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10 Things You Didn't Know Your Nintendo Switch Could Do

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Are you getting the most out of your Switch? 10 Things You Didn't Know Your Nintendo Switch Could Do! Subscribe now to TheGamer! https://goo.gl/AIH31G Welcome back to the Gamer! Today we are discussing the features unique to the Switch. We all know Nintendo has huge reputation for their extraordinary attention to detail and that’s what we are going to talk about today. First Minecraft Story Mode is coming! This will be a great breath of fresh air for all of those who have been patiently waiting. The game will be out later in August 2017. Next, we discuss the frame rate lagging issue that occurs when Nintendo switches are not put in airplane or manual mode. This trick is a must! From there we talk about the impressive catalog of games. If that wasn’t enough, don’t fret, users can play any Eshop game from around the world, regardless of their physical location. With that, another hidden feature that you may not know is that online multiplayer is free! Not for long, though, ends Fall 2017. Whenever that is. Next we talk about the Switch’s processor. Notably it’s an ARM and how this impacts some of the Switch’s best features. Have you purchased the Pro Controller? We love it- there’s a hidden feature as well. We’re we the first to tell you? How about the hidden facebook hack? Yep, that one exists, and frankly, is to be expected. We’re not sure why, but the Switch is also keyboard compatible. Must be docked, though, as that’s where you’ll find the USB’s. This one’s for the more experienced gamer, but we talk about controller calibration. Not just for nerds, the calibration tool is great for certain people. Lastly, we talk about a pair of hacked Joy-Con’s. We wonder what role they play in Nintendo’s future.
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Text Comments (4804)
TheGamer (5 months ago)
Nicholas letourneau (5 days ago)
You don't have to pay for online. And it is 2018 now and it would of been effected by now if it is
christopher hayes (6 days ago)
No camera no web browser no Netflix no media play back no external USB storage .... PSP 1000 has all this plus more... And I can even prove the PSP 1000 can use Bluetooth game pads via pro c custom firmware soft hack that will not void your device @ this present time the switch is a joke and looks to fail like the rest of there handhelds and there is quite a few
The Unpredictable (16 days ago)
TheGamer so I bought a $60 game when I can barely afford it to pay to play it again why Nintendo
Zaheid Ali gaming (26 days ago)
TheGamer I liked the video
Master 2002 (1 month ago)
TheGamer Add me as a freind
Sasha Nielssen (3 hours ago)
1.go on to facebook thing 2.log in 3. go on to google facebook page 4.find a link that goes on to google 5.done!!!!!
this video's content is pathetic
The Savage Bacon (9 hours ago)
I can still play online
A from gaming337 (21 hours ago)
Ok guys like 80% of the comments are mocking him like stop you can’t do a better video come on guys
If you are reading this, you can read
septic worm (1 day ago)
Why nintendo free gameplay online is what makes u better than xbox
Biscuit 12 (1 day ago)
Please no minecraft worst way to start video and I wouldn't really consider a game something the switch can "do"
Devin Lopez (1 day ago)
I have a loop hole so if you want to watch youtube go to facebook and type the youtubers name in they usually have there videos in it then it goes to youtube
Scuba Dog (1 day ago)
All of these where thing that where said in SO many places they are the opposite of things we didn't know!!
Kiem Chinh Nguyen (1 day ago)
i found it :)
mariotaz (2 days ago)
How to HACK your switch. Use the Nintendo feature ‘Airplane mode’. Congrats, you’re a hacker
Pwoot Mc scoot (2 days ago)
I’m not gonna pay for some online play just to lose or get lag
1gengabe (3 days ago)
you failed to add the paid sub is only 20$
Brodie B (3 days ago)
Thanks for the botw spoilers..
Mega Gur (3 days ago)
Pro video bro you are so cool ;)
TheWeirdPotato (4 days ago)
Anyone who has ever owned a nintendo switch will agree that they SUCK at getting a good internet connection unless you sit right next to your wi fi modem.
PokéBeast (5 days ago)
You mean the one I dont have?
Saman Suliman (6 days ago)
This vid was made one day after my birthday lol
Super Mario (7 days ago)
Mario see’s thumbnail Mario: Yes that is the right joy stick
jrbeng (7 days ago)
I'm giving away a Nintendo Switch + 1 Game on my channel, go check it out now. 🎁🎮🔥😋
Imma Kat (11 hours ago)
jrbeng I subscribed to you
Top 10 things your mother does not know because she’s a fan of the SNES!
portergamingwood (9 days ago)
TheDudeNamed Nyles (10 days ago)
samuel christopher (10 days ago)
I already know Minecraft story mode I have it on my I pad
Lami3Chop (11 days ago)
switch would be awesome if you can REMAP KEYS. The key for some games are just horrible.
