BO3 and get some money from supply drops. Plus, future is worn out and now they're already making a return. I tend to like the boots on the ground, historic CoD's, it's what got me interested. Now it's drifted so far from that, I don't think it will ever be as great as it was
Randum Crap (5 months ago)
I love infinity ward. Always great hit detection. Never made a bad story. Have the most variety (e.g. mw3 having the most guns in a single cod game). In my opinion, they take the most risks and are most innovative, they brought cod to space! (I know people didn't want that, but they had been developing iw since ghosts came out, and they took the risk). They had so much innovation in ghosts, e.g. Sat com (uav lunchbox), map based special streak, integrated attachments, the create a class and perk system was similar to the pick 10, but felt unique and infinity ward style. Extinction was unique, and a ton of fun. They intoduce strike package/ specialist in MW3, etc. etc. I love infinity wards unique style. They're my favourite
william bartlett (5 months ago)
Black ops 2 zombies best by far
WW2 Sausage (5 months ago)
sleghammer games =exo soets
WW2 Sausage (5 months ago)
on sledgehammer games is
Ammar Bukhari (5 months ago)
one word : Zombie
Charles FraFra (5 months ago)
Black Ops 2 was great, didn't played BO3 other than the free weekend that happened on Steam but didn't liked it in general, to jumpy for my taste, BO2 was the right spot for me with not so crazy futuristic stuff and absolutely loved the perks like the Dragon Fire and the RC car bomb, there was something amazing fun to fly around with the drone.
HeartOfTheSwag (5 months ago)
Treyarch only won over the fan base because the call of duty creators left infinity ward & activision.
DeVouR Playz (5 months ago)
How can you title Treyarch as "everyones" favorite Call of duty developer that's just pure ignorance
Link (5 months ago)
Favorite CoD developer is Bethesda. Wait they haven't tried to revive that game yet? Don't worry they will.
AlmightyStarfire (5 months ago)
Infinity ward made COD 3. Treyarch _assisted_ and handled the "big red one" port. Get yo' facts straight man.
Kenny Sanchez (5 months ago)
Bo2 was the game that made friendships and awesome memories
Manny Austin Anderson (5 months ago)
The best call of duty games: Infinite warfare, Ghosts, and Modern warfare 3
BloodRider 14 (5 months ago)
They're aren't mine. I miss classic Infinity Ward, but I still believe they are the best. I've hated BlOPS II and III and I have little hope for IV (or IIII as they call it, probably to help market it to modern audiences who can't read roman numerals). Even though Ghosts was terrible (though not as much as WWII), Infinite Warfare had some good qualities. Overall I'm just kinda disappointed with newer games, but IW is still my favourite.
DJ G KID (5 months ago)
Infinity Ward is the best developer, Call of Duty 1 and 2 best CoD games
Gensokyou (5 months ago)
So can we talk about how treyarch is basically scrapping black ops 4s campaign because they don’t think they will finish it in time and how they are adding a battle royale type thing instead? #1 I think it’s a really suicidal move to get rid of the campaign to one of the most interesting storylines cod has ever had because of time issues (maybe if they didn’t release the game a month early this wouldn’t have happened.) And #2 cod is no place at all for a battle royale, just because it’s popular now doesn’t mean they need to compromise the entire game to implement it.. anyway I just hope they don’t screw up the zombies.
The Stanimal (5 months ago)
Yep Treyarch shits all over infinity ward they’re the best developer best far
Brandon Ritchie (5 months ago)
To bad there won’t be a bo4 campaign
CliffyIsHere (5 months ago)
World at war will always be my favorite because it story mode and Atmosphere being creepy which was very different love it to this day
Kermit (5 months ago)
After mw3 infinity ward whas just shit
Kermit (5 months ago)
Mw3 whas great
Kermit (5 months ago)
How did cod had no body who loves them anymore

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