Kirsty Winfield (11 days ago)
Wish I could have one.. I might be getting one as a joined Christmas present with my older and younger siblings. Although, there are no promises here as it's still so expensive..
Derpylink Thedoggy (11 days ago)
I have wired internet at home so if I play at home I don't have to put it on airplane mode lol
JP infinity (11 days ago)
none of these are things the switch can do, its all just random facts, that some what contain the switch
CraftyAnimation (11 days ago)
Your Missing One Secret The Secret Is The Samsung Galaxy 8 Charger Charges The Switch Just Like The Nintendo Switch Charger Charges The Samsung Galaxy!!!
TheMrbrand13 (11 days ago)
Isn’t this the channel that steals people’s stuff?
Just jente gamer (11 days ago)
its still free though
Angelica Bucio (11 days ago)
Tip 4 online is for free for they say it will not be free anymore in fall 2017, present day it is 2018.
Angelica Bucio (11 days ago)
Tip three is useless just think about, most of the time it is in a language that you probably don't even understand, and the currency of the country is one that you probably don't understand also don't have.
FantasticShadman MC. (12 days ago)
Yeah yeah this video makes so much sense -_-
Junaid Ahmed (13 days ago)
#11 you can play games on it
Mihlali Mkosana (13 days ago)
I was the one who dropped 1 like
alejandro Velasquez (13 days ago)
Is there a way to play old games like Zelda: majoras mask or super Mario 64? I thought my switch would be like the Wii U and better.
THEdragonslayrr _ (13 days ago)
I actually prefer the grip over the pro controller.
get rekt (13 days ago)
"puted in the thumbnail an arrow nest to the joycon" every one knew that a amiibo reader
The Beast (13 days ago)
30 seconds in and I'm already regretting clicking on this video.
Got me Shooketh (14 days ago)
Minecraft Story Mode already came... well in my country! I have it.
Nathan Is Just Nathan (14 days ago)
The thing is.... i dont even have a Nintendo Switch😂😅😕😔
Kerby musterd jr (14 days ago)
I don't have a Nintendo switch <; [
TheGaming Rex52 (14 days ago)
Ik a youtube loop glitch in the switch
Sirus Blenke (15 days ago)
I laughed my ass off when the first thing he mention was Minecraft
Winnis Gaming (15 days ago)
lol i got a nintendo switch add for fortmite
Cat Nation (15 days ago)
I knew all of them. Also thy literally anounced region locking in the launch.
PoppaBloodVessel (15 days ago)
Mine craft story mode is trash
MYSTIC (16 days ago)
My mate vince is better
DATBOI Howard (16 days ago)
my dock can charge my phone
Nemo Yusuf (17 days ago)
I got my switch into thousand 18
dontkreap (17 days ago)
I lost interest after the first ad cut you off mid sentence
Camille (17 days ago)
I don’t trust videos that have the likes disabled.🧐
Nutella Melon (18 days ago)
What the heck?! We're gonna have to start paying for internet?? 😭 Noooooooo
zac faith (18 days ago)
I love my switch. It's a solid piece of hardware. If I have one complaint though, it needs Bluetooth.
Subcult619 (18 days ago)
Why am I being subjected to 4 anti-tabacco adds? They aren't doing a good job of spreading their message, only making me want to cape. And I'm NOT a smoker! You have just subjected me to more tabacco ads then I've seen all year. Change your advertisements.
DiBzY _ (19 days ago)
Getting almost full functionality on the web on the switch is easy just go to a WiFi that will make u log in like a schools using barracuda once you enter the username and password u will be at google and you will be able to search anything that the school or whatever other WiFi that allows this does
cool johnny 21 (19 days ago)
Minecraft is out in nintendo switch
Greig (19 days ago)
You don't know that MCSM is coming to the switch because it was announced the day that this video was made so you definitely haven't heard of it because the first thing you do is watch our videos.
Scarlet Phoenix (20 days ago)
This video didn't provide important information. It was boring.
Evil_Twins_1214 Gaming (20 days ago)
Well how do you get the joy cons to work like wii remotes?
yolo_369 1 (20 days ago)
Jonathan Jordan (20 days ago)
If you suck just blame the controller
B yehhew (20 days ago)
wow i never knew my switch could do free online.
Sanzidul Haque (20 days ago)
this is cool I love the just dance part about it!
Sanzidul Haque (20 days ago)
and my sister likes it too
Person On Youtube (21 days ago)
Did u know you can use a PORTABLE device to TRAVEL WhO Kn0w
Alan Sanchez (21 days ago)
Good thing that to pay to play online is not on yet
theMASKEDskull (22 days ago)
Having to pay for online AGAIN this is your fault microsoft
Christopher Wiebe (22 days ago)
has minecraft story mode
Kookie Dan (22 days ago)
This is so bullshit i didn’t know my Nintendo switch could do Minecraft story mode this guy is a clickbater
Quantaniam (23 days ago)
*sees thumbnail* Oh I didn't know that that analog stick is black
Rey Gonzalez (25 days ago)
Lol I got my pro controller and mario oddysey and my switch for just $300
Nicholas Gonzalez (25 days ago)
It already came and i know it's coming
Ms Velvet (26 days ago)
The ads were obscene
shuujinko (26 days ago)
Wow, my Switch can do Minecraft Story Mode if I pay $60 service charge.
micky quinones (26 days ago)
You can turn your nintendo switch on with your controller by just pressing any button and the holding down the home button!
gwpito pito (26 days ago)
like me like me!
Daniel James (26 days ago)
Impressive catalog of games?
Tyson Welch (27 days ago)
Minecraft story mode is one of my favorite video games!!!
Tictock Tom (28 days ago)
Ultimate (28 days ago)
Did you know the Nintendo Switch existed?
dudefromthemoon2 Ramos (28 days ago)
Kids have face book?
Lhyziaz Renee Mora (28 days ago)
Did they say Asia thats where i live at
Pinkgamergirl 999 (28 days ago)
I told my parents LAST YEAR I wanted a Nintendo switch but they said I could only have one if I get GOOD GRADES. So at the end of the year I got straight 'A's and 'A+'s so I told my dad about the Nintendo switch again and he looked on Amazon and he said it was way too expensive but he was still gonna buy it although my mum did not agree and she said there was no way I was getting that thing. My dad tried convincing my mom but she still didn't agree so my dad said that if I get good grades again NEXT YEAR (2018) he promised he will get me one so this year I got straight 'A's again and my brother also got straight 'A's so we HAD to have the switch. So I told my dad and he said he will buy it but my mum came into the room and said that she still disagrees about me and my brother getting a $300 gaming system which is kind of cheap to be honest after finding out what wonders and cool things the switch could so my dad said he was NOT going to buy it anymore and that we won't get it :( And as a bonus, I will be staying in my country (which is unbelievably hot EVEN IN WINTER) and I will not be traveling this summer :( What the hell did I ever do to deserve this?!!!!! Honestly, 2018 sucks 😡
Christopher Merritt (28 days ago)
You really should of put Minecraft Story Mode in a "bonus" things coming to your switch or something, it's a game not a feature....
Caleb Jackson (28 days ago)
You can use the internet go to internet settings and change automatic to manual then put in a code that I don’t remember
Hein Htut Lwin (29 days ago)
Does Nintendo have devil may cry?
Christian (29 days ago)
If your going to make a video, make it good, this video is nothing but crap.
Alex Plott (1 month ago)
Pretty sure that I know about the right stick
Motivational Hat (1 month ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I got clickbaited And so did you
Brock Stearman (1 month ago)
What if you just posted a bunch of hyperlinks
Nathan Lee (1 month ago)
Lol that bit around the ARM is totally false. ARM vs CISC (what's in the other consoles) is about instruction set. The ARM is a restricted instruction set, the CISCs are more complicated instruction sets. The reason the switch is a lot like a phone is because Nintendo worked heavily with Nvidia developing their OS while using the Tegra X1 on the innards, and Nvidia has a lot of experience with Android at this point.
Cake MC (1 month ago)
minecraft story mode is trash lmao
Gaminggod 920 (1 month ago)
Cmon now I need money to play online games like fornite yeah I said it
hazzie (1 month ago)
i didnt know my switch could minecraft story mode is coming.
Ashley Nathan (1 month ago)
(I knew the first one because I’m from the future and I have the game)
Spyros Fronimos (1 month ago)
10 things you didn't know your switch can do. Number 10, play a game
PezPizzagaming (1 month ago)
U can use Google by changing ur DNS to a certain number that redrecs u to a website that redrecs u to Google and u can go from there to every where
Ksawi Połeć (1 month ago)
I knowed evrything whats in this video

